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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Joint Epilogue (Part 1)



Anyone can recognise who these 2 women with weapons are? Yup, the one in red is Bei Wei Wei with an online game ID Lu Wei Wei Wei and the other one in yellow is my beloved Xue Shan Shan with an online game ID Beat Boss Can Sleep Well. The other little guy carrying the zither inside the post is Xiao Nai and Wei Wei’s son Xiao Ming Cong with an online game ID Bright Moonlight in Front of Bed. These are the free bookmarks in the reprint novels issued in August 2014. There are 5 joint epilogues of Shan Shan and Wei Wei which I’ll post over 3 weeks.

Joint Epilogue One (translated by peanuts & edited by hoju)

Xue Shan Shan is only a newbie in the gaming world.

How bad a newbie? So bad that …… she only dares to do the mission alone to upgrade but dares not team up with other people to play a “private map” or “fuben” mission (i.e. a land/setting in the online world that only you and your teammates can enter and you will not be disturbed by other players that are not on your team), for fear that a position only her imagination could think up or a move she made that no one, be it god or demon, could otherwise predict, would cause the death of her entire brood of teammates……

Although she is the wife of the Boss of Feng Teng Technologies and she can use this to go the backdoor route to equip herself with the latest flashy weapons, she only dares stand alone, albeit cool-looking, at the door to a high level private map, and dares not join any team.

Nonetheless, the weapons she is equipped with are very eye-catching. The character she is playing in the game is also rather lonely and desolate, an expert pretending to be 13 (“13” looks like “B.” Pretending to be “B” describes someone who is pretentious and posturing). As a result, people constantly want to drag her to team up. Shan Shan has to click the word decline until her hands are sore. She has no choice but to give herself a nickname to hang on top of her head.

Six words – Teammate that is like a pig.

The game world immediately turns quiet.

That is until she and Bei Wei Wei got to know each other well!

This is simply like meeting God, don’t you think so?

“Wei Wei, you are really willing to take me under your wing?!”

“Really ah.”

“I’m very stupid, the whole team may get exterminated oh!”

“It’s okay, just stand there and don’t move.”

“Wei Wei, you are too nice 5555555 ( wu wu wu (boo hoo hoo) – sound of crying ), why didn’t I meet you earlier?

Shan Shan is actually picking up online games again. During her pregnancy, she had completely given up online gaming. Her children are weaned now and Boss still has not relented to let her go back to work, so it is inevitable Shan Shan is feeling a bit bored. When she is not required to look after the babies, she will go online to play for a while.

She must say, it is truly a blessing to have someone to lead you along! Xue Shan Shan has never experienced this kind of VIP treatment. She just needs to walk around and look at the scenery, and then her number of experience gold coins will shoot up. If she is not happy with walking, she can be a follower and only needs to stare blankly at the computer.

One day, it just so happens that the two of them have some time, so Wei Wei once again brings her to do a private map mission. All of a sudden, Wei Wei’s character freezes on the screen.

Teammate’s channel:
Lu Wei Wei Wei: 33, (Shan Shan sounds like three in Chinese) I am sorry. I’ve something to do so I need to be away for a little while.

Big Boss Looking After Children: Okay, 7878 (“qi ba qi ba” sounds like “qu ba qu ba” which means, “go ahead, go ahead”).

Wei Wei’s husband must have came back home as Shan Shan is very experienced in this. She guesses that after a while, Wei Wei will come back to say she has to go offline or something like that.

Shan Shan glances at the time on the computer. So annoying. It is already so late. Even Wei Wei’s husband has finished work, but her husband is still in a meeting.

What about going to send some late supper or something?

Shan Shan is still pondering when suddenly Wei Wei is moving on the screen.

Big Boss Looking After Children: You are back? Do we still continue to play today?

Lu Wei Wei Wei: Okay

Shan Shan immediately puts Boss, who is still in a meeting, on the back burner and joyfully follows Wei Wei to gain more experience.

While Shan Shan follows closely behind, picking up stuff extremely cheerfully, a line of words suddenly appears on the teammate’s channel  —— “Auntie, do not pick up stuff behind. I am going to fight BOSS right away, so if you are too far behind, you won’t get the experience.”


