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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 45


1508719-bigthumbnail It’s an important chapter! Toupai finally answers a question that many of you have asked me or commented about.  Your patience has paid off… (Told you I wouldn’t abandon the project.) 🙂 8 more chapters to go…

Chapter 45 – “Splendid” Rice with Pickled Vegetables and Pork (4)

She could see her mother’s expression start to change to one of anger, and she honestly felt she was going to faint. Beside her, Mo Qingcheng was extremely calm and gently nudged her in the back, signaling that she should bring him to formally pay respect to auntie.

I… am not completely mentally prepared for this yet, ah…

She was weeping inside of herself as she walked up and, in a quiet voice, said, “Mom… um… this is my boyfriend…”

She did not dare look at mother’s face, absolutely did not dare, AAAAH, k? …

“Auntie, how do you do?” His voice had instantly changed, almost like he was an entirely different person. The doting and teasing from a moment ago were completely gone, and replacing it was a simple sophistication and composure that straightaway calmed people’s hearts. “My name is Mo Qingcheng.”

“Mm… hello.” It was absolutely a – 30oC type of icy voice.

“Please do not get the wrong idea. I’m a doctor here in this hospital,” Mo Qingcheng said with a smile, directly cutting through that layer of awkwardness and clarifying. “I just brought Sheng Sheng here to meet my cousin-sister. She is going abroad tomorrow for further studies.”

“Ah… a doctor.” Uh, the temperature had risen to +30oC… “Little Mo, you work in OB/GYN as well?”

How come he had become Little Mo? T.T …

Gu Sheng finally dared to look straight at her mother and her little aunt[1], who had come for her prenatal check-up. Little Aunt’s eyes were very nosily fixed upon Mo Qingcheng…

“No, in cardiology.” Mo Qingcheng’s deep black eyes were shining. So indescribably gorgeous. “On the seventh floor.”

“Cardiology… Cardiology is good.” The temperature of her exalted mother’s voice skyrocketed, and her whole face beamed delightedly as she pointed at the pregnant woman beside her. “This is your little aunt. I came here with her for her prenatal check-up. You don’t need to be polite and formal, just address her directly as Little Aunt.”

“Yes, yes, don’t need to be polite,” Little Aunt smiled, an expression of complete approval on her face. “Just call me Little Aunt.”

How come he could address her straight as Little Aunt? T.T …

Unrivalled allure, indeed… No problem just nonchantly and completely winning over two old aunties, ah…

Right at that moment, Ling Long Ti Tou had also finished off her work at hand, and seeing this scene, she immediately understood what was going on. She quickly strode over. “You must be Sheng Sheng’s mother? How do you do, Auntie? I’m his cousin-sister and also one of the OB/GYN doctors here.” As she was introducing herself, she noticed Little Aunt with her pregnant belly. “I should call you big sister, right? Or…”

Right away, Little Aunt’s age was dropped down by an entire generation…

Little Aunt was beaming like a blossoming flower. This was an obvious compliment that she looked young. The family of this neice’s future husband really knew how to flatter… “Call me Auntie, just like Sheng Sheng, even though I am younger than my big sister by more than a dozen years.”

“Then I’ll call you Auntie.” Ling Long Ti Tou immediately took Little Aunt’s hand in her own. “I am so sorry, Auntie. I will be leaving the country for studies tomorrow, so I cannot personally take care of you. I will recommend you to a doctor who is especially experienced.”

“Oh, that would be too much trouble for you.”

“How could this be considered trouble? We’re family.”



How come they were family now? T.T …

Toupai and Ling Long Ti Tou, this big sister-little brother pair, were like a duo singing in perfect harmony as they worked together seamlessly until, in the end, Mom was stretching out her hand and clasping Mo Qingcheng’s, not wanting to let go. Gu Sheng very embarrassedly got to experience her first ever “meet the parents” event. She felt that all those scenes she had read before in those novels were simply pathetic, you know? Were there any where the meet the parents happened in the OB/GYN ward, and after only a few, brief words, it was like they had recovered a long lost son, huh? …

In the end, Toupai escorted Gu Sheng, her mother, and Little Aunt to the main doors of the hospital and waved down a taxi while, at the same time, pulling out one hundred yuan from his wallet and slipping it into Gu Sheng’s hand. “I need to head off right away to the secondary hospital campus. Take good care of your mom and your little aunt for me, and make sure they get home safely.”

