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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 49



I really, really wanted to put a picture of Mario Karts up for this chapter but thought it might spoil your image of all these great 2-D world DaRen.  (Toupai as Mario? Sheng Sheng as Princess Toadstool? LOL)

What will our little group do on their island vacation?

Chapter 49 – Coconut Rice (2)

She pricked up her ears and listened carefully. Outside, Fei Shao seemed to think that the view on the balcony was nice and had decided to stay there to bask in the moonlight.

This situation was honestly so awkward…

They needed to wait a while before they could turn on the lights… Otherwise, it would truly be very obvious what was going on T.T…

But wait. Actually, all we did was just sit on the balcony for a while. How come, with him not saying anything and just bringing us to hide, it was like we really had done something bad?

“Do you still want to listen to me sing?” Mo Qingcheng, on the other hand, was not in a hurry to turn on any lights, and he lay there on his side beside her as he softly asked her this.

“Shh…” This time, she was the one who silenced him.

The slightest inattentiveness and then people will be able to hear us, you know?

Her attention was still focused on the balcony on the other side of those glass doors when Mo Qingcheng reached out and pulled her beneath himself. Supporting himself with his arms, he lowered his head and carried on with their unfinished business from a moment ago. Since this was a relatively wider single bed, it was still adequate if two people lay flat on it, but if they were to move about, as they were doing now, there really was not enough room. Actually, they were just kissing. It was just that, he always seemed to like to lift her up so that she was lying on top of him, but then after a little while, she would end up sliding off…

In the end, she was beginning to gasp lightly for air, and her brain was fuzzy, having been toiled by him until she was rather tired.

A night spent on an overnight flight had been followed by an entire day of activities. She had honestly not closed her eyes and gotten any sleep the whole time.

The room was dark, although there was blaring music playing outside as well as Fei Shao’s occasional laughter, and other people seemed to have come back as well and were idly chatting… But anyway, during his time of inaction, she fell utterly and completely asleep.

The next morning, some time past six o’clock, she suddenly awoke.

The room felt slightly cool and refreshing. It was not the cool created by air conditioning but rather, it was the feeling of the sea breeze blowing into the room. She sat up and, through the gap between the continuously billowing and falling curtains, saw Toupai and Jue Mei sitting out on the balcony. They appeared to be eating breakfast while chatting.

Had she really slept here the whole night?


Then what about Geng Xiaoxing?……

Hurriedly, she crawled off the bed, still wearing last night’s clothing, quietly peeked her head out through the half-open balcony doors, and looked all around. It really seemed like it was just the two of them there?

“You’re awake?” Mo Qingcheng had easily heard her movements but did not turn around.

“Mm-hmm. Um… I’m going back to my room to wash up…” Gu Sheng saw her room’s glass balcony door was also open, and hastily, she darted in, shut the door, and pulled the curtains shut with a “swish.”

Geng Xiaoxing was lying on the bed and even hugging the covers tightly, off in a blissful sleep…


She was… really too easygoing and open, k?… She had really slept in the same room as Jue Mei after only meeting him the day before?…

In comparison, was she, herself, too…?

Geng Xiaoxing rolled over, forced her own eyes open, and peered at her. Immediately, she began muttering in complaint. “You put your man above your friend! You nearly killed me… I nearly died from exhaustion…”

“You didn’t sleep the entire night?” Gu Sheng was even more amazed.

Jue Mei DaRen’s speed was indeed too astounding…

“Yes, I did not sleep the entire night… because I was walking on the beach the whole night! The sun was nearly up when I finally came back…” Though Geng Xiaoxing was so tired she could kill someone, she still could not hold back her grumbles. “Last night, when I wanted to come back to sleep, your Toupai Daren called Jue Mei on his phone. He said his wife had fallen asleep and told Jue Mei to find himself somewhere else to sleep… Where did he expect him to go, huh? This is our first meeting. No matter what, I need to act a little more classy and reserved…”

So… you guys spent the entire night walking the beach?

