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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Joint Epilogue (Final Part 3)



Sob sob, this is the last joint epilogue on Feng Teng and Shan Shan until probably 20 years later 😛  I have good quality pictures of Feng Teng and Shan Shan only so don’t blame me for being bias 😛 I did not buy the reprinted novel and my source was deleted before I managed to save Xiao Nai’s family pictures 😦 At least I found you all the pretty pictures in the reprint book as it is not easy to find them, not even in Chinese website. For your information, the movie version of Wei Wei & Xiao Nai will start filming in May with a famous actress and an unconfirmed actor. Who could that be?

This is another hilarious chapter on Feng Teng vs Xiao Nai. Needless to ask who I am more fond of 😛 It’ll be interesting to read about Feng Teng vs Cong Cong in the future, lol. Thank you for reading and this is really THE END 😦 Lastly, a big thank you to hoju for helping me with the editing especially the gaming terminology and also bongsd for helping to search for Xiao Nai’s family pictures.

Final Joint Epilogue Five (translated by peanuts & edited by hoju)

Cong Cong is banned from going online.

Shan Shan feels even more lonely because she can’t see Cong Cong’s cute little figure in the game —— Now, even if she is dead all over the ground, nobody will pull her up. Wei Wei is the battle type and does not have the ability to pull people. Xiao Nai can’t be bothered to pull this kind of teammate who is similar to a pig. Feng Teng …… oh, he is the type of humankind who’ll smile after she dies, the shameless type who, at the same time will say —— “Dead againIn that case, go warm the bed first” ……

In short! Without Cong Cong, what is the point of playing games?!

But even though she can’t see him in the online games, she can still meet him in person ah! Shan Shan enthusiatically issues an invitation to Cong Cong’s whole family.

It just so happens that Xiao Nai’s company is on the verge of launching a new collaboration with Feng Teng Technologies. It is appropriate for the leaders from both sides to exchange visits.  As a result, Xiao Nai gladly accepts the invitation. He’ll bring his wife and children to S City again.

Xue Shan Shan is very excited getting ready for Wei Wei’s whole family’s arrival.

First of all, what to eat?

“Sichuan cuisine.” Feng Teng is sitting on the sofa and flipping through a financial magazine. Without looking up, he makes the decision with that brief remark.

Shan Shan stops bustling around in circles. “They like spicy food?”

“Yes,Feng Teng says calmly, “According to my understanding of my business partner, President Xiao is especially fond of it.”

Oh, that is good. The let’s start with three days of  Sichuan cuisine. Especially spicy!” Shan Shan proudly finalizes.

Secondly, what activities to arrange?

I’ll arrange this.” Feng Teng squints and lines-up in his mind the sports he is good at: swimming, tennis, billiards ……

Unable to defeat him in online games, but don’t tell me I’ll still lose when pk him in person?

President Feng sneers in his heart, sharpening the knife.

Lastly, and also the most crucial detail. Shan Shan stares in distress at the two babies who are crawling around on the carpet next to Feng Teng’s feet and randomly grabs the one wearing a bow.

“When our family Cong Xing (Follow the Stars) meets Cong Cong, what clothes should she wear?

The Feng family’s fraternal brother-sister twins‘ formal names are Feng Cong Lue (Follow Strategy) and Feng Cong Xing. Currently, they are still in the reptile stage of crawling around on their bellies.

Regarding Cong Cong, Shan Shan has never given up on her evil intentions. The first matchmaking date …… oh wait, no, it is a meeting, is very important, don’t you think so?  Though her daughter cannot walk upright yet, but …… this is not important ……

Even if she is still like a crawling reptile now, they must still leave Cong Cong a deep impression so he will remember her for a decade!

Consequently, on the day they go to pick them up, Shan Shan gets up early in the morning to start fiddling with her daughter.

Rabbit costume? Will it be too obviously playing cute?

Tiger costume? No that won’t do. It’s as if to say she’ll become a tigress in the future.

Then, turtle costume?

Seems extraordinarily refined ah ……

Finally Feng Teng cannot stand it any longer and seizes his pitiful darling daughter. He randomly puts a little dress on her and carries her out of the house.

In order to express the importance of the cooperative partner to him, Feng Teng this time personally drives to the airport to pick them up. However the airplane does not give him any face and is delayed. As a result, Feng Teng has no choice but to bring his wife and children to wait in a cafe.

Shan Shan is holding her milk tea, looking around in reminiscing at this cafe.

I remember I waited here for you once but I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up, you were sitting opposite of me and drinking coffee.”