She answered with an “mm” and clutched the bill in her hand…

“Auntie,” Mo Qingcheng’s voice rang out over her head to address her mom directly, “This meeting was truly too rushed, but I am very serious about my relationship with Sheng Sheng. I am absolutely regarding this relationship as one with marriage as the ultimate purpose. So, next time, I will certainly come to formally pay a visit at your home.”



With marriage as the ultimate purpose, wha-…? … Their relationship had just started, ah.

Hadn’t it?…

This feeling of being slowly, one move at a time, swallowed up really wasn’t an illusion?…

Those eyes were turned up slightly at the outer corners, a smile in them.

“Good, good.” Her exalted mother’s voice had reached the high temperature of 100oC and showed no signs of coming down at all.

This future son-in-law’s words were so pleasant on the ears!

Gu Sheng simply could not keep up with the rhythm of any of this. However, when she wanted to find him to talk, he was still so busy in the secondary hospital campus he did not even have a spare moment to attend to anything else. She was like a dumpling swimming in boiling water, bobbing and rolling from top to bottom and bottom to top until finally, she just was floating on the surface of the bubbling water.

Floating and rocking, floating and rocking…

She carried on like this until the next night. It was only five minutes before Wanmei’s anniversary celebration was to begin, but he was still busy.

Your Toupai isn’t coming? Geng Xiaoxing private messaged her in YY.

Hmm… he should be coming, I think. Just don’t know when…

When he got busy, he was the type that forgot about anyone else…

For the anniversary celebration of such a large association, counting the number of well-known CVs alone, there were already twenty to thirty of them. Plus this particular event was a joint collaboration with Geng Xiaoxing’s website, so many special guests from outside the association had also been invited. Even if Qiang Qing Ci could not make it, all these people could certainly adequately handle the event. She quietly observed, and observed some more. It was past eleven o’clock, and he still had not arrived yet.

“It seems our Toupai DaRen really won’t be able to make it,” Jue Mei Sha Yi said, lightly clearing his throat.

“Tonight is his farewell performance, ah” Feng Ya Song sighed regretfully. “Farewell performance.”

Feng Ya Song deliberately paused for several seconds.

Tonight was Wanmei’s anniversary celebration event. Tonight was also Qiang Qing Ci’s official farewell performance.

It seemed, if the screen was not flooded by comments like rushing tidewaters, it would not be a worthy enough tribute to their Unrivalled Allure Toupai DaRen

In just those dozen or so seconds, the public comment screen was inundated with several hundred comments: “Noooo, Toupai DaRen…” “You’re really going to have your farewell performance?! You’re really going to retire from the entertainment circle?!” “DaRen, don’t retire, ah! Even if you don’t release any more dramas, just knowing that you’re around is good enough for us, AAAAH!!!” “This person’s heart has shattered into smithereens. This person is completely dead…”



Jue Mei and Feng Ya Song definitely did that on purpose, deliberately bringing about these floodwaters of comments to create a perfect farewell for Qiang Qing Ci. She stared at the screen, from laughing at first as she read to not being able to even read the words that were flying past her eyes like garbled encoding as the screen scrolled and scrolled upwards.

She felt her nose tingle, and her eyes were also stinging.

So touching.

While she was immersed in her own emotions, she all of a sudden heard someone put on a song.

It was all too familiar …

That day, after she and Toupai finished their cover of it, she had developed a habit of always listening to this song.

Oh god, they were actually using this song as the farewell performance? …

Her entire body felt as if it was burning up. The love she had for the 2-D world and this entertainment circle that had accumulated in her heart year after year as well as the emotions of all these years of listening through her headset to those songs and dramas all seemed to rush forth.

