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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 53 (FINAL online chapter)



This is it! I can’t believe it, but it’s the final chapter! Thanks to all who have followed along and gushed along with me, whether it be by comment or just secretly squealing. I had a blast!

For those who have asked, yes, the book is being published still.  Last week, Mo Bao Fei Bao said on her Weibo that she had just handed in her draft to the publisher, and the book should be out by May.  She even invited her biggest, most beloved CV idol to write a fore or afterword for it. Yes, there will be additional material that will be in the published book that is not in the current online version.  She gave a sneak-peek to fans on her Weibo of an excerpt, and it had me grinning like a silly girl. She even ties it in to Beautiful Bones (the next book I’m going to translate), which got all the fans excited. 🙂 As to when you’ll see these extra scenes being translated and posted on the blog here, it depends on when I can get my hands on the book, but judging from the past, with a May release date, I won’t be able to get one until at least the summer. Ask me if you ever want an update. 🙂

However, while this is the official end for now, I have a little RRMY treat for all of you for my next post. 🙂  So, Toupai and Sheng Sheng fans, come back on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

Chapter 53 (Final Chapter) – “Long Term Meal Voucher[1]

Overconcern will cause you to lose your cool and have unclear thinking.

Station after station went by. The metro’s distinctive sound of friction against the tracks as well as its unique smell inside the train car all caused her to feel more and more unsure about which destination she should go to. Fortunately, when she was holding her phone in her hand, she remembered Geng Xiaoxing. With the approach of just finding one person at a time, she called Geng Xiaoxing.

Clearly, this postgraduate girl was even idler than she was. When she picked up the phone, she sounded as if she had not woken up yet.

And also, there was a sense that she was talking furtively…

“Are you able to get ahold of Jue Mei?” Gu Sheng was in no mood to ask her why she was acting like she was a thief.

“Him, um… Not necessarily. Something urgent?”

“Mm-hmm.” She cut to the chase. “His phone is shut off, and I’m not sure the reason. I want to find him and I can’t… I don’t know if I should go to the hospital or his home. That’s why I want to ask Jue Mei if he’s home or not.”

Jue Mei worked from home, so asking him would, of course, be most effective.

“Oh, you’re looking for Toupai. Maybe he’ll be turning on his phone soon…”

Geng Xiaoxing was dragging out her voice, and it was not clear what she was thinking…

“But I’m on the metro already.” Gu Sheng exhaled lightly. “The next stop will be his home.”

“Huh? So urgent? What’s wrong?” Geng Xiaoxing noticed that her mood seemed rather downcast.

“Nothing… Just that, I happened to hear that their hospital has a patient with some sort of infectious disease and many medical personnel have been temporarily quarantined. I was already a little worried, and now, I can’t even get ahold of him… But based on the time, he should be off now, so I decided to just go have a look.”

“Toupai is such a good person, how could he have such bad luck, right?” Geng Xiaoxing lowered her voice. “I guarantee you, Toupai is absolutely fine. He may have just forgotten to charge his phone…”


Gu Sheng finally discovered that there was something a little abnormal about Geng Xiaoxing. Based on her familiarity with her as her roommate of four years, something was definitely amiss!

“How can you guarantee?” She started to turn the tables and question Geng Xiaoxing.

“In any case…”

“Have you seen him?”


“Geng Xiaoxing?” Gu Sheng’s tone was steely.

“Fine, I give in to you… Come over. I’m at Jue Mei’s place. Toupai seems to be sleeping…”

Just as she thought ( ⊙ o ⊙), ah!

The anxiety and fear she had felt in those twenty-plus minutes just a short while ago were now completely swept away. She also could not be bothered at the moment with finding out the gossip on how Geng Xiaoxing’s secret relationship with Jue Mei had reached the stage where they were having a date at his home. The metro happened to be pulling into the station right then, and with bag in hand, she ran out, swiped her metro card, exited the station, crossed the street, and entered his community compound.

It was a hard sprint the whole way. When she pulled out the key and opened the front door of Toupai’s home, there was sweat on her forehead.

The living room was quiet, like there was no one home. Her eyes glanced at Jue Mei’s door, which was tightly shut. I won’t bother with you right now, hmph hmph… She walked up to the door of Toupai’s room but then heard the noise of water from the bathroom, so she turned and followed the direction of the sound.

