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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 30 Review and Recap


1The blog has just hit 2 million views and it is not even 2 years old yet, still a baby in the blogosphere, lol. Thank you to all the contributors and supporters who helped the blog to achieve its milestone so soon 🙂 Also a big thank you to Gu Man and her Shan Shan and Yi Chen which are helping the blog to grow up fast.

I feel a bit jealous of hoju because she got such a fun-filled episode 29 and what do I get? Oh mother, I am stuck with Mo Sheng’s mum for half of the episode and the other half with that Yuan Feng. The only silver lining in my cloud is at the end when the wedding was held. As you would have noticed, update has slowed down because we hate to say good-bye.

My Sunshine Episode 30 Review & Recap (written by peanuts & illustrated by chewywon)

In the office, Mo Sheng recalls what Xiao Xiao had said the night before, “It’s not possible for two people to be together without the blessing of their family’s elders.” Hence she calls her mum to invite her to attend her wedding. She tells her they’ve already registered their marriage and now is the ceremony. Ms. Pei says she doesn’t agree to her marriage and Mo Sheng asks for the reason. Mo Sheng says she can tell her directly that she doesn’t want to attend her wedding since she has never liked her. All she wants to do is just to inform her and gets her blessing. Mo Sheng’s mum is one cold woman. She and her dad should have divorced when she was young in view of their frosty relationship but there are many people who still stay married for various other reasons.2Xiao Xia stumbles upon Yi Chen in the car park and teases him if he has come back so early to spend some quality time with his wife. Yi Chen replies that he gonna double her legal fees next year. Ahaha, serve you right for daring to invade our lawyer He’s home turf. Shoo, shoo, quickly move back home 😛 Then Yuan Feng is here to tell Xiao Xiao that his parents want to meet her. The main problem is not the parents but there is no love between them. She doesn’t want to marry someone who is deeply in love with another woman.3

Then Yuan Feng comes across Yi Mei doing an interview outdoor. She tells him that her original ambition is to be a journalist. She didn’t persist with it because she felt a broadcaster can match someone she liked better. She sees the error of her ways as someone who is not persistent in her ambition will not get far in life. Yuan Feng says she has changed. He also tells her he may start a new relationship. I thought they already had their closure when she returned his necklace to him? Urrrrgh, this is so draggy.4

Yuan Feng realizes he actually didn’t like Yi Mei and goes to Yi Chen’s place to look for Xiao Xiao. He tells her his love for Yi Mei is superficial and he was in love with her image only. Xiao Xiao says irrespective of what, they still can’t get together just because they are having a child. In reply, Yuan Feng asks for a chance to prove his love for her, “If I don’t love you, my heart will also not love another.” If she is willing to accept him then accept his necklace. Poof they just disappeared while our nosy couple are chatting. Mo Sheng is touched by what Yuan Feng said but Yi Chen says she is dumb, lol. I also think Mo Sheng is a dummie but I guess opposite attracts!5

The mum is pondering about Mo Sheng’s impending wedding date. Then Xiao Xiao tells Mo Sheng that Yuan Feng brought her to meet his parents yesterday. Arrrgh, why am I recapping all these boring stuff? Where in the world is my Yi Chen, sob sob? Xiao Xiao also tells Mo Sheng about her grandma. I won’t bored you with her grand-mother’s story. In a nutshell, your prospective marriage partner needs not be rich or handsome but must be sincere and earnest. Hence Yuan Feng should be a good hubby and daddy. Anyway she is rather confused and doesn’t want to think about it anymore. Mo Sheng tells her she’ll support whatever decision she gonna make. Xiao Xiao changes the topic and asks if Mo Sheng is feeling anxious of her wedding tomorrow.6

Ms Pei goes to the law firm to see Yi Chen. Their conversation follows the novel very closely so lazy me asks you to read my novel translation. I’ll translate the part where it starts to diverge from the novel. I don’t understand why Gu Man wants to change the story on Yi Chen’s parents. Is it because too politically sensitive to have a mayor receiving bribe? I am glad this novel departs from the norm where the male lead always wants to seek revenge but ends up falling in love with the female lead. To forgive is the best way to forget. Although Yi Chen didn’t say he’ll forgive Mo Sheng’s dad, it can be implied so or else he won’t have married Mo Sheng, your enemy’s daughter.


