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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 29



Surprise! Since all of you felt so hot on Monday, I am doing another update this week to cool you down lol. After that, Lu Jun will be away for a week to take a break from that dense & silly Xia Ye 🙂 This is not an erotica like 50 Shades of Grey so don’t expect too much and use your vivid imagination 😛 You’ll find out why this book is called Wipe Clean After Eating as this is what Xia Ye thought Lu Jun has done. Do you like the suggestive and sexy cover picture I’ve chosen, haha?

Today is the Lantern Festival which is the end of the Lunar New Year. I want to take this chance to advertise the commencement of Wallace fans’ new blog, Our Sunshine which is set up exclusively to fangirl Wallace Chung. After 20 years in showbiz and with his current fame, he deserves an English blog of his own. Please support him and be patient as we need time to decorate and populate the blog with pictures, articles, translations, news, recaps etc. We are recruiting for more helpers. If you can read Chinese, has a reasonable command of English and most importantly is WC’s fan then please leave a comment in the blog and we’ll get back to you.

Chapter 29: Awake

When I open my eyes, it is already the next morning. The color of the sky outside the window is already very bright. My body is covered with soft bedding. The pillow has a faint sweet scent which exudes a serene and tranquil feelings. When I first wake up, my line of thought is somewhat fuzzy. I’ve the habit of stretching out my arms and waist. Suddenly, I realize there is a serious problem when I see my bare arms – when did I have the habit of sleeping in the nude ah!!?

A sluggish split second later, all sorts of unsightly images from last night rush forth into my mind. That burning soft lips, creamy warm skin and strong buff body …… My whole body becomes stiff. Such a surprise ah! I did not expect a wise girl like me, ultimately also could not escape the fate of becoming the boss’s xiao mi! (a derogatory term used to describe the mistress of a married man) This unscrupulous and evil wolf actually took advantage of me by eating me and wiping his hands clean like this! (chi gan mo jing which is the title of this novel. Now you know what the title actually means lol). Not even a bit of dregs left ah!

However …… it seems last night, I was the one who tried to steal from him first but failed. I ended up touching something which I should not touch. Moreover, I was the one who did not book two hotel rooms, resulting in us sharing a room ……

Ah ah ah …… from whichever angle, it also looks like a shameless female secretary’s planned seduction of a rich boss drama. This time even if I really jump into the Yellow River, I also could not wash myself clean! (cannot clear a person’s name)

I curl up my body. I dare not move, dare not turn round and also dare not turn my head but quietly wondering what big boss Lu is thinking and doing behind my back now. Is he still asleep or has already woken up?

Don’t know how long has passed, when I feel slight movement behind me. I immediately close my eyes nervously and dare not even breathe heavily. After a while, I feel light breathing sound getting closer. I seem to vaguely feel there is a burning gaze on my face.

This time I am even more nervous. How will big boss Lu deal with what happened last night? Normally, what will the boss of large companies in general do? Will it be treated as an unexpected one night stand? Write a large amount check to settle it? Or let me be his underground lover from now onwards?

I am utterly confused so I let my imagination run wild. Suddenly I hear comparatively large movement behind me, as if he is intending to get up. After a while, I can hear light footsteps sound. Then a moment later, I can hear the dripping of water sound in the bathroom. When I am certain that he had gone to take a shower, I only dare to open my eyes and sit up. I look at the tousled bed sheets in a daze. Weren’t we on the sofa last night? To my surprise, I’ve no recollection when we shifted location! I am upset for a while. Then I could not help but blush slightly when I look at my naked body. I quickly look all over the place for my clothes. I look on the floor and discover all my clothes are scattered around the sofa.

I blush and hop off the bed naked. I gently and quietly pick up each piece of clothing and wear it instantly. The tragedy is that when I am halfway through putting on my clothes, I can hear the sound of the opening of the bathroom door!

Thus I appear naked in front of Lu Jun. He is casually wrapped in a bath towel and his hair is dripping wet. The sparkling and translucent droplets are dripping down to his smooth chest. His whole body emits the fragrance from the shampoo and body wash. He appears refreshed with a relaxed and contented smile on his face. He appears very natural and looks at me when saying: “You are awake, do you want to take a bath?”

I nod with a lifeless facial expression, grab the remaining clothes on the floor and rush into the bathroom. I can clearly hear the sound of laughter from behind: “Be careful, don’t slip and hit the toilet bowl again.”

Indeed a jerk ah! After doing such a beastly thing to me, he is still so calm and collected! The more I think, the more I feel it is unfair. Thus I become even more not calm and collected!