Shan Shan is stupefied for quite a while. A scary thought springs to mind: “Could it be that …… you’re …… Cong Cong?”



“…… Where’s your mother?”

“Dad has come back so mom is playing with dad. Cong Cong was playing with brother until he fell asleep. Then Cong Cong is playing with the computer.”

Shan Shan struggles to type some words of praise: “…… Cong Cong is so well-behaved…… really clever …… your little hands can type a lot of words ……”

“Uh-huh! Grandma said, Cong Cong, my little brother and dad are equally smart. My maternal grandmother said, Cong Cong and my little brother are smarter than my mom!”

Shan Shan: …… Wei Wei, there’s really no problem with your status in the family?!

Teammate’s channel:
Lu Wei Wei Wei: Auntie! I’ve finished the match.

Shan Shan silently looks at the fallen BOSS., then also silently walks over to numbly pick up BOSS’s equipment that had exploded out……

The disparity between two people is really too huge ……

Someone’s son is already capable of leading her in the game ……

Joint Epilogue Two

Ever since Feng Teng was hooked by his wife into online gaming, it is obvious he has started to show concern for the online games under his company’s banner.  More specifically, his behaviour can be summarized as: Firstly, he likes to propose some not very constructive  opinions on the equilibrium between the different characters until the general manager of Feng Teng Technologies eagerly wishes  Feng Teng will go AFK (Away From Keyboard) soon. Secondly, whenever a new upgrade gets released online, he will always drag his family along to check it out first.

Recently, Dreams of JiangHu II released a new upgrade on the great battle at Xuan Wu Palace Hall. Right away, President Feng takes his wife along to visit the battlefield in person. Of course in the same team, there is also President Xiao, Mrs. Xiao and several permanent teammates.

The first time, Shan Shan collapses after twenty-one minute.  President Feng expresses his dissatisfaction and puts forward his ideas on behalf of the investing party: This won’t do. The difficulty level for this new map is too low.

During the second testing, Shan Shan collapses after ten minutes. The representative of the investors, Feng Teng: Oh, still slightly low.

Consequently, when playing for the third time, Shan Shan collapses the moment she goes into the game. Finally Big Boss is satisfied: We are about right now.

Shan Shan feels grieved and indignant as this is simply too much. This kind of husband, is he still human ah ah ah?! If she and Feng Teng had gotten to know each other from playing online game like Wei Wei and Xiao Nai, it would have been absolutely impossible for them to fall in love with each other!

Her only consolation is Cong Cong.

Teammate’s channel.
Chuang Qian Ming Yue Guang (Bright Moonlight In Front of Bed): Auntie, do you need me to pull you up?

Da Wan Boss Hao Shui Jiao (Beat Boss Can Sleep Well): Cong Cong, wait until auntie finishes eating the glutinous rice ball before you pull!

Bright Moonlight in Front of Bed: Oh auntie, who is ‘Mei Ci Lao Po Dou Tang Shi’ (Every Time Wife Lies Dead)?

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: Your uncle Feng ……

Cong Cong: (⊙o⊙) Oh …… but uncle Feng’s nickname seemed to be different yesterday.

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: He is using his privilege of changing names without needing to pay! ! !

President Feng just easily called the general manager of Feng Teng Technologies to change the name, too simple …… As a result, all the staff in the technology company are aware that the wife of President Feng is an expert in lying dead now, okay?

Occasionally, when she comes across some staff in the company, Shan Shan always feel as if the way they look at her is like looking at a corpse ……

While she is still complaining in her heart, she sees on the screen, “Bright Moonlight in Front of Bed” has made a big move. Shan Shan immediately praises him.

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: Cong Cong, you are getting more and more powerful. While talking with auntie, you can still play so well at the same time.

Bright Moonlight in Front of Bed: Auntie, I have made a small toy so that I can fight and chat at the same time. Also can feed my brother!

Yi Xiao Nai He: ……

Lu Wei Wei Wei: 。。。。。。。。。。。。。

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: (⊙o⊙), Could it be that thing of legends, a hack tool?