Toupai was holding a white towel and using it to rub his hair and wipe his face.

He had a habit where, everyday when he awoke, he liked to wash his face and then also wash his hair while he was at it…

As a result, once again, it was a picture of him with a laidback, wet-haired look.

She finally saw him.

All of a sudden, her heart fluttered.

Since their goodbye that night after their vacation, it had already been three days where they had not seen each other…

Three days. So long.

“Jue Mei woke me up just now.” He seemed a little tired as he hung the towel back up again. Stretching out his hand, he stroked her hair. “He said you were coming over. What’s the matter? Why were you suddenly looking for me?” While he spoke, he walked out of the bathroom with her and back to his room.

Reaching back, he shut the door behind him.

Gu Sheng, though, had not yet thought about how she was going to explain why she had suddenly come over.

In retrospect, the reason was actually rather silly… Those incidences that only had one one-thousandth of a chance of occurring, she still had somehow associated with him. It really was so silly that she was embarrassed to mention it, ah T.T……

She arbitrarily asked, “Your phone… is it out of battery?”

“Out of battery?” Mo Qingcheng picked up his mobile phone from the sofa and gave it a quick glance. “It does seem that it’s drained.”

He took out his charger, plugged it in, and turned on his phone.

Only now did he seem more awake as he sat on the bed and opened his arms to her.

Gu Sheng walked over to him. In a very natural motion, he wrapped his arms around her waist, buried his face into her chest, and inhaled lightly. “I really wish that the instant I wake up tomorrow, I will be able to see you.” Such a gentle, tender voice that did not conceal in the least that he missed her. She answered him with an “mm.” Her emotions had just been through a rollercoaster ride, and with him suddenly being so stirringly sentimental, she was utterly unable to withstand all of this

“I’m still a little sleepy…” He really did appear to be very tired. She reckoned that he had probably, again, gotten home and slept only two or three hours before he was woken up. When he was washing his face a moment ago, he had been slightly more alert, but as he held her like this and inhaled her scent, he started feeling drowsy again. “Sleep with me for a little while?”

“…… Alright.”

Very obediently, she took off her shoes and coat, and in her short-sleeved top and pants, she slipped under his blankets. She decided she would coax him to sleep first, and then when he awoke, she would tell him why she had unexpectedly rushed over …

He very naturally pulled her entire body into his embrace. After a while, however, he was no longer tired. And since he was not tired, it was time to eat something.

Nowadays, Mo Qingcheng’s appetite tended to favour her and not those potato chips, yogurt drinks, dried scallops, beef, or fish of some sort. His actions instantly caused her body to grow hot from head to toe. Why did it feel like she had smeared herself with seasoning and offered herself right up for him to eat? … In the end, she clutched at the blanket and could not help sticking her head out to protest.

Her whole body was drenched…

“Inside the fridge, there are some coconuts that I bought. In a little bit, I’ll go make some coconut rice for you to eat,” he said out of the blue.

She had not yet caught up with the beat of his thinking as she mumbled blankly, “You really managed to buy some… Is there enough for four people to eat?”

“It’s not four people, it’s just you and me.”


Jue Mei and Xiaoxing were going out to eat?

“Sheng Sheng?” he addressed her.

She looked at him.

Just like that, Mo Qingcheng changed the topic and said in an unhurried tone, “Do you want to be able to see me all the time?”

“Mm-hmm… But you’re busy. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

Besides, she was still a student, even though… most of her time this semester was actually pretty free.

He continued to ask, “Do you want to be able to find me at any time?”

Of course she did…

“Do you want it so that, even if I am not home at night, you can still sleep on our bed and wait for me to come back in the morning?”

Did he mean… ?

His voice grew soft and tender, and it was already carrying a slightly husky, bewitching feel in it. “Do you want to be able, everyday … to hear my voice? That no matter how late it is, I can still coax you to sleep?”

“Yes…” She finally surrendered.

Have you ever seen anyone propose that in bed? T.T ……

He gave a chuckle. “It’s good that you want to.”

And so, that could be considered to mean…?

That really was what it meant? …

His voice lowered again, and he told her, “And so, from now on, it’s only you and me. I will only cook for my wife.”