In the bathroom, I look at the marks on my body and my face turns red again. I quickly bath in hot water and dressed neatly before I dare to go out. Lu Jun is also already immaculately dressed and leaning comfortably on the sofa. I breathe out a sigh of relief when I see him looking so natural. This is also good as I can pretend nothing happened last night. After all people will naturally believe as his secretary, I was the one who took the initiative to seduce the boss. I cannot afford to acquire a bad name as a vixen.

Thinking of that, I give a fake smile and greet him like usual: “Good morning general manager! How are you?”

Lu Jun narrows his eyes, looks at me for a moment and nods slightly: “Very good, I slept very soundly ‘last night’.”

Seeing that he deliberately emphasizes on the two words ‘last night’, I shiver all of a sudden and brace myself to say: “Yes ah, you have a fever last night until you are muddled. You have been sleeping continuously until you woke up this morning.”

He seems to understand the double meaning in my words because his face turns cold and looks askance at me: “I was not feverish until muddled. I remembered clearly everything which happened last night.”

“Last night? Nothing happened last night ah, haha.” I give a hollow laugh and try to avoid his watchful gaze due to my guilty conscience. I change the topic by saying: “General manager, we should be going back today. The seven days itinerary has ended and the return air ticket was booked for 12 noon.”

Lu Jun does not continue the topic. He evokes a smile, beckons to me and says: “Xia Ye, come over here.”

I instantly become more alert, take two consecutive steps backwards and stare at him: “Why?”

Seeing my reaction, Lu Jun stops smiling. Instead he frowns and says: “What are you afraid of? Afraid I’ll eat you again?”

After hearing what he said, I immediately look as if I’ve been injected with chicken blood (fervent). Even my hairs stand erect. I clench my fists, storm to his side and rage at him: “You have the nerve to ask me what I am afraid of? How can I not be afraid?! After you did such a savage act which is worse than a beast, how can I not be afraid? Didn’t you eat me on this sofa last night!?”

He stares blankly at me for a while before a smile appears in his eyes. He raises his eyebrows and asks: “Didn’t you say that nothing happened last night?”

I want to slap myself silly for making this confession without being pressed. Even if I want to pretend to be muddled, I also can’t do it now! If I get fired because of what happened last night, I’ll truly be losing my job as well as my body. Misfortune does not come singly (an idiom meaning a double whammy) ah!

Suddenly, Lu Jun starts to look serious. He waves his hand and says: “Xia Ye, I think we should talk properly about it.”

My nerves momentarily taut: “General manager, what do you want to talk about?”

He rubs both hands together, looks calmly at me and says sternly: “I think, after what happened last night, we can’t continue our prior  relationship.” Then he pauses, lifts his eyes to gaze at me and asks softly: “Do you understand what I mean?”

Really like this! My mood immediately turns to disappointment and I nod dejectedly: “General manager, I understand. I will do in accordance with your wishes.”

Lu Jun’s face shows a delighted smile. His eyelids flicker with a strange expression: “Very good, what do you intend to do?”

I solemnly and respectfully bow. Then I pledge in a depressed voice: “General manager, you can rest assured that I will hand in my resignation letter right away when we return to the company and will no longer appear in front of you.”

I lift up my eyes and see big boss Lu’s smile froze instantly, as if there is a burst of gloom and cold wind blowing around. I feel a bit numb.

Lu Jun lifts his eyes and looks at me with rapt attention. His voice sounds a bit disappointed and cold: “Xia Ye, why can’t you change to a different perspective to think about the issue?”

I look at him in bewilderment. Think from a different perspective? How to change? Use which kind of perspective? How to think? Could it be that I ought to yell bitterly at him to get him to compensate me? However, I am largely to blame for what happened last night. Thus I cannot justify asking him to compensate ah! Moreover, he can easily find any woman with his qualifications. There is absolutely no reason why he would fancy an ordinary small staff like me. No matter how I change my perspective, I am still in the wrong ah!

While looking at me, suddenly Lu Jun gets angry and snappily says: “Go and pack up. We’ll go back to the company at noon today!”

I look doubtfully at him and ask uncertainly: “General manager, we are not talking anymore?”

He: “Don’t talk to me.”

I: “Why?”

He: “If I continue to talk to you, I’m afraid I cannot help myself from strangling you.”

I: “……”

After being distressed in silent for a while, I quietly turn round to pack my luggage. As expected, big boss Lu bitterly regrets making a mistake last night, to the extent of wanting to strangle me. = =

The flight is at midday. Since boarding the plane, big boss Lu has never spoken to me. His face continues to look black and fierce like the King of Hell. I feel extremely depressed. Although he is considered a diamond (eligible and rich) bachelor with good qualifications, the one who is losing out in this kind of matter is me. Thus why is he showing me black face ah!

