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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 29 Review and Recap


1The dragging is so evident in this episode. Long flashbacks of scenes we really don’t need to relive again, and talking and talking and talking about Yuan Feng and Xiao Xiao’s relationship. Good thing they slipped the three bosses and some couple-y moments in there. The highlight is another “forced kiss on the couch”, but this time, Mo Sheng’s definitely got the upper hand. 😉

My Sunshine Episode 29 Review & Recap (written by hoju & illustrated by bongsd)

Yuan Feng is annoying Xiao Xiao, harping on her to not eat Japanese cuisine or wear stilettos. She kicks him out, and he scurries off, promising to come back at lunch time to bring her to a healthy lunch. Xiao Xiao’s make-up artist comments on his interesting courting methods, not flowers or jewelry but… a jar of what looks like dried prunes (a common pregnancy craving for Chinese women, supposedly). At lunch, Xiao Xiao accidentally slams Yuan Feng’s fingers in the car door, so lunch becomes a trip to the hospital, but even in the car after, he won’t give up on providing healthy meal suggestions.

imageMs. Pei’s neighbour has come back to her with the name of son of the Mr. He she had been asking about: He Yi Chen.

Breakfast time again at the He household, but this time, you guys don’t get to see Yi Chen eating.  He’s done and reading his paper.

Mo Sheng: My jet lag is finally fixed. From this day onward, I’m officially into wedding planning.
Yi Chen: (not even looking up from paper) Eat your meal.
Mo Sheng: Why are you not the least bit excited?
Yi Chen: I’m already married, so what is so exciting about organizing a wedding?
Mo Sheng: They say marriage is the shattering of all fantasies. So it is true. (Yi Chen looks up from paper) How many days have we been married, and you are already so dispassionate?
Yi Chen: Were you mad yesterday?
Mo Sheng: (laughs embarrassedly and Yi Chen goes back to his paper) Can you not be so serious when you’re talking about that?
Yi Chen: You need to get used to it as soon as you can. Right, there’s something regarding the wedding…
Mo Sheng: What?
Yi Chen: Lao Yuan called me early this morning and woke me up, saying he doesn’t want to be our officiant anymore…

image(*rant on* Argh with the censorship! Did you guys notice the line that has since changed from the trailer? From “You are not satisfied with my performance last night?” to “Were you mad yesterday?” The rest of the conversation doesn’t even make sense anymore. And come on, it’s a conversation between married people. Overreacting, yes?)

When Yi Chen is ready to head off to work, Mo Sheng runs up to him with a stack of wedding invitations she had finished writing up the night before for him to hand out. Yi Chen pulls one out, then says as he walks away, “With your writing… I’m embarrassed to hand them out.” Mo Sheng chases after him, and calls out, “You wouldn’t write any and made me do all the work, yet you’re demanding such high standards!” (Honest question: In China, do they really handwrite wedding invitations? Why don’t they use printers?)

imageEditor-in-chief Zhang gives Mo Sheng a slight chastising for dropping her work so suddenly to go to the U.S., but she is quickly pacified. When Mo Sheng hands her a wedding invitation, she jokes that this should mean that Treasure’s lawyer fees should have a discount now, right? Mo Sheng responds that Treasure will belong to the firm’s elite VIP club.  Wedding invitations are handed out to the rest of the colleagues, and there is excited chatter, ranging from red packets from them won’t need to be big, to how nice a lawyer’s handwriting is (to which Mo Sheng tattles that Lawyer He only wrote a few invites but still gave her a huge guest list), to what should they wear since there will be top lawyers amongst the guests who would make good catches. Mo Sheng asks Xiao Hong to be a maid-of-honor.  She now needs a second one because Lao Yuan, having refused to be officiant, wants to be best man along with Xiang Heng.

In a menswear boutique, Lao Yuan emerges from the dressing room, sequins and all, striking a pose in front of an indifferent saleswoman and Xiang Heng. When Xiang Heng points out, the one getting married is Yi Chen and, as only an officiant, he did not need to be so flashy, Lao Yuan snaps, “What do you know? I finally realized, ‘officiant’ is another word for ‘old guy’. I have to be a best man before girls will notice me, get it? I can’t let you get all the attention!” Xiang Heng advises that he is putting more effort into his dress than even the bride, but Lao Yuan ignores him, sidling up to the saleswoman and asking for an even nicer outfit. The saleswoman does not seem very eager to serve… until Yi Chen appears in his tux. Check out Lao Yuan’s face before he spits out, “It doesn’t matter what I wear. I finally understand why no girl has taken to me all these years…It’s because of you, male god! You’re so good-looking it’s disgusting, so cool that you don’t have friends!”