You Are My Sunshine

Ms Pei: Does Xiao Sheng know about this?
Yi Chen: She doesn’t need to know, and she’ll never know.
Ms Pei: Thus, you are not here to seek revenge? Then I feel assured. I am trying to find out your motive as I am scared you seeked Mo Sheng out to take revenge. Since this is not the case, I want to tell you the truth about that incident. Your dad’s death has nothing to do with Mo Sheng’s dad as he has paid all the money for the project. But the main contracting company dragged the payment to your dad resulting in his accident. The main contracting company must have said Mo Sheng’s dad didn’t pay up but the truth is not like that. All of you’ve misunderstood.
Yi Chen: I knew already.
Ms Pei: You already knew?
Yi Chen: Since Ms Pei has intention to come today, then you should know the boss of the main contracting company committed business fraud and went to jail 4 year old.
Ms Pei: You?
Yi Chen: I was the prosecuting lawyer for that case.
Ms Pei: You have already investigated it throughly? That is good. I was afraid that you’ve misunderstood.
Yi Chen: Indeed, I had it throughly investigated a few year ago. Thus Zhao Qing Yuan and the contracting company truly have no relationship. We all understood.
Ms Pei: Mo Sheng’s dad is also in the wrong as he did not perform his supervisory role properly in the process. Slow paying incidents are everywhere so who would have thought an accident will happen? Her dad also paid a price for this. I hope you can forgive Mo Sheng’s dad.
Yi Chen: It is getting late so I won’t hold you up anymore.
Ms Pei: I hope you can give me an undertaking. Even if I’m not close to Xiao Sheng, I’m still her mother. Since like this, I’m leaving.


Yi Chen: They gave me ten years but I want Mo Sheng for a lifetime


Yi Chen: Mo Sheng loves to let her imagination run wild, so please don’t let her know about all these. (Yi Chen really cares about Mo Sheng which is why he doesn’t want her to be unhappy over this. Ignorant is bliss)

Yahoo, Yi Chen receives a message from Mo Sheng who is informing him that Xiao Xiao has moved back home. She’ll be going to his office. Then they’ll go to pick up auntie and uncle He from the train station and have dinner together.

Mo Sheng keeps sending him messages since he didn’t reply. Why Yi Chen always doesn’t reply her message? He laughs at her impatience.

——”Didn’t reply me,  it is unlikely you are not around……”

——”Poor phone, where did Yi Chen misplace you?”

This part is exactly like the ending of the novel where Yi Chen says he’ll go down to meet her and she is counting the grid tiles.

Mo Sheng: I sent you so many messages but you never reply me. Did you misplace your phone again? Your poor phone. Did you know how long I’ve waited for you? I’ve already counted to 999 a few times. Hold hands to seek peace.

Heehee, I get to recap the wedding ceremony but only half of it 😦 It is all white, very romantic and lavish. It’ll be better if WC has trimmed his hair neater and Mo Sheng is not using her wig.

Although Lao Yuan is still single, he gets to give the speech due to his seniority and experience in life. Marriage is where both people cohabit, not vent their fury at each other (he says it with a pun in Chinese). He tells handsome Yi Chen to remember:


Whatever the wife says is also correct. What she says is correct then it is correct. What she says is wrong then it is incorrect but you still must think it is correct.


Lao Yuan wishes them to have at least 2 babies soon. This Lao Yuan is so humorous. He says he is still single so whoever that gets the bouquet later must leave her phone number with him or at least her email address. He wishes the handsome and pretty couple a blissful life together. I’ve to say this one final time. If Yuan Feng was created to provide comical relief then it is a big failure. Gu Man should have worked on Lao Yuan and Xiang Heng to flesh them out better. Match them with Li Jing and Xiao Hong and we’ll have one big happy family 🙂 Many people in baidu like Lao Yuan who I am already fond of in the novel. Such a pity he is wasted in the drama.




I can’t help but to share this photos which I found online with WC smiling so happily until you can’t even see his big eyes. My, my such sparkling white teeth, a prospective endorser for Colgate toothpaste lol.


The episode ends with Yi Mei staring deep into the eyes of a handsome guy outside the wedding site. Who is this guy? According to hoju, his name is 刘成瑞 (Liu Cheng Rui). Bongsd thinks he looks like a Korean actor who I’ve forgotten the name. Indeed he looks like a Korean. Is he really a Korean or did he go there for plastic surgery? Anyway, he should have appeared earlier to spare us the agony of having to watch Yi Mei’s unrequited love for Yi Chen.9

40 thoughts on “My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 30 Review and Recap

  1. “Bongsd thinks he looks like a Korean actor who I’ve forgotten the name. Indeed he looks like a Korean. Is he really a Korean or did he go there for plastic surgery?”

