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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 27



This is one of the most boring chapter of the novel 😦 However you’ve to endure this before you get to read the goodies next week, lol. As you would have guessed, that silly Xia Ye went to meet Sen Yu Ming behind Lu Jun’s back. Of course, big boss Lu found out about it and got angry. Anyone feel sorry for Sen Yu Ming haha?

Chapter 27: Meeting

Looking at this text message, my mood becomes very tangled. Although ever since Sen Yu Ming broke up with me without an explanation, I despise and detest this man with a passion, I didn’t change my mobile phone number in the past two years. I also don’t understand what I’ve been thinking, as if subconsciously I am waiting for him to come to look for me.

This is not because I am unwilling to let go of this relationship and waiting for him to have a change of heart to come and reconcile with me. Rather, I do not want my first love relationship of three years to end with no explanation. I want to know why he did not even give me a reason at that time. Just suddenly decided to break up with me. We clearly made a pact to wait until my graduation to strive hard together. I even planned what kind of wedding ceremony in the future will be more meaningful, where is more romantic to have the honeymoon and giving birth to how many children     …… However, when I was about to graduate, he has got the delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade (an idiom meaning exquisite) Linna by his side.

In these two years, I’ve produced numerous kinds of speculation as to why he broke up with me, but as long as I’ve not got a confirmation from him, it is merely speculation. Speaking of which, I also have my self-esteem. Asking me to take the initiative to find the man who has dumped me, I really can’t do it. Finally, he is taking the initiative to come to look for me now. The mystery which has puzzled me for so long can finally have the opportunity to be unlocked ……

However, I look at big boss Lu lying on the bed with his flushed face and pale lips. He doesn’t come earlier or later, why he has to come at this time ah!

Looking at Lu Jun’s handsome face while he is sleeping soundly, I hesitate over and over again. In the end, I still get up quietly and l walk step by step towards the door like a thief. Big boss Lu doesn’t appear like he’ll wake up anytime soon. I will only go down to say a few words with Sen Yu Ming, that heartless bastard. At the same time, I will also scold him with a few swear words. After I’ve finished, I’ll come back immediately!

A few minutes later, I stand at the doorway of the hotel. The sense of momentum I had just a moment ago instantly disappears without a trace. Under the dim light, I look at the familiar figure opposite me. My heart seems to be hit by an invisible object. From the time we got to know each other until we fell in love and with some minor arguments in between, bit by bit and scene after scene of my time with this man are being played out in my mind like a movie.

Outside the hotel there is a row of chairs for people to rest. He does not sit down, but stands straight as a ramrod beside a chair. He looks tall and tough. The garden we used to visit frequently also have this kind of chair. Every time, he’ll go there first to wait for me. I was in a bad mood during one of our dates, so when I arrived in the park and saw him sitting on a chair, I threw a tantrum by saying: I’ve only let you wait for me for a while yet you are sitting so comfortably here. Indeed you don’t show even a bit of sincerity!

Although I was just throwing a tantrum and talking nonsense, Sen Yu Ming took it seriously. From then onwards, every time while waiting for me, he will also stand. Even if there was a chair around, he will also not sit down. Once, I was late for two full hours because of something in school, he still stood foolishly for two hours.

Currently, he is wearing leisure wear that is similar in style to the clothes he wore before. Similarly, he is also standing foolishly there to wait for me, as if we have never been separated. His eyes are bright and full of expression when looking at me, with a hint of a simple and honest smile. He still looks like his former self, except a lot thinner. He is also a little more mature and stable than before.

I take a deep breath and pretend to be calm when walking over to him. Then I hear him sighs: “Xia Ye, long time no see ah!”

I nod my head. Yes ah, long time no see. Although we’ve met during the last gathering and also at the hotel’s front desk a few days ago, this meeting is like before where there is no other people but us only. It is already two years ago.

Seeing that I keep quiet, he sighs and looks at me with eyes that are full of emotion: “How was life in these two years?”

I nod my head and tell a lie with my eyes wide open: “Pretty good, Lu Jun is very good to me. We are going to get married soon.”

His eyes flicker and he says with some sadness: “You are not going to ask me how was my life?”

