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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 28 Review and Recap



Cry, cry, why I get to recap such a boring episode :(? Except WC in his flora print shirt, this episode put me to sleep. Hence I am going to concentrate on his shirt 🙂 Hey Anon, are the gifs below the extra bits you mentioned in the condensed version. I honestly can’t spot anything extra compared to the drama. Anyway, I am including them here to spice up the episode rcap lol.


My Sunshine Episode 28 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by chewywon)

Trouble is brewing at INSO with the share price dropping and the possibility of Ying Hui forging the divorce decree being exposed.

02In the car, Jason asks Yi Chen to change his clothes as they are going to a casino to look for Tom Wolf who is a gambler. There is a Cruise who is an abuser and now we’ve a Tom Wolf who is gambler. Does Gu Man only know Tom Cruise and wolf lol?03Then we’ve Xiao Xiao discovers Yuan Feng looking at her photo shot and he runs away. Xiao Xiao’s assistant is perplexed as to why he is so fishy.  This silly Yuan Feng is talking to himself not to be afraid of seeing Xiao Xiao and recalls their one night stand.  Xiao Xiao is not feeling well and Yuan Feng lectures her to take care of her health. Her assistant says she has been vomiting for a few days, like a pregnant woman. Both of them are in shocked as to this possibility, Aiya, shotgun wedding is such an often-used plot device, yawn yawn. I need to apologise to the shipper of this couple because I honestly feel nothing but boredom with them. It could be because Yuan Feng is not even in the novel so I don’t feel any closeness to him and Xiao Xiao’s role in the novel is limited. But I like Zheng Qi in Boss & Me. Okay, I’ll admit it because Huang Ming is more handsome so I am bias. Sue me and I’ll get Yi Chen to defend me 😛

05They found Tom and ask him to be their witness against Ying Hui. Instead he realizes he can get more money from Ying Hui. Yi Chen has already recorded his planned extortion to be used against Ying Hui later. This is such a drag. Can’t they hire a private investigator to do all this? This is not within the scope of duty of a lawyer. I am not concentrating but drooling at WC in his flora print shirt. This is a chance to see a loosen up Yi Chen. He continues to wear the flora print shirt because Mo Sheng likes this kind of bohemian style? Actually Mo Sheng was the one who bought this shirt for him. You don’t get to see that in the drama but some eagle eye Chinese viewers spotted it in Gant in episode 18.



I just found these 2 gifs and can’t resist sharing them with you. WC, why are you so goofy and cute, hahaha? Do you want to trim your moustache lol?



I don’t like how the drama shifted its focus between Yuan Feng and Yi Chen in US. It is distracting. Yuan Feng nervously informs his parents that he is getting married. They are very excited because they thought with Yi Mei. The parent are left speechless when he tells them his marriage partner is Xiao Xiao who is a model and is pregnant.07Why is Mo Sheng laughing so hard?


Yi Chen quickly says he’ll go and change his clothes. Ahahahaha, Yi Chen looks so out of character. He behaves more like WC and I’ve his The Amazing Race gif to prove it 😛


Oh WC, you look so dorky. I like guys with specs but sorry to say this but you don’t look good. Your hair is too messy, your glasses too thick and that flora print shirt make you look like an uncle 😦 For fans of Lu Li Cheng like Himmy and Yui, here is a bonus for you. I know Himmy and sister like WC in Best Time more. I guess love at first sight lol. As for me, I prefer WC in My Sunshine because I translated the novel 😛 Also, although Mo Sheng has been sleep walking most of the time, at least she loves Yi Chen. Heaps better than that blind Su Man who only has eyes for Alex 😦


Mo Sheng says to Yi Chen, you didn’t even play with me like this when we were in uni! Oh, they are laughing so happily, it is infectious.


What is wrong with my look?

This blondie tries to pick Yi Chen up and I am sure you can understand his reply. Yes, it is WC’s real voice.  Okay Himmy, you won 😛 A few episode ago I wasn’t too sure because he didn’t speak much. Now, I am convinced because of the way he pronounced ‘actually’ and ‘wife’, very Hong Kong style, lol. Do you think WC can speak better English than Mandarin? Ahaha, they are so cute. I find it a bit hard to accept the transformation in Mo Sheng like the 2 end of different spectrum with no middle ground.