Perhaps it is because an unexpected incident happened on this trip. Although I was away for only a short period of seven days, suddenly I feel homesick and miss my dear mother which is rather unusual.

After getting off the plane, I feel physically and mentally exhausted. I carry my luggage and return home. The moment I open the door, I can see my mom’s familiar figure welcoming me warmly. When I look at her benevolent smile and happy face, I could not help but feel warm in my heart. Family is the best!

Mom comes over with open arms and her face cannot conceal her excitement: “Daughter, you’ve finally come back. I have been looking forward to see you every day!”

Seeing that she is rushing over so enthusiastically, I feel emotionally moved and is about to run over to hug her: “Mom! I also miss you very much!”

However my mother walks past me and heads for the luggage next to me. While she is opening them joyfully and excitedly, she says: “Finally you’ve brought the special local products back. I told your aunt Liu and aunt Qi that you travelled to Guilin with the boss of your large company but they do not believe me. With the special local products, see what else they can say!”

The arms I held out are stiff in the air. Mom, at this time why are you concerned about the special local products? You should be concerned about your daughter ah.

Perhaps God heard my prayer because all of a sudden, my mom comes over with a crafty look: “By the way Xia Ye, tell mom honestly how is the progress of your relationship with your boss?”

My nerves taut instantly: “What do you mean?”

“Aren’t the two of you ……” Mom gives me a knowing smile. It goes without saying it is also mixed with hope and expectation: “You are not young anymore, so it is best to have your wedding earlier. A good man is few and far between.”

Wedding …… she must be kidding. Thinking of big boss Lu’s gloomy and terrifying complexion in the airplane today, I shiver all over my body again. Judging from his disgusted attitude on what happened last night, it is already good that he did not fire me! I promptly dispel mom’s intention: “Mom, don’t build castle in the air. My general manager is very eligible so why would he fancy me? There is really nothing going on between us!”

The smile on mom’s face immediately disappears. She uses an investigative gaze to look closely and intensely at me: “Really?”

I exert myself physically to nod: “Really, you’re my mom so do I need to lie to you?”

“You are right.” Mom nods and appears a little disappointed. After thinking for a while, suddenly she stares at me and raises her voice: “It does not matter! Just continue to go on blind date. Aunt Li as well as Uncle Bo’s son are both pretty good. Go and give it a try to see if successful. If unsuccessful, I’ll change the candidate again. If once is not successful then go every day!”

“Mom, I don’t want ah! I don’t want to go on blind date so please spare me.” Hearing this, my face starts to look sad. Two completely unknown strangers getting together under an ambiguous atmosphere. It is often very awkward. Thinking about it already gives me a terrible headache.

Unexpectedly, mom is not pressing hard and pats me on the shoulder: “Okay, you can don’t go on blind date, provided you bring home a prospective suitor to let me see within two weeks. No problem, right?”

I say weakly: “Can I say that there is a problem?”

Mom nods: “Yes, I heard our neighbour uncle Wang’s second son likes you very much. Hence, both of you can go and have dinner tomorrow night to get to know each other better.”

I: “……”

After receiving the ultimatum issued by mom, I start to feel sad and worried. Where to get a prospective suitor in such a short period of time?

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  1. As expected, big boss Lu bitterly regrets making a mistake last night, to the extent of wanting to strangle me. = =
    – so stupid -______________- they never think in the same way…when they have conversation, both of them need to explain everything or the other party will misunderstand.

    oh my..why mother likes to ask her daughter to marry fast? *suffering stress bcoz mommy ask me to find bf* xiaye i feel you~

  2. Thank you Peanut for working so hard on this translation. A great break from my tiring day at work.

    Looking forward to the new page and blog on Wallace. Thanks to you girls… he has a new fan now… loved My Sunshine so much ♡♡♡

  3. Thanks for the translation…
    Great treat for today…

  4. Xia Ye needs a good shake to keep her mind from wandering. She watches a lot of dramas.
    Is there really somebody as naive as she is? No wonder Lu Jun is always disappointed. He needs to talk directly to her in a way that she understands.
    I’m a huge WC fan but all I can do is read and cheer for you.

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    I thing, moms in asia are the same!!!!!! Sigh

    Thanks peanuts!

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  9. Sigh… For Lu Jun, it is never easy. I’m not sure if I should cheer for him or laugh at him?

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  11. Xia Ye has a huge ‘inferior complex’ problem that’s why her brain can’t process well whenever Lu Jun makes advances. It’s like an internet error every time “Content not found.” Hahaha. LJ has to upgrade his methods, or maybe “downgrade” to match XY’s system. LOL.

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  17. Poor girl. It’s no wonder that she has no sense of self worth. Everyone treats her terribly. Hopefully, our hero will give her a boost.

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