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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 26



Xia Ye and Lu Jun come across someone in Guilin and can you guess who is that 🙂 ? Then poor Lu Jun is sick again. Aiyaya, why is he such a weakling? Anyway, anyone who falls in love with Xia Ye, can’t be in good health, lol.

Chapter 26: In Heat

With great difficulty, we manage to flag down a taxi. I eat lunch in a restaurant in the hotel with the gloomy looking Lu Jun. During the meal, no matter how hard I try to talk to him, he is still not willing to talk to me. I rack my brain to tell him some jokes, but he never even smiles once. Aiya …… the young master from a wealthy family is really difficult to serve!

Seeing that Lu Jun seems determined not to talk to me, I no longer waste my energy. After eating and drinking my fill, we walk from the restaurant back to the hotel room in silent. On the way, we pass by the front desk in the lobby and I happen to hear the receptionist apologizing in standard Mandarin: “Mister, I am so sorry, the rooms in this hotel are all full.”

I subconsciously turn my head, wanting to see who is so unlucky not to get a room like me. However, I am stunned by what I’ve seen.

Because this mister is none other than Sen Yu Ming.

He also seems to have seen me. Nevertheless he appears like how one normally behaves when stumbling upon an old friend, by smiling, waving and calling out: “Xia Ye!”

I also smile but not as natural as him: “What a coincidence, ah. Are you also here on a holiday?”

He gives me a penetrating look and pauses before replying: “I am here on a business trip.” While saying that, he has a disappointed look on his face: “Unfortunately, the hotel is full.”

I pretend to appear relaxed and nod: “Yes ah, because Guilin is a tourist destination! How about you go to other hotels to check if they’ve a room?”

His eyes seem to convey that he is reluctant to leave: “It has to be like this since there is no other option”. Then all of a sudden, he changes the topic of conversation and suggests: “By the way Xia Ye, are you free tonight? We have not seen each other and catch up for quite a while. How about we go out to eat a meal together?”

At this time, Lu Jun who has been refusing to speak, suddenly steps forward. With a smiling expression, he says softly: “Xia Ye, let’s go back to our room. We’ve been out for such a long time today so you should be tired.”

I am surprised by his sudden change. A moment ago, his face was expressionless and he appeared cold and indifferent to me. His facial expression changes really fast!

I tell the truth by shaking my head: “In fact, I am not very tired.”

He narrows his eyes dangerously: “Not tired?”

I shudder and quickly change my tune: “Tired, tired!”

When I turn my head, I see Sen Yu Ming’s eyes darken. He gives a somewhat hollow smile and says: “It is actually pretty tiring today. It is better that we don’t go for our meal. See you later.”

I politely say my goodbye. Sen Yu Ming is about to say something when I suddenly feel my wrist is being grabbed. It is Lu Jun dragging me to the elevator. His original gentle and cultured complexion instantly turns black again.

This man ah! Truly a waste of talent if he doesn’t become a movie star!

Back in the hotel room, he asks in a cold voice: “Are you wishing that the hotel has an available room now?”

I firmly nod my head: “Yes ah!”

Suddenly, he looks furious: “Are you so keen to have him stay in this hotel?”

Seeing that his complexion is not right, I quickly butter up him: “No, ah. It feels wronged to let an elite and celebrity like general manager to sleep on the sofa. I feel very guilty over this so I wish there is another room available!” Actually, I do not want to share a room with him!

He demonstrates his face changing skill once again. He slowly curves his mouth and breaks into a smile. Then he shakes his head and sighs: “Idiot”.

I: “……”

I’ve already buttered up him against my will, yet he still called me an idiot!? What kind of people is this ah!?

I no longer care about this baffling man and relax my body by lying down on the big bed. I close my eyes and fall asleep soundly. I end up day dreaming in broad daylight. The dream is very clear, as if the clock has been turned back. Sen Yu Ming and I are still a pair of intimate lovers who arouse the jealousy of others. We return to the restaurant where we often went for dinner, return to the streets where we often went for a walk and return to the park where we often went for dating. The scenes change from time to time, but they are still being clearly displayed in the mind.

“Xia Ye, wake up as the sky has darkened!” Suddenly I hear Lu Jun’s voice, so I wake up.

I stretch my body and casually ask: “General manager, what time is it now?”

“Half past eight, you’ve slept for a really long time.” Suddenly he asks: “You were laughing in your sleep, so what did you dream of?”

I feel that it is humiliating to dream of an ex-boyfriend, so I casually reply: “I dreamed that I obtained a diamond worth hundreds of thousands!”

“No wonder you are so happy.” He looks at me contemptuously and changes the topic: “I also dozed off for a while just now and also has a very happy dream.”

I naturally use my own standard to measure, so I curiously guess: “What did you dream of? Could it be that you dreamed that you obtained a large company worth tens of millions?”

He shakes his head: “No”

I ask again: “Then you dreamed that you obtained a villa worth millions?”

He shakes his head: “No again.”

I stare at him: “It can’t be that you just dreamed of a small car worth hundreds of thousands?”

He shakes his head again and says in a mysterious tone: “I already have all those that you’ve mentioned. In fact, what I dreamed of doesn’t even worth two dollars.”

I give a snort of disgust: “Fine!” I thought it was a good dream!

After a while, I am really curious: ‘General manager, what did you actually dream of ah? ”

He smiles: “I dreamed of you.”

I: “……”

Scoundrel, annoy me again!


In the next few days, big boss Lu and I visit all the place of interest in Guilin. We never have any fixed plan and follow our hearts’ desire. Whatever call to mind, we’ll go there. We have fun, eat and drink along the way. Initially, I thought this one week will pass very slowly but unexpectedly it passes very quickly.