imageXiao Xiao is trying to sneak inconspicuously into the OB/GYN ward, worried that someone would recognize her as the famous model. She’s half a step behind every question the doc asks, and when asked if she wants the baby, she blurts out yes first, then quickly retracts and says no. Leaving the doctor’s office, she is spotted by Yuan Feng, and she turns tail to run, but when he starts to call out her name, she drags him away quickly (to the very recognizable “Feng Teng, I’m pregnant” hallway). Yuan Feng refuses to let her abort the baby, and when she continues to argue, he threatens to loudly announce her name for everyone to hear.

imageAt Treasure, Mo Sheng wants to talk about some “happy news” with Yuan Feng, and he has a deer-in-headlights look, thinking she knows about Xiao Xiao’s pregnancy.  When she gives him a wedding invitation, and he finally clues in, he blurts, “Marriage is good… means you’re licensed to have babies.” Mo Sheng tells him to remember to bring Yi Mei to the wedding, and he awkwardly informs her that they have broken up for quite some time.

News has leaked that Xiao Xiao is pregnant, with pictures of her at the hospital to go along with it. Mo Sheng calls Xiao Xiao, who denies the reports. Yuan Feng dashes anxiously to see her again, much to her frustration. Xiao Xiao tells her manager to confirm with a production company that she will begin filming next month and tell them she will not let these rumours prevent her. When Yuan Feng questions the decision, she snaps angrily, “What do you want me to do? Give up my career because of these things? Do you know how hard it has been for me to get to where I am today?”  “I will take responsibility for what I’ve done,” Yuan Feng promises, but she only scoffs at this and shouts, “How do you think you can take responsibility?!”

imageWalking down the streets of Yi City, Ms. Pei hears some local woman chattering away that “the successful lawyer of the He family” is getting married soon and that Yi Chen had brought his “wife, who has big eyes and is rather pretty” back to visit last time. She listens in and sees Yi Mei’s mom stopping to talk with the women. She remembers that she had once seen this woman many years ago. She had come with her husband and a child (Yi Chen) and had argued with Mo Sheng’s father.

Mo Sheng and Yi Chen are shopping for bedding, but no matter what Mo Sheng points out, Yi Chen is not satisfied. He finally finds one he likes.  (Yi Chen has, um, “interesting” taste.  Nobody’s taste is wrong, right, just different?… And his taste is definitely different from mine.  Might be similar to my grandmother’s. This scene is probably based on one of the epilogue scenes in the novel, but here, Yi Chen doesn’t mention that he’s looking for something that will look good with Mo Sheng’s skin tone like he does in the book. Of course, in my humble opinion, that flower pattern doesn’t look good with anything except maybe doilies.)

imageYuan Feng comes to find Xiao Xiao *again*. He presents to her a package that contains his personal details and history, diploma, pictures of all the awards he has won, the certificate of ownership to his home, his pay slips from the last six years of work, tax filings… He continues to tell her, he is an only child, and everything of his parents will eventually go to his future child.  Xiao Xiao is perplexed what this has to do with her, so he tells her, this is the financial “capital” he has to take responsibility for what he did. So long as she keeps the baby, this will all be hers, and all he asks is 600 RMB a month for transportation and food. “Of course, if you want to give me more, I won’t refuse…”

(Sorry, Yuan Feng is earnest and all, but I’m not feeling much for him. Right now, all I can think is, when will the script stop dragging this out? If you want them together, just get to the point.)

Yi Chen and Mo Sheng arrive home to see Xiao Xiao camping out in front of their door, and she greets Mo Sheng like she is her saviour.  She is looking for a place to hide-out from her “stalker”.

imageThe two girls are sharing the master bedroom. Mo Sheng asks if the pregnancy rumours are because someone is trying to slander her again, but Xiao Xiao finally confesses that they’re true and the baby belongs to Yuan Feng, much to Mo Sheng’s astonishment. Xiao Xiao tries to clarify that it was only because she had been drunk and even says it’s Yi Chen’s fault since the whole situation had arisen when Yuan Feng had wanted to know who the man was that Yi Mei was in love with. So, Yi Chen should not be upset that she stole his side of the bed! Mo Sheng urges Xiao Xiao to think carefully about whether she really doesn’t want the baby, but Xiao Xiao says, she does not want to be a single mom, and even if she accepted Yuan Feng’s “responsibility”, marriage is a complicated matter, involving two sets of families, finances, and careers. Her plan, then, is to stay with Mo Sheng for half a month or so, until she has the abortion.

imageMo Sheng breaks the news to Yi Chen.