    This part leaves me ROFL!! XD

    First time commenting on this blog. I huv finished reading the novel Silent Separation and recaps of My Sushine until ep 30. Never been so in love with Taiwanese? drama (or is it joint production) before but anyway, this drama has such a captivating story. Gu Man is so good at romance stories. Looking forward to his next novel.

    Thank you for the recap as well as fangirling WC time to time while translating. Wallace has become one of my favorite actor.

    Just to share with everyone, my other favorites include: Lan Ling Wang, In Time With You, Summer Desire. Loving Never Forgetting (恋恋不忘) with Jerry Yan is ok, but it gets draggy.

    • Welcome to the blog & WC Fangirling club! Sakura? From Japan lol?

      This is a China production but a Taiwanese director was hired. Have you watched Boss & Me which is another Gu Man’s novel that has been adapted into a drama?

      I’ll give my 2 cents comments on your favs but don’t take offense bcos diff ppl has diff taste:

      LLW – I watched that for Ariel & Daniel Chan only. I think I didn’t finish it bcos I can’t remember anything lol.
      ITWY – The OTP has chemistry but Ariel’s character is kind of annoying.
      Summer – Sorry I am allergic to Peter.
      LNF – This one is good only at the beginning when they fought for custody. Jerry’s acting is weak, need to take some acting lessons fr WC lol.

      If you’ve not watched then I’ll recommend u to watch WC in Best Time & Too Late To Say I Love You. They are not really good drama but WC looks good enough to eat in them lol.

      • Please, Peanuts, if you know where I can watch Too Late to Say I Love You with English subs, please tell me. You have been the person who has supported my newly formed Wallace Chung obsession, so take responsibility! You’re like the Wallace Chung doctor or something. I literally clapped at my screen when I saw this recaps was up. I wanted to high five someone, but I’m alone:) Yup, I have Wallace Chung fever.

        Gah, dying over here with all the smiling pics. They almost make up for not getting to see pics of him eating. 🙂

      • WC is charming, I am falling hard on him. Haha XDD This drama keeps me so happy these days.

        Anyway, I agree with most of your comments on all those dramas, I like LLW coz of Ariel and Feng ShaoFeng chemistry ( i hated the ending, mostly ancient dramas don’t huv happy ending). I think C-dramas should start cuting down the length to abt 20-25 eps, coz most drama like LNF, gets draggy when it gets to second half.

        I am reluctant to watch other WC dramas u recommend coz i heard Janine Chang character only like other male lead and WC didn’t get the girls in both drama. I will give them a try for the sake of WC when I huv time. 🙂

        Can u also recommend me some C/T dramas and blogs that do updates on WC. 😛

        BTW, this is sth i found fr this blog
        “Even if I do get married, it’s only going to help 1 person – the ratio is too small so it’s not going to change the trend in society anyway!”
        ^^WC talking about how he has no plan of marriage yet. Also I found out he’s a vegetarian maybe that’s one of the reasons how he looks so youthful. 40 yrs old but still looking handsome and cool. 🙂

        • Wow, great detective work :p Actually she is my friend and she kindly translated that article for me lol. Because of WC, I have neglected her so I better go over and rekindle our friendship.

          Many people like Best Time so u should definitely watch it. WC looks very handsome there and there is English sub. The ending has 3 versions so go for the one where WC got the girl. It is kind of forced but I will never watch the version where she ended up with the other guy. Actually the other guy is quite handsome but his acting is like a block of wood. Heehee I could be bias. As for too late to say I love you, happy ending so give it a try. I think WC has the most kiss scene here so u also get to see his tongue lol.

          Don’t think WC has any English fan site, but occasionally jaynestar will have his news. Your best source is Google as some blogs may post his news every now and then like mine heehee.

        • Hi, for more updates of Wallace you can follow this blog

  2. Awesome milestone! Thanks to all readers! Thanks to hui3r and peanuts and everyone who has contributed to the blog.

    Peanuts, I got most of the Ying Hui, Miffy, Xu Ying, Gold-digger Tong and her mama scenes… Consider that a small compensation for the suffering I endured. 😉

  3. Waaahh gong xi gong xi gong xi la.. 2 millions views..!!! daebak!

    Well, 2 more episodes to go.. fighting ladies! I skipped some ‘boring’ parts, but come here to read them, lols.. as long as it’s a happy ending and my wallace finally gets the girl, i’m okay with it. Ahh.. finally, a happy ending for my wallace. After a big failure in Best Time, hehe.. (But still, BT is one of my fave dramas).

