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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 24 Review and Recap



Heehee, I got allocated to recap this episode full of WC 🙂 Due to popular demand, I asked chewywon to design a cover which shows WC with nothing on, lol. Actually I was a bit disappointed as the long-awaited scene is so tame. However I am one who focus on WC’s face, not his body so I am still okay. Yui and Himmy, are you still hungry lol? The proposal scene and the conversation on the bed are the highlights of this sweet episode.

My Sunshine Episode 24 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by chewywon)

The colleagues in the office are admiring Mo Sheng’s honeymoon photos. Xiao Hong says she is jealous. Yi Jing asks Mo Sheng if she has time to go with her to Yi Chen’s law firm to interview Xiang Heng, another handsome lawyer who she has discovered. Mo Sheng says it may clash with her interview with Xiao Xiao. When Yuan Feng hears this, he immediately volunteers to go in her place. Xiao Hong asks if he has gone crazy since he dislikes Xiao Xiao. He gives the excuse that he is doing this out of concern for Mo Sheng to let her do something light. His colleagues are skeptical of his motive. Yuan Feng is at a lost and wants to ask Mo Sheng something on Xiao Xiao but he changes his mind. Then he asks Mo Sheng not to forget to invite him to her wedding banquet. Mo Sheng says of course he’ll go with Yi Mei. On hearing that, he leaves.


Lao Yuan asks Yi Chen where is his personalised present since he and Xiang Heng worked their butt out while he was away. Then he questions Yi Chen why he didn’t tell his family about his marriage. Yi Chen explains that he plans to bring Mo Sheng home during the Lunar New Year. Then Lao Yuan informs him that he has told Yi Mei about it when she came to the law firm. From their conversation, it can be inferred that Yi Chen knows about Yi Mei crush on him but he choses to ignore it. He is incomplete so is not the best guy for his sister. She deserves the best. He’ll only hurt her if he does too much for her. Then Lao Yuan complains why Mo Sheng’s magazine chose to interview Xiang Heng and not him? Yi Chen tells him to be understanding since the magazine has to consider sales, lol. He retorts he is a matured man, hahah….Between Lao Yuan and Xiao Hong, I prefer Lao Yuan as he is more naturally funny.


Mrs He asks Yi Mei if she knows Yi Chen has gotten married. Now, she knows why Yi Mei looked unhappy this past few days. The mum continues to advise her to move on. Wah, this woman complains to the mum that Mo Sheng is not good enough for Yi Chen. Just because her family looked after her and they grew up together, that doesn’t mean he has to like her. Even the mum understands they are different kind of loves. Moreover Yi Chen also contributed a lot to the family. Her bitter speech here really makes people hate her for being a sore loser.


Then we’ve a press conference on Xiao Xiao branching out from a model to become an actress.


Mo Sheng and Yi Jing are interviewing Xiang Heng. Then he complains Mo Sheng is distracting him so he can’t concentrate on the interview. Haha, could it be that he wants to know Yi Jing better 😛


Thus Mo Sheng goes to look for Yi Chen and indulges herself with some silly antics. In turn, she complains to Yi Chen that Xiang Heng sent her to his office for being a disturbance. Yi Chen says it is understandable since she knows him too well so he can’t exaggerate his achievements. Yi Chen also informs Mo Sheng that he is bringing her to go and see Yi Mei’s parents. Mo Sheng is a bit anxious because her hair is so short. The love birds chat happily with each other until Xiang Heng comes to bring Yi Chen’s wife away to continue to take his photographs.


After they left, Yi Chen sees a call from Ying Hui to Mo Sheng and goes to inform her about it. Ying Hui wants to meet up with Mo Sheng to discuss an important matter. Thus Yi Chen sends her over. He always gives the excuse that he has something to do in the vicinity so it is on his way to give her a lift.