Feng Teng is also sitting opposite of her and drinking coffee now, his posture still so handsome and elegant. In comparison to a few years ago, when he is not speaking, he appears even more dignified …… if there is no chubby baby sucking his finger and sitting on his lap 

“Hmm.” Feng Teng puts down his coffee cup and lifts up his hand slightly. The black gemstone cufflinks on the white shirt are faintly discernible. “It just so happens that I used your cufflinks today.”

Shan Shan pulls a face at him.

Feng Teng looks at his watch. Just as he is about to say something, the look on his face suddenly changes.  Bowing his head, he sees his darling son is biting his own finger and looking up at him innocently.

Two hours later, Xiao Nai and his family finally arrive late.


“President Feng.” Xiao Nai is still looking handsome. He holds his baby single-handedly and extends his other hand in a friendly motion.

“President Xiao.” Feng Teng’s expression is sullen as he holds a baby in one arm and politely shakes Xiao Nai’s hand with the other.

On the other side, Shan Shan has already rushed over to Cong Cong. Cong Cong.”

“Auntie Shan Shan.” Cong Cong politely greets her.

Cong Cong can still remember auntie ah?” Although they always play online games together, they’ve not met in person for a long time.

“I remember.” His little face is serious as he nods.

Shan Shan is momentariy smitten. Come, come, come. Come home with auntie.”

Shan Shan unhesitatingly thrusts her own daughter to Wei Wei and holds Cong Cong’s small hand.

On the way home, President Feng is driving and Xiao Nai is sitting in the front passenger seat next to him. Wei Wei and Shan Shan are sitting at the back.

Wei Wei quietly asks Shan Shan: “What is the matter with your boss? The look on his face hasn’t seemed right this whole time?”

Shan Shan gives an evil laugh: “Lue Lue’s diaper was not put on properly, so he went to the toilet to change a new one for his son. As a result, Lue Lue urinated on him ……

Wei Wei bursts out laughing.

Up front Driver Feng immediately coughs once.

Shan Shan instantly puts away her gloating smile and tries to salvage her husband’s pride. She puts on a look of contempt at Wei Wei: “What’s so funny about this? Don’t tell me your Dashen (big God) has never been urinated on by his children before?

Wei Wei says very regretfully: “No.”

Shan Shan is very shocked: “Ah, how did he manage that?!”

What is that tone of adoration all about? If he is not driving, Feng Teng simply wants to grab his wife over and give her a good lesson. Xiao Nai who is sitting next to him, gives him a quick look, and then with a smiling expression, he says to the back“Wei Wei, don’t overdo it.”

“Oh!” Wei Wei follows the sound advice immediately.

The inside of the car is quiet for a while. Then Feng Teng slowly says, “President Xiao is really someone in the technology field, being such an expert even in changing diapers.”

“You are flattering me.” Xiao Nai says casually. “Even though I am younger than President Feng, I’ve been a father for several years now, so I’ve a little more experience than you.”

Feng Teng: ……”

Wei Wei: Didn’t you say don’t overdo it? ……

Why does Wei Wei’s Dashen always speak in such a manner as to make people choke? ……

Shan Shan sympathetically changes the topic and happily discusses their plans with Wei Wei.

Feng Teng said both of you like to eat spicy food, so I’ve specially invited a chef who is an expert in Sichuan cuisine. We’ll be eating Sichuan cuisine for the next few days, and I guarantee you’ll get all kinds of spiciness!”

Wei Wei: …… ah?”

…… But Dashen cannot eat spicy food ah.

Xiao Nai coughs a bit. “President Feng?”

President Feng calmly replies: “President Xiao, don’t need to be so courteous. As the host, I’ve to offer hospitality. After lunch, how about you all have a rest and then how about playing some chess? If there is time, we can also hit some balls. Or my house swimming pool is also quite nice.”

Xiao Nai immediately understands and smiles, “Since President Feng is in such a mood, I will certainly keep you company.”

Wei Wei, who can understand the veiled sharpness of their words, is silent. Shan Shan who does not understand is feeling anxious. “If you are hitting balls in the afternoon, you’ve to go to the tennis courts ah. Then what are we to do with the children? It seems that have to find someone to look after them.”

“You are right.” Wei Wei continues, “Both of our children already can take care of themselves. But both of yours ……

“No need to be so troublesome.” Xiao Nai raises his voice: Cong Cong.”

Sitting in the middle between mummy and auntie Shan Shan, Cong Cong, who is holding his brother’s feeding bottle, lifts his head and looks at his daddy when he hears this.


His daddy casually instructs: “Look after uncle’s family’s little brother and little sister for the next few days.”

Xue Shan Shan feels her views of the life and the world and how it should all run has been shattered to pieces.