    So, after this, you guys will continue the novels, right? yattaaaa.. can’t wait for our Lu Jun and Mo Ting and of course Dr. Mo 🙂

    • You are a traitor for supporting WC & Alex 😛 If u joined a WC fb club that Himmy mentioned to me, they’ll kick u out for breaching their rules as you are allowed only to worship WC but nobody else. Ya, such a scary club 😛 No I didn’t join bcos but Himmy is a member lol.

      I saw you in other blogs gushing abt HXM, LYF etc I think u like practically every guys that are handsome lol.

  4. Wow that’s a lot of views !
    Nevertheless congratulations 😀 It’s all thanks to your hard work on translating for us readers. And of course the pictures as well ❤

    • I agree. I am new to the site and came here because of the Boss and Me recaps. I am thankful to have discovered a new world where I can read the novels in translation as well. It really feeds the desire to spend more time with characters one likes (oh and get more pics of Wallace because you can never have too many of those).

      Thanks to everyone who helps put this site together. You really help me get through hard days at work. Whenever I get to take a break, I look here, and puts me back in my happy place.

      • Thank u for your support and glad that the blog is useful to you. I set up this blog to de-stress from my work but end up being more stressed as I need to update frequently lol.

    • Ya, maybe I saw an extra 0 lol. Thank u for your support.

  5. Hello there, I know that you will be doing recap of My Sunshine lol, of course, this is your Wallace Chung after all *blinking*

    I’m also currently watching this drama. Intend not watching it, but… this is Tiffany Tang and Wallace Chung, I can’t help myself T^T

    Luckily the drama is soooo goood ❤ I'm being obsessed with it and not wanna do anything else x___x In my opinion, the drama is way better than the novel itself (not like SS, I still prefer the novel version, lol). The university part is too cute to bear, haha.

    I'm off to read your other recaps of Sunshine now, lolol

    • Late, late, u r late lol. I m glad to hear fr u but I’ve to say u’ve weird taste. I like Boss the drama more than the novel but I like Silent the novel more. For the drama, I only like WC & Lao Yuan but nothing else 😦

      Whose uni parts? WC or Leo? Thanks for your support but Viet has finished subbing it. They’ve it subbed within 24 hrs of broadcast so efficient.

      • Haha, I know I’m late. Kinda busy recently and have to find time for watching this 😦

        Do I REALLY have that weird taste? You already knew that I didn’t like Silent novel, right 😛 (Just watched it again while waiting for the drama and now I can confirm this). Therefore, I found the drama version funnier, livelier and more appealing. If it’s not for the drama, I think I won’t even read the novel again 😛 For SS, I like the drama version, but there is nothing can beat the novel position in my hear, lol. Btw, which part makes you dislike My Sunshine drama? @/@

        The Uni parts, I like both. Actually, I LOVE the storyline in the Uni parts ❤ One thing I didn't like is the young version of He Yi Chen (Leo? Right?) -___- I mean, is he really the Prince of the Law Faculty? ~___~

        WC is so charming. I'm officially being his fan now, lol

        • I agree with peanuts. Silent novel is so much better than the drama. If it’s not because of Wallace Chung, I would have dropped this drama long time ago. It’s one of the worst & most boring drama I’ve ever watched. 😂 No chemistry between leads, editing was bad, it was so draggy I fell asleep in between episodes. 😳

          On the other hand, boss & me drama is way better than silent drama. I guess I had so much expectation in silent drama because of the novel but ended up getting disappointed with the drama.

          Congrats, peanut for 2 million viewers….

        • Oh, so I really do have weird taste, ‘cuz I dislike the novel but enjoy the drama very much. Mo Sheng in the novel has weak development and I see her as self-conscious and wimpy until the end @.@ However, Mo Sheng in the drama appears livelier and I can sympathize with her more.

          And I think that the two leads are so sweet together. Too much chemistry for me? Do you really see that they have no chemistry?

          I like SS drama, but as I say, of course it can’t beat the novel version in my heart 😛 I still love SS and FT in the novel the most ❤

  6. Is it just Me or Tang Tang acted better in the lady & liar than My sunshine? I just watched that one to check out her BFF’s hubby who looks amazing. It’s like recent dramas spin around these 2 BFFs. Both playing Mo Sheng, one in drama, one doing movie And Tang Tang has chemie with her BFF’s hubby.

