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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 48



On the eve of Lunar New Year, may I take this chance to wish all of our friends and readers of the blog a happy, healthy, prosperous year! Happy Year of the Sheep!

The vacation continues.

Chapter 48 – Coconut Rice (1)

In the end, because the sun was too strong, the three to four hour-long planned activity of fishing out at sea was changed to a one-hour sailboat ride.

When the girls were standing in knee-deep water and staring out at the sailboat still more than a dozen metres away, they all hesitated.

The water depth here was already to the knees. If they continued walking forward, it would definitely reach the waist, so that meant their shorts or skirts would get all wet… Even though they all had swimsuits underneath, getting their clothes soaked completely through from waist down in the presence of so many men was still very inelegant.

Limited by height, ah… that’s what this was…

Gu Sheng looked toward Toupai. She did not expect his answer to be so simple as he simply stretched out his hand to her and said, “I’ll carry you onboard.”

Ah? So many people around, though…

She wavered for a moment, but Mo Qingcheng had already lifted her into his arms and was leading the way to the sailboat, walking through the ocean water that was getting progressively deeper. At first, Gu Sheng felt a little embarrassed, but as she hugged his neck and looked back at the group of people behind her, she instantly burst out in laughter.

Fei Shao and Wwwwk had followed suit, picking up their own wife or girlfriend and following after them.

Geng Xiaoxing’s whole face had turned bright red before she at last agreed to let Jue Mei carry her … Only Dou Dou Dou Bing, after looking over the remaining three men and wanting to cry, finally steeled herself, tied her skirt up at her waist, and relied on herself …

Toupai’s manly carrying-the-girlfriend-to-cross-the-ocean display had put all the other men to shame and could definitely be recorded into Wanmei Voice Acting Group’s history books… but only the original members would be allowed to view it.

By the time they had finished their daytime fun, they did not actually get to go into the ocean to play until after dinner.

Their hotel had an area in the ocean that was exclusive for guest use, and there were not many people there. All of the group had arrived there before Toupai and Gu Sheng finally idly showed up.

Lanterns were swaying and all around, music could be heard. Since this particular country’s relationship with China was not especially friendly of late, there were not many Chinese people, and all around, the sound of English, spoken with varying accents, could be heard.

Gu Sheng was the only one who was not wearing a swimsuit. She sat down on one of the beach chairs where all the girls had gathered and sipped a mango slush that had not yet been taken by anyone. Dou Dou Dou Bing had just come back from being in the ocean, and when she saw her, she asked curiously, “Sheng Sheng, is it an inconvenient time? You can’t go in the water?”

She shook her head. “No… Mo Qingcheng said girls shouldn’t go in the ocean at night. It’s not goods for the body.”

“Toupai is sooooo thoughtful.” Dong Yiru’s eyes were about to fill with tears on behalf of Gu Sheng.

Dou Dou Dou Bing sneered, “Obviously it’s only because he’s trying as much as possible to prevent other people from looking at Sheng Sheng, you know?”

Over on the other side, the men were laughing, too. They could not tell what they were saying. They could only see that everyone was teasing Jue Mei until he could not take it anymore and pulled off his beach shorts, tossing them onto a chair. Whoa, nice body… All the girls’ eyes lit up. Actually, the men there all had pretty good physiques. However… one had to admit that, amongst all the men, the ones with the best physiques were Jue Mei Sha Yi and Qiang Qing Ci.

After all, they had the tallest builds, right?

That was why, after Jue Mei, everyone was waiting to get a real look to see what Toupai with his clothes stripped off would look like… Come on, apart from Gu Sheng, everyone else only had this opportunity to have a peek when they were on a beach vacation, you know? T.T…

One, two, three, four…

At last, only Mo Qingcheng was left sitting alone on a beach chair, drinking water and looking as if he was not in any hurry to get in the water. Even Gu Sheng was amused by how everyone was gawking wide-eyed at Toupai and felt especially embarrassed. Luckily, these women around her were either Qiang Qing Ci’s good friend of several years or already spoken for, and they were only curious about this man, who was always so striking he seemed to have a halo about him… well, curious about this man’s, um… body…

Gu Sheng put on a pretense of being cool and continued drinking her slush one small sip at a time.

She had only ever seen what he looked like in his home loungewear, and at most, when he held her in his arms, she could feel that his physique was… very good.

Jue Mei suddenly gave a shout from the ocean, beckoning at Mo Qingcheng to come into the water.

