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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 51


ocean dress purple hair short hair sandals purple eyes deck slippers black hair_wallpaperswa.com_78My apologies that my response time to comments has been so slow lately. I do read everything you guys write and will get back to you eventually. 🙂

Including this one, 3 more chapters to go.  One week left…

“Certain someone”…

Chapter 51 – Coconut Rice (4)

Fortunately, next day’s activities were very simple, just open water fishing and snorkeling.

That was, aside from the fact that the sun was a little too intense and shining so brightly that you could not even really open your eyes, and you felt a little like you were being tormented.

Their tour group consisted of two boats and their party alone occupied an entire boat. They each received some simple fishing line from the captain. At first, they had thought it would be just like the movies where they would be using a deep sea fishing rod and stylishly casting their lines out a dozen or so metres, but in fact, what they got was just a very, very long fishing line wound around a bottle ╮(╯▽╰)╭.

Cousin had become well-acquainted with all of them by now and had begun mocking and jesting around with them already. He did not really comprehend how awesome all these big name experts, who had long since been given godly status in the 2-D world, truly were, treating them as ordinary friends and, later, even very enthusiastically discussing “Sword 3 Online” with them. In contrast, the whole trip, Dong Yiru was unable to relax in front of her biggest idol ever, Qiang Qing Ci, and her cosplayer idol, Mu Mu, and had an expression on her face that looked completely as if there was too much gossip here for her to digest…

Everybody was sitting on the wooden benches on either side of the boat. With lifejackets on and their feet immersed in the ocean water, they languidly jiggled their fishing lines.

Gu Sheng and Toupai were sitting at the stern of the boat. She gripped her bottle in her hands, and after a short while, she felt something tug on her line. “I think I might have gotten a bite on the line.”

“Do you feel anything?” He glanced at the fishing line in her hand. Sure enough, it was taut.


In a split second, her face reddened.

That afternoon, he had asked her this same question as well T.T. How come she suddenly thought about that?…

Mo Qingcheng did not notice anything and stretched out his hand to help her lure the fish. Over and over, he would tug, then release the line again. She gazed at the side profile of his face and those eyes that turned slightly upwards at the outer corners … In just this short moment of inattention, the wind blew her straw sunhat off her head. Instinctively, she tried to grab at it, but missed. Wobbling unsteadily, she nearly fell into the ocean, but luckily, he grabbed onto her lifejacket with one hand. Only when her sunhat had landed in the ocean did she realize that her action just now had been very dangerous.

And she had caused that fish of hers to escape. Plus, the fishing line was now wrapped around her calf T.T …

Gu Sheng pulled her feet up out of the water, stood up on where she had been sitting on the wooden bench, and began to unravel the fishing line. The thin line was wrapped several times around her leg and was even knotted in places, and, on top of that, the sunlight was so blinding. She was honestly having a very serious case of bad luck, ah…

“Don’t tug on it. I’ll untangle it for you.” As he said this, his hand was already reaching over, but he had not fiddled with the line for very long when he let out a chuckle. “How come I’m always untangling something for you? For example, the first time was your hair, and the second time was still your hair. This time is pretty good, actually. You’ve changed it to be fishing line.”


Why was her face growing hot again? …

Gu Sheng, what are you thinking? How come your mind is always able to conjure up images that are for mature audiences only and not suitable for children? T.T …

“What are you thinking?” His voice was low and a hint of teasing could even be heard at the end of his question.

“Nothing…” She awkwardly pulled back her leg, wanting to leave the touch of his fingers.

He had seen through her thoughts… So embarrassing…

“One of the boat’s crew fished your hat back up, Sheng Sheng.” Mo Bai, with her dripping sunhat in hand, suddenly poked his head out from the cabin of the boat, just in time to see Toupai holding her calf. He immediately laughed. “The two of you need to be careful at the back of the boat, eh. If your movements are too intense, you’ll fall into the sea…”


After Mo Bai’s loud announcement, everyone else was not pleased.

We’d all been happily watching in secret, you know?

You’ve gone and scared them, and now, we most likely won’t get to see anything else…

Mu Mu, who was so seasick he almost wanted to throw himself into the ocean to kill himself, very weakly mumbled something: “Someone is so seasick he’s about to die. Someone else is at the back of the boat flirting and being lovey-dovey. We’re both in careers that involve saving people and doing good deeds. Why the disparity, then? Heaven is so unfair…”

Only the tour guide was standing at the bow, and pulling off his sunglasses, he waved his hand at them to chastise, “I say, you guys, why do you all like to gawp at that young husband and wife couple? What’s the big deal? We’ve been fishing for half an hour and no one has caught anything yet. That really sucks. In all the times that I’ve led tours, this definitely takes the record for worst performance.”

When the tour guide finished saying this, though, he was immediately on the receiving end of a dagger-like glare from Dong Yiru.

What’s the big deal?!

It’s a huge deal, you know?!!!! Don’t disturb this diehard fangirl from watching my biggest idol ever flirt and be lovey-dovey, k?!!!!

The tour guide’s back broke out in a cold sweat, and he went back to urging everyone to fish.


