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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 28



Surprise !!! Since this is the climax of the novel, you get your update a day earlier 😛 The chapter which most of you have been waiting for, the wolf is here lol. The picture above is the Vietnamese cover of the novel. According to bongsd, the picture is a bit too explicit and sensational 😛 Did you notice Lu Jun’s tail haha? By the way, this novel is a recommendation from bongsd so it is all thanks to her that you get to read such a funny book. It is obvious from the picture what gonna happen in this chapter so enjoy your experience haha …..

Chapter 28: Breakthrough

After returning to the hotel room, finally Lu Jun halts his footsteps. However, his warm hand is still holding me tightly. When I look over at him, I only discover his complexion is very unsightly. His chest is heaving slightly and his pale lips is closely pursed up. He appears like he is repressing his anger.

He emits a kind of pressure which makes me quickly change the topic to break the silent: “General manager, are you thirsty? I’ll go and pour you a glass of water ……”

He turns his face and fixed his gaze on me without saying a word.

I mock him by giving a dry cough: “Not thirsty ah? Then I’ll get a hot towel for you to wipe your sweat ……”

His face is expressionless when he casts sidelong glances at me. He continues to hold my wrist tightly in silent.

I feel numb and shrink back: “General manager, you are still sick.  Go and lie down on the bed la ……”

He squints and takes a step forward with a cold face.

Seeing that he seems to be on the verge of eruption, I quickly bow to compromise: “General manager, I …… I made a mistake, okay?”

Finally big boss Lu’s complexion turns slightly better and he nods his head: “Very good, so tell me about your mistake?”

Realizing that I did not fulfil my responsibility to take care of him just now, I am genuinely remorseful: “I should have filled up the glass with water before going out. Because of my negligent, you have no water to drink when you woke up ……

He glares at me, his eyes narrow dangerously and he takes a deep breath: “What else?”

What else? What else did I do wrong? I rack my brain to think hard. With a remorseful look, I say: “I should not have gone out to see Sen Yu Ming.”

His eyes flash slightly and he nods in satisfaction: “It seems that you finally know what is your mistake.”

Seeing big boss Lu’s complexion is getting a lot better, I promptly strike while the iron is hot to further acknowledge my mistake: “Ah, I really know my mistake. I should not have left without a word just now. Instead I should have left a note to tell you before going out ……”

Before I finish talking, all of a sudden, Lu Jun’s complexion turns dark. He glares at me with a pair of good-looking jet- black eyes and frowns. It seems like he is sorely tempted to throttle me.

This man is too fickle so he is very hard to serve! I don’t feel like humbling myself to admit my mistake again. Thus, I say boldly and confidently: “Don’t only focus on me. General manager, you are also in the wrong. You should not have tarnished my reputation just now. You also should not have kept that photo. If the co-workers in the company see it, I’ll be ruined …… ”

Talking about it, suddenly I think of those ruthless female colleagues in the company. If I let them misunderstand my relationship with general manager, then I’ll not be able to mingle with them. As far as I am concerned, I’ve a golden rice bowl (meaning secure and lucrative job). If the bowl is broken, I reckon my mom will also smash me up ……

Suddenly, I feel Lu Jun has loosened his grip on my hand. He seems like he is going to say something. But he is a bit unsteady and drops on the sofa. His eyes are tightly closed. He is gasping for breath. He appears weak and unconscious.

“General manager, how are you?” I anxiously touch his forehead. It is really scaling hot.

At this moment, when I see Lu Jun is in a fragile state of health, a wicked idea immediately comes to mind. Big boss Lu’s image has always been in high spirits (idiom meaning glowing with health and vigor). It is rare to see him in such a weak state. In the normal course of events, it is impossible to get him to delete the kissing picture. Even on that day when I took advantage of him sleeping, I also failed to secretly delete the picture. Thus, it is actually my best chance now ……

No time to lose! This opportunity is hard to come by. In order to keep my job, I am forced to take advantage of his vulnerability. With this in mind, I slowly extend my hand towards big boss Lu’s trousers pocket.

Because Lu Jun is sitting down, after putting my hand in his pocket, it sticks closely against his thigh. I can clearly feel the heat coming through from his skin. His pocket is very deep, so I gently and cautiously feel with my hand until the bottom. Then I touch a hard object and it feels square-shaped like a leather wallet. Could it be that the mobile phone is in the other side pocket?

Consequently, I change to the other pocket and continue to feel with my hand. Aiya, big boss is sitting in a downward slope and my hand is sticking even closer to his thigh in this side of the pocket. His breathing seems to be more rapid and his body temperature is also getting higher. Due to the heat, my hand is sweating. Inch by inch, when I touch his deepest part, I finally touch a hard object. This time, it is not square-shaped but a burning cylindrical shape. I stare blankly for a while before I come to realize what I’ve touched. My cheeks immediately turns red-hot. Big boss Lu, you are too energetic and too robust. Even while you are sick, you are still as mighty as a dragon and ferocious as a tiger!