Mo Qingcheng finally stood up and casually took off his top. What was up with those collarbones that were even more beautiful than a woman’s?… Not the least bit of extraneous meat on him and his abs were faintly visible. But yet the muscles did not affect the sense of pleasure for the eyes…

Ridiculously sexy. Ridiculously fit, you know?…


And so…

Everyone was even more curious, what would it be like if he continued to take more off?…

In this atmosphere set by the sound of ocean waves and the glow of the moon mixed with the lighting, everybody’s curiosity had already soared to 120%…

Gu Sheng thought, this feeling where her boyfriend was being rabidly watched in eager anticipation was really too awkward T.T… She was contemplating, if Toupai continued to remove his clothes, whether she should find an excuse to stop him.

And then…

And then…

She exhaled in relief because he had headed straight to the ocean still in his beach shorts and entered the water. Many men also wore their shorts into the ocean… but…

Dou Bing gave a long sigh. “Is he really a doctor, Sheng Sheng?”

“Huh? Yes, he really is…”

“How can a doctor be so conservative? …”


In the end, Mo Qingcheng went back ashore earlier than everyone else as well. Using one of the hotel’s beach towels, he rubbed at his own hair and stood there, his body still dripping water, in front of Gu Sheng as he asked, “I’ll go change and then have a nighttime snack with you?”


Gu Sheng gazed at him, shirtless and in wet shorts, honestly feeling he was even more attractive like this than if he had worn swim trunks… She hastily replied with an “mm.” Getting him back to the room quickly to change was the most important thing, ah…

But when they were in his room and he had finished changing, he did not seem as if he was in a hurry to go out again. Turning off the room light, he pulled out two cans of cola from the refrigerator, grabbed two glasses, and went out with her to the balcony.

Because everybody was still out by the ocean, all the lights for the rooms on the fourth and fifth floor were off.

He poured some cola into the glasses and handed one to her.

Gu Sheng took it from him. Seeing him there with a shirtless upper body, she could honestly feel her face heat up. She took a sip of cola and leaned against the railing to look down at the brightly lit row of bars below.

On the beach, apart from people going for a stroll, there were only the performances that the local people had arranged.

A lot of very beautiful male crossdressers were performing with fireballs…

Behind her, Toupai was lying on the wicker lounge chair, resting. She was watching happily when she heard Toupai call her. She turned to look at him. The lights on the balcony had not been turned on, and the only light source was the light shining up from the bars below. As the glow shone upon his face, his eyes seemed to gleam like shimmering water.

“Come over and sit for a while.” In dim lighting, his voice was always particularly bewitching.

She answered with an “mm,” set her glass on the small table beside the wicker chair, and was about to sit down on the other lounge chair when his hand enclosed her wrist and pulled her toward himself.

Without any warning, she was so close to him.

He gave a low chuckle. “Lie on top of me.”

…… Gu Sheng’s breathing felt difficult and ragged. She gnawed at her lip and embarrassedly shook her head.

“Be good.” Mo Qingcheng’s voice became a little deeper and huskier as he gently coaxed, “Let me feel how heavy you are.”

Her face was hot and even her body was burning up. She was unaware of how he had led her with his arms or how she had been half picked-up until she was lying on top of him. Luckily… afterwards, nothing else happened to take things any further. He was lying there, leaning against the back of the lounge chair with Gu Sheng’s entire body weight on him, and she laid in his arms, body on top of body, legs on top of legs…

They were dressed so lightly it was basically skin-to-skin contact…

She could sense beads of sweat starting to form even on her nose, and she shifted slightly. “Don’t you find me heavy? …”

Beside her ear, his voice gave a light laugh. “I don’t mind.”

She could feel his hand on her waist… She was wearing shorts, so if he actually just moved his hand down slightly, that would be her thigh… Clearing her throat, she said softly, “That day, the final song that you sang was particularly nice.”

He replied with an unpretentious “mm.” “You liked it a lot? Actually, the way I sang it that day was too proper.”

…… There was an improper way to sing it? T.T……

His hand slipped down to the underside of her thigh, and he lifted her entire body slightly higher. Quietly, he started singing the song for her again, only this time, there was no grand and majestic aura and rather, it carried a subtle and refined feeling. His voice had the power to block out all other noise, and all the bustle and clamour on the beach immediately seemed to fade away.

She remembered that night, the feeling she had experienced the night of his farewell performance.

And then, she quietly lifted her head to gaze up at him.

Down below, the show had moved into its most exciting part. The glow from the lights that were continuously shifting between different shades of red seemed to sharpen the outline of his features and moreover, gave him a particularly elegant, yet at the same time, striking feeling.