Over on the other end, the fishing line had been untangled.

While the captain placed Gu Sheng’s hat on the roof of the cabin to dry, Toupai suddenly made a shushing sound and stuffed his own plastic bottle, which he had been holding and was wound with fishing line, into Gu Sheng’s hand. She had not even managed to react to this before she saw Toupai pulling up a brightly-coloured fish on the other end of the fishing line. In the sunlight, its tail flapped nonstop and the water on it glistened.

“Ah, caught one!” she cried out delightedly.

“Who? Who caught one?” The tour guide excitedly pulled out his camera, raced to the stern, and immediately said to Gu Sheng, “Hurry and make a pose. I want to take a picture of the beautiful girl who caught the first fish.”

Gu Sheng was holding up the fish, and before she could even explain, she had been declared as the first person to make a catch.

Toupai merely smiled, not caring who was first.

The heavens may be great, the earth may be great, but making the wife happy is the greatest and most important thing.


Everyone had toiled away for half an hour, but in the end, it was the people at the back of the boat who made the first catch. As if the catch was the kickstart to a successful trip, within ten minutes, one after another, fish of all varieties were being pulled up nonstop by people and tossed into a bucket in the cabin. Before long, there were a dozen or more inside it. Mo Bai spent a long time very excitedly taking photographs of the bucket, and only when they were pulling anchor to leave did he reluctantly release all the fish back into the water.

Because she did not have her sunhat for cover, Gu Sheng’s face noticeably had a slight sunburn.

When she returned to her hotel room, she stared mournfully into the mirror at her red face. This time, she was not flushed because she was being seduced but because she honestly had a sunburn that was not going to just simply fade away.

She thought back and forth over it for a long time but in the end, decided to give up on going out to play again.

She needed to rest for a good half a day. Mm-hmm.

Geng Xiaoxing had gone off somewhere with Jue Mei Sha Yi to look for good food, so while waiting for Toupai to shower, Gu Sheng was in her own room with phone raised high in her hand, boredly trying to surf the net. However, she could not get any Internet reception, so in the end, she grabbed her room card, closed her door, and sat out on one of the couches in the main open area of the fourth floor, where she at last was able to get a signal.

There were also man and a woman on the couch with her, and similar to her, they were also holding their mobile phones and searching for a wi-fi signal.

Unexpectedly, when she opened up her Weibo, which she had not logged onto for a long time, the first post from a friend that showed up in her newsfeed was by Mo Bai: Open water fishing. A certain someone’s wife got the first catch. It was a lucky kickstart, ah, a lucky kickstart for everyone. Just a short while and then there were more than a dozen fish. Haha.

The photograph accompanying the post was, of course, the picture of the fish he had taken earlier.

So vague, the way he wrote the post.

But because it was vague, it was too easy to guess who that person was, k?……

And the worst part was … the people who had secretly surrounded and watched them earlier had now all, without exception, “liked” the post. Seeing the “likes” from all these friends of Toupai, even a fool could figure out who that “certain someone” was …

Qiang Qing Ci was still Qiang Qing Ci.

You may not be in jianghu[1] anymore, but jianghu still holds your legends.

No longer doing any online voice acting? That completely did not affect his fans’ love for him… Truly, even the occasional, tiniest morsel of news was enough to satisfy everyone… As a result, besides Mo Bai’s fans, Toupai’s fans also immediately popped up on Weibo and very, very enthusiastically started to leave comments:

“Requesting a picture of certain someone’s back!”

“Mo Bai Dada, please post more about certain someone, ah %>_<%”

Dada, please, requesting info on how certain someone is doing lately!!!!”

“Previous posters are all being so vague and reserved…… Our Toupai DaRen didn’t have a flash marriage[2], right?! Dada, begging you to reply!!!!”


Flash marriage…


She put her hand over her cheek. A little sore. She guessed her emotions might be a little stirred up …

She was still mourning her sunburned face and also sighing over the reaction brought about by Mo Bai’s Weibo when someone beside her leaned over her. Mo Qingcheng, who had just finished showering and whose hair was still dripping water, sat down close against her and asked, “Do you need to go take an afternoon nap?”

“Afternoon nap? Didn’t you want to eat first?” She was gripping onto her mobile phone and could not seem to keep up with this logic.

The next second, Toupai had already lifted her whole body into his arms and, in front of the man and woman who were still holding their phones up trying to find a wi-fi signal, he blatantly carried her back to the room.

The man and woman both raised their eyebrows. Even though there was no lack of topless sunbathing, bikinis, and passionate scenes beneath both the sunlight and moonlight here and this really was nothing in comparison, still, they had to compliment the girl who had been carried away on her taste.


The scent of body wash, which had wafted out from the the bathroom, could still be smelled in the room.

His body was emitting that light, milky scent, too. She mumbled one comment about being hungry and then, the entire sentence along with her tongue were “eaten” together into his mouth. The droplets of water falling from his hair landed on her and the bedsheets. A wet feeling, but not uncomfortable either. In fact, it gave a particular sense of intimacy.

The curtains were drawn closed, with only a very small slit that allowed a single blinding sliver of sunlight to land on the bed.

