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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 26 Review and Recap



For those who didn’t read my post properly the drama only has 32 episodes so it had ended on Sunday night. This is because the production company has edited away 3 episodes to make the drama appears less draggy. Instead they are showing a 3 hours condensed version, something akin to a movie to fulfilled their contractual obligation of 18 nights on air. I didn’t notice any new clip and I also didn’t notice the couch has been extended, probably because I didn’t pay attention. This episode has nothing much except 2 bed scenes. But they are very tame yet very sweet and mushy. You also get to meet Mo Sheng’s mum.

My Sunshine Episode 26 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by chewywon) 

This episode has a bad start focusing on Xin Ying and Ying Hui. They talk about her marriage and why she needs to work so hard. Come on, most people also has to work hard in life, no big deal. Ying Hui suggests that she changes job and recommends another job in a big company to her. I am bored 😦


Goody, another bed scene with WC but unfortunately he is just sleeping only lol. Similar to the novel, the newly wed has a cosy and warm conversation in bed.

Yi Chen: What are you doing, getting up so early?
Mo Sheng: I have to make breakfast…… let me go. Yi Chen….
Yi Chen: Stay in bed with me for a bit more.
Mo Sheng: You’re a little strange today.
Yi Chen: Strange how?
Mo Sheng: You’re acting like a kid!
Yi Chen: Be quiet, go to sleep.dec5c045gw1eoiovu6xrtg20b406cb2c
Mo Sheng: Then I’ll sleep a bit more, just a small bit.

Yi Chen: Can you stop moving around?
Mo Sheng: I scare your arm will be numbed by me.
Yi Chen: If I release you then you’ll kick away the quilt in the middle of the night. I will probably be catching a cold together with you. Quickly sleep, don’t say anything anymore.



Just like in the novel, Mo Sheng overslept. Then she helps Mrs He in the kitchen. Yi Mei has gone back to work. Mrs He asks Mo Sheng about her family background. Yi Chen tries to prevent her from talking too much by asking her to look for his mobile phone. Then the mum nags him to take good care of his wife and don’t only concentrate on his work.


This makes Mo Sheng thinks Yi Chen minds about her dad’s past so she wants to prove his innocence. When Yi Chen comes into the room, she asks him if he minds about his dad’s past. Yi Chen replies, “Don’t let your imagination run wild. I just don’t want them to judge you. Mo Sheng, you have to have faith in me. I would rather you’re sloppy and a little muddled, don’t think too much.” Mo Sheng replies,  “But you will think I’m troublesome.” Yi Chen replies, “At least you still know yourself well. You’re really very troublesome!” I’ve to say again WC acted so well in this scene, all the small gestures, so much more than the book.



Mo Sheng is looking at Yi Chen’s old stuff. This is another nice scene of having them reminiscing together. I don’t get the bit about the short hair. I feel she looks good in short hair, at least better than the first wig. Of course, she looks best with her actual long hair. Anyway what is so big deal about the short hair? Cough cough, I’ve short hair 😛

Yi Chen: Mrs He, you are invading my privacy.
Mo Sheng: Your argumentative essays in the primary school were very well-written. Most of them scored in the 90s. Whereas mine is poor, just barely passed. But I believe my descriptive essays are better than you.


Yi Chen: Why does auntie still keep these things? I thought they’ve been thrown away.
Mo Sheng: Did you play with this when you were young?
Yi Chen: Yi Mei’s one.


Mo Sheng: How about this one?
Yi Chen: Yi Mei’s one.


Yi Chen: All mine but I’ve really forgotten. When was it? When I was really young.
Mo Sheng: What is this? Who is this?
Yi Chen: When I was young.
Mo Sheng: Why looked so serious? How about this? How old were you?
Yi Chen: That was probably participating in the National Physics Olympiad during year one in senior high.
Mo Sheng: Physics? But didn’t you study law?
Yi Chen: Yes, but I was in the science stream in high school. I was good at both.
Mo Sheng: f I knew you studied in Yi Zhong School, I would’ve gone there too. Actually I could study there, but I thought it was too far from home and I was certain I could not get up in the morning to go to school.
Yi Chen: Fortunately you’re lazy. I was able to finish senior high school in peace.
Mo Sheng: Anyway you still couldn’t get away in university. Oh, there is more.

Yi Chen: I am fine. It has been so long, everything has faded.
Mo Sheng: Then we’ll go and see them, okay?
Yi Chen: Let’s wait until the Tomb Sweeping Day.” Wait until your hair grow longer.
Mo Sheng: What is wrong with my hair?
Yi Chen: You’ll look better when it is longer.6

Then Mo Sheng tells Yi Chen about her mother not liking her since young, probably because of her dad and her parents divorced a month before her father’s suicide in prison. She says,  “Although I knew they had problems, I’ve never thought it would be so serious.” Yi Chen consoles her, “Don’t think too much of the past.” She complains he is like coaxing a baby. Finally Mo Sheng says, “I am not feeling sad. It is just that I realized, I’m very happy now but my mum is still all alone. I wonder how she is now.” Yi Chen suggests they visit her mum before they return to Shanghai. Mo Sheng agrees to at the very least, to tell her she is doing well.