Jue Mei DaRen, you are simply too gentlemanly (⊙o⊙)……


Jue Mei Sha Yi was indeed not a pushover, and his counterstrike and vengeance mentality was most formidable… At noon, their group was sitting by the ocean, looking out at the wind and rain as they ate seafood hotpot, when Jue Mei, who had just finished eating a mango, set down his half a mango peel and yawned. “Hey, Dou Bing, it’s only you staying in your room, right?”

Dou Dou Dou Bing gave an “mm” in reply. “Why?”

“It’s not safe staying alone,” Jue Mei Sha Yi told her in a serious tone. “Let Geng Xiaoxing sleep with you, how about that? It’s better if two girls can watch out for each other.”

“Huh?” Dou Dou Dou Bing’s brain apparently had not caught on. “Then what’s Sheng Sheng going to do?”

Everyone was silent.

But everyone’s mind was also slowly starting to sketch out a very vivid, sensual picture…

Dou Dou Dou Bing was nibbling on the half a mango in her hand when she suddenly comprehended what he was saying. However, after a moment, she felt something was not quite right. “Jue Mei, are you really close with Geng Xiaoxing? Didn’t you guys just meet? …” So weird. How come he was specially arranging where someone would sleep? …

Everyone once again fell silent.

%>_<% Where did our normally extremely perceptive assistant group leader go? …

That afternoon, that tour guide who had the habit of scaring people appeared once again and very energetically and enthusiastically began introducing them to this island’s most unique attraction: mountain road go-karting. Gu Sheng finally understood why the men had chosen this place. There was only one mountain on the entire island. On a narrow road that circled the mountain, they would drive from the base of the mountain to the top and then drive from the top back down to the base… This thrilling sort of landscape was not something every vacation island possessed…

The men were all rubbing their fists and wiping their palms eagerly while the women were stricken with fright.

This was going to be a race — completely on a bumpy mountain road, not at all avoiding the local vehicle and pedestrian traffic — of… go-karts.

Just looking up at the height of that mountain was enough to make a girl feel that it was dangerous.

The girls had all been warned ahead of time not to wear skirts or dresses and were all dressed in shorts so they did not have to worry about the seabreeze exposing anything that should not be exposed. But racing under the strong, scorching sun on mountainous roads and in dense woody areas… Fei Shao’s wife’s expression immediately became sullen and she insisted on staying behind.

Gu Sheng was not very nervous, presumably because she saw Mo Qingcheng’s manner was completely like that of a skilled race car driver, and the slight misgivings she may have had all dissipated. In the end, all the men aside from Fei Shao, who stayed behind under duress and the intimidation by his wife, climbed into the karts and lined them up in a row. Because their driving speed would be extremely fast, everybody took a bandana and knotted it behind his or her head so that it covered half the face.

Mo Qingcheng had finished tying his already, and holding a pink bandana in his hands, he folded it into a triangle, helped her cover her face beneath her eyes with it, and very carefully tied a secure knot behind her head.

Feeling somewhat stuffy, Gu Sheng pulled the bandana down a little lower. She heard him chuckle as he stopped her action. “In just a moment, we will be driving very fast, and the wind and dust are going to be whipping up.” Since he was speaking through a cloth, his voice was slightly muffled, and she felt there was something slightly different from normal.

When all the men had seated themselves in the driver’s seat and the girls were sitting beside them, Gu Sheng finally understood where this different feeling was coming from. She clutched tightly onto her seatbelt and unconsciously glanced at Toupai. Because his face was covered and only his eyes were showing, he immediately was much more striking in appearance than Jue Mei and the others…

Gu Sheng very ungenerously thought, sure enough, having beautiful eyes was soooo important T.T…

As Mo Qingcheng held onto the steering wheel and discussed with Jue Mei what the stakes of the race were to be, his eyes would occasionally narrow or glance quickly somewhere, and he was completely immersed in the game… Finally, he tapped the steering wheel with his pointer finger and laughed aloud. “Alright, let’s settle on that. Whoever is in the very last car to make it to the destination will have to sing ‘Sheng Tang Ye Chang’ [Night Singing in the Magnificent Tang Dynasty] in front of everyone at dinner tonight.”