Ying Hui wants to give her a present in the form of an exhibition of her photographs displaying their joint memories. He has grand plan for their future but Mo Sheng rejects them since they are already divorced and their marriage isn’t even real in the first place. Ying Hui tells her, he returns to China to search for his lost love who is Mo Sheng, not his ex-girlfriend. He doesn’t understand why Mo Sheng will reject him since they’ve been together longer than her with Yi Chen. Mo Sheng says, you can’t count like that. Ying Hui further says, she should not chase back what she has lost as it won’t be the same as before. Mo Sheng tells him her relationship with Yi Chen is very well now. Ying Hui retorts so well until she has to move house alone and Yi Chen abandoned her for work immediately after their marriage. Mo Sheng is surprised that he knows all these and he replies it is because he cares about her. Eeeeee, isn’t he creepy to spy on her? Mo Sheng tells him that was before and her relationship with Yi Chen is very well now and she’ll work on it to be even better. Then Ying Hui drops the bombshell that their marriage is not over be it in his heart or in the eye of the law. He bluffs her by saying there is something wrong with the divorce settlement so the divorce is void? A layman like me doesn’t know how to translate all the legal terms in Chinese into English 😦 Mo Sheng is in disbelief. Ying Hui tells her that she is still his wife and her marriage to Yi Chen is invalid. The divorce decree is useless. He also says he regrets letting her return to China as he was hoping she’ll give up on Yi Chen. Mr delusional doesn’t care what happened between her and Yi Chen, as long as she goes back with him to US to start all over again. After hearing all that any sane woman will want to leave immediately. Bye bye, Ying Hui !


A driver with the surname He is still waiting for Mo Sheng. She tells Yi Chen what Ying Hui told her that their divorce is invalid. Mo Sheng is surprised Yi Chen already knew about it a few days ago. Then Yi Chen proceeds to bring her somewhere.


Yi Chen: When we were in university, one time we passed here and you said, if you were to hold your wedding here, it would be quite nice.


Mo Sheng: Yi Chen, isn’t it nice here? In the future, I also want to have my wedding here.  What do you think? There…there….there to be filled with roses. How about white one? White one. Then at that side, I want a big big flower decoration. A very big one.
Yi Chen: Mo Sheng, if I were you, I would first finish my advanced math before I thought about this matter.
Mo Sheng: Hey, I am being serious with you.

*back to present day*

Yi Chen: This place is very difficult to reserve.  You need at least half a year in advance.  However, one of their shareholders is my client, so I was able to reserve it.
Yi Chen: Seven years ago, this place was very beautiful, but in nowadays standards, it is a little dated.  After you have seen better places, will you still like this?
Mo Sheng: My taste has always been so dated.  I only like the stuff from the past.
Yi Chen: Congratulations, Miss Zhao.  Your taste from before was quite good already.
Mo Sheng: Yes, Mr. He.
Yi Chen: When the time comes, we’ll reserve this entire space. Our friends can have fun here for an entire day. There is something else which I’ve always wanted to do but can’t find the appropriate time. Now looks like a good time. Will you marry me?
Mo Sheng: Aren’t we married?
Yi Chen: As you’ve said, this is different. Today is the day of our wedding.


He puts the ring on her ring and they kiss, so sweet and romantic. I’ve to say WC is a good kiss 😛 Then she coughs. Oh, I understand she is still sick but this really spoilt the romantic atmosphere as complained by Anon.


Yi Chen: Will you be able to spoil the party any worse?
Mo Sheng: I can’t endure anymore.
Yi Chen: I know, I won’t take advantage to bully you now.
Mo Sheng: Actually, you can …… bully me.
Yi Chen: Now? Here? I’ve a better place.