Bright Moonlight in Front of Bed: Can’t tell you ya. Meiren shishu (Mo Zha Ta)  was the one who taught me O (∩_∩) O

Bei Zhai De Xing Xing (Gorilla Being Picked): ……………… I am definitely innocent, look at my innocent eyes. @ _ @.

Bright Moonlight in Front of Bed: Opps I said wrongly, it is grand teacher (shi gong) ~

Shou Ke Zhai Xing Chen (The Hand That Could Pick Stars): Yes, I taught him.

Bright Moonlight in Front of Bed has been asked by Yi Xiao Nai He to leave the team.

World [Moonlight]: (⊙o⊙)

World [Moonlight]: I was kicked out by my dad ……

World [Hua Chui Hua Yu (Flowers Drift Flowers Rain Down]: Dad?

World [A Ni (Mud)] : Aiya, now online games already have father and son soldiers doing battle together? Little kid, how old are you?

However, Bright Moonlight in Front of Bed has gone quiet in the online world”.

Shan Shan is worried so she continues questioning in the teammate’s channel.

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: Where is Cong Cong?

Yi Xiao Nai He: He went to feed milk to his brother.

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: ………

Lu Wei Wei Wei: ^ _ ^

Ten minutes later, Bright Moonlight in Front of Bed has been readmitted into the team by his dad. He is surprised to find his dad and mom and also uncles and aunties have already completed the map at flying speed.

Bright Moonlight in Front of Bed: Why every time dad and mom play online game together with me in the living room, we finish very quickly? However whenever dad and mom play in the study with the door closed, they are very slow.  Sometimes the team may even end up getting wiped out.

Every Time Wife Lies Dead: Cough

The Hand That Could Pick Stars: ……

Gorilla Being Picked: Thumping ground with fist.

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: (⊙o⊙)

Beat Boss Can Sleep Well: Cong Cong, you are finished. You’re going to be spanked by your dad for discovering such a big secret.

Bright Moonlight in Front of Bed: What secret?

A few seconds later.

Yi Xiao Nai He: Everyone, please take a break as I’ve to deal with some household matters.

On the other side, in the Feng family residence in S city, Feng Teng decides to switch off the computer.

Go to bed early la.”

Shan Shan who is sitting on the bed, raises her eyes, “Not playing anymore? Today is a rare opportunity for the babies to be so well-behaved.”

“They are unlikely to come online,” Feng Teng strokes his chin and mutters. Then he happily comes to a conclusion: “President Xiao is probably carrying out domestic violence at home now.”

25 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Joint Epilogue (Part 1)

  1. Thanks peanuts and hoju 🙂 looking forward for the next joint epilogues 🙂

  2. haahaaa…omg…i cant stop laughing…kekee…cong cong really our game couple son..haahaa..yup big secret is out..haahaaa

  3. how old congcong is??? of course congcong is smart, he is the son of THE XIAO NAI!!
    fengteng also playing games??? (/______-) that is so not fengteng xD but i enjoy see he bully his wife xD buaahahahahahahahah

    As a result all the staff in the technology company are aware that the wife of President Feng is an expert in lying dead now, okay?
    – bodo ah fengteng ni…. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha xD *rolflmfao*

    omg… they didn’t grow up at all.. still adorable as always xD
    ahahahahaahaha… congcong is very clever!! maybe will become upgraded version of xiaonai.

    but dashen is too strict la… no need to kick out congcong out of team… xD

  4. Ooohhh…….this is such a treat!! thank you, peanuts and hoju!! I really burst out laughing reading Feng Teng testing the game’s difficulty level by using Shan Shan! and his nickname “Every Time Wife Lies Dead”………LOL.

    Gu Man really has a wicked sense of humour…it is a joy reading these continuous epilogues of Feng Teng/Shan Shan’s marriage world.

  5. Wow, I get to read about two handsome couples and their marriage bliss. Shan Shan and Feng Teng are still same even with kids and lol to Wei Wei and Xiao Nai having such a smart kid. I see they still can’t take their hands off each other.