Yi Mei is being reprimanded by her superior for taking leave with short notice. By right she should be fired but the superior helped her to give the excuse that she has some family problems. She is spared because of Yi Chen and Yuan Feng helping her to plead with her superior. Then she finds out from her colleague that the necklace given by Yuan Feng is a real one and very costly.


The next morning, Yi Chen drives Mo Sheng to go and look for her mum. It follows the last section of chapter 12.2 quite closely. She meets the mum and tells her that she went to look for her before. The mum replies aunt Huang told her everything. She tells the mum she is married and tells her a bit more about Yi Chen. The mum finds his name sound familiar. Then Mo Sheng introduces Yi Chen to her. The mum praises her good taste and asks if they’ve met before as he looks familiar. Yi Chen brushes it off as people looking similar. Mo Sheng tries to ask the mum about her dad’s stuff but she tells her that it is best she doesn’t know. The law is fair and will not accuse anyone falsely. Before they leave, she gives her mum Yi Chen’s business card and her phone number. While driving back to Shanghai, Yi Chen’s mind is preoccupied with the possibility that Mo Sheng’s mum recognising him and Mo Sheng is preoccupied with her dad’s innocence or guilty. Anyway recognise the mum is Shan Shan’s aunt and Liu Liu’s mum in Boss & Me? Haha, it is quite fun to spot who is who and where have I seen that before :)?


Yi Mei goes to look for Yuan Feng to thank him for helping her to say some good words to her superior. Another chance to advertise Rio. If anyone is not aware of Rio by now, she or he must be blind :PShe also wants to return the necklace to him. In addition, she apologizes to him. Yuan Feng generously replies nobody needs to apologize as he was the one who liked her first. Yi Mei says she has been immatured and untruthful with her feelings. She feels guilty that it affected him. Although I don’t really like Yi Mei, at least she is doing the right thing here and redeeming herself a bit in my book.


At the moment Yuan Feng hands a hanky to Yi Mei, Xiao Xiao walks past them. Yuan Feng and Yi Mei have a clean break-up and she leaves. Back in the sudio, Yuan Feng tells Xiao Xiao that Yi Mei came to return the necklace he gave her. Xiao Xiao suggests to him to reconcile with Yi Mei. However Yuan Feng says how can since he and her already had a relationship. Yuan Feng intends to give the necklace to Xiao Xiao. Then he has a nightmare that Xiao Xiao scolds him for daring to give something someone doesn’t want to her.


Another lovey dovey bed scene where you don’t get to see WC naked because he loves his white T-shirt too much 😛 Also, why Mo Sheng’s nightgowns are so childish and not seductive lol? I like to watch WC being happy but he feels so unlike Yi Chen here who I always think of as a brooding man.

Yi Chen: If you look like this going to work tomorrow, will your colleagues think that your in-laws don’t like you?
Mo Sheng: Auntie doesn’t like me?
Yi Chen: I am certain I expressed myself well but your level of comprehension is questionable, Miss Zhao.
Mo Sheng: You frighten me. I thought you mean auntie is dissatisfied with me because I slept until 11 plus last time. It is all your fault.
Yi Chen: I still remember you used to sleep till afternoon at the weekend.
Mo Sheng:  That was during the university days. I remember at that time you told me seriously that it is a bad habit.
Yi Chen: It is a bad habit. But I can be more generous to you now.
Mo Sheng: Yi Chen, you cook breakfast tomorrow.
Yi Chen: Okay but you must pay for it.
Mo Sheng: What?


Yi Chen made some extra breakfast for Lao Yuan and Xiang Heng but they thought Mo Sheng made them. Lao Yuan doesn’t believe the reputable lawyer He can cook breakfast. If the clients know about this, it will spoilt the law firm’s image. Then Xiang Heng shows them news that INSO is being accused by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of furnishing falsified accounts. It’ll affect the company’s stock price eventhough Yi Chen believes Ying Hui is capable of settling it. The episode ends with Yi Chen deciding to go to US to settle Mo Sheng’s divorce case.



