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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 22 Review and Recap


1This is another quite boring episode with nothing much happening except Mo Sheng and Yi Chen going on a honeymoon to Mauritius. Hence not many gifs on WC that I can fangirl 😦 Oh, why hoju always gets to recap the holiday parts when I am the one who like to go on a holiday often lol?


This is Yi Mei’s handsome hubby, not the one bongsd showed you. Does he look like a Korean? Better looking than WC lol?

My Sunshine Episode 22 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by chewywon)

Linda also tells Ying Hui that Yi Mei isn’t Yi Chen’s blood-related sister. On the other end, Yi Chen and Mo Sheng return from their HK trip. Mo Sheng says she is very tired so Yi Chen tells her to go to sleep as he’ll unpack the luggage. Yi Chen, that is so considerate of you. Then Yi Chen takes out the ring he bought for Mo Sheng to have a look. Does the ring fit the description in the novel?


2In the office, Xiao Hong informs Mo Sheng that Yi Jing already knew of her marriage with Yi Chen after Da Bao blurted it out while arguing with her. Then all the colleagues in the office congratulates her. Suddenly Yi Jing appears to scold Mo Sheng for not disclosing her close relationship with Yi Chen resulting in her chasing so hard to get him to do the interview. Mo Sheng apologizes that it was never her intention not to help her colleagues but her relationship with Yi Chen at that time was uncertain. Yi Jing keeps on saying Mo Sheng has lied to them but Da Bao disagrees with her. Yi Jing ends up handling her resignation letter.

3Seeing Mo Sheng is unhappy, Yi Chen asks her what is the matter. She tells him about her problem with Yi Jing. Yi Chen replies that he has the right whether to accept the interview or not. Hence it has nothing to do with Mo Sheng and it is unreasonable for her to be angry with Mo Sheng. Then Yi Chen offers Lao Yuan or Xiang Heng to Mo Sheng for Yi Jing to be interviewed. With friend like this, who needs enemy lol? Mo Sheng also asks isn’t he betraying his group members? Then he suggests to get them all out for a meal the next day. Ahaha, Yi Chen is just joking with you. He asks Mo Sheng for Yi Jing’s phone number and tells her that a lawyer is good at persuading people. Yeh, he manages to make Yi Jing understand the situation. Mo Sheng is in awe of his capability and he jokingly replies it is trade secret, haha….. Mo Sheng calls Yi Jing to confirm all is water under the bridge and she is going to work tomorrow. Not surprising Yi Jing is also drinking Rio and reassures Mo Sheng that she is not resigning.



To Da Bao’s surprise Yi Jing does turn up for work. Mo Sheng sends Yi Chen a thank you message.

5Ying Hui’s ex-girlfriend, Xin Ying is calling him but he doesn’t want to receive her call at the place where Mo Sheng’s photographs are being displayed. In comparison to Xin Ying, Mo Sheng is not attracted by material wealth and status. Linda replies this could be because Mo Sheng was from a rich family. Ying Hui doesn’t think so as it is more to do with personality. Mo Sheng has a sunny disposition just like the pictures she took. Ying Hui continues to tell Linda about the error of his ways in being overly confident and arrogant. He shouldn’t have let Mo Sheng return to China. Then Yi Chen arrives in quick time after receiving Ying Hui’s invitation. They start to discuss about Mo Sheng’s pictures. Ying Hui keeps telling Yi Chen about his life with Mo Sheng in US. What is he trying to do? Make Yi Chen’s jealous? Ying Hui asks Yi Chen why he isn’t saying anything? Yi Chen replies that he doesn’t want to intrude while he is reminiscing. Ying Hui is displeased that Yi Chen thinks they are the past. He tells Yi Chen the past is his life with Mo Sheng and Xiao Jia. Mo Sheng likes children so they adopted Xiao Jia. Huh? Selective telling? He purposely omits to tell Yi Chen the circumstance of the adoption. Then he has the nerve to ask Yi Chen if he is feeling guilty of breaking up a family? Yi Chen retorts isn’t it what Ying Hui is doing? Ying Hui says he is thankful of Yi Chen taking care of Mo Sheng all this while but their relationship should come to an end now. Yi Chen replies Mo Sheng is his wife so he is obligated to take good care of her and it is also his pleasure. Thus Ying Hui has no ground to thank him. In the end, Ying Hui drops the bombshell that he and Mo Sheng are not divorced yet. Yi Chen doesn’t believe him and choses to believe Mo Sheng that they are divorced. Ying Hui tells Yi Chen to seek confirmation from the documents but in th meantime don’t intrude in their marriage as he loves Mo Sheng very much. Wow, such a long showdown. I’ve nothing much to write except they seem to be evenly matched except in look lol.

6Back at home, Mo Sheng in her cartoon T-shirt asks Yi Chen if he wants to eat the wantons she is cooking. Yi Chen asks her to come over as he has a few questions regarding her marriage to Ying Hui to ask her. How they got married and how they got their divorce? Yi Chen asks her to tell him accurately and clearly all the procedures and processes. Then Yi Chen asks her to find for him the divorce decree. Mo Sheng is in doubt and asks Yi Chen if there is something wrong but he replies nothing except asking her to sign a document for exclusive display of her photographs? Oh, I am so bored here as I am not familiar with all those legal jargons 😛 Yi Chen asks Mo Sheng, why you didn’t read through the document? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll sell you off? Mo Sheng replies that she trusts him. Anyway if he really has such intention, he can still sell her no matter what she had signed. Yi Chen seems pleased with her answer.