T.T…… Is that really okay? Don’t you men think that’s childish? In a foreign country, in a place where people are having candlelight dinners, singing “Night Singing in the Magnificent Tang Dynasty”… Is that really okay? …

That was a lively, slightly coquettish and dissolute… ancient-style song about the prosperous Tang era, ah ( ⊙ o ⊙)……

“Mu Mu, you’re a cop. You must not lose, okay?” Dou Dou Dou Bing begged while tugging on Mu Mu’s arm.

She did not want to embarrass herself like that…

Mu Mu could not take it any longer and looked unsmilingly at her. “Cops aren’t omnipotent…”

The guide sat in his own go-kart and guffawed loudly at them. Slipping on his sunglasses, he advised, “I’ll say, you guys want to race? You young people all like to show-off. I come here once a month and do this every time. All of you, just be good, follow my kart, and don’t fall behind or get lost from the group…”

The guide did not get to finish what he was saying.

A loud burst of roaring engines was heard as accelerators were floored, and all the karts surged forward.

Indeed, very dangerously thrilling…

The mountain road was extremely narrow, and furthermore, there were constantly locals on their scooters passing by. Everyone wanted to overtake the kart in front, making use of every tiny opening and taking advantage of the opportunity when they were driving around bends or taking corners to pass people…

Gu Sheng held down the bandana covering her face. Amid the stimulation and feeling of danger, she suddenly felt as if her blood was boiling with exhilaration.

Right beside her was a wire fence approximately the height of a single person, and looking beyond that, there were only the turquoise waters, azure sky, and a very distinct shoreline.

The beating sun, the ocean wind, the dust and sand, and also the continuous acceleration and cornering. Her heart seemed like it was flying, and she would even excitedly take glances backwards. Jue Mei and Wwwwk were going all out, hugging Toupai’s tail and waiting for the first opportunity to overtake him. As for the remaining go-karts, not even their shadows could be seen anymore.

“We’ve won,” Mo Qingcheng suddenly stated.

The sound of his voice was instantly carried away by the wind.

They turned a corner, and their view instantly opened up.

Their kart had already reached the top of the mountain, and a panoramic view of the entire island was there before their eyes.

Bringing the kart to a smooth stop, he stepped out with Gu Sheng, casually pulling down the black bandana that had been covering his face. His hair was slightly damp with sweat, and in the sunshine, traces of perspiration could also be seen on the side of his face.

“Feeling hot?” he asked her. His voice was low and husky from the intense excitement of the race.

“I’m okay.”

He suddenly stretched out his hand and ran his fingers through her hair, saying in a gentle voice, “You’ve perspired quite a bit.”


 Additional Comments:

Just sleep in the most innocent of ways. 🙂

How are you guys feeling about the Jue Mei/GXX ship? For some reason, once they met in real life, I kind of felt weirded out. Maybe I am too conservative, and without much background on how they interacted online like we had with Sheng Sheng/Toupai, their pairing doesn’t do much for me.


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  1. Haha….Our wild imagination went waste…. Loss… Big loss….

  2. ∑(゚Д゚) aww…there goes my imagination. Lol. Sheng Sheng has been constantly comparing Toupai with the other guys wonder if she’s aware of that. ε-(´∀`; )

    Yay!! Dou Dou x Mu Mu ship!!!! Please come true! Lol (≧∇≦)

  3. There goes all the blood we shed, shouldve known better from the start. ~>_<~
    How many chapter do we have left? I feel like crying already.

  4. Aiyooo my imagination plus my statement about being conservative..

    since this novel only focused on sheng sheng and dr mo, i have no idea about jm&gxx. But they would be a nice couple. Jue mei is such a gentleman.

    So then.. Sheng sheng would sleep at dr mo’s room? Woaaaahhh.. They’re getting intense and closer lols

    Thanks hoju 🙂

    • Hahahaha! YUI! I had to laugh when you made that statement.

      Just something about JM/GXX in the 3-D world that makes me feel weird about that ship. They aren’t even doing anything. Just walking on the beach… well, you’ll see. Haha… I guess you can kind of call Jue Mei a gentleman. I never thought of that word to describe him.

