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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 50



Happy honeymoon?  😉

Chapter 50 – Coconut Rice (3)

One at a time, the go-karts that had been following behind drove up. All the men used their most professional voice actor’s speech to plaintively pronounce that they should not have attempted to race Toupai, the go-karting hobbyist. Amidst Jue Mei’s grumbles, Gu Sheng learned that, in his university days, Mo Qingcheng had actually kept a go-kart at a car storage yard on the outskirts of the city, and when he had spare time, he would go drive it for an hour.

It was only because work had become too busy and he rarely had the chance to go anymore that he had sold it.

No wonder… he had won so effortlessly.

“Toupai DaRen, I don’t want to sing ‘Night Singing in the Magnificent Tang Dynasty’, ah…” Dou Bing, the last arriving, jumped out from Mu Mu’s kart, nearly in tears. “I swear, I could have driven faster than him… Mu Mu, tell the truth. You wouldn’t happen to be a traffic cop, would you? You didn’t dare pass any cars…”

Compared to most girls, Dou Dou Dou Bing definitely could be considered tall, but standing there beside Mu Mu, she was still half a head shorter than him.

While she and Mu Mu were getting out of their kart, she was complaining incessantly. Mu Mu, on the other hand, had felt that safety was the first priority and he should not keep speeding up at all costs just to avoid singing a song… In addition, he even very honestly explained, “I haven’t been driving for very long, so I’m not very good at it…”

“If I had known, I would have let Mo Bai sit in your car. You two buddies singing the song would be good enough.”

Mu Mu continued his frank replies. “Mo Bai’s still at the hotel sleeping. He’s only going to the spa and didn’t want to do the racing…”

Dou Dou Dou Bing did not even know what to do with him anymore, and jumping out of the kart first, she followed a set of stone stairs towards a wooden house at the peak of the mountain.

When Mo Qingcheng went to buy water for her, their tour guide finally slowly showed up, hopped out of his go-kart, and very embarrassedly laughed “ha-ha” a couple of times. Then, he immediately pulled out a notebook and, with another local guide, started to figure out the total number of people that would be doing a seaside spa treatment shortly. When he reached Gu Sheng, the tour guide very considerately told her, “I know, the two of you are together.” The guide pointed toward the backside of Mo Qingcheng, who was stlll buying water.

“Mm-hmm…” What did that have to do with going to the spa? …

The guide then went off to ask Geng Xiaoxing.

Geng Xiaoxing extremely stiffly and emphatically shook her head.

And then… the guide left.

As a result, only after everyone had been transported by vehicle to the other side of the island, where they saw a row of little wooden chalets and the guide had assigned them each to a room did Gu Sheng finally understand what this had to do with going to the spa… Besides the two married couples, everyone else had been assigned as either two men or two women to one chalet.

When she pushed open the door and entered the chalet, she saw that half of the room actually consisted of floor-to-ceiling windows that faced out to the ocean, and there was a small heated pool from which the sound of continuously flowing water could be heard. The other half of the room had two massage tables. Everything, from the floor to the pool to the massage tables, was covered with layers of flower petals… And the most awkward part was, the owner of this particular resort told them in very proficient Mandarin, “You can shower together first, then soak for awhile in the heated pool. You can even take a nap. Whenever you are ready and you want your massage, put on your shorts and ring the bell. Two girls will come in and provide you your massage service.”

Shower together?

Soak in the pool together?

“Oh, also, happy honeymoon.”

Happy… honeymoon?!


“You go shower first. I’m going to sit here and look at the ocean for a little bit.” His voice beside her smoothly abolished the awkwardness. Gu Sheng immediately hugged her clothing to herself, went into the bathroom, and washed off in the shower. When she came out, she had no choice but to wear the sarong provided by the resort and, using the method of tying the large length of cloth at the neck, she wore it like a half-length halter dress.


While she was blow-drying her hair with the hair dryer, Mo Qingcheng also finished his shower and came out wearing only his own athletic shorts.

In the mirror, she looked at the reflection of the heated pool, at him walking toward her with his upper body bare, at the wet footprints left behind by his bare feet stepping on the floor… She suddenly felt an unexplainable sense of anxiousness… Last night, even together in his room, sleeping on his bed, she had not felt nervous and completely at a loss like this.

“Hair’s all blown dry?” His hand was on her shoulder. “You don’t want to go in the pool?”

In this type of setting where, after a shower, you would head straight to do spa treatments, there was no such thing as bathing suits provided… That means being completely uncovered in front of each other, ah, Toupai DaRen! It’s better if we didn’t, ah. T.T……

“No, thank you…” Her face started to turn red…

“That’s good. I’m worried about it not being very hygienic, too,” he said with a laugh.

His voice was still as before, unpretentiously entrancing… It was not certain whether it was because they were in an exotic place, far from home, or because the room had numerous petals and incense to set the scene, or maybe… he had actually intentionally lowered his voice to speak.