I’m slightly stunned and ask as requested: “Then how was your life?”

He looks at me and says very seriously: “Since I took over the family’s small business, I experienced many ups and downs. In the past two years, I was practically wrapped up completely in my work and did not let go of any opportunity. Finally there is a little improvement now. The company has doubled in size and there are a hundred or more employees. There is also a lot of regular customers.”

While hearing that, I feel extremely depressed. Okay, I know that you have a bright future, so no need to flaunt it? Seeing him staring at me, I give a hollow laugh and reply: “Congratulations, you managed to make a fortune and become a big boss in just two short years.”

“When a man uses a person he values as a motivation object to work hard, he will be the most driven!” There is not even a trace of smile on Sen Yu Ming’s face and he looks at me rather seriously. With a grim face, he says: “Xia Ye, do you know that if it is not because of you, I will not be able to obtain such achievement in just two short years!”

Why all of a sudden I am involved? I frown and look at him. He continues to say slowly: “When I first took over the family business, because of lack of management experience, it resulted in financial deficit, cash flow problems and almost going bankrupt. This is an enterprise where my father worked very hard to establish, so I cannot let it ruin in my hands …… ”

After hearing this, I suddenly smell something melodramatic. As expected, he continues to say: “Thanks to Linna’s father timely investment, it was able to solve the crisis at that time. If it were not for the Lin family’s continued assistance afterwards, I fear I am already a pauper with nothing now. ”

I cannot help but sneer: “So in order to advance your career, you betrayed our love and chose to be with Linna?”

“Xia Ye, please listen to me. I did not betray our love!” He grips my shoulders and suddenly becomes emotionally stirred: “I’ve been striving hard incessantly in the past two years, to try hard to make the company large enough not to need to depend on others to survive. Finally I’ve accomplished that now. Hence, the first thing I do is to come to look for you. I have not come to Guilin on a business trip, but I’ve specially come to look for you ah!”

Oh, I see! No wonder he coincidentally appeared in Guilin and also appeared in this hotel. My heart is filled with anger: “Before, because of your career, you dumped me to be together with Linna. After finished making use of Linna now, you want to dump her to come to look for me. Sen Yu Ming, how come I never know that you are actually so despicable!”

After finished talking, I don’t want to look at him again and about to turn to go. However, he hugs me tightly from behind. His voice is unexpectedly choked with emotion: “Xia Ye, don’t go. I set my heart to work hard to build up a stable career because I don’t want you to end up with a destitute man and suffer hardship. We’ve dated for three years, how can you still don’t realize the depth of my feelings for you? I’ve been yearning to marry you in these few years. The person I love most in all my life is only you.”

Listening to him mentioning that they’ve been in love for three years, my heart feels a bit bitter. At this moment, the mobile phone suddenly starts ringing.

Seeing “Lu Jun” name flashing on the screen, suddenly I feel an inexplicable chill from the toes through to the forehead. Oh no, big boss Lu has woke up!

Realizing this, all the sadness, bitterness and memories have become floating clouds. I struggle to free myself because I want to rush back but is entrapped firmly by his hands from behind. Sen Yu Ming is still trying hard to detain me by saying: “Xia Ye, my feelings for you has always been the same. How about you? I worked hard for my career in all those years for who? You can’t understand my difficulty …… ”

He says that with agitation. The more I struggle, the harder he would hold on to me. When I am feeling frantic and impatient, the sound of rapid footsteps attracts my attention. I look up and see Lu Jun is running hurriedly out from the entrance of the hotel.

He is still having a cold and running a fever, but he doesn’t have a coat on now. He came out, wearing only a flimsy shirt. The most ridiculous part is he is still wearing his slippers. His hair is also messy, completely shatters his past image of not one hair out of place. He looks quite funny, but I completely can’t laugh at this moment because his complexion completely shatters his past gentle and elegant appearance.

His black and moist eyes look at me who is still being held by Sen Yu Ming. I feel embarrassed and quickly struggle hard: “My boyfriend is here, so please let go of me!”

Taking advantage of Sen Yu Ming looking distracted, I finally free myself from his hands.

At the same time, Lu Jun is also approaching and glances coldly at him. He grabs my wrist and directly walks into the hotel: “Go back with me.”