Realizing I’ve found the wrong target, I quickly want to withdraw my hand. Unexpectedly, a weight presses me head-on making me feel giddy. Before I am capable to react, I am already lying on the sofa. I see big boss Lu’s flushed and handsome face in close proximity. His slightly narrowed eyes are flashing with turbulent emotion, a change from his usual gentle, courteous and shrewd as a fox image. At this moment, big boss Lu is like …… like a wolf with shining green eyes.

Thinking about that, I shout in panic: “General manager?”

Lu Jun looks at me with burning eyes and his hot breath is sprinkling around my ear: “I’m very thirsty ……”

Feeling the numbness around my ear, I shiver from head to foot and quickly struggle to get up: “Wait a minute. I’ll go and get you some water right away!”

However, Lu Jun is still keeping me steadily under his body. His voice is hoarse and his gaze is passionate: “Xia Ye, I can’t wait any longer ……”

After saying that, the front of my eyes darken, my lips is heat up and I become speechless. Lu Jun seems really very thirsty because his hot lips is frantically sucking mine as if he wants to suck me dry. The sound of thunder seems to explode in my head and it becomes blank.

The fact proves that Lu Jun is a man who really likes to hold a grudge and will not suffer even a bit of loss. After a while, his warm big hands start to touch my thigh. Hence the two of us are considered even now. (== This also can be even?)

A while later, my mind starts to get more and more dizzy and my consciousness is a little dazed like I’ve been infected by Lu Jun’s illness. My whole body is becoming unbearably hot. My cheeks are also burning hot and my breathing is becoming more rapid. My chest also starts to heave vigorously like there is a huge raging fire burning in the body which almost burned me out …… But luckily, I am infected by big boss Lu, so I should be able to look for him to get my medical expenses reimbursed …… (can’t you think of something else in this situation?)

After a while, it is evident that Lu Jun wants to recover the loss he suffered a moment ago with interest because his warm hand is wandering around my breast …… that pair of deep and dark eyes are looking at me fervently. Turbulent emotion is bubbling up in his eyes. I stare blankly, look face to face at him and is deeply mesmerized by him. A strange rippling waves surges in my heart making me momentarily forget to resist and give in to his demand.

Lu Jun is obviously very satisfied with my response and slowly break into a smile. Then he lowers his head and kisses my neck. Those burning hot, soft and slightly moist kisses are sliding down inch by inch. I feel an electric current is circulating in my body. Suddenly, my mind becomes a little clearer and I am forced to restore the last semblance of rationality by shouting: “General …… general manager, cannot!”

Lu Jun becomes stiff and raises his head slightly. His jet-black and deep eyes look closely at me: “Why cannot? Just now, you were the one who provoked me first. I am a normal man, not to mention I am facing the woman who I like …… ”

A clap of thunder explodes in my head, …… like? Big boss Lu is young, promising and with an outstanding appearance, the cream of the crop. He would like a small staff like me with no personality, status and moral principle? As a kid, when I watched fairy tales like Cinderella, I honestly was not even a bit moved. However, when this is really happening to me, I can understand this kind of happiness now. Of course, it is also mixed with a little woman’s vanity ……

“Xia Ye, you don’t like me? Don’t like the way I am kissing you?” Lu Jun gently kisses my collarbone lightly. His beautiful eyes are full of repressed emotion. His husky voice sounds like a seduction: “Like or not? Quickly say like ……”

“Yes, I like ……” When I look into his affectionate eyes, my feverish brain blurts out. Yes ah, how can I not like such an excellent man? The time we spent together. Also, the special way he treated me …… but I am truly too ordinary. Whereas he is too outstanding. I know my self-worth, so I did not dare to think about getting into a love relationship with him. Big Boss Lu’s confession tonight is so unexpected but it makes me feel very happy ……

After hearing my reply, Lu Jun has a smiling expression which exudes joy and pleasure and slowly looks down. Suddenly I recall something and say hesitantly in a low voice: “But I still feel it is not romantic enough ……”

Lu Jun stops in his action. He narrows his smiling eyes slightly and asks: “How to be considered romantic?”

“For example, like what is written in romance novels. Before they XXOO, the female and male leads will say some classic lines.” Feeling the indulgence and love in his eyes, I hint to him with hope and expectation. Thinking to myself, such as I will love you forever, I will treat you well for a lifetime, I’ll never leave you and so on.

Lu Jun proves to be an elite person who reacts fast. After the rustling sound of undressing, he reveals his perfect and strong body which makes me salivating,  He raises his eyebrows slightly and looks at me with his devilish eyes. Then he jokingly asks: “Are you satisfied with what you are seeing?”

I nearly spit out a mouthful of dog’s blood (melodramatic) ……

He chuckles and pushes me down. His hand which is emitting heat is wandering around my body and igniting clusters of flame everywhere. This earth-shattering upsurge is drowning me ……

In the end, I am hit by endless hot desire. Everything in front of me and my consciousness are becoming completely fuzzy ……

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