Yi Chen: (unimpressed) Half a month?
Mo Sheng: (nods) So… that’s basically this period before our wedding. And Shao Mei will… (whispers) stay here the whole time

And the worst is yet to come for Yi Chen!

Yi Chen: And on top of that, she’s sleeping in my room.
Mo Sheng: She’s not very happy right now, so I need to give her some emotional support.
Yi Chen: The reason?
(Mo Sheng makes a zipping motion over her lips.)
Yi Chen: And so, for this reason that I do not know, you’re going to make me stay in the guest room for half a month.

676f52eejw1eolmd3w6uog208c06u1kx 676f52eejw1eolmdflr7ng208h06ikdg“And so, for this reason that I do not know, you’re going to make me stay in the the guest room for half a month.”

Mo Sheng: (hands together to beg) Please, please.  You’re the best…

Yi Chen resigns himself to the fact that he will be sleeping alone for the next half a month. Mo Sheng informs him that Yi Mei broke-up with Yuan Feng.

image(Mo Sheng may not have given up the pillow next to Yi Chen so easily if she knew about the long sign-up list somewhere on this blog for people who are coveting that spot. Not mentioning any names of course, *ahem* yui-himmy-anon la-dee-da-dee-da.)

Yi Mei looks like she has found new life and has finally dropped that sulky look. Out at a restaurant, she confirms to Yi Chen that she has indeed broken up with Yuan Feng. When he double-checks to make sure that it wasn’t Yuan Feng’s fault, ready to beat him up if it was (aaaaw, sweet big brother!), Yi Mei states the problem was with her. However, she tells him she is going to do her best not to hurt and letdown the next person — confirmation that she has indeed let go of the past and her feelings for Yi Chen. Yi Mei then tells Yi Chen she is no longer working as a TV anchor and has changed jobs to something that she genuinely enjoys.

imageXiao Xiao is running from Yuan Feng again, but even her manager criticizes her for being a giant lightbulb in Mo Sheng and Yi Chen’s marriage by staying at their place. During dinner at the He house, Xiao Xiao has definitely made herself at home and doesn’t forget to remind Mo Sheng and Yi Chen to make themselves at home, too. Yi Chen can only eat slowly and stare at her with an unimpressed look while Mo Sheng giggles amusedly. Mo Sheng and Xiao Xiao play video games together on the iPad on one end of the couch while Yi Chen sits alone on the other side, no one in his embrace as he looks longingly at his wife.

676f52eejw1eolmcpktgwg208c04qb29La-dee-da-dee-da, when will I get my wife back?
676f52eejw1eolmc4wavzg207i071b2aNo wife to hug, so a pillow will have to do

imageFinally, some alone time with the wife! While he is reading on the couch, Mo Sheng brings him a cup of tea.  Haha…  look at his pouty, displeased look.

Mo Sheng: Have some tea.
Yi Chen: (heaves a sigh, without looking up from book) You’ve finally remembered me?
Mo Sheng: (snuggles up against him) Aiya, when other people get married, the guy and the girl don’t get to see each other before the wedding. (rubs him appeasingly) Be good, be good, be good.
Yi Chen: (finally puts down book) How about, we give her the room and you stay with me?
Mo Sheng: That wouldn’t be very good. (gives him a big smackeroo kiss on his cheek)… Alright, Mr. He, work hard at work. Earn money for the family.  I’m going now!

e86dc9c1gw1eojs5f3j50g208c04pnpd(Hehehe.  Check out Yi Chen’s very brief satisfied look when she kisses him, but then, in Hoju’s version of what he is thinking, “No!  That’s not enough! I’m not going to let myself be bribed by just a little kiss on the cheek!”) Yi Chen yanks her back down and proceeds to try to get what he wants, with some added tickles just for fun. Kerplunk! Mo Sheng falls right off the couch, and Yi Chen pauses. “What? Is she coming out?” But when he sees no one, he wants to continue right where they left off.

j1XXshTKissing and tickling

e86dc9c1gw1eojs5q68njg208c04pqv5Kerplunk! “What? Is she coming?”

Mo Sheng: Don’t! She will come out in a sec!
Yi Chen: No, she won’t!

