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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 8.3



This is the official chibi of Xu Mo Ting and Li An Ning which I got from the author’s weibo, cute or not? He is rather good at basketball which most guys are. An Ning is so adorable being drawn like a kitty, meow meow 🙂 We’ve passed the half way mark of the novel and their relationship is progressing smoothly to the extent that Xu Mo Ting was asking An Ning to move in with him 😛

Chapter 8.3: To Turn from Passive to Active Behaviour

Early in the next morning, An Ning put on her formal wear to go to work. Because she was already late so she did not go to the subway station. Instead she went to the bus stop in front to take a taxi. In the tertiary education campus and around X University, there are altogether three universities. Most people will usually wait at this bus stop. Basically taking the crowded bus is the same as cramming into a sardine can.  However, it is difficult to flag down a taxi at this peak hour of the day.

While she was pondering, she heard someone behind her saying “it is her”. Initially, An Ning did not care, if she did not hear the sentence “She really is Jiang Xu’s XXX”. She will certainly look straight ahead throughout the ride. In the midst of the noise, she heard a slightly familiar name, making her pay a little bit more attention. It’ll surely be followed by “there is nothing great about her” or “XX is tall and thin, obviously better looking than her” and so on.

An Ning turned round. The emotion in her eyes were calm and she looked indifferent. She gave off an indescribable inviolable feel, making the person talking slowly ceased  …… but the one she has in mind was: …… how many people were showing interest in her?

At this moment, an unexpected “Hello” sounded in the air. “Sister-in-law, you are also so early?” Lao San has already walked to her side: “Going to your work unit?”


“Today, the weather is pretty good.” Lao San spoke a few words with her. Finally, he smiled and asked: “Do you want me to help you to intimidate a bit?” With a suggestive look, he shot a glance behind.

An Ning smiled and sighed. Actually, he has been standing in the crowd just now. “Thank you, but you’ll be punished for intimidation.”

Lao San cannot help but sighed. Suddenly, he thought of something so he leaned over and said: “Sister-in-law, Jiang Xu is a far cry from leader.”

“……” Was there a profound meaning?

“Hey, Li An Ning.”

An Ning casually turned around. One of the girls who was gossiping about her just now stood up. An Ning did not like to be the crowd’s focal point, so her attitude was a little cold and detached.

“I want to talk to you.” Girl: “I admire Jiang Xu, I want him, so I advise you better to withdraw.”

“Okay.” I will definitely cooperate.

However, the other party obviously regarded what she had said as perfunctory, “You simply don’t know him.”

“Yes, I don’t know him.”

The girl squinted: “Li An Ning, you have no right to tie him down.”

An Ning wiped her forehead. Ultimately she started to talk seriously: “I am not interested in him. I think you have found the wrong target.”

“You are talking about Fu Qiang Wei? Oh.”

This “oh,” made An Ning frowned and said some meaningful and heartfelt words: “Fellow student, Jesus said, you don’t have because you don’t ask. Even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong.”


“Haha!” One after another, people started to laugh. Lao San who has always wanted to lend a hand, but obviously his help was not needed, has already burst out in laughter.

On that day, Lao San sent a text message to Xu Mo Ting while he was still in the bus: “Sister-in-law is so cool!”

On that day, An Ning was late for work.

At noon, she received a text message from Xu Mo Ting: “Woke up late today?”

“…… Huh.” She shivered immediately. He can’t be also in the crowd this morning, right?

“I have a friendly match in the university in the afternoon. If you have time, you can come over to watch.”


Two minutes later, Xu Mo Ting sent another text message: “You can be a bit more perfunctory.”

“……” Finally she got to see with her own eyes the leader’s true color? Within a split second, An Ning experienced grief and happiness at the same time!

It so happened that when she returned to the university after work, she passed by the sports stadium and saw the entrance was packed with people. She was a bit puzzled. When she turned round, she met an old classmate. An enthusiastic D ran to her, “Meow Meow, your boyfriend is playing basketball inside. Oh, super handsome!”

Before she could react, D has already dragged her into the stadium.