I can clearly feel the heat emitting from his palm, so I know that he is still sick. I quickly and obediently follow him from behind. Suddenly Sen Yu Ming’s voice echoes from behind: “Xia Ye, don’t lie to me. I have asked around that you are merely his secretary. Both of you are simply not lovers!”

Lu Jun stops walking and turns round to cast sidelong glances at him. Then he takes out his mobile phone and says to him: “In that case, this is also fake?” After that, he sneers and says: “You can also go to the front desk to make inquiry whether or not Xia Ye and I are sharing a room.”

I take a quick look at his phone and see the picture on the screen is a photo of us having a lingering kiss.

Sen Yu Ming seems very shocked and takes a step back, as if in order to stabilize his state of mind. He reaches into his pocket to take out a cigarette to smoke. However the cigarette packet falls to the ground. When he bends down to pick up the cigarette packet, I can see that his hand is shaking.

Lu Jun does not look at him anymore but drags me to walk towards the door in large strides.

Although I cannot see his face, I can clearly feel a wave of overwhelming fury …

20 thoughts on “Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 27

  1. oh dear incoming storm i guess…

  2. Poor Lu Jun. SYM is such a bastard, selfish asshole. LJ is even having a cold and he has to force himself to get up to fetch her. Good thing she was not moved.

    Although the memory of SYM patiently waiting for her for 2 hours standing, kind of moved me, if only he was not such a major asshole. How do you expect to leave a girl and get her back in your own selfish way and reason. How unreasonable. Still feeling bad for LJ.

    • I agree, the idea of him standing there patiently gave him a noble air. But she was right in calling him out on using Linna. And he certainly betrayed his true colors. Bad news guy.

      • Yup, if he did it once to her and can do it again to Linna, how can one be secure that he wont leave you for other girls or reason again. This kind of guy should never be associated with.

  3. SYM is a bastard. I was nervous Xia Ye will fall for his lies.
    Looking forward to the next one.

  4. actually SYM still love XY, and XY still confuse whether she love LJ or not..OMG

  5. omo.. i dont find this boring la.. i think, this is a test for LJ’s love. he needs to show his love for her. im glad reading this chapter.i really am. 😀

    SYM is bad. even he has his own good reason for all his actions but dude, i just hate this kind of reason. you betrayed someone bcuz you thought that was the best for her and now ask for the 2nd chance bcuz you still love her, ught.. bad guy!

    Fighting LJ, i support you even you’re cruel haha.. but i love how he loves XY 🙂

    thanks peanuts 🙂

  6. You only realize what’s important after you lose it… ε-(´∀`; ) too late for regret Lu Jun lol

  7. If this is the most boring chapter, then I’m so excited for the chapters to come! Hahaha. Thanks for updating!

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  9. YOu said its boring, but it was really good 🙂 old lover with strong feelings and jealousy/mad LJ 🙂 and she acted good, I was bit worried before, but it was good 🙂 thank you so so much

  10. I will only go down to say a few words with Sen Yu Ming, that heartless bastard.
    – saying senyuming as heartless bastard, but you are heartless too for leaving a sick person behind.

    imo the biggest mistake for senyuming is telling the truth way too late!! he was a coward who can’t even explain to his gf why he left.. so stupid and selfish.

    when im reading lujun’s part, im imagining there’s fire around his body.. xD

    thanks for the update… 🙂

  11. I feel kinda bad for Sen Yu Ming, but oh well, he already lost his chance. I’m glad he appeared in this chapter tho. I hope this means that Xia Ye finally got her closure. Now, she can open her to Boss Lu (well, I guess she already did hahaha).
    Thanks again, peanuts~

  12. Fightingi over Xia I see….NIce!

  13. the person i feel sorriest for is SYM. the other two are hilarious, and each have their cute moments, but why do i really want, when the manager does confess, for this chick to slap him and actively give him a hard time? (as opposed to doing it unknowingly). i feel the reverse should also happen, even though she’d been through quite a bit already.
    As a book, it’s pretty awesome, but if this was real life, the person i would sympathise with, honestly, is SYM. maybe because i’ve read a story like his done really well…

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