    • I didn’t watch so no comment but I won’t be surprised bcos she is familiar with Hawick. Whereas with WC, she is shy lol. Also, the amount of pressure she was under to portray Mo Sheng. I read that she was very anxious so this could be a case of the more u want to do well, the worse u did. I think her chemistry with WC improves especially the uni parts which were filmed last. The angst parts were filmed at the beginning.

  7. Finally almost to the end…n congratz for 2 mill… By the way feel happy coz my sunshine break record online streaming back to back from iqiyi . Eventhough the tv rating still lose to fan bing bing ancient drama but online streaming got huge feedback. Feel happy for wc. After my sunshine finish, still can’t let go n still watching it back to back. Try to watch tang tang new drama lady n the liar but hawick lau feels can’t beat he yi chen aka wc perfectness in portraying character.

    • Empress broadcast first and they spent a fortune to film it so understandable Sunshine can’t beat it.

      Can u understand Chinese? WC has always been compared with Hawick bcos both also fr TVB as well as HK. Also, the are fr the same generation. Hence I always feel Hawick is WC’s competitor 😛 He is filming a drama adapted fr a popular novel so you can see he and WC are kind of competing. Needless to say I don’t have anything nice to say abt Hawick except I did watch SWAK and agree that he did a good job there. All his other dramas are forgettable. He is always in the same kind of role, I m bored.

      I am waiting for the iqiyi celebration video which is not out yet?

      • Yes, i understand chinese but not too fluent. Yes, you’re right hawick always play the same character n its boring. If not gangster then rich young master. You’re right sealed with the kiss is hawick best drama, the others boring. Even the one he act with his wife was so boring n can’t stand to watch it, lack of chemistry. Oh i know wc is from hk but i don’t know he’s also from tvb too. I think wc acting better than hawick. I hate hawick expression always the same in every movie. N also same with you i also anti with peter. Don’t know why, just don’t like his act, sorry for the other peter fans thats just my opinion. Yes i also don’t find iqiyi celeb video, if its out will u post it. Looks like wc having so much fun in that celebration. But peanuts do you have the clue whats next wc drama project? Hope he will do more modern drama coz he’s looking so hot in suit like he yi chen n lu li cheng.

  8. Wow, the 2-milliion mark. I’m impressed, just like I was impressed when WC hit the 9.91 mark in the Vlinkage celebrity index. 🙂 Congrats to you Peanuts, and a special thanks to you and all your sidekicks namely Hoju, Chewywon and Bongsd for a job well done in recapping and reviewing every single episode of “Sunshine”. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun chasing after a Chinese drama. Half the fun of watching a drama is to be able to agree and disagree amicably with one another. Looking forward to more ‘sunshine’ from this blog. 🙂
    Here’s the iQIYI celebration link:- WC seemed to have lost a bit of his ‘sunshine’ in this event. No prizes for guessing THE reason behind it. 😦

  9. Love your last two sentences, my sentiments exactly! I’m glad this drama is over now so that we can go back to reading translations.

  10. Not yet. Ok i will watch it. Thanks for ur link. I’m not quite fond of tvb drama because sometimes full of drama. But i know from news hawick never make it big in tvb so he move to mainland n got success. I know wc the first time, i think in meteor garden as cameo then in taiwan drama secretly in love with you. Wow, peanuts you are his loyal fans for a long time. Have you met him in person? Wish could see him hehe…. Oh movie project, its good. Coz last time watch his movie with zhou xun, don’t like wc character there makes him looks bad… Poor wc… Hope he will soon accept new project n see wc again…wow have the link on iqiyi…thanks anon for the link.

    • I used to watch TVB diligently but not anymore as the quality of their drama has deteriorated. The journey of hope is actually quite sad and heart warming. I think I cried at WC’s parts, a lot more angsty than sunshine.

      Haha, I also watched him in meteor garden. Don’t u think he is looking better as he ages? He was cute and kiddy looking when he was young but lack charisma and a sense of presence.

      Unfortunately I have no chance to meet WC in person eventhough I have been in HK for more than 10 times 😦 if anybody has his address pls tell me so I can go and stalk him lol. On the other hand I met another handsome actor by chance a few weeks ago and I will write a post on it later.

      I don’t think Hawick has a successful career in TVB but more successful than WC bcos he was there for a long time and his dad is also a veteran in TVB.

      Sorry to inform u that WC’s next role in the coming movie is also bad as he will act as a baddie, a jailbird 😦 he is still a newbie in the movie world so he will not get any plum role but interesting role. Hence our only chance to fangirl him is in drama.