The basketball game was in full swing with many spectators. The moment she went in, the first person she saw was Xu Mo Ting …… cannot blame her because he was the target of a multitude of arrows.  The Xu Mo Ting on the court was like a totally different person. The interaction between the players in red and white sports shirts appeared kind of uninhibited. The lifting of a hand or moving a leg to defend was met with strong resistance.

The match was finishing soon. The sound of clapping, shouting and cheering never stopped. When Xu Mo Ting was passing the ball, he could not help but paused once to glance at the entrance to the stadium. Their eyes met and locked for a split second. Suddenly An Ning inexplicably felt nervous, a kind of bizarre feeling arising involuntary. This was like a familiar scene which she had experienced before. She remembered she passed by the basketball court behind the cafeteria once and also saw him played ball. Then he stopped and glanced at her direction  …… Someone subconsciously looked around again. Oh, pretty girls ah.

On the court, Xu Mo Ting has regained possession of the ball, broke through a defence and brought the ball into the penalty area. While the opponents thought he would  take a shot at the goal, he ingeniously passed the ball to his teammate who was at the three point line. Zhang Qi jumped up and scored a perfect three point goal and ended the match brilliantly!

The applause and cheering sound was deafening. She has to admit Xu Mo Ting who was shrouded in the halo of victory was even more dazzling.  His graceful and smooth body, flowing and moist black hair …… when he walked slowly toward her side, An Ning felt her calm mood started to inexplicably fluctuate again.

“What are you glancing around at?” Under the watchful gaze of the crowd, he lowered his head and whispered in her ear.

“……” She knew that he’ll lecture her ……

“How long have you been here?”

“Just a moment ago.” An Ning tried to speak casually, even though she felt a bit embarrassed.

On the other side, the referee has already called everyone to gather together. Xu Mo Ting was aware that he was in a somewhat relaxed and slack condition now. He was worried that if he continued to stand in front of her, his mood will become a little indulgence and he was not sure what he will do. Thus he said to her, “Wait a while for me.” Then he turned round and returned to his team.

D who automatically took a back seat when Xu Mo Ting came over just now, approached An Ning again, held her shoulder and murmured: “I am basking in your glory.”


Mo Ting walked to the side of the bench to pick up a water bottle and drank a few mouthfuls. The referee has officially announced the result of the match, 77 against 68, Faculty of Foreign Studies won. Everyone in the venue was ecstatic with streamers flying everywhere. A girl wearing a skirt walked toward the Faculty of Foreign Studies team and smilingly said to Xu Mo Ting: “Go where to celebrate?”

Mo Ting took off his wrist brace and said faintly: “All of you go la, I’m not hungry.”

She did not take offense, “Zhang Qi, you are the captain, so say something la.”

“Team secretary sister, it is obvious Xu Mo Ting has something to do, so don’t bother him.”

“Yes ah yes ah!” His teammates echoed their sentiments in agreement. After winning the match, their mood were a little high. Xu Mo Ting has already picked up his sports bag, patted Zhang Qi’s shoulder and walked toward the door. When he was standing in front of An Ning, leader Xu said: “Let’s go, I’m hungry.”

An Ning was waiting for Xu Mo Ting to finish bathing ……

This was the second time that she has come to his dormitory. While sitting on the sofa in a small living room, An Ning was pondering over a question: If Qiang Wei was to come here for a visit, would she go and snoop around the president’s desk? There is not even a separate bed in the Department of Physics dormitory, only upper and lower berth. Qiang Wei was sleeping on the upper berth, felt down once and has to put on plaster cast …… Yes, she will go and snoop.

When Xu Mo Ting who was wearing a bathrobe came out from the bathroom, he saw someone was in a serious contemplation mode. His footsteps halted. Then he walked back, leaned elegantly against the wall and looked at her.

In addition to a slightly thin face, she seemed a little tall. Her once calm contour has become gentle and thorough. Her persistent and anxious eyes were already calm …… slowly and clearly becoming beautiful like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Thus it resulted in the person looking unconsciously immersed in it.