Mo Sheng waves Yi Chen off — literally! — and runs away, much to the poor man’s frustration. So, all he can do is take several calming, deep breaths and go back to his reading.


image(Sorry to spread the moving pictures out.  I had them all grouped together at first, but after staring at my screen for a while, all the rolling and tossing started to make me nauseous. For some reason, the word “boating” comes to mind… Hehe…)

When Mo Sheng goes back to her friend, Xiao Xiao comments, “Argh! And I thought I would get to monopolize the master bedroom tonight.” She tells Mo Sheng to move further away and take her cold feet away from her because you don’t want a pregnant lady to get sick since she can’t take any medication. Mo Sheng observes that she actually cares a lot for the baby, and tells her to consider dating Yuan Feng and then getting married. Xiao Xiao does contemplate this very briefly, but then resolutely turns down the suggestion. Xiao Xiao tells Mo Sheng that an older couple surnamed “Lu”, likely Yuan Feng’s parents, dropped in and watched her at a shoot today. (I guess she doesn’t remember what they look like from her brief meeting with them after her one night stand?) How fortunate for her that this particular shoot, she needed to look extra seductive. Yuan Feng’s parents are academics, and such “civilized” people would likely not accept her career choice. “It’s not possible for two people to be together without the blessing of their family’s elders.”

image(With all the lovey-dovey between the two leads lately, I still somehow manage to end this recap with a pic of two girls in bed together???)


31 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 29 Review and Recap

  1. Great recap as always! 🙂 this is actually my favorite kiss! Not so passionate or romantic but rather like a sweet everyday kiss! Yes I wanna kiss by him everyday. After this drama WC has gained the title of ‘kiss king’ hehe.

  2. Hahaha! The scene with the three lawyers at the men’s boutique has got to take the cake as the funniest scene in the entire drama. Who is that actor playing the role of Lao Yuan? I love how he gave his character that exaggerated swagger in his walk. He’s absolutely hilarious. LOL! 😀 And did anyone get that scrumptious tongue-in-cheek jab at WC’s Male God status in China right now? Lao Yuan’s astounding reaction to Lawyer He’s droolicious good looks probably mirrors the exact thoughts that run through the minds of the boyfriends and husbands of WC’s female fans out there. Hahaha! 😛

    • Lao Yuan is my favourite side character. I love every scene he is in. The actor’s name is Lin Peng 林鹏 and not surprisingly, he has a long list of movies and dramas he has acted in.

  3. Can someone kindly post a working link to this drama again? I can’t seem to find any videos that aren’t blocked on youtube. 😦

    • Hi Mel, long time no see! Try this to start

      Look for the episodes that are ~45 min and 1080p by a ChinaTV of some number. These should be the most complete (there are various cut versions floating around too). They don’t have a playlist, so you’re going to have to look. If you can’t find a particular episode, copy the Chinese name with the episode number that you want next to it in the search bar.

      Alternatively, as rabbitlover suggested, Youku or one of the other Chinese sites might work, but they’ve blocked me out. 😦

    • Have you tried Viki? The whole series is up on the site, though most of it is unsubbed.

    • Hi hoju and Petra! Thanks so much for the links! Now I can reunite with my Wallace. 😀

      Hoju, long time no see! Despite being a Wallace Chung fan, I am looking forward to the restart of the novel translations. I miss all the suave male leads in every novel. 😀 I hope there are more ancient song translations to come in Really, Really Miss You. Those song translations are the highlight of the novel for me.

      • Me too! I can’t wait to get back to translating. Toupai will be coming back next week (Tuesday night in N. America). I believe there is another song coming up soon… can’t quite remember, it’s been so long.

  4. Hoju is it? You did great! Wow – I admire you gals who did such wonderful recaps for us! Jia you! Thank you!

  5. Oh yes..I noticed they changed the conservation about “being mad” instead of happy with performance…

    really there was tongue kissing in TLTSILY..?..LOL.. watched it on youtube and although they said HD version it was still blurry..

    I finally got to finish TAR…heck he is so funny in there…give me an appreciation for his acting for sure!

    Melanie…you can go to if they don’t block you in your country..

  6. My elders made me hand write the names of the ppl on my invitations too so to be more personal and respectful. I could only use the labels for the return address. I also had to hand write on the RSVP part too. It took hours/days to do. I had over 400 invites to do.

    • I thought it might be the names of the guests, but I got confused when Yi Chen pulled out the invite to look. The invitations looked Western in style, and I haven’t seen one that had the guest name written inside before. The envelopes themselves looked blank, too, so it didn’t look they had written any names on them. So, if they really are personalized invitations, it begs the question, if she didn’t write the guest name on the envelope, how did Mo Sheng and Yi Chen know who to give it to when they were handing them out? 😉

      • it’s possible they have to fill out info on the rsvp card for the reception that’s inside the actual invitation, you would need to write the name of the couple/title like aunt or uncle or generic like you and your family on the line (so you know who was replying back). The invitee would only need to fill in the blank of the number of ppl that would attend on another line.

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