We have a good time eating and having fun these few days. Most importantly while sight-seeing, we feel de-stress and relaxed, improving our mood greatly. In summary, the whole journey is quite smooth sailing, but on the day before going back, a not big yet not small problem arise. Lu Jun is sick.

It can be said that the cause of his illness is me. This young and promising rich big boss is pampered and spoiled since childhood. I guess he has always been sleeping on his comfortable soft bed. However, currently he has to sleep on the sofa continuously for a week. Hence it is inevitable that he has not been sleeping well. In addition, the sofa is too narrow and small. No matter how good is the sleeping posture, it is unavoidable that occasionally the quilt will slide off when turning over. Ultimately this resulted in big boss Lu catching a cold and running a fever.

Looking at Lu Jun lying on the bed with his whiten lips and reddish complexion, I feel a twinge of guilt in my heart. Thus, I went to the pharmacy to buy some cold and fever medicine a moment ago but I do not know if they are useful.

I hesitate for a while, before walking over and asks in a concerned low voice: “General manager, how about we go to the hospital to get you an injection?”

Lu Jun opens his eyes slightly and casts a sidelong glance at me with his cold black eyes. Watching his accusing look, I suddenly remember he’ll faint during an injection!

I feel a bit helpless: “Then …… what to do?”

He says faintly: “From now onwards, you have to stay here and be responsible for taking care of me. You are not allowed to leave.”

I unconsciously blurt out: “Are you giving overtime pay this time?” After saying that I feel regretful. Although, this is a natural reaction after taking care of him when he had stomach problem last time, mentioning it now is really not appropriate.

As expected, big boss Lu narrows his eyes dangerously. He looks resentfully at me and seems to want to strangle me. I quickly turn around and say: “I’ll go and get a hot towel and water for you.”

When I come back, Lu Jun’s bright and black eyes are still wide opened. He is glaring at me now, so I feel scared. I quickly say in a soft and considerate voice: “General manager, you better have a good sleep and have enough rest. I will always stay by your side to keep watch. If you need anything at any time, just call me. ”

He stares at me and suddenly asks: “? You said that you will always stay by my side and not leave me?”

I quickly reply: “Yes ah!”

He nods his head in approval: “Very good, remember the words you’ve said.”

“……?” I look at him in confusion. Big boss Lu is someone who places great emphasis on commitment. However why do I suddenly feel that what his words meant are not the same as what I comprehend?

Lu Jun seems very weak and very tired. After drinking the water, he closes his eyes and falls asleep. Although this is not the first time that I’ve seen him sleeping, nevertheless it is the first time that I see him asleep with a flushed cheeks. His jet-black long eyelashes, tightly pursed up lips and flush red cheeks are making his handsome face appears even more charming. Looking at that calm sleeping posture and shallow breathing, my mouth and tongue start to feel dry!

I’ve really reached the age where I am in heat (‘in season’ to mate and have babies), since I am not picky and will consider anyone who is in sight. With big boss Lu’s status, he is not someone an ordinary citizen like me can get her hand on! While I am despising myself inwardly, I am also using a towel to wipe clean the sweat on his forehead. At this moment, my phone suddenly starts to ring with a familiar ringtone. I fear that it’ll wake Lu Jun up, so I quickly pull out my phone to end the call. I see that I have a text message.

The content of the message is very concise: Xia Ye, I am waiting for you at the hotel entrance, can you come out for a while? An unfamiliar number, but a very familiar inscription, Sen Yu Ming.

17 thoughts on “Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 26

  1. Oh no no, you made a promise xia ye, you can’t leave his side or he’ll be seriously mad. That guy is an ex, he really has such bad timing. And i cant believe she’s asking for pay when he is so sick, sigh, lady lady… i pity Lu Jun this time.

  2. This man ah! Truly a waste of talent if he doesn’t become a movie star!
    – ahahahahahaha.. this one is funny!!

    In fact, what I dreamed of doesn’t even worth two dollars.
    – not even worth two dollars but its a happy dream…

    thank you for the update!!!

  3. like LJ’s dreams…

    LJ always talk like that to XY, no wonder why XY dunt know his feeling. poor LJ

  4. Why do I feel like I’m reading Amelia Bedelia, adult version. Poor Lu Jun. I won’t be surprise if she actually will meet the ex. She’s so naive to the point of coming out dumb.😊

  5. Ahhh while I love that she is funny, I hate that she is Soo dense. How has she not figured it out by now!!!? Thank you Soo much for the translation and all the hard work!!!!

  6. LJ is cute as ever 🙂 thank you so so much… just hope che will no go out, but as Im afraid she is crazy enough to meet with him 😦

  7. i read this yesterday, hehe, late comment, dui bu qi.. 😀

    aiyoo Mr. LJ, why are you so weak?? you need to eat some vitamins A, B, C, D, E and etc lah.. 😛
    This XY, oh My.. can she be a lil serious?? this XY is a gold-digger, haha.. but in a funny hilarious way..

    so, that guy is the 2nd male here? umm.. he’s the one who betrayed her in the past? ugh.. past is the past. noted. 😛

    Thanks Peanuts ^^

  8. This story is really funny, but she’s too dumb and I still don’t understand why he is interested in her. Thanks for all the laughs, Peanuts!

  9. when will she realize the matter 😉

  10. Whoever designed the Lunar New Year banner, I love you.

  11. Thanks for this… Funny story… We have a very dense leading lady… Hilarious…

  12. I dont think sleeping on the sofa is to blame for the cold, but continuously showering with cold water…

  13. Her ex needs to back off, what’s his deal?!

  14. “Very good, remember the words you’ve said.” Hahaha Xia Ye should know the meaning of that by now.
    Thank you, peanuts~

  15. If she goes out to see her ex I’ll be really mad 😫😫

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