She continued to grip the hair dryer and aimlessly blow her long locks.

Through those floor-to-ceiling windows, the entire beach and ocean outside could be seen.

Even though she knew that no one from the outside could see in to where they were, she still felt weird about it.

Mo Qingcheng’s hand untied the slipknot at the nape of her neck.

She felt as if her entire being was going to burn up. She did not have a chance to turn off the blow dryer before the sarong slipped down her chest and her back was pressed against his slightly damp body. It turns out he had not wiped the water off his body before he stepped out from the shower.

His left hand cupped the bottom of her chin, tilting her head up to him as he kissed her.

And his right hand was already very naturally sliding downwards …



When the two masseuses came in, Gu Sheng clearly looked like a cooked shrimp, her arms and body glowing bright red.

The massage therapists, on the other hand, were quite accustomed to such a scene. A honeymooning couple… That’s what the boss had told them, anyway…

Because there were no limitations on the duration of the treatment, everyone left at different times. When Toupai and Sheng Sheng walked out, it happened that Mo Bai and Mu Mu as well as Geng Xiaoxing and Dou Dou Dou Bing were about done as well, and they all ended up waiting beside the ocean for their transportation to come pick them up.

As a result, the other four, with the jade waters, blue sky, and rolling waves as a backdrop, grinned and gave Mo Qingcheng and Gu Sheng a very knowing and suggestive look. Then, one after another, they put on an expression that said, “I know everything,” before turning back to admire the ocean, pick up seashells, and kick at the sand…

At night, the loser, Dou Dou Dou Bing was absolutely going insane with frustration because Mu Mu was truly the perfectly gorgeous cosplayer that made everyone drool… but he could not sing…… Honestly, he really could not sing.

To make Dou Bing, this former goddess singer once-called “Mo Mo’er”, be the backup vocals for Mu Mu… She honestly had thoughts of just wanting to die… But it so happened that our police officer DaRen was especially stringent about complying with the agreed terms of the race, so holding the lyrics he had scribbled down last minute, he followed along with the background music that was playing from his mobile phone, singing rigidly and precisely…


The most mysterious thing was, that night, Geng Xiaoxing was still assigned to stay in the same room as Gu Sheng.

Hence, while having a beer at one of the open-air bars, Mo Bai finally could not resist secretly asking Jue Mei whether Gu Sheng and Mo Qingcheng had gotten in a quarrel. Jue Mei stared incredulously at him. “How’s that possible?”

“Then how come they’re not staying together?”

Mo Bai was deep in pondering…

He turned his head to look at Gu Sheng, who was resting herself on Toupai’s shoulder as they whispered softly in each other’s ear. It did not seem like there was any problem…

“Sleepy?” Mo Qingcheng asked her in a low voice.

It was a very simple question, yet it felt especially tender and gentle. His hand moved to touch her arm, gently caressing her skin. She was curled up tightly, her arms wrapped around her own knees as she sat beside him with her head resting against his shoulder.

After being tired out by him this afternooon and then very meticulously and responsibly massaged by that girl, her entire body felt indescribably sore, limp, and lethargic — a little tired, but also very comfortable.


Qiang Qing Ci…

Mo Qingcheng…

These names, all combined together, made up him.

Even though he was right there by her side, so close she could hear his breathing, she still had a very remarkable feeling. She wanted to always talk to him, even if it was only aimlessly, or she wanted to constantly be in contact with him, even if it was just holding his hand.

It seemed … the instant she closed her eyes, she would miss seeing his face.

When she could not hear his voice, she would long for it…

She found this so bizarre and was somewhat nervous about it. When they returned home and back to their pattern of seeing each other only once or twice a week, would she truly go crazy from lovesickness? T.T …

Strange thoughts started to fill and repeatedly overlap in her mind, but no matter what it was she thought about, it would gradually be replaced by the image from this afternoon, of how they had been intimate in that little chalet on the ocean. From being enticed by a voice to falling in love with him to there, being wholly laid bare and exposed to one another.

Until, at the very end, he had very level-headedly halted himself…

But prior to that… the two of them truly had not kept anything of themselves concealed from each other…

Gu Sheng remembered his voice by her ear that had practically been luring and tempting her, a voice that had been sometimes indistinct but tender and soft, sometimes husky and affectionate… She unconsciously shifted her body, nuzzling her cheek against his shoulder as her heart started to beat irregularly again. When he finally rang the bell to call the massage therapists into the room, he had jokingly stated that he could not guarantee that he would be able to hold himself back every time, and it would be better if they did not stay in the same room together…

Could not hold himself back, wha- …?