      Yui, your imagination is acting up again!!

  5. I think if the writer develops Jue Mei/GXX characters in the novel more, they will be a cute couple. But Toupai & Sheng2 are the main leads so everybody else’s taking a back seat. This kind of reinforces my feeling that the writer should have finished the novel without the extra episodes. If they make a drama out of this novel, they can probably develop JM/GXX characters more.

    As always, thank you for this translation!

    • Do what I did. Think of these chapters as an epilogue. I *do* see a purpose to these last chapters. If the story had ended where MBFB originally intended (which I still agree it would have been perfect, don’t get me wrong), the one thing about Toupai and Sheng Sheng that would feel unresolved to me is their uneven footing. Sheng Sheng still revered Toupai too much at that point. Like you guys all commented about a couple chapters ago, she is finally taking more initiative and viewing him as her boyfriend first, who just happens to be a famous name (not a famous name who happens to be her boyfriend).

      Do you think this would make a good drama?

      • The only thing that I’m still curious about is how Toupai was able to hijack Sheng2’s private chat with GXX at the beginning, which started this whole thing. It doesn’t look like it’ll be addressed in the novel so I have to use my own imagination. 😊

        I do agree with you that the extra chapters do show us that Sheng2 seems to act more like Toupai’s GF than his idol.

        I don’t know if this novel will make a good drama. Probably not. So far the only novel that I read (first) that was turned into drama was silent & was very disappointed with the drama. I did read Shan2 lai le and watch boss & me, however, I watched boss & me first (because of zhang Han) & not knowing that the drama was an adaptation of a novel. The only novels that make good dramas for me are usually wuxia type novels (like Jin yong’s novels). I’m just curious who the male lead will be if they do make a drama out of this novel. ☺️ Who is so perfect, disgustingly handsome, has a good voice, tall, etc, etc? 😜

  6. Thankyou for your hard work.. innocently sweet chapter… ❤ ❤

  7. These chapters do seem like filler chapter/episodes. But it does make me wonder.. Is there anything Mo Qing Cheng is not good at? I would hate to have Dr. Mo as my doctor. Reason being, I would be so nervous with the handsome doctor with such presence that my heart will beat so rapidly that it’ll go out on me. And then the cardiologist will just have to save me.

    LOL. If it was me, I’ll have some goggles and a bandana covering my face.

    • But, but, but… you might pass out from the heat with all the goggles and mask?

      Read my reply to Sian above. In general, yes, I agree with you, so I just think of them as a long epilogue.

  8. Waiting on that coconut rice recipe! ^^ And the song, of course.

  9. Thanks a lot. I love toupai most esp became. He is also a doc and thank you for this work you shate

    • ❤ I ADORE c-novel doctors. Novels where the male lead is a doctor are my absolute weakness. And my top 3 male leads are all doctors. ❤ (Of course, Toupai tops that list for me.)

  10. I really want to know more about Jue Mei and Geng Xiaoxing’s interactions.
    Thank you, thank you, hoju~

  11. Im a little sad MBFB had so many chances to develop the Jue mei/GXX ship beforehand so the fact that this is coming late in the story makes sense when you say it didn’t do anything for you

  12. I feel pity for Feng Shao. That was a men race and fun you know but his wife forbid him just because it’s scorching hot. Maybe I’m reading too much into man and woman relationship these days and having my own mindset. It’s better to let your partner/ spouse to having their fun with you rather than with their own self alone or accompanied by other people.

    JM and GXX relationship is weird for me because we do get much clues of what they talking about, their interaction towards each other and even the first time they met each other doesn’t have any detail. I feel that he only using her for Toupai benefit, not real friendship or some sort.

    Thank you for the chapter 🤗

    • Feng Shao is indeed good towards his wife especially if she have an allergy or some sort. But my mind keep thinking that she can just watch sideways and let him play.

      This is my fairy tales relationship:

      If you wanna have fun outside then let me do the same. If I need to keep the house clean then you need to do the same. Then it’s better if we do it all together, we can also have our own me time. Where to find that kind of man?

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