Love at first sight? Seem like he was unable to explain this matter.

An Ning sensed something so she turned her head. She was not someone who will easily be scared by what she saw: “Hi.”

Mo Ting has already stood up and walked past her. He went to the wardrobe to put on his clothes. The wardrobe opening covered half of his tall and straight figure. An Ning looked out the window ……

“Congratulations, on winning the match …….”

After dressing neatly, Xu Mo Ting walked to the water dispenser and poured himself a drink. “Thank you.”

Quiet, quiet …… “Uh, you are in great shape.”

“Oh.” A person who always handled his affairs without fear was choked.

When An Ning realized something was wrong, her face reddened: “I …… I’m kidding—— ” Then she started to be incoherent.

Mo Ting narrowed his eyes slightly: “Do you mean to say that, in fact, it is nothing great?”

No! An Ning shook her head: “In comparison, even better than those in GV (Gay Video), honestly.”

“……” Ten thousand pipes are still (an idiom meaning dead silent).

After An Ning realised what she had said …… better to let her die!!

Xu Mo Ting looked at the person buried in the sofa. He cannot help but laughed and said in an understated tone: “Let’s go.”

“…… Where to?” She asked in a feeble voice.

Mo Ting has already come over and pulled her up, “Aren’t you hungry?”

An Ning lifted her head. When Xu Mo Ting saw her candid and slightly misty eyes, he felt a tightness in his heart. Finally he asked: “An Ning …… do you want to kiss me?”

“Ah?” His intimate question and snuggling closer to her made her felt a bit lost in a reverie.

Time seemed to have travelled back again. Warm body temperature. The smell of freshness and greediness. She has always been clueless. But he actually wanted very much to …… wanted to rip her apart and swallow her into his stomach, all to himself. Once something which has been buried was stirred up, he will start to fantasize a little. However, apparently it was not the right time yet. Xu Mo Ting has already recovered his composure.

“Where are you doing your internship?”

“…… Long Tai.”

After a moment of silence, Xu Mo Ting said: “Move to my place to live la.”

This time she was really scared out of her wits. When An Ning stood up, she almost hit leader Xu’s delicate chin: “Are you kidding?”

“Long Tai is only ten minutes away from my house.”

Can this be considered as leading her on gradually with skilful method?

“I like to live in the dormitory.” She replied cautiously with a nervous voice and dry tone.

Xu Mo Ting looked at her and could not help but burst out laughing until being excessive. An Ning got angry …… but, this was the first time that she saw him laughed so heartily and without restraint. Unexpectedly, he felt extraordinarily unconventional and in high spirit ……

Some of her heart strings were moving lightly. Xu Mo Ting has already stood up, stepped forward and placed a kiss on her mouth: “Very good.”


Was he playing with her?

In fact, he has just scared her?!

On that day, on the corridor of the second floor of Building 4, an exquisite coin purse was thrown at the back of a handsome guy.

The passers-by instantly stopped in their footsteps to observe.

The next day, numerous rumors were spreading in the Faculty of Foreign Studies building. The one that was held in contempt by all the girls and the one with the least credibility was: “The leader of the Faculty of Foreign Studies was abused by his wife ……”

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  1. Lol! The last line was just so exhilerating i cant even. 😂 And according to rumors now, LAN is the abusive gf.

    XMT, how brave and flighty of you propose cohabilation at this early times?! If AN had not been shocked, i would taken her part to colapse. Crazy fast.

    The part with gv was so embarrasing. ::>_<::

  2. Lol, I like that last sentence. 🙂 It’s funny how rumors spread like wild fire

  3. This was such a fun chapter. They are Soo cute.

  4. “The leader of the Faculty of Foreign Studies was mistreated by his wife ……”
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    • Bcos AN threw the coin purse at MT, rumor started to spread that he was being abused by AN lol.

      There are 2nd & 3rd guys in this novel but no threat. Blazing Sunlight has 2 equally strong male leads to fight for your affection 🙂

      U r shameless 😛 Later get eaten, u gonna cry cry 😛

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