This was clearly the most obvious form of voice seduction possible. It was like the story had returned to the very beginning. Her voice had enticed him, and he had also used his voice to make it so that she had eyes for no one else…


Even in those places where you are not present, there will still continuously be stories of you.

Even without the internet as a carrying medium, you are still a name that is unsurpassable, and that name will still be appended to the back credits of countless commercials, television dramas, video games, and movies…… To allow all those who love you to seek after your voice.

That voice, the one that instantly strikes into the heart of the listener, the one that is unforgettable.

And yet, the actual you is right here beside me.

So real.

Qiang Qing Ci.



[1]长期饭票 Orig. ‘chang qi fan piao.’ Literally, this means “long term meal or food voucher” and is a figure of speech to describe a guarantee of being financially supported for the rest of a person’s life.

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  1. Omg, am I first? But I really hate to say goodbye to this cute couple so please translate those epilogues too. I’ll wait whenever you do so. Because of Toupai, now I’m starting to obsess about voices.

    • Yes, the “sofa” spot to you. (On Chinese forums, the “sofa” is awarded to the first person who replies to a post.) Don’t say goodbye yet. I will translate anything that is additional in the published book, and there’s also next post!

      Me, too! I have a favourite CV and singer now, too…

  2. *sniff* I need to find a guy who has a sexy voice and can cook for me TAT

  3. Thank you Hoju for all your hard work! It has been a pleasure to be on this translation ride with you. You and all the other c-novel translators are amazing!

    I have been a silent reader here, on SSB, and in several other c-novel translation blogs for quite some time now. But I felt like I had to peak my head out for this novel’s finale as I’m a HUGE fan of MBFB. I’ve listened to the audiobook for Beautiful Bones and am extremely excited for the translated version, so I’ll be sure to come back for it 🙂

    Oh Toupai, I miss you already!!! When I read RRMY, I feel as if I can actually hear a beautiful voice actor reading the lines to me. Haha, my sister thinks I’m hallucinating. But I seriously think the MVs and your amazing translations contribute to my hallucinations. May I ask for compensation? Or should I go to Peanuts for insurance claims? 😀

    • Thank you, Yuyu, for popping in and letting me know that you’ve been reading. 🙂 I love to know that people are following the story and to chat with readers.

      Hooray! Another Beautiful Bones lover. If I’m not mistaken, the audiobook is based on the online version and I’m going by the published book, so if you stick with me long enough, you’ll get some epilogues that you’ve never “heard” before. :p

      All bills and expenses can be sent to our friend, Peanuts. She may hire He Yi Chen to handle the case for her, though. 😉

  4. Awww, I was hoping this chapter would finally show them mutually cultivating…

  5. What! Ended already? I want Toupai and Sheng Sheng back……… Hoju, great job! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful story. Because of this novel, I have learn a lot about Chinese Ancient Music. Waiting eagerly for epilogue next and the next novel translation.

    • That’s exactly what I said the first time I read it! You are so very welcome. I’ve recruited more Toupai and ancient-style music fans. *pats self on the back*

      But, Toupai and Sheng Sheng are making a bonus appearance on Tues night/Wed…

  6. Thank you!

    Awww, the chapter was way too short! LOL. But it was a wonderful ending. 🙂 Too bad we didn’t get to see the parents’ meeting and the wedding bells. I wanted to see her meet his folks too. The scare made all her flighty emotions go nary even though she was already heading towards that direction. But in the end, the story really is of them, how they met online and him slowly courting her to real life.

    “It was like the story had returned to the very beginning. Her voice had enticed him, and he had also used his voice to make it so that she had eyes for no one else…” Love this line. 🙂

    • Yup. My one complaint on SSB about the story was the ending seemed to abrupt. I think when she decided to extend the story into the 3-D world and not end it at ch. 45 where she had originally intended, it brought in things like meeting the parents. Really wish we got to see that happen.

      Although I still think chapter 45 is a better “full circle”, that last line does tie things back to the beginning again. 🙂 I like it, too.

      You’re welcome! Thanks for following along from the beginning.

  7. Thank you dear hoju for your hardwork!!! Really can’t believe this is the ending. Good luck for your future works! Hehe. Really, really enjoy reading it. Thank you so much.