Can you remember the bully bit of the conversation is from the novel before the consummation? Then the camera jumped to the aftermath. Chewywon and I feel cheated 😦 Even our innocent Shan Shan got a few kisses and some initiation from Feng Teng. Here, we’ve a sleeping Mo Sheng and a Yi Chen in track pants. Is he that cold in August which is summer in China? Come on, at least wear your shorts and show your fans your shapely legs 😛 I can understand Feng Teng is cold in winter and he has nothing to show with his skinny body. But WC’s body is in pretty good shape, not too skinny or beefy with some well-toned muscle. As Anon commented, now is the time to show everything, at the peak of his condition. So anti-climax with such a prim and proper boating 😦 For those who want to see WC in less, watch The Amazing Race.



See, see, I told you WC is very shy and hides his body very well. He’ll only put on his clothes, not take them off 😦

Yi Chen: Why are you awake all of a sudden?
Mo Sheng: Where are you there?
Yi Chen: I am here trying to figure out a few things.
Mo Sheng: What are you thinking?
Yi Chen: I am thinking how you looked like when you first arrived in US.
Mo Sheng: I thought you’ll continue to say you are not interested to know.
Yi Chen: I am sorry. Can you tell me now?
Mo Sheng: You really want to know? It is such a long story. I thought you’ll want to ask something else.
Yi Chen: There is no hurry, tell me slowly.


Mo Sheng: You know how poor my English was. When I first arrived in US, I can’t even understand the road signs. That time, the more I walked, the further I went until I got lost. Moreover I’ve to learn English without you to teach me. The instant noodle in US taste awful. Ya, there is one brand which taste really bad even after adding an egg.
Yi Chen: Then, why didn’t you eat something else?
Mo Sheng: Because other food are expensive. At that time, I was very poor.
Yi Chen: Your father didn’t give you money?
Mo Sheng: Yes, my father gave me a large amount of money. At first I was shocked, but later I read from the newspaper, then only I knew what happened…… so I sent the money back to the embassy.
Yi Chen: Did the embassy write you a letter of appreciation?
Mo Sheng: Of course not, since I didn’t put my name. I sent it when there was a call for Chinese people to donate. In fact, there was nothing noble about my intention. Just that I innocently think without those money, everything would be fine like nothing happened. Dad will still be alive and we’ll still be together.


Yi Chen: What else?
Mo Sheng: Some more……
Mo Sheng: Yi Chen, surprisingly I don’t feel sad at all. I thought it would be very difficult to talk about this.
Yi Chen: Because you have me now.
Mo Sheng: Tell me about your story tomorrow night. I really want to know what happened to you in this 7 years.
Yi Chen: Okay, but my story is more boring. It may put you to sleep.
Mo Sheng: That is good, just the right timing.
Yi Chen: Okay. Mo Sheng, grow your hair long.
Mo Sheng: Is my short hair really very ugly?
Yi Chen: It’s truly very ugly!



The next day Yi Chen sends Mo Sheng to work. They look lovey dovey at each other. Yi Chen says he’ll go and pick her up after work at night. Oh, both of them look so happy after a night to ecstasy 😛


In the law firm, a client complains why lawyer He is not here. Lao Yuan makes up the excuse that lawyer He was up all night collating the information which is why he is late. Yi Chen apologizes for being late. Then the client apologizes for misunderstanding his lateness. Lao Yuan will not let him off and asks him why he was late. He tells Lao Yuan to get married earlier then he’ll understand lol. Lao Yuan complains that he is already showing off his blissful married life after only being married for a few days. Yi Chen tells him to get used to it as he may continue to show off daily, haha…Lao Yuan replies that he gonna go to match-making. Yi Chen replies since he is late to work today, he might as well leave work early 😛 In the end, Lao Yuan asks who is the boss here? Haha, they are so funny, bickering partners.


Yi Chen meets up with Ying Hui. He apologizes for having the meeting so late as he has been busy. Yi Chen replies as a lawyer he understands his tactic perfectly. He hopes Ying Hui will still be so confident when he is accused of forging the divorce decree in the future. There is no such thing as an invalid divorce application. Our resident lawyer Sage, please help on the correct terminology on this part 🙂 Does their meeting look like the famous roof top meeting in the HK movie Infernal Affairs?