7On the next day, Yi Chen goes back to the office to take leave and sends a document to Ying Hui. Lao Yuan is surprised that a workaholic like Yi Chen is taking a vacation to go on a honeymoon. He complains that after HK, Yi Chen is taking leave again. Then he asks how long will he be going and come back soon. Yi Chen replies that he wants to take all his accrued leave. Lao Yuan is shocked to hear that he wants to take half a year off. I like to watch Yi Chen’s interactions with Lao Yuan and Xiang Heng, so funny like The Three Stooges?

8Another chance to hawker Rio with Mo Sheng taking pictures of them. No doubt there are plenty of product placements (Yakult, 999 flue medicine, taobao, Apple, Red Bull and car – thanks to the readers for their contribution) in the drama but I bet Rio paid the most money to be placed in nearly every episode. She receives a call from Yi Chen, asking her to go out immediately after she has finished work as he’ll be waiting for her. Then Yi Chen informs her that they are going to HK to change flight to Mauritius for their honeymoon.


Mo Sheng: Honeymoon?
Yi Chen: Since we are married, shouldn’t we go on a honeymoon?
Mo Sheng: Yes, but I’ve not applied for leave.
Yi Chen: Apply now.
Mo Sheng: I didn’t bring my passport.
Yi Chen: I’ve brought everything needed.
Mo Sheng: I’ve not eaten yet.
Yi Chen: Eat in the airport.

10The newly weds happily fly to Mauritius for their honeymoon. No doubt this is added to drag the drama, it is still a nice addition to give more sweet moments to our OTP. Some complains of the novel is that the relationship between the couple is not well fleshed out. Mo Sheng feels that this doesn’t seem like a honeymoon but an elopement 😛 No, they didn’t spend the money to go to Mauritius but filmed it in a beach in Shenzhen. However those scenery shots are the real Mauritius as you will notice the difference in the color of the water.

11Back in China, Ying Hui can’t contact Mo Sheng and finds out that she has gone aboard. Ying Hui also receives the copyright infringement notice from Yi Chen on Mo Sheng’s work. He thinks that Mo Sheng is not aware of this and tells Linda to ignore the notice. Also, he asks Linda to contact Yi Mei to arrange a time to meet up. On Yuan Feng’s end, Xiao Xiao is unhappy with the way he had photographed her. He ignores her but she persists to argue with her. Then she sarcastically asks him if he has successfully begged for Yi Mei’s forgiveness. At that moment, he receives a thank you message from Yi Mei for helping her to get an appointment with Ying Hui. Yuan Feng asks Xiao Xiao if she is jealous of Yi Mei and don’t think too highly of her own success as there are a lot of online criticisms on her dubbing for a cartoon. Ha, he even went online to check, so concern about her. Xiao Xiao says since he didn’t watch it, he has no right to criticise her. I know some of you like this couple but I feel their relationship is kind of forced and is time filler only, no real substance or moving the story.

Yi Chen and Mo Sheng arrive at the hotel room:

Yi Chen: We are here, what do you think?
Mo Sheng: You’ve booked only 1 room?
Yi Chen: Yup!
Mo Sheng: Only 1 bed?
Yi Chen: Yup! You’ve an opinion?

Mo Sheng gives Yi Chen the thumb up 😛  She is shy and hides in the bathroom: We’ve gotten married so long already, what is the matter? Add oil !!! What add oil? No No No…..At this moment, Yi Chen hears Mo Sheng’s phone is ringing and it is a call from Ying Hui. Mo Sheng suggests they go to the beach and Yi Chen gives her back the thumb up. Arrrrgh so mushy, lol.


13The next bit is on Yi Mei’s meeting with Ying Hui which I gonna skip since I don’t like both of them in the drama 😦 They are both so fake, talk about superficial stuff. She wants to interview him in her program but is rejected by Ying Hui as he doesn’t accept interview. Yi Mei refutes by saying that he accepted an interview with Treasure magazine. Then she goes on to say who her tv program is more superior to Mo Sheng’s magazine. Ying Hui says I am not here to listen to you degrading other people, lol. Yi Mei quickly says that was not he intention, just that she didn’t express herself well. Ying Hui tells her he accepted that interview because his wife is working there as a photographer. Come on, Yi Mei is not a dummie. Of course, she can easily guess it is Mo Sheng. Ying Hui pretends to be surprised that Yi Mei knows Mo Sheng, this cunning wolf.

14In the end, we have Yi Chen lying on the beach and remembering what Ying Hui told him about Mo Sheng liking kids and they adopted Xiao Jia as well as they’ve not divorced.


6 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 22 Review and Recap

  1. peanuts, no “wallace good acting in this episodes”. I was betting that if you quote in this recaps, “wallace good acting” again as you said sooo many time before, I will take a plane to China and find WC to give him a hug. :P. I am still in Vacation though.

    I was wondering how come Gu man wrote such a beautiful story in a book but for a drama script complety make it so boring. sometimes hiring the author to transcript the story is not a good idea.

  2. thanks so much for the recap! it is such a relief to understand what is happening after watching this episode without english subtitles. more please!

  3. ‘I’ve nothing much to write except they seem to be evenly matched except in look lol.’ – Agreed
    Of course my Wallace is more handsome than that ‘Korean’ guy 😛 HONEST opinion, no bias hehe

  4. i choose wallace all the way.. i prefer a mature look than pretty boy look lols.. no offense oppa 😛 *but then i used woobin’s pic, emm.. he’s not pretty boy*
    oh well, back to topic.. so many love dovey scenes in this episode and some of the previous episodes, i wonder what will happen next?
    havent watched any new episodes.. so dear wallace, slap me with a kiss so i would wake up and continue watching this drama .. 😀

    thanks for the recap and review 🙂

  5. Wallace ftw! Lol

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