The corner of his lips turned up in a smile.

She was uncertain whether she was the one who moved in closer to him or he naturally followed the momentum of his movements and bumped into her. The only thing Gu Sheng felt was that he seemed like he wanted to completely devour her as she melted away into his kiss. In the beginning, she had still been lying on top of him, but by the end, her entire body was lifted up and placed onto the lounge chair beneath him. Her arms slid up around his neck, her breathing grew ragged from being kissed for so long, and her mind became slightly disoriented.

He suddenly pulled away.

Gu Sheng was startled as she, too, seemed to hear some noise. It sounded like someone had returned to his or her room.

Sure enough, the lights in the corner room of the fourth floor illuminated. Fei Shao and his wife had returned… She was about to sit up when suddenly he swept her up into his arms. “Shh…” He straightened and then carried her directly into his room.

Right as he slid the door shut and pulled the curtains closed, they heard Fei Shao’s voice out on the balcony ask, “Did someone come back? I don’t see lights in any of the rooms?”

In the darkness, he lowered Gu Sheng onto the bed. Her heart was beating so hard it was about to leap out of her chest.

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  1. Oh my, this is too hot! Though the ending is implying something, i know i should not let my hope up >3_<% I can't take it any longer. I need blood transfusion.

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    Woaaaahh, what’s next??????? my imagination goes wild now.. Dr. Mo, you need to heal my heart and mind also la.. how come you stop at that point?? lols.. kidding

    Well actually im a lilconservative (look who’s talking now?!) and i just hope, it’s not a thing that i imagine, lols.. i have nothing against this, but i feel like, sheng sheng is too ‘innocent’ but i can’t wait to know what next 😀

    thanks Hoju. 🙂

    • I don’t choose the cliffhangers. 😉

      Yui, I can only LOL at your self declaration that you are conservative. Says the girl who has a harem of favourite guys… 😉

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  13. Happy lunar new year!!! Gong xi fa cai!!! Wow, naughty Toupai… Something keeps bugging me… We know that Toupai has no imperfection except for the way he thinks (in my opinion). Is he living in an ancient time with his beliefs that “girls shouldn’t wear skirt during winter or they shouldn’t be in the water when it’s dark???” Doesn’t he know that girls can wear tights with skirt during winter time? 😜 I wear skirts during winter all the time & I live in the deep freezing area with a foot of snow still on the ground. 😛

    Thanks for the translation, Hoju!

    • Toupai is definitely on the conservative end. I think part of the reason it is to stick with his caring doctor image. Part of it is Chinese culture… kind of like, how they are insistent that you should wear slippers in the house because your feet directly touching the ground could cause you to easily catch a cold. I’m from a place that has deep, freezing winters too (we still have snow in May) and I run around barefoot in my house all year round, but that would be frowned upon by most in China. The skirt thing is a “keep warm, I don’t want you to catch a cold” form of concern for his gf. I’ve actually seen this come up in other c-novels, which is why I think it’s culture. As for the not swimming at night, like Dou Bing, I also suspect it’s Toupai’s way of keeping people’s eyes off Sheng Sheng. While Toupai has voiced his opinion on these things, I don’t think he would be absolutely insistent that Sheng Sheng listen to him if she didn’t want to (although he would definitely use the advantage of his voice to try and win his way). It’s just that she is by nature so submissive that she will just immediately do what he says. Seems they are perfect for each other since she doesn’t mind his conservative views.

      (Haha… but I can’t make myself wear skirts in the winter anymore. I don’t like the cold at all. Nothing to do with being conservative, though.)

      • I definitely agree that part of it is Chinese culture. I’m of off Chinese descent. My mom used to scream at me if she saw me going to work with my wet hair especially in winter. She thought I would catch a cold by doing it. Hehehe… I guess, I already debunked her theory since I’ve been going to work with wet hair all year long for almost 20 years. 😜

        I’ve only read five Chinese novels so far (3 Gu Man’s novels, this one & Li Chuan’s past). I have to say my favorite male lead will be Toupai, Xiao Nai, Feng Teng & He Yi Chen. I’m not a big fan of the characters in Li Chuan’s past novel.

        As always, thank you for your hardwork in translating the novel so I can enjoy it too even though I can’t read Chinese.

  14. Happy Lunar New Year Hoju. Thank you for the great translation. Looking forward to the next chapter as well as your next translation project. Keep up the good work and giving me the opportunity to be able to read and enjoy c-novels.

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