27 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 24 Review and Recap

  1. Thank you Peanuts for the review. Really appreciate your effort as these recaps definitely helps me to understand the whole episode better especially the conversations 🙂
    Just finished reading You Are Still Here over the weekend. Another great novel… 🙂 Read somewhere that it is going to be made into a movie. Can’t wait for it now!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I have a good laugh comparing Feng Teng skinny body to well muscled Yi Chen. I’m complaining too why they only show the aftermath. LOL 🙂

  3. They call this bed scene? It is really…. bad…. of course I’m still hungry 😦
    well, I can play the scene that WC putting on clothes backward to satisfy myself a little bit.

    • ahaha.. yes.. me still hungry too.. but yes, it’s ‘bed’ scene, the scene took on the bed.. LOLs..

      since i watched to many oppa-oppa, i wish Wallace to have some ‘pack’.. but still, this normal figure looks more healthy and fit. just fine.

      but the way he put his clothes,. emm.. mamamia.. i would send my CV to become a ‘his’ stuntwoman.. aiyoo.. if i were mo sheng, i would definitely hug him tightly. 😛

      thank you for this recap 🙂

  4. I have not watched the drama yet, but I seriously think the drama will be anti-climatic after reading the hilarious and sarcastic comments (made even funnier with awesome visual aids/screencaps) made by everyone on Team My Sunshine here at Fanatical. You ladies should give yourselves a huge group hug for being so fantastically humorous and witty. Honorable Mention goes to reader Sage who wrote her own little script on what Yi Chen should have said to Ying Hui when Ying Hui invited him to play a game of pool. 😛 Maybe all you ladies should get together and write a parody of My Sunshine. 😀 Bravo!

    • Are you waiting to savour WC alone when your hubby or you are away on business trip lol? What are you waiting for? WC looks so versatile from sad & bitter to happy & goofy lol.

      • Work is too busy right now. 😦 Plus, I am trying to complete more chapters for my stories more quickly, while the inspiration is still around. 😛

        For some reason, these days, I cannot seem to finish a drama. I would start it enthusiastically but then lose interest half way. I haven’t finished Best Times, Shan Shan, Da Mo Yao, Magic Blade, etc. The only series I have finished so far is The Amazing Race with Wallace Chung. I was excited about that series from beginning to end. 😀

        • You are not alone. Bcos I’ve to write the recaps so I am forced to finish The Sunshine lol. Ya, The Amazing Race is exciting. I woke up early on Sat morning just to catch WC in action lol. I wish he’ll take part in another reality game show with Jackie this year.

        • It’s a good thing you don’t have me on the recaps team, or else I would slow everyone down. 😦 I take my hat off to all you ladies here who have contributed to Fanatical (via translations or recaps) for your dedication and efficiency. Compared to you, I am slower than a turtle. I am probably just a rock sitting around until someone comes along and kicks it (leaves me a comment on my stories to hurry me along). 😛 That’s sad. 😦

          What other reality shows are there in China that Wallace Chung can team up with Jackie in? I would love to watch him and Ekin Cheng again in live action! Is Wallace seriously considering another reality game show?!

  5. Haha! I like how you slot in our comments in your reviews. So funny. 😛 I just finished watching the first part of the condensed version of “Sunshine” and I couldn’t resist commenting on it here.
    Ooooommmgggeeed, the condensed version is soooo gggooodddd!!!. No more annoying scenes of MS staring at her feet all the time…..and you get to see the uncensored version of the couch scene as an added bonus. 😛 I feel like I’ve been visually walked through the novel without actually having to read it. No more reason to read the book now. LOL! I thought I wouldn’t enjoy watching the WC+TY university scenes as much as the young actors’ scenes but I was soooooo WRONG. It’s amazing how their scenes gel so well with the rest of the drama as it ensures a fluidity that is not present with the young actors’ scenes. And can I say that WC was PHENOMENAL as the younger HYC? He still couldn’t fight Father Time but at least he didn’t look old and awkward either. All those long camera shots certainly worked in his favour. For once, I love TY’s version of the younger MS; it’s almost as good as the young actress’ version. The perfect ‘marriage’ would be to combine WC’s phenomenal acting as the younger HYC with the young actress’ all-natural and fresh cuteness. But of course this can only remain as wishful thinking. LOL!