Your wedding gown like fire has scorched the horizon
Henceforth, the setting sun will sear my heart like vermilion…

Just like that, his high notes charged into her ear and reminded her of their first meeting at the recording studio, how he had stood on the other side of the soundproof glass of the recording room, looked out at her, and told her that he was Qiang Qing Ci

Right at that moment, someone private messaged her.

She clicked it open. It was Qiang Qing Ci, who had just come online.

This next bit that I want to say is somewhat annoyingly sentimental and stirring. It’ll be better if I use text to say it.

Not long after I first met you, I asked you a question. I asked you, “Do you love me?” Your answer was,” I love your voice.” This is a very remarkable answer. I think I can I understand how you feel. There are countless numbers of nice voices in this world, but only one voice will cause you to feel that “This is the one I love” the instant you hear it.

A few years ago, I heard a demo from Ling Long Ti Tou. There was a voice softly humming a melody. No lyrics. Ling Long Ti Tou played it over three times, then told me, this girl was so talented; she could arrange and compose music and her voice was beautiful. I felt the same. Of course, there was also something that she had not experienced: the heart stirring and fluttering with aroused emotions.

At that time, that voice was not yet called “Sheng Sheng Man.” In fact, there was not even a name associated with it. It was simply, “sheng” [sound].

Later, I found her.

She stared at this passage of text.

She could not even feel if her heartbeat still existed…

She had always thought that no one would understand that her feelings for him truly had been love at first listen.

She had never thought that the one who most understood her would be Qiang Qing Ci himself.

Very quickly, he sent her another row of text: I learned how to make a new dish. Splendid pickled vegetables and pork rice. Next time you come, I’ll make it for you.

She could not help laughing. A food dish again…

From the very beginning, he had used recipes to lure her. But actually, no matter how enticing those delicious foods were, they could not compare to the draw of his voice.


Do you believe there is a voice in the world that, after you’ve listened to it, will cause your heart to be stirred up with emotions?

In that moment, you will be frozen in your spot, in a daze, unable to hear your own heartbeat.

here will only be your breathing, very light breathing, for fear that you will disturb that voice, and you will want to continue to listen to it — continue listening forever…


The song in her headphones was gradually nearing its end.

She distinctly heard his voice speaking the final monologue:

“’Til the different directions of the world no longer exist, ‘til the seas dry, only then will I cease to love you.”

He had added this line in himself. Apart from the people who had been present at the studio that day, no one else had heard it before. Not only were the fans on the screen going crazy with excitement, even the special guests who had been invited to the event had joined in with the army that was deluging the screen with comments: “It is better not to encounter one whose beauty can topple a city[2], AAAAH!!!! DaRen, if you go, my entire world is going to become just like a silent film, AAAAH!!!!” “Begging DaRen to not retire!”

“Yellow IDs” were incessantly popping up on the public comment screen.

Even Feng Ya Song could not refrain from adding in his comment: Toupai DaRen, it was because of you that I entered the entertainment circle in the beginning. Please look into these sincere eyes of mine… You, are my dream…

Gu Sheng burst out in a giggle.

Qiang Qing Ci’s microphone indicator finally lit up, as if he had just come in. “My apologies, everyone. From last night up until now, I have been extremely busy.” It was still the same light, refined voice.

If you did not listen carefully, you would not be able to sense that, though slight, his voice had a seldom-heard tremble in it.

In order to gain control of his emotions, he cleared his throat and paused for a brief moment. “In reality … there is no such thing as so-called ‘retirement.’ In this entertainment circle, there will continuously be people leaving, some people because they are tired, some people because of rumors and gossip, some people because of their work in real life …”

When he spoke, he was always steady and deliberate…

Gentle, yet at the same time, distant. He made people love him, yet also made them feel like they could not get close to him. Perhaps this was the reason why he had been able to reach his position today.

He always was aware of one principle: “Friendship between gentlemen should be bland as water[3],” and he was always able to carry through with this principle, regardless of how much praise he received or how much slander…

Qiang Qing Ci.

A very light and reserved color, but with a hint of warmth in it. Just like him.


[1]小阿姨. Maternal aunt. Younger sister of her mother. The 小 “little” implies that she is quite a bit younger and/or possibly the youngest of the siblings.

[2] Refer to footnote 1 in Chapter 36.