Was it really that hard? …


Additional Comments:

Ah, the image of Mu Mu singing that boppy, rap song with his deadpan face made me his fan. ROFL. As for the song 盛唐夜唱 “Sheng Tang Ye Chang” [Night Singing in the Prosperous Tang Dynasty], I actually started the lyric translations, but only a few lines into it and I had footnotes everywhere.  The lyrics are actually widely admired in the ancient-style music circle for its grand and eloquent language that paints a picture of prosperity in the height of the Tang dynasty by describing scenes in the night life of that era. It quotes ancient literary works and pulls in historical references, events, and figures, hence all the footnotes that would be needed to describe what exactly EDIQ, the lyricist is trying to say.  In summary, the lyrics are brilliant but much would be lost in translation, or you would want to ram your head against a brick wall because of all my footnotes.  Therefore, I decided to abandon the idea of translating it.  Here is a little excerpt of the first little bit in the rap part that I translated to give you an idea of the scene it is trying to describe.  It is not nearly as eloquent as the original lyrics:

By the mandate of Heaven, the emperor proclaims his imperial order:

“Long Gao” wine for me so I may be a little tipsy. Fine wine pressed of grapes[a] in luminous jade cups bestowed to all the court officials so that they may savour its taste. Remember to add cinnamon to the lamb cooking in the golden cauldron.
In the wine shop of the beautiful non-Han woman, tears of wax flow down the lamp and gold is spent in exchange for a night of “sleep.” In the mist and rain, (someone) gently caresses the beauty’s back and is rewarded with the music of the sizu [a traditional Chinese instrument] and a dance where sheer garments swirl in the air.

[a] 龙膏酒 “Long Gao” wine was a wine from Persia. It and grape wine, from Gaochang were known to be fine wines in the Tang dynasty.
[b] 夜光杯 Luminous cup made of jade that was very expensive. When containing alcohol, it would glimmer in the moonlight. If every official in the imperial court was bestowed this to drink with his grape wine, can you imagine the prosperity of the dynasty at that time?

20 thoughts on “Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 50

  1. Yay! My ship of Dou Dou x Mu Mu lol their interactions are amusing

    That one scene…can I let my imagination go wild⁉️…(O_O)

  2. Omg. Omg. Omg.

    Ever the gentleman, it’s almost frustrating!

    • I actually think it’s very sweet of him. He obviously very much wants to but is willing to wait…

      • I absolutely agree with you. He is truly a decent man, and I don’t think a woman should be rushed in these matters. It was really just my hmm hmm side showing up. *blushes*

  3. I’d love him as a boyfriend. There’s nothing that makes one feel secure than having a guy who respects and willing to wait for you. Im so moved.

  4. I had to reread that part as I wasn’t sure if it was just me and my ‘wild’ imagination running loose. So yeah thank you for that confirmation in your comments. Hahaha. But really it did feel like a honeymoon trip for the 2 of them albeit one with lots of hangers on.

    • Well, Toupai’s original intention was a romantic trip for just the two of them… he’s just ignoring the rest of the group now.

  5. i simply didnt understand ‘that scene’.. i need to re-read once again.. or again&again.. what’s sooo happening actually?? lols..

    i guess, we’ll get an invitation for their wedding party at the very end of this novel, am i right hoju? 😀

  6. “His right hand naturally slid downwards…” Have to really let my imagination run wild.
    Toupai must have lessons from Xiao Nao re: self control. 🙂

    • It’s testing his self-control, I LOVE that Toupai did stop and will wait. If it’s precious to you, it’s worth waiting for…

  7. “read carefully, don’t blink” (°_°)

    i felt like a voyeur (?) 😛

  8. I have to say MBFB is pretty good in writing some clif hanger scenes in this novel. ☺️ As I was reading the scene during spa treatment, I was confused and flabbergasted as to what happened until I read a more detailed explanation.

    I listened to that 倾尽天下’s fan-mixed again & wow, still is impressed. If you didn’t put a detailed explanation (see below) on that “duet”, I still would not realize that this wasn’t a real duet. I could hear the slightly off enunciation of the words when they sang “together” but I thought it was the way they harmonize the song.

    Hoju’ explanation: “That “duet” of 倾尽天下 is actually fan-mixed. The fan took 河图’s recording and 小曲儿‘s cover of it and mixed the two together. Very well done really. You can only tell in the transition places, like when switching over to 河图 singing the second part or when they are singing in unison, their enunciation of the words are off from one another. These two are very professional and their post-production team’s work is very meticulous. If this was a true duet, you can bet their words would be sung at the exact same time.”

    • Indeed, so very subtle.

      That fan did an amazing job. I, too, love their two voices together because they are so different from one another, and each has a unique voice that stands out from the crowd.

  9. I know, it’s 2 years late of reaction, but….
    I died. It was a heart attack and diabetes and massive nose bleed.
    That was toooo much Fluff with an almost snusnu~

  10. Rereading this…again, lol. Obviously my number 1 OTP is Toupai/ShengSheng. But this time around, I really really like MuMu. I don’t necessarily ship him with DouDou even though it would definitely be cute, but I just really like MuMu for himself.

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