  6. Anon— can I asked what condensed version of “sunshine”… do you mean when they were in the last chapter of the series thinking the “what if”?….what uncensored version of the couch scene?


    • The condensed version is episode 33-36 as was mentioned by hoju on episode 19. It uses Wallace and Tiffany’s college parts as well as cut out a bunch of draggy parts. Lol those four episodes are basically a condensed version of 1-32 without all of the side characters. Just all the important parts for us, Yay!

    • Hello there. Kiki just answered your questions on my behalf. Thanks, Kiki. 🙂

  7. I saw those parts but I didn’t see the uncensored version of the couch scene in those episodes…you mean the one he was raging marital assault — I really don’t remember that scene in the condensed version—

    I been watching on youku…

    • I watched tonight’s episodes in real time here:-
      Maybe Dragontv didn’t have time to censor that couch scene before actual airtime. 🙂

      • The Jiangsu tv episode 34 also has the uncensored scene. That couch scene was soo good. LOL. we were deprived with the cut. It really is funny watching how Yi Chen changes. Whenever Mo Sheng and Yi Chen kiss, laugh, and giggle, I keep on seeing it as a BTS and not a real scene between the two characters. LOL. Also after watching The Amazing Race with Wallace, I’m now a fan. He’s so talented and hilarious.

        • Yes!! Caught another one! lol 😀
          I’m seriously overjoy these two days, seeing how popular WC has become (I think most of the novel fans had become his fans too) and there’s more English speaking fans too! 🙂

          • All thanks to me for free advertising for him 😛 My novel translation and recap make him famous in the English speaking world:) How many of his fans will translate the novels he starred in the drama adaptations? THe translator of DOMD is not WC’s fan 😛 Oh too bad, he doesn’t know. Maybe I should print them out and send to him as birthday present lol.

          • You want to wait til Nov? Do it now 😛

  8. I wonder why they didn’t u just use both of them in the university scenes in first place..would have been a better connection…although the girl that played tiffany’s role was supercute — leo was a different story..

    yes I am glad happy ending as well…I finished watching tltsilu…boy I didn’t like his character so much..particularly in the middle..and even when he didn’t love his wife he got her pregnant…duh she told her to “stay with her” for one night..that doesn’t have to mean sex..all the while he says he loves another women…uuuggh..funny did you notice they separated also for 7 years? (Actually more if between loss of her baby and when they met again before the Japanese invasion)…it was a touching series

    but this one is touching as well…the guy who dubbed Wallace’s voice was pretty good in this series…sounds like of like his real voice?

    • Nah, when Yi Chen speak english that’s WC real voice, and when it change back to the voice actor voice I can’t help but laugh because it sound so different. XD So I think their voice are totally different.

  9. actually duh yo ku ends at episode 32 which has the epilogue with the birth of their son and them walking together with the son — and it ended?

    I don’t see episode 33 to 36 on youku?

  10. Uggh… — – this website doesn’t work in the US…so I feel very deprived of the condense version…sigh…how I I watch it if youku doesn’t upload it?

  11. Thank you so much. …I feel better now…lol…I will give both Wallace and tiffany credit for doing that couch scene….hah…

  12. Hehe, that’s quite the honour to bestow on a lowly law student such as myself. 😀

    I’ve long given up on trying to follow the legalese in this drama. They seem to be playing fast and loose with the terminology. Either that or this is a case of things being lost in translation. As such, I’ve decided to take hoju’s advice and suspend my disbelief and just go with the flow. 😛

  13. famous roof top meeting in the HK movie Infernal Affairs?
    – its a legendary scene!!!

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