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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 25



Recently, I read some complains that I am slow with my translations. In my defence, I feel that I am faster than Gu Man 😛 I also want to be fast but I’ve to work for a living as well as have a real life to live 😦 To speed up the translation, I’ve got a helper who is currently translating from back to front so you’ll get to meet her soon 🙂

As you can see from the picture, this translation will resume with plenty of kisses to satisfy your prolonged hunger 😛 We also get some sweet moments from Lu Jun like giving Xia Ye a massage and piggyback her.

Chapter 25: Intimate

Elephant Trunk Hill is not high, so the group of four arrives very quickly at halfway of the mountain. There are a lot of osmanthus plants around so the lush greenery look refreshing. Occasionally, there is light breeze blowing to bring a cool and fresh feeling. Hence we unanimously decide to take a break here.

Lu Jun and I choose a relatively smooth and clean place to sit down. Whereas the newlywed foreign couple sit across from us, separated by the small lane up the mountain in the middle. They are hugging each other’s waists tightly and cuddle up together. They are also talking and laughing, a very intimate and sweet exchange of affection.

I hug my knees, look at them enviously and can’t help saying: “Later, after I get married, I also want to come to Guilin for honeymoon.”

Lu Jun frowns slightly: “Haven’t you been here already?”

I give him an angry stare and explain in a resounding voice: “This is merely an ordinary travelling, so the feeling is not the same as when accompanying your lover to come for honeymoon after marriage!”

He is silent for a moment, then somewhat reluctantly nods his head: “Okay, we’ll come one more time.”


I look at him strangely, unable to make head or tail of what he had just said.  What is “okay”, what does my honeymoon has anything to do with him? Why has to get permission from him!?

While talking, I notice the blond and beautiful woman sitting opposite appears a little tired. She moves her neck slightly and massages her shoulders. When her husband sees this, he quickly and attentively helps his wife to massage the shoulders. From time to time, the blond and beautiful woman will look at him. Then they will smile sweetly at each other.

I gently call out: “General manager.”

He turns his head: “Yes?”

My face looks serious: “I feel that as Chinese people, I need to have a loving heart for my nation.”

He: “……”

I ignore his speechless expression and continue to say seriously: “We can’t let them feel that Chinese men are not as gentle and considerate as foreign men.”

His eyes start to smile: “What do you really want to say?”

I pretend to cough twice and keep looking serious: “I want to say one should never do things by halves, can’t leave something unfinished. Even putting on a show, also have to act the full set.”

The smile in his eyes becoming deeper: “So?”

So …… So I pretend to look tired. I also move my neck slightly and massage my shoulders ……

Lu Jun looks thoughtfully at me for a moment, and finally curves the corner of the mouth: “Okay, we’ll act the full set!”

Having said that, he holds out his slender and strong hands and obediently massages my shoulders. I can’t help but feel pleased in my heart. Finally I am able to seek revenge for being his massage girl this morning!

I close my eyes. With him massaging my shoulders, I cannot help but relax my body and mind. Moreover I am now at a shady and cool spot on the mountain, so this adds a little more comfort to my body. I wonder where Lu Jun learned such good massage skills. Moderate strength and frequency appropriate, he massages until I feel so comfortable! Such high-end enjoyment continues for about half an hour. Originally I intend to let him massage for a while longer, but we’ve rested for quite a while. The foreign couple stand up and wave to us, so we have to continue to climb the mountain.

When Lu Jun and I stand up, I see the newlywed couple smile and say a few words to each other. As a result, that foreign man bends down and the blond and beautiful woman with a sweet smile on her face, climbs on his back.

After seeing that, laughter immediately blossoms in my heart. but I pretend to look very helpless: “General manager, there is nothing I can do about it. We agreed to act the full set ……”

Thus, Lu Jun squints and bends down without saying a word ……

I happily climb on his back and grinning from ear to ear inwardly. You oppress me mentally, so I push you down physically. I can’t help feeling cocky for once, I am really smart!

Although he is walking on bumpy mountain road, Lu Jun’s pace is very slow. Therefore it is still considered steady. I lie on his back and don’t feel shaky, but with the gentle swaying, I start to feel sleepy. I try for a while to keep my eyes open, but in the end, I am unable to resist being rocked like a cradle. While I breathe in Lu Jun’s fresh and clean body scent, I close my eyes and doze off.

Before long, I drowsily hear a familiar voice saying: “Come down, we’ve reached the top of the mountain.”


I immediately open my eyes and climb down from Lu Jun’s back. Looking around, I realise I am really already on top of Elephant Trunk Hill. The hilltop is very smooth with lush trees. Looking into the distance, one can see the close-ups view from the mountaintop. Can roughly see the landscape of Guilin. Can also see the famous Puxian Pagoda. This brings joy and a sense of accomplishment to the climb to the peak.

For someone who has never been to the hilltop, I run excitedly to the terrace. From the high vantage point, I can see the entire Xiangshan Park, making me feel carefree and relaxed. I can’t help but embarrass myself by behaving like a Lolita (young and cute girl). I place both of my hands at the edge of my mouth to pretend it is a horn. I shout “ahhhhhh” and immediately feel extremely fun!

“Xia Ye, come over here.” Suddenly Lu Jun interrupts me.

I gently jump down from the terrace because my excitement has not subsided. I smile happily when asking: “What’s up?”

He seems more delighted than me, holding out a hand to point: “You see what they are doing?”