27 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 26 Review and Recap

  1. aaaahhh… speechless.. wallace oh wallace.. would you marry me? 😛

    • Now that would be bigamy ala MS style since there’s a rumour WC is already married. LOL! 😉

      • It is just rumour only. As long as WC didn’t confirm it, Yui & I won’t believe 😛 Anyway Yui also likes Alex in BT and HXM plus many other korean stars 🙂

        • like Peanuts said, i would close my eyes and become blind for love LOLs.. aiyoo Anon, would join our club? bigamy club? or maybe we would name it “wallace’s wives club” haha..

          peanuts, why you bring my boys here? in this article, i only want to focus on wallace.. i want to show him how loyal i am 😛

    • Haha, Yui. How about we call it “Wallace Chung Take-Your-Shirt-Off Bigamy Club”? Muahahaha! Any more takers? Be prepared to get in line now. Omg, NOW who’s being cheesy here? Goosebumps all over. LOL! 😛

  2. I am finally commenting. I stumbled on this webpage when I was looking for Shan comes to eat the novel- and I have never left since. I want to say Thanks to peanuts, lidge, hu3r and everyone else(I am sorry I didn’t say everyone’s name), u guys r the best commentors n narrators n translators I ever read. You bring soul and personality into your translations. I want to thank you for exposing the world who would have been otherwise ignorant to Chinese literature and film. This will be long but it’s just my grateful heart to you guys. I would have gone crazy not be able to know what’s happening in my sunshine drama while I first read and loved on ur webpage n learnt it was being made into a drama, and now only ur recap has kept me sane till the episodes are subbed. This is the link for those like me with zero Chinese comprehension- Enjoy and hopefully the wonderful team would keep on translating more literature so i can say I have read novels from around the world. Thanks guys once again.

  3. Well I became a Wallace fan after this series and tltsily…His acting is superb…of course handsome too…he reminds me of an older age actor deric wan in blood of good and evil which was my favorite Hong Kong series years ago….I think TV b should remake that series and have Wallace play lead….

    • Arrrrrgh, that is also my fav drama. I also used to like Deric before he went to China with all the bad publicity. Until today, I can still sing the theme song of BOG&E lol. I like the UK parts.

      Haha, wishful thinking on our part. Even if not with TVB, I hope WC will act in another modern drama. He looks bad in ancient drama 😛

    • Oh same here… I didn’t think I would actually come to fangirl Wallace like this, but now seeing him on screen makes me giddy 😛

  4. See??? I told you that Wallace is acting more like Wallace rather than Yi Chen! 😜

    Btw, about the hair thing, does anyone on this website have long hair? Everyone cuts their hair short these days; I keep mine long and black so I can easily cosplay Chinese wuxia females. 😂

  5. peanuts — r we from same generation..LOL…I didn’t think anyone would remember Deric….he really ruined his image…BOGAE was his best series…and yes I LOVED the UK scenes so much..watched it so many times…I was so much younger than!..the songs in that series was nice…even the English songs…

    I have an appreciation for actors/actresses that act differently in each series and portray their roles..(there are so many TVB actors now a days that act the same in every series…uuggh..that I actually left TVB series to watch mainland)…..Wallace was so different in TLTSILY vs this series…such a great actor…he didn’t “succeed” too well in Hong Kong back then…

    How popular is he in mainland now? like Hawick Lau (another one that was playing only minor roles in TVB)…HuGe? Wallace Huo?

    Wallace’s Chung’s expressions are so priceless in this series…

    I thought Wallace admitted married and having a child….

    I started watching him in Amazing Race…which is really bad since Sunshine I haven’t been getting stuff done..and now with amazing race its even worst….he’s funny in amazing race..his sister is so “manly”…and its cute they wear matching t-shirts and stuff..

    • 亿年修得何以琛 钟汉良Wallace Chung现实感情成谜 老婆到底是谁?:

      This is how popular WC is right now 🙂
      If you don’t understand Mandarin, it say after ep 26 of Sunshine WC’s search rate on the Internet become their historical high at 9.91%, higher than certain Korean oppa :p and he can’t get on the plane cos there’s too many fans at the Shenzen airport.

      • Why he needs to use SZ airport? Go to HK airport, nobody knows WC 😛

        If u ever wanna stalk WC, don’t do it in China bcos 100% no chance to see him at close range. Do it in HK 😛

        • U bad girl! He’s very popular now not the same anymore ok. 😛
          But will take yr advice, HK is the better place to stalk him hehe.

          • He is very popular in China but not HK. My friend who lives in HK said she doesn’t know him lol. She only knows Wallace Huo bcos Swordsman was on TVB a few mths ago 😦

  6. Wait til Sunshine air at HK, and they’ll start chasing WC like crazy lol. 😀
    Even Taiwan acknowledged WC’s popularity, and follow the flow to talk about his old rumor lol.

    • Huh? HK ppl dun like this kind of drama, so draggy & angsty 😛 They like comedy like Boss & Me.

      WC has always been popular in Taiwan. He used to be one of the 4 Heavenly Kings, u so out 😛 What rumor? His wife in Taiwan? U go to her bakery & check out if she is pretty lol. THe bakery is near WC’s recording coy’s office so should be quite easy to find 😛

  7. A few days ago, I saw Wallace at an event and there were so many fans. I seriously have never seen that many fans gather for a c-actor/entertainer before. The security guards around him were panicking as well. He certainly made the right decision playing YiChen.

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