Yi Chen: Aren’t you playing too hard? My maid, stand up and let me have a look. Okay, sit down. How do you know this place? Do you always come here?
Mo Sheng: Of course not, I just heard of it. This is my first visit.08Mo Sheng’s mum (Ms Pei) remembers Yi Chen’s dad went to look for Mo Sheng’s dad before to ask for payment on a construction project. Actually Mo Sheng’s dad had paid the head contractor but he has run away leaving Yi Chen’s dad high and dry. Later, while on the run from debtors, he accidentally fell to his death. Ms Pei is still suspicious of Yi Chen’s identity so she asks a friend to find out the name of Mr He’s son.09Since everyone except Ying Hui speak good English in the next part, so let me rest by skipping it 😛 In a nutshell, Tom Wolf will be a witness to testify that Ying Hui forged the divorce decree. Ying Hui accuses Yi Chen of being an opportunist in giving him more problem when he is already in trouble with the law. Yi Chen says his accusation is laughable since Ying Hui was the one who committed the crime first. He proceeds to ask Ying Hui to sign the divorce agreement. He tells her in consideration of Mo Sheng, he has held back. He also reminds Ying Hui of how Mo Sheng helped him before. Because he also helped Mo Sheng, so she still held him in high regard. Hence if Ying Hui is willing, he’ll let Mo Sheng thinks that it is Ying Hui who volunteered to end everything. 10

On his way to meet Mo Sheng, Ying Hui recalls their first meeting. During the meeting Ying Hui makes some small talk asking her when came back to US. However Mo Sheng doesn’t want to beat around the bush and appeals directly to him to settle the divorce. Ying Hui tells her that the law in US is different from China. If he doesn’t agree, it is not easy for her to get a divorce. Mo Sheng says she wants their simple beginning to also have a simple ending. Ying Hui reveals to her that actually he has ulterior motive from the beginning so it is not simple. This means he has liked Mo Sheng all along. Suddenly he agrees to divorce. He agrees with Mo Sheng that they should end it simply and not cause her any harm. Then he hands the signed divorce agreement to her. He tells Mo Sheng not to worry as this time it is for real. She thanks him but he says don’t thank him because this is not what he wants but what she wants. He wishes her a happy and blissful life before leaving. Actually I do pity the Ying Hui in the novel but this one is a bit hard to shallow. Gu Man should retain his smartness and generosity, not write him like a pest. Anyway for those who complained that the Ying Hui in the novel didn’t do enough to fight for Mo Sheng, should be satisfied with the drama version where he did too much.


Mo Sheng tells Yi Chen she feels relief that Ying Hui took the initiative to contact her to settle the divorce. She is sceptical but Yi Chen convinces her. Then Mo Sheng wants to go to the casino to play but Yi Chen is reluctant.
Mo Sheng: Go lah, go once. Maybe we’ll get lucky then we’ll win money for our wedding.
Yi Chen: Mrs He, I’ve money to organise the wedding.
Mo Sheng: But I don’t have dowry.
Yi Chen: Oh ya, I’ll look down on you.
Mo Sheng: Haha, you must have omitted one word.
Yi Chen: Got meh? Let’s go and quickly organise the wedding or else I may regret.
Mo Sheng: USA, I don’t ever want to come back.

Heehee, this extra conversation is so much fun. My hanky to the Americans that Mo Sheng dislikes the country so much that she even declares she doesn’t ever want to go back. I guess this will appeal to the Chinese patriotism.



Ying Hui tells Linda that Yi Chen and Mo Sheng should have gone back. In turn, Linda tells her Xin Ying has decided to divorce. Ying Hui is surprised. Linda explains it could be because she has misled her before they left Shanghai. By right, she should get the message to retreat since Ying Hui didn’t even give her, his personal phone number. The temptation is too great so she is taking a gamble on it. Linda asks if she should try to stop her from divorcing but Ying Hui says let her make her own choice. Furthermore Ying Hui tells her, he starts to dislike himself, dislike how he wants to win at all cost. Yet, he’ll probably continue to do so. Linda tells her she will always be his partner. Ying Hui’s last word is career will be his best companion. I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again, I’ve a feeling this Linda has an unrequited love for Ying Hui. Don’t you think so? Quite sad to see Ying Hui sitting alone in his huge office. What is the use of great achievement when there is nobody to share it with you?



12 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 28 Review and Recap

  1. Peanuts, how can you not notice the difference between the force sofa kiss? It was definitely longer, more forceful, and makes up for the cut away 1st time that we wanted from MS & YC.😊

  2. Aiyo, what a question to ask me. LOL! :$ I really can’t tell from the repetitive nature of the gifts but I double-checked THE scene in Ep 20 and in the condensed version and I can tell you that THE scene played for 16 sec in the former and a whopping 42 sec in the latter (from the moment HYC flung MS onto the couch until the moment he pumped his fist into it for the third time). And yes, I counted the seconds for your benefit. Ha!ha!ha! 😀