  6. Oh my, Xiao Nai the genius having two genius kids is such a treat. With all the uncles and aunts from computer science field, the kids will be hackers/programmers even before they know what cyber crime is. I just love Xiao Nai makes Cong Cong looks after his bro and he’s growing up to be one fine young man. With Feng Teng’s kids, they can monopolize technology world. Ones who invent and one who sell. Does being bad at games mean stupid? I’m not good at games like Shan Shan mainly because I feel bored.

  7. I missed Shanshan and fengteng… T_T

    So happy to take a glance of weiwei and xiao nai’s future married life. ::>_<::

  8. Yay, thank you for sharing this joint epilogue with us! I’m ecstatic to be reading about Xiao Nai’s and Wei’s Wei’s family already! It’s so like Xiao Nai to have genius kids hehe.

    And Feng Teng using Shan Shan to gauge the difficulty levels is super hilarious haha.

  9. Hey, Peanuts:

    This is Khue-Tu speaking; I just got my own wordpress account lol.
    This has nothing to do with Shan Shan, but is it okay if I help you guys translate the rest of Wipe Clean After Eating?
    I honestly love that novel so much more than Shan Shan and I prefer the more balanced Lu Jun over the over-bullying Feng Teng. xD

    • i hope peanuts will approve this. though i already read the whole novel using google translate, but i want to reread with proper translation 😀 i support your effort Little Winter 🙂

      • This is my second time reading the funny novel. 😀
        I applaud you reading the whole thing via google translate. xD

        • its too funny.. i can’t wait already so i read using google translate.. but its not that bad. still bearable, can understand though not fully. i laugh till tears came out. I told my sister about it, she lol-ing especially about that apple 3rd gen. she’s know chinese, so she understand the joke much better than me… it’s humor from the start till the end xD

          • Are you Chinese? 🙂

            It is! This is my second favorite novel so far next to You Are Still Here. I love Lu Jun. I found myself fangirling over him more than Feng Teng and even Yi Chen! I love his more balanced personality that ranges from cunning teasing to super caring and loving. ❤

          • no, i am not chinese. just my sister (cousin actually) know chinese coz she goes to chinese school, but she don’t like reading c-novel i guess.

            his teasing is so over the top!!
            i wish we could read his point of view, i want to know in details about his feelings.

          • Maybe if I translate it out for you, you will know more about his feelings. He surprisingly expresses his feelings very well believe it or not. There is a reason why I love him and I am usually very picky with Chinese male leads.

        • Admit it, ladies. It was peanut’s gif of Lu Jun coming out of the shower that caused you two to be all smitten over him. 😉 Anyways, patience, my friends. This is not a popular novel, even over in China, so the reason why peanuts has introduced it to everyone is because she likes it and it is her baby project. She has no plans of abandoning it. I know the posting schedule in the months of December and January was messed up, with Christmas, vacations, and then My Sunshine’s airing, but peanuts has tried to keep to a weekly posting for the most part with her translations. As My Sunshine winds down, you’ll see regularity come back to the blog. I can attest to the fact that peanuts has been working on setting up the translations for Wipe Clean so you will get to read about Lu Jun soon. 🙂

    • Now, I only have time to read comments. I am glad you like the novel. Thank you for your interest and kind offer to help me but I already have a helper who is working hard at translating from back to front. Most of you have already read with google translate so no need to update so fast as I still need time to edit them 😛 Since you’ve a blog, why don’t you translate another novel of similar genre for yoyo? There are plenty of male leads like Lu Jun in Chinese novels. You can go to shushengbar and search under comedy.

  10. haha! this epilogue is soooo funny! go congcong! Thank you Peanuts and Hoju 🙂

  11. Love the joint epilogues!!! I ended up laughing like mad! Congcong is just too clever kekkeke!!! That moment when he asked ShanShan about this big secret of his parents rofl!
    Oh and it’s Si instead of Shi! ^_^

  12. oh my!! where can we read this in Chinese? are there more pictures?

  13. Thanks for the chapter!

  14. “President Xiao is probably carrying out domestic violence at home now.” FT you bad person lol I’m sure you want to carry violence of your own lol

  15. This is so funny 🤣🤣

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