[3] 君子之交淡如水. An idiom from Zhuangzi. Friendship between gentlemen — people of high moral conduct — should be bland as water, i.e. pure and not muddied by things like fame, wealth, personal gain, etc.


Additional Comments:

Without adding in another footnote, just reminding everyone that “qiang qing ci” is actually a metallic turquoise-y colour, like the colour of light glinting off certain mineral rocks.

Okay, I’m a sap.  The first time I read this, I liked it, but this time, while I was translating and editing this chapter, I started tearing up, everything from Mo Qingcheng’s confession of how he fell for Sheng Sheng’s voice to his farewell words.  The farewell isn’t even over yet.  I wonder if I’ll get misty when I edit next chapter, too.  I think I’ve spent so long translating this now that I’m more invested in Sheng Sheng and Mo Qingcheng.  So, what do you all think of his reveal that he had fallen for her voice several years ago? I keep wanting to know, did he search hard for her? How did he find her? Hoping that MBFB will write an epilogue from Toupai’s perspective, but that’s probably dreaming…

Anyways, the middle of this chapter was actually supposed to be the end of the entire novel, right after the monologue in the song.  The last line was planned to be “’Til the different directions of the world no longer exist, ‘til the seas dry, only then will I cease to love you.” When this “final chapter” was posted, fans went crazy, saying they hadn’t had enough of Sheng Sheng and Toupai yet.  So, the author gave in to fan request and continued the story and even lengthened the chapter.  From Weibo, “In my opinion, the story started with the anniversary celebration [planning] and ended here with the [actual] anniversary celebration, started in the 2-D world and also ended in the 2-D world.  It’s a very good full circle, ah…… At this point, it is actually a complete story, and all the extras that follow now are a little surprise for all those who collect my novels…”

Actually, I do tend to agree with MBFB. Everything started in the 2-D world, from Toupai and Sheng Sheng first hearing and falling for each other’s voices, to their friendship and Toupai’s courting, to their dating.  And now, Toupai has officially retired and is pulling out of the 2-D world. He can close that chapter in his life and we could be left to imagine their relationship in the 3-D world.  However, like all the other fans who love this couple, I am glad that MBFB is giving us more glimpses of their 3-D world relationship…

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    Ahhh, the farewell is so touching, more so the confession. So love at first listen too huh, with just humming at that! Im so envious…. T_T

    • Mature, handsome doctor, well-mannered, thoughtful, and serious about my daughter! Let’s start the wedding planning!! Hahaha.

      I’m glad someone else thought so. The farewell made me all teary.

  2. Awww, he’s so sweet. I am glad that they do complement each other; both are beautiful people with beautiful voices and personalities. I love how Shengsheng’s mama switched from -30 degrees to +100 degrees. Thanks for satisfying our sweet tooth, hoju!

    • You’re right. His mature, confident personality really complements her shy nature. ❤ Can't blame Sheng Sheng's mom, can you? He and his sis certainly know how to make the older generation happy.

  3. Sheng Sheng’s mom and aunt’s reactions are so funny! If I were in her shoes, I’d want to dig myself a hole to him in. >x~<

    Yes!! I want to know if he searched for her or not as well! And I liked how he tried to lure her with recipes since she posted a lot of stuff about food. I hope the author will give us an epilogue so I can continue grinning stupidly!

    • Haha! I love Sheng Sheng’s thoughts. How come he’s Little Mo now? How come he can call her Little Aunt? How come we’re family now? Toupai and Ling Long Ti Tou were working Mom and Little Aunt way faster than Sheng Sheng could comprehend.

      Hehe… you’re right. He might have stalked her Weibo and knew about her love for food before he finally decided to drop into her YY that day. The author has said she will have extra stuff in the published book. I’m hoping for LOTS.

  4. Oh my god… I’m sorry but which mom would not love a well-mannered and sweet doctor like Toupai?! I would have been in a daze if I was Sheng Sheng and he said that the ultimate purpose of our relationship is marriage…

    Considering the way Toupai is actively pursuing Sheng Sheng, I would not be surprised that he was actively looking for her. He doesn’t strike me as a guy to just sit and wait for the voice he fell in love at first hearing to appear in his life. No?