      • Yes you’re right. Wc looks better as he aged. No wonder sk-2 choose him… yes when he’s young he looks cute remember him when dance orea… looks so cute. Then now he looks mature n i find it more charming n looks so yummy…and i think he’s such a friendly person remember him at tv award from anhui tv i think when he present the award to li yi feng (my other prince charming actor who will play again with tangyan), he’s so damn nice to him n funny too.

        Oh yes i heard hawick father is lau dan veteran tvb actor. Maybe he success in tvb with his father connection but still proud of wc coz his hardwork make him famous like now. N i heard wc is super nice to his fans. Oh yeah hope once in a lifetime can meet him in person. I wonder who the handsome actor who met hehehe…

        Oh no… bad character again. Yeah hope he will get good role later in movie.. yeah hoping next drama he get good role again n ps happy end. Just watched the link you gave me on youtube. hawick n wc have played together in a drama n poor wc suppose to be rich but become poor n hawick become the rich one. N poor wc his drama mostly got sad ending. Poor wc. Hope he will find true happiness in his life. Just heard some gossip lately that wc already married n have child. is it true? If true then so happy for him… heheh…

      • Did you know few days ago a fan run into him at a HK restaurant while he’s having dinner with Jackie and director Johnnie To. The lucky fan get his autograph and took a picture with him too. While they’re taking picture, Wallace said ‘come closer, I wont eat you.’ I so jealous!

        • Who is that fan? Fr China or HK or overseas? Pretty? Must be in an expensive restaurant. Huh, why Jackie also went? Is Johnnie gonna give her a role in his movie? Oh, WC is so nice. I would be shy also & will not dare to grab WC like you & Yui lol.

          • I think its a China fan. She don’t want to show her face only show Wallace face and his autograph and scene cap of her conversation of the process on wechat with her friend.
            Lol I don’t know why Jackie was there, the conversation is in Chinese. I tried my best to understand any guess but that’s all I got. Maybe you are right lol, maybe we’ll get to see a firefighter Jackie in the movie 😀
            I will also be shy la, plus I’m very short, seeing how tall he really is I might stand very far away lol.
            You very sui, go HK many times also didn’t get the chance to meet him. Next time go some expensive restaurant to eat. :p

  11. U kW sth…..those last 2 photos of wc smiling…….a fren of mine has 60 to 70% resemblance to him…sheeze…I shd have accepted his courtship…hahha…then can flash our photos….oh well???unfortunately we have lost contact….so oh well…:p.
    Dun think we both have the 7 yrs of patient waiting……hahahah

    • 60 to 70 %, I m not sure if I can trust your maths lol. Anyhow, can’t you get back in touch with him via mutual friends or search for him in Facebook? Who knows he could be waiting for you all these years? Quickly take some actions b4 both of u regret it 20 yrs later lol.

  12. Congrats on such a milestone reaching two million views! Keep the good work coming and thank you for the recaps and novel translations from all you ladies! Also, thanks for the many gifs of Wallace eating and helping me fall in love with Wallace more and more! He is sooooo handsome when he eats! I’ve really been enjoying this drama but it did get draggy towards the end with dragging out the stories of the unnecessary characters.

  13. Hehe…I kid u not….but no way of finding the person….not interested either…hahaha….

    Yes yes…..sorry to hijack this post…..I wanted to ask this…anyone heard of the show the lady and the liar?? Also by the same mo sheng actress…..I wanted to ask if anyone can spoil me on the ending…does she end up with the bai er shao(hawick) or the other blind guy that she was with in the beginning…the meng shao? I dun wanna ship the wrong guy….

  14. Congratulations on the 2M mark!!!! Thank you so much for the recaps!

    I didn’t even know lady and the liar was out…where were u watching this? I usually like YangRong…

    Best of Times — I haven’t watched this because I didn’t like him not getting the girll…but peanuts– there are 3 endings to this series..that one ending he ends up with her? Oh gees…I wonder where that ending is? I skipped through one youtube and there was a scene where both guys looked for her…and they found her in this field of flowers and all three looked at each other and smiled and that was it…

    I used to like that series journey of love….I didn’t realize Wallace was even in it….

  15. Okay I found that version of Best Times where Wallace got the girl…it seemed like an add on epilogue…boy he is really handsome in Best Times.

    .(PEanuts…he even looks more to me like Deric Wan there..his side face)

  16. when i see him, i thought he looks korean too… seriously look korean!!!
    so handsome!! why black hearted yimei get such a handsome hubby?? she’s not worth it..!! huuuuu…

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