“What would you like to eat in a moment?” He continued his “eating” of her, and while doing so, also decided to show concern for the hungry person who was being eaten.

“Seafood? BBQ?”

“Good idea.” He nibbled on her collarbone and murmured, “The BBQ here is quite good.”

“Mm …”



In a new straw sunhat, she sat there across from him in the open-air BBQ restaurant. With fork in hand, she stabbed and ravaged the various barbecued meats that were in front of her, just as he had “eaten” her not long ago, checking out the eats in every angle and direction, but not finishing it off. Every so often, she would tug at her skirt or her neckline, for fear something would show.

Such torture. So hot on the island and she needed to cover up so much…

So, his so-called “holding himself back” was just withholding that final step…… But everything else, he had definitely shown no mercy and had “eaten” it all…

How could there be so many different styles and moves? …

Honestly, too awkward to talk about…


[1]江湖. Literally “land of the rivers and lakes.” I always trip over my tongue/keyboard trying to explain this. Many might be familiar with the term if you watch wuxia dramas or read wuxia novels. It is often explained as the puglists’ world or martial arts world, but actually, jianghu is a broader concept than that. The martial arts world is more accurately called 武林 wulin and is what I would consider a subset of jianghu. Jianghu, in the ancient setting, has no distinct boundaries but represents all the people who do not live the common fixed routine type of life and who follow a more wandering lifestyle, such as the martial artists, street performers, wandering doctors. Moved into modern times, it can mean again, a world or circle outside the one in which people with normal, common lives live, such as the world of triads and mafias. This term has further been broadened nowadays to mean “worlds” that have their own little subset of rules, lifestyles, etc. So, the “jianghu” being referred to here is the “2-D world jianghu.” (Remember the song, Sword Cry in the Land of the Rivers and Lakes, earlier in the novel. I decided to use the literal translation in the title of the song but actually, it could also be called Sword Cries in Jianghu.)

[2] 闪婚. I’ve heard this so often I didn’t know until recently that this is more a Chinese term. A “flash marriage” is one in which the couple has only known each other for a short period of time before they quickly get married. The phenomenon is becoming more and more common in China as couples feel pressured to get married for financial reasons, such as rising housing costs, or sometimes, due to age (and pressure from parents.)

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  1. Toupai is…surprisingly an S!! Waah, Toupai please don’t tease too much >.< I pity her…

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      • S = sadist but then again after thinking about it, he’s not really a sadist lol xD

        Yup imagining Mu Mu with that dead pan face is funny! 😀

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  3. Such sweetness. From voice dating, to shy interactions, to slow budding relationship to this bold and wild scene. They have grown so much!

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    • There’s still a bit more after, when the book gets published. 🙂 So you don’t have to say your final farewells to them for a little while.

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  10. American English has a very similar phrase to “flash marriage” – whirlwind courtship. Several newspapers described Clooney’s marriage as being the final move in a whirlwind courtship. And it’s the same idea -getting married, usually to someone you did not previously know (or at least did not know well at all), after a period of weeks or months, but not more than a year.

    Love this story btw! I’m new to Chinese novels. I stumbled on the drama A slight smile is alluring and loved it, so I tracked down the novel translations….then wanted more and found this site! This is my second novel I’m reading here.

    Also, I have a high level of appreciation for the skill with which you translatate. I worked as a professional translator (Japanese to English – technical translations) as well as did some movie fan- subbing of Japanese movies, so I know how hard creative translation is, and yours are so enjoyable to read. Thank you!

    • You are right. 🙂 They are quite the same process and the only subtle difference seems to be that the Chinese don’t care as much about the courtship part at all. In fact, it is not uncommon at all to have no courtship. (Kind of a bit like active vs passive voice. One seems to emphasize the quickness of the courtship while the other, the marriage.)

      Ah, another person who has found the world of c-novels. 🙂 You’re going to have fun exploring. 🙂

      Wow. A real translator. I’m genuinely in awe. Thank you for the affirmation. It means a lot, especially coming from someone who has done this before!

      Hope to see you around the blog.

  11. That’s really interesting. I love the subtle differences between languages that make translation such a challenge (but rewarding, imo).

    Haha, no problem! Thank you for these awesome books! Honestly, having done both technical and creative translation (though only one of those professionally), technical translation is MUCH easier. It’s always easier to learn some new terminology than it is to express the subtle nuances in a conversation.

    And yes, I have stumbled down the rabbit hole and am loving it! Currently reading Beautiful Bones and Honey Stewed Squid. I think really really miss you might be my favorite so far though…

    The downside is that I now have this growing stack of library books I’m ignoring, haha (previous translator, currently a librarian. What can I say – I love words 😀 ).

    Say…I minored in English. I don’t know any Chinese at all, but if you guys ever need anyone else to help with proof reading after the translations are done, I’d love to help. You translated such lovely stories, it’d be fun. 🙂

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    • Nope, you didn’t miss it. I was wondering if anyone would catch this. It’s a bug that never got fixed. (I’d love to fix it, but hey, I’m just the translator. LOL)

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