    • Tehe. I just said the same thing up above. In a daze? I think my heart would have beat so fast I might have fainted. So sweet…

      No, I don’t think so. I just wonder how he found her. Maybe through Ling Long Ti Tou? She seemed to recognize Sheng Sheng Man’s voice right away that time he posted the Valentine’s Day song where she sang the harmonies?

  5. LOL. And here I’m thinking.. how would her mom react if he was an OB/GYN doctor? Nothing against that, but how awkward the first meeting would be if he was her little aunt’s doctor! Regardless, it’s true, I haven’t read it in any other novels or seen it in any other dramas that meeting the parents would happen at a OB/GYN ward. Lol. Gotta love Sheng Sheng. I am very very curious how Toupai “accidentally” came upon her YY with GXX at the beginning. Does he randomly check out other people’s YY channel in the early morning just for fun? And it’s even more amazing that he recognized her voice from humming to talking or I wonder if he fell in love with her voice all over again and put 2 and 2 together that she was the original voice he loved after few interactions and research. Voice actors are probably pretty sensitive to other voices. I’m gonna miss this story. I also love how Toupai is so mature and calm to address Sheng Sheng and her mother’s misunderstanding and also to clearly state his intentions towards Sheng Sheng. I really admire guys like that. This story could have 2nd title: “I Love Your Voice.” ^_^

    • I thought the same about what if he was an OB/GYN doc. Sheng Sheng always has cute little random thoughts. I like her analogy of herself as a dumpling.

      Somehow, I don’t think Toupai would be someone who surfs YY channels. He seems to busy and purpose-driven for something like that, so I would think his visit was pre-meditated. Sheng Sheng joined her music association this year and started singing more, so maybe that’s how he found her? Or Ling Long Ti Tou told him she had found “that” girl because she found a song she composed? So many possibilities. I like the 2+2 theory too…

      I’m going to miss this story too… I’m trying to find my next project to follow-up to this one.

  6. I feel a bittersweet feeling. Happy this isn’t the final chapter as MBFB intended but at the same time only 8 more chapters to go? Noooo! I feel like scrubbing this comments page with comments about not wanting Toupai x Sheng Sheng’s story to end. Hahaha.

    Sigh. I really love those confessions. Both the confession to the mom about his intentions for the relationship as well as the confession on how he fell in love with Sheng. Can he not get any sweeter?

    And I definitely agree! Was just thinking about it the other day that I want to be able to read Toupai’s POV on some of the key events of their relationship. One can hope we get even just a few of those.

    • Technically, 8 more online chapters but when this book goes to the 3-D world (i.e. gets published), there SHOULD be more. And I’ll definitely translate that as well. 🙂 But scrub, scrub, scrub away! hahaha

      Nope. He is the sweetest! If it was any other c-novel female lead, she’d be blushing when Mo Qingcheng said that to her mom, but Sheng Sheng is completely dazed out.

      Hoping, hoping that we get Toupai’s POV…

  7. I would have gone crazy if the author stopped at the line that Toupai Da Ren said at the end of the song but I could see where the author was coming from… As always thank you for translating this…

    • I know what you mean. You feel like you haven’t gotten enough of the two, hence the fans did go crazy! However, moving into the 3-D world also opened up a bunch of new questions. Read to the end of the online novel and see if you agree with me, but I felt like the online ending did not resolve those 3-D world questions. Hoping the published novel will satisfy me with the conclusion…

      As always, you are most welcome!

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    i like this OTP, they keep their relationship for them, there’s no space for the 3rd, 4th etc.. 8 chapters to go.. ah.. im gonna miss this couple so much 🙂 thanks Hoju 😀

    • Well, it’s a love confession, and it is Toupai’s way of securing the relationship further. He is treating this as a relationship with “marriage as the ultimate purpose”, remember?

      “I found her” is so romantic, Yui!!!! It means it was fate!

      I only like stories that don’t have any 3rd, 4th, whatever parties. I have dropped novels like a hot potato that have a third party somehow intruding and causing problems, no matter how unwilling, still in love, faithful in the heart the OTP may be.