    • You’re welcome, sweettooth! So, has Toupai given you a cavity now? 😉
      It’s the ending, but not really… come back next post for the little bonus, and then we’ll just temporarily say goodbye until I get my hands on the book!

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    • It’s still my favourite, too. 🙂 It will come out for a re-read in a couple months again.

      Thank you for following along all this time. 🙂 Wake up in a couple days to a little bonus treat.

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    I became obsessed in Chinese novels and was so lucky to find this blog.
    Thank you so much hoju and to all the beautiful ladies that contributes to this blog.
    Looking forward to Beautiful Bones.

    • Me, too. My one complaint about the novel is the ending. I’m eagerly awaiting the epilogues, not just because I love Toupai x Sheng Sheng, but I’m hoping it will feel a bit more definite in the ending. Still my favourite romance c-novel, though.

      Looking forward to chatting with you in Beautiful Bones.

      • Thank you very much, Hoju! For translating this wonderful novel, even though I only found out this novel late, still! I fell in love with these two lovely couple. I really appreciate your hard work.

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    However, it’s a happy ending.. No 3rd, 4th and xx party!!! Only both of them.. Really nice..

    Thank you hoju!!! Cant wait for your another project!!! Fighting!

    • Haha. This is already a stretch for Sheng Sheng to get proposed to in bed. They’ve been dating for a few months only, remember? Although, I do hope Toupai gives her a more official proposal. And I wouldn’t complain if the epilogue showed a wedding, too.

      Thank you, Yui!

  12. I really love this novel. Thanks for all the hardwork all this time!!!!

  13. Thank you so much for your hard work! This was such a cute and sweet novel 🙂

  14. What, that was the end? ☺️ Was that considered a proposal? 😉

    Thank you for keeping your promise to finish this translation, Hoju! I really enjoy reading this novel. From this novel, I get to experience the beautiful ancient Chinese songs especially 小曲儿 先生… 😍
    I’d like to get an update when you get a chance to translate the epilogue from the published novel. Can you see the email that I use here?

    On another note, I finished happy hour a few days ago. I love the novel too & the ending was awesome. The only thing I wasn’t happy about was that Gu Long didn’t really explain what the relationship was between Commander Jin & Yan Qi. Everybody thought that they were father & daughter at first but everybody turned out to be wrong about their relationship.

    Good luck translating Beautiful Bones, Hoju! I will come back to read this new novel in a few months…

    • Haha. As I alluded to in our discussions, I think the ending is a weakness. Just didn’t want to put that in any comments up above to bias anyone. I just think if things had ended at chapter 45, the 2-D world where they met would have closed and things move on. We wouldn’t be left wondering about meeting the parents or stuff like that. Now, I want to see Sheng Sheng “fix” that she turned down Toupai twice. Yup, that was kind of a proposal… but I’m still hoping he proposes more officially. Come on, Dr. Mo. We need a ring at least!

      Mwahaha! I think I’ve made a few voice lovers and/or ancient-style music lovers out of this novel! But I blame it on the author. She started it. :p

      Yes, I can see your email. I’ll try to keep you updated. Remember to come back in a couple days for the bonus post. 😉

      Happy Hero! Oh my, that feels like my previous life. Aren’t the humour and philosophies in that novel so funny… yet, sometimes so astonishingly true as well? You’re lucky that that is the only loose end you’re complaining about. Gu Long is famous for leaving loose ends all over the place in his novels. Happy Hero is a very well tied-up and concluded novel for him.

      Don’t stay away too long. Or come over occasionally and gush with me about 小曲儿. Peanuts at least puts up with my gushing about my favourite CV, but I need you and Mel to humour me about my ancient-style music love.

      • Oops.. I Can’t stay away too long from this website 😜 I remember you said that the ending wasn’t good so I should have prepared myself. This novel is still my favorite modern c-novel though. Although Gu Sheng’s character is on my dislike character since she doesn’t have confidence by rejecting Dr. Mo’s request to meet the parents. Not once but twice 😳

        I’m changing my email since I can’t get any update with the other email for whatever reason. Please use this one instead. Please do email me if you want to discuss about ancient style music especially about 小曲儿.

        • Haha! Welcome back for your brief stay.