I look at the direction he is pointing to see the newly married couple hugging tightly without regard for others. That man is slowly bending down to kiss his wife. His expression is focused and serious and her expression is happy and expectant. That scene looks romantic just like a scene from a tv drama!

While I am looking enthusiastically, suddenly I feel a surge of strength on my waist. My whole body crashes into Lu Jun’s bosom, so I question him: “General manager?”

His black and bright eyes stare at me and the corner of his mouth curves into a smile with evil design. He helplessly sighs: “Xia Ye, there is also nothing I can do about it. We agreed to act the full set …….”

I am immediately stupefied. This sounds very familiar, the tone is even more familiar. Ya! I spoke that sentence!

Before I’ve a chance to react, Lu Jun has bended down to entrap my lips. The kissing is very light and soft at the beginning. Later, it becomes more and more powerful, deeply penetrating and lingering. As a result, I finally get to experience what is called a French kiss ……

I foolishly widen my eyes. Because his expression is focused and serious, it is very similar to the way that foreign man is kissing that blonde and beautiful woman ……

I am being kissed until my eyes are blurred and my whole body weakens. When I stagger to my feet and swaying a little, Lu Jun only slowly moves his lips away. However, he does not loosen his hold on my waist, so his arm is my only support.

Lu Jun lowers his gaze to look at me. His eyes seem to have some kind of unusual undercurrent simmering. We look quietly at each other for a few seconds. He softens his tone and asks with a smile on his face: “Do you have anything that you want to say to me now? ”

I am gasping for air when I nod: “Yes ……”

His smile deepens: “Say it.”

I glance at the newlyweds not faraway and cautiously say: “General manager, they have already separated, so shouldn’t you also let go of me ……”

His face immediately turns black. He sulkily loosens his hand, turns around and walks away.

Consequently, I lose my balance and fall on the grass. Although it is not very painful, I am still frightened enough to utter a miserable bawl!

Lu Jun quickly turns around. He looks furious when he pulls me up: “Too bad that you didn’t die from the fall!”

I bitterly give him an angry stare. It is all his fault. If he has wanted to let go, at least wait until I’ve stood steadily!

He looks at me with a helpless expression on his face. Then he takes a deep breath, as if to calm his emotion. After quite a while, he starts to talk in a serious manner: “Xia Ye, I’ve something to say to you.”

I am frightened by his serious expression so I shrink away from him: “What, what?”

He pauses before looking like he has made up his mind to say: “Actually, I ……”

“HI!” At this moment, the blonde and beautiful woman suddenly comes over. She smilingly hands her digital camera to me and points to herself and that foreign gentleman. Then she mumbles something in rapid speed to me. Although I am muddle-headed and do not really understand what was spoken, I can understand what she meant through her gestures. She is asking me to help them take photographs together! Thus I readily nod and reply: “OK OK!!”

Hence I take the digital camera and take countless intimate and sweet photos of them with various scenic spots on top of Elephant Trunk Hill as the background. While Lu Jun whose face is black like carbon ink, is cast aside to idle his time away.

Seeing that it is almost time to leave, the four of us follow the route we used to descend the mountain together. Although Elephant Trunk Hill is not high, a round trip is also tiring. Thus all of us decide not to go sightseeing at other areas in the park but to go straight out of Xiangshan Park. Subsequently, Lu Jun exchanges a few words with them and found out that we live in different hotels. Hence we part ways with the two foreign friends at the park entrance.

This time period is clearly not a good time to flag down a taxi as most that are passing by already have passengers in them. At long last, an empty taxi passes by but the two people in front of us flag it down first.

It goes without saying waiting for a car is very boring. Fortunately the tv screen on a building nearby is showing a melodramatic Taiwan tv drama.  Thus I start to watch with great interest.

Currently, the tv is showing an exciting part where a man affectionately says: “XX, in fact, I already like you long time ago.”

The expression on that woman’s face does not change and she snorts in an icy cold voice: “Do you think I will believe you? I knew a long time ago that all men are no good!”

The man steps forward and says with sincerity: “XX, I know you’ve been hurt by XX before, but not all men are like him. At least my feeling for you is heartfelt!”

The woman heartlessly turns her head: “Don’t say anymore, it is impossible!” Then she is about to leave.

The man pulls her wrist and implores: “Don’t go yet, hear me out first, okay?”

The woman angrily says: “Let go of my hand!”

The man says firmly: “I won’t let go!”

The woman glares at the man and gives him a slap on the face. The man looks sorrowful and finally loosens his hold. The woman turns around and walks away ……

The man stands alone to gaze at the woman’s rear view for a long time. Until she gradually fades away, he painfully holds his head and squats down ……

Seeing this scene, I could not help but exclaim: “This woman is really ……”

Lu Jun raises his eyebrows: “Too ruthless?”

I shake my head: “No, she is doing a great job!”

He: “……”

I remember because of Sen Yu Ming saying ‘I like you’, he managed to court me, humph! In the end how!? Thinking about it, I continue to vent with great bitterness and deep hatred: “Women ought to be a little more ruthless. When men say they like you, those who easily believe are called idiots! I’d say, just a slap on the face is regarded as light. Kicking and punching are not regarded as excessive!”

He: “……”

After a while, I suddenly remember: “By the way, general manager, didn’t you want to say something to me at the hilltop just now?”

He: “Not anymore now.”

I: “Oh ……”

Have to say, this person is really baffling!

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