      • yes.. i remember.. ‘marriage as the ultimate purpose’, Dr. Mo knows well, where to bring his love. ah.. i love this couple so much. the more i read, the more i want this novel to not end.
        later, please let us know if you have another project like this. sweet but not cheesy. just romantic without any 3rd-4th-whatsoever parties. not a rich-dictator mom/dad also. oh.. that’s so kdrama material lols..

        • Yes. I have finally decided on my next project. 😉 Peanuts will tell you how loooooong I hummed and hawed over it. A little spoiler just for you: I deliberately chose one that is completely different from RRMY. However, the romance is very… touching, romantic, and absolutely no 3rd/4th…nth part whatsoever. Rich-dictator mom/dad? Hmm… yes, but not really at the same time? I hate the rich-dictator mom/dad plot line and while there is one in there, it doesn’t really play a role in this story at all…

        • sounds good. well, i just hope they dont have any role to break our OTP’s heart. i like a story like silent separation, wipe clean, really2 miss you, where there’s only our OTP as the main focus.
          Touching, romantic and no any other party.. count me in Hoju. i’m gonna stand in the first queue line for cheering you up! fighting!
          but still, it’s still hard to say goodbye to RRMY. im going to re-read from the 1st chapter now.. 😀

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  11. Ok, don’t throw rotten vegetables at me when I say this: I, too, agree with the author that the final line to the story should have been “’Til the different directions of the world no longer exist, ‘til the seas dry, only then will I cease to love you.” This line is incredibly poignant and romantic, and has marked the beginning of Toupai and Sheng Sheng’s meeting in the 3D world (at the recording studio). What more appropriate line could mark the ending of the novel but allude to the beginning of their life hereafter in the real world?

    • Haha, no rotten vegetables, Mel. Like I said, I agree with you. From a novel perspective, I think MBFB should have followed her instinct and ended it there. I’ll comment more when we get to the last online chapter, but I actually feel like, after she brought us into their 3-D world, I was left with more questions. Of course, this is merely an observation right now and I’ll wait until the book is published and I’ve read the rest of the story to give an opinion. :p In my mind, I just think of the novel as ending at that line, and everything else that follows, I’m treating as an epilogue.

  12. Well one cannot say that he didn’t find and insert himself into her life with the most utmost efficiency lol

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    Thanks a lot for the translation, hoju~

  14. The first time I finished this novel my heart felt empty, the world felt as though it became just that much duller and everything seemed to settle back into the mundane rhythm of the everyday. Now this is my nth time nearing the end, and yet that emptiness never seems to fade. I love this story and I definitely don’t want to leave this happy bubble of happiness that spreads a sense of warmth in my heart, but the end is near *crying* I already feel a sense of melancholic loneliness welling up inside of me…Hoping to have a fortunate encounter in my life, whether it ends in friendship, tears, or smiles, it would be a blessing to meet someone like Sheng Sheng met Daren (or vice versa).

    Thank you for the gift you have given through the translation of this lovely novel.

  15. Yall making me feel like he’s dying.

  16. Even though I’m years late reading RRMY, I feel glad to have come across it.
    Better late than never. ^^

    I kinda know how it feels to hear a “beautiful voice.” It is somewhat similar to hearing a beautiful singing voice where you get goosebumps all over your body especially when accompanied by musical instruments. But hearing a beautiful voice itself without any accompaniments is on a greater level. The voice becomes a musical instrument itself that stirs one’s emotions and lures you into a new space where you don’t care about anything but to focus entirely into it. It’s texture, timbre, and, tone.

    When I was a call center agent, there was one time where I forgot who I was, and what I was doing because of the caller’s remarkably alluring and enchanting voice. It just effortlessly reached something in me. Weird, right? Soothing and tingling at the same time. Hard to explain. Ahahaha! I was still in a trance for a short time, after the call.
    [Sigh] That feeling, solely listening to that voice in my headphone. ~^.^~
    Truly gifted.
    The caller wasn’t a scammer, by the way. Whew!

    Thank you for translating, Hoju-nim ^^

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