    As for Lu Li Cheng vs He Yi Chen:-
    After watching “Sunshine”, Lawyer He almost succeeded in dislodging Lu Li Cheng from my heart – yeah, he was this close as he got to wear some really nice and expensive designer suits – but I guess things just didn’t work out for him and me in the end. LOL!
    For one, I find HYC too dull for my liking. On top of that, his kind of love is all-consuming, suffocating and even narcissistic. It’s like he’s in love with the notion of love itself. LLC on the other hand, is passionate, selfless and sacrificial in love. He would do anything for Su Man simply because he loves her for who she is. That is why, he’s able to accept the fact that Su Man’s heart will always be for Alex and so, he’s willing to step aside and love her from afar.
    Secondly, TY’s poor and erratic performance in “Sunshine” pretty much destroys the drama for me. I can tolerate the drama’s inferior production quality but I just cannot accept an OTP that is so imbalanced in their acting. It makes shipping the OTP so much more difficult for me. In the end, I just gave up on them as a couple. On the other hand, I love the OTP in “Best Time” even though many viewers have panned Janine Chang the actress and Su Man the character. Janine Chang’s acting skills might be just so-so but she looks so good with WC in this drama. Seriously, every time I got annoyed with TY’s overly cute ‘aegyo’ in “Sunshine”, I would just switch mode and picture Janine Chang as Mo Sheng instead. LOL! 😛 Final verdict : LU LI CHENG wins hands down for me.

    WC in “Best Time” vs WC in “Sunshine”:-
    WC in “Best Time” wins because he was so consistent in his portrayal of Lu Li Cheng throughout the drama. At first, I couldn’t relate to WC’s cardboard portrayal of He Yi Chen at the beginning of “Sunshine”. Just when I had begun to warm up to Lawyer He’s cold personality, he suddenly underwent a drastic transformation and became all dorky and cheesy after the proposal scene. That pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for me. Still, it was worth toiling through “Sunshine” just for WC alone. 🙂

    • You are right! Hey at least YC can’t dance 😛 right?

      LLC might not love other girl or get marry for the rest of his life! That’s just sad 😦
      Unlucky guy….

      And I think his biggest charm was he’s always willing to admit when he did something wrong.
      YC has too much ego on the other hand.

      But by the second half of the drama YC captured my heart, soooooo….. I can’t choose. …. 😛

    • Ohh and about the condensed version, it’s definitely longer and more satisfying! XD it shows more emotion and tension.

    • Thanks, I am just giving you a chance to watch that part again so you should thank me lol.

      Wow, such a lengty assessment and I respect your stand. Hence I’ll agree to disagree with you 😛

      The bottomline is no more WC to drool on since he won’t have anything new until at least the next half of the year. He has been spending too much time fulfilling his endorsement duties like those k-drama actors 😦

      • Kekeke! Can’t help myself since both characters were played by the same actor. Initially, I thought I would see shades of LLC in HYC but I was so wrong. This really speaks volumes for WC’s much improved acting skills, doesn’t it? I’m off to read the two novels since I can now picture WC as the male lead character in them. 😀
        Don’t think there’ll be anymore WC tv dramas for the rest of 2015. Didn’t he film only one drama in 2014?

        • Yup and he’ll be busy with a new movie soon. He may film another drama later but it won’t get released until maybe 2016. Oh i wish he’ll participate in a reality program again so our drought will be shorter.

    • As a YiChen’s fan, I must defend him and bring him justice (LOL). Everything you’ve mention about LLC, I can say the same for YiChen as well. Sure his love to you may seem “all-consuming, suffocating and even narcissistic.” I could live with that, because I obviously don’t see it like that one bit.

      His passion lies in the 7yrs that he waited. Selfless? Well, he’s not selfish. As for “sacrificial in love,” he may very well be the definition of it. The poor boy abandon everything relating to his parent’s death, so that he and MS can finish the love that they left behind.

      Seriously though, we can’t compare Yichen’s love to LLC’s. From the very beginning, YiChen has gotten all of MS’s love and life without her was not even in the cards for him. LLC’s, on the other hand, never once was in SM’s head.

      I’m glad you were able to finish “Best Time.” That drama was such a pain. Wallace may be his hottest there, but this girl here can not stand a male lead who loves an annoying female lead like SM.

      • Hi, Chewywon. First, let me just compliment you on a job well done where recapping “Sunshine” is concerned. Yes, you have every right to ‘defend’ your beloved HYC and I respect and accept your stand on it. 🙂 I don’t know what it is about me but I tend to like drama series that other people don’t like and dislike those that other people like. LOL! “Best Time” will always be special to me because it turned me into a WC fan. I actually watched “TLTSILY” first but I didn’t become a fan of his because I really wasn’t impressed by his performance in that drama. It was the riveting love story in it that made me finish watching it. When I first watched “Best Time”, I didn’t even realise that WC was the same actor in “TLTSILY”. I loved him in “Best Time” because he made me believe from the word go that WC IS LLC and LLC IS WC and therein lies the successful portrayal of a character in a drama for me. So, keep on loving HYC coz I can understand where that comes from. 🙂

  3. Thanks Peanut! Your recap brighten my day and I feel better now. 🙂

    I’m sorry WC, but you look so uncle when you lift your collar! That’s what my dad does! Lol

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  5. See this one and I’m still wondering how Tang Yan can resist WC’s kiss, she indeed can controls her feelings very very good haha…but vice versa WC can control his feelings very very good as well…..You both should love each other in reality ….^^

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