“Is that really okay?

At the tennis courts, Shan Shan is holding her tennis racket and looking out at the pretty picnic blanket spread on top of the grass. Her two babies have been placed comfortably on the blanket with all kinds of baby products next to them.

Baby feeding bottles, baby formula, diapers and so on ……

“We’re really going off by ourselves to play and handing all of this over to Cong Cong?”

“He is already six years old.” The one saying this like this is a matter of course is Dashen. Then he leaves, holding his racket.

Wei Wei strokes Cong Cong’s head. “Mom will be back soon.”

Cong Cong nods his head.

Feng Teng looks at Cong Cong and all of a sudden also feels reassured. He also walks towards the courts. “Shan Shan, let’s go.”

Ah? They really are doing it!

Shan Shan stares after those three who never even look back. Wei Wei, you’re also following your Dashen and just leaving like this? Is this really okay?

Cong Cong, are you really capable of doing this?

Cong Cong looks at the three babies, big and small, on the picnic blanket. The two chubby babies who look about the same are blinking their eyes as they look at him. And then he looks at his younger brother Yue Liang (Moon) beside him, who is holding his feeding bottle and looking unhappy. Suddenly he feels a little stressed —— Have to take care of three all at once, ah ……


He worriedly waves his tiny hands towards Shan Shan. “Goodbye auntie.”

“…… See you later.”

With difficulty, Shan Shan drags her racket with her and leaves.

Five days later, after several rounds of PK, Feng Teng and Xiao Nai’s battle progress is as follows:

Tennis singles, Boss wins. Doubles with their wives, Boss suffers a crushing defeat.

Swimming …… the dialogue before the battle is as follows:

Xiao Nai: “President Feng, if I win this, let try changing the cuisine tomorrow?”

Feng Teng: “Regretfully, I would reckon that President Xiao will be unable to change it.”

A few minutes later, Xiao Nai comes up from the swimming pool and takes a towel to wipe the water droplets on his body. He calmly says, “Cantonese cuisine la.”

Basketball, Dashen wins.

Golf, Boss wins.

The outcome in the game of Go is each takes half the wins.

Ignoring the fact that he suffered a crushing defeat when partnering with his wife in tennis, Feng Teng feels generally, he still seems to have won a little bit more. Thus, on the sixth day, President Feng who completely had not had the time or attention to talk about business, half-satisfiedly and half-unwillingly sends Xiao Nai’s whole family off to their flight.

Looking at the back view of this family of four as they walk into the security checkpoint area, Feng Teng suddenly speaks.

“Your plan is pretty good.”

Shan Shan looks at him strangely. “What plan?”

“The plan to have them marry into our family and live with us after marriage. In my opinion, it should be Xiao Ming Cong.” Feng Teng is very pleased with his finalized conclusion.

The author’s little note: Although Big Boss fancies Cong Cong of Dashen’s family to be his son-in-law, the author has already thought it through. Assuming 20 years later, she’ll write the story of the next generation, it ought to be called “Ming Yue Cong Xing” la  →_→ (Ming Yue Cong Xing means “the bright moon shall follow the stars.” It’s also a play on the names of Dashen’s younger son, Xiao Ming Yue — although it’s not the same “yue” — and Big Boss’s daughter, Feng Cong Xing.)


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    “Look after uncle’s family’s little brother and little sister for the next few days.”
    – omg..did he just command his son to take care of other’s daughter n son?? are you kidding me?? how old your son is xiao nai.. you can trust your son.. pergghhhhh… so cool… !! btw xiao nai’s sons looks handsome.. i love their fashion!! haha!!

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    • No need to suggest to Gu Man since she wrote the script for the drama. She knows what to do if she ever writes about the next generation. As far as I know, she has no intention to do so yet since she is still young lol.

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  13. Hello.
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    My name is Amy Carvajal. I’m a Spanish translator with the necessary permissions from the English translators.
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    You can contact me through this medium.

    • So sorry for the late reply as your comment was buried in a sea of comments.Thank you for your comment.

      I don’t own the copyright to all the novels that I had translated so I am not in a position to give any kind of permission. Because I’ve translated these novels from the original Chinese novels, I would prefer any further translation to be based on the original Chinese novels and not my translation. More will be lost in translation to a different language. But if you really need to use my translation as the basis, I hope you take the time and put in the effort to translate them properly and accurately.

  14. So 20 years later, girls still fall for the arrogant and grumpy guy, while the warm and kind-hearted guy left heartbroken? ㅠㅠ

    By the way, really appreciate your work! I was here for You Are My Glory, but ended up reading the whole thing! xoxo

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