          While I don’t like that Sheng Sheng rejected Toupai twice, it’s not totally unreasonable. What I’ve realized from reading these c-novels is, when you formally meet the parents, it often means that you are openly acknowledging and getting your parents blessing that this person is *the one*. It’s quite a bit different from my N. American upbringing where meeting your other half’s parents is an acknowledgement of your existence but doesn’t necessarily have any implications for commitment. We all believe Toupai is dead serious about Sheng Sheng and she knows that he likes her a lot, but they have been only dating for a few months. At the young age of 22-ish, Sheng Sheng is probably wondering if things are moving too fast. After all, less than half a year ago, he was merely a voice that made her voice beat faster.

          Oh, and at least come back in a few hours!

          Yay! I have an ancient-style music buddy. 🙂

        • I understand that culture but technically they already did everything but that one last step 😜 so their relationship is already somewhat official. Hehehe…

          Are you in the east coast too? I live in the Midwest but use eastern standard time & I notice we have the same time when we post this message…

          • I’m on the west, Mountain Standard Time. This is kids’ nap/quiet time right now, so that means it’s my quiet time, too.

            About Sheng Sheng, I believe she is dead serious, but you know that feeling she mentioned in the last chapter about being scared of losing the good thing you have? Plus, China’s culture is becoming more and more open, so their intimacy to her probably does not mean that things will necessarily mean an “I do.” Not that she is fooling around, just that she’s worried about the future.

            Anyways, check back in a few hours and it might help…

  15. I’ve been a silent reader/squealer all this time, but I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful translations! I loved this sweet novel so much! And I’m going to miss Toupai like crazy T.T

    • Firstly, welcome and thank you for following along all this time. 🙂 I think Toupai is pretty squeal-worthy, so I’m glad I can recruit others to squeal with me. Remember, remember to come back next posting time for your Toupai bonus. 😉 And also check in for any additional epilogues or extended ending… (not sure what it is yet)

  16. Finally I finished this…was waiting for the final chapter before starting to read this novel as I have the tiniest patience to wait for chapters to be posted. What I really enjoyed your wonderful works is that you inserted youtube clips of the songs and the translated lyrics….this even made the whole novel more meaningful and very much appreciated. I would had preferred the novel ending with the scene in YY channel with another beautiful ancient song…….after all that’s where they started off. I am now a fan of ancient chinese music (findings loads of them in youtube) as much as I always enjoy china’s historical/period dramas.

    Regardless…….thank you very much for this joyful ride. I shall come back again for Beautiful Bones, much later.

    • I completely understand. I followed one of Mo Bao Fei Bao’s other novels while she was writing, and I wanted to face palm myself for doing it. The agony of waiting and not knowing what’s going to happen next… I have not done it again.

      Doesn’t listening to the music completely change the reading experience? It made such a difference when I was first reading, so I’m glad the songs have enhanced your reading, too.

      So, the author’s original intention was to end the story at chapter 45 in the YY channel with Toupai bidding farewell to the 2-D world and Shang Ye playing in the background. I’ve commented before how I thought it was actually very appropriate, as well, but also greedily would have complained like the fans did that I didn’t have enough of Toupai and Sheng Sheng. I can understand why YY was not brought back after that point because Toupai’s farewell was symbolic of both of them closing that chapter in their relationship and becoming a truly 3-D world relationship. However, I wouldn’t have complained if the novel had ended with one of them singing an ancient-style song to the other.

      Yay! Another ancient-style music fan. Do you have a favourite singer/song yet?

      Thank you for commenting and telling me your thoughts on the novel. Please do come back again for Beautiful Bones, whenever that may be!

  17. Thank you for this novel

  18. Awww. It’s the end. Sniff. I really really miss Toupai already. But that really was a nice proposal or should I say bribery? Hahaha!

    Thanks a lot hoju!!! I send you lots of love and admiration for rhe tremendous effort and time spent translating this as well as providing those background notes and videos for a fuller experience. I will definitely be following your other translations and continuing reading through the other translations in this website. More power to you wonderful ladies!!!

    • As sentimental as I am, I’m going to save my sniffles until the final bits. I’m pretending to send Toupai and Sheng Sheng on another vacation until I get my hands on that book! And there is more Toupai next posting slot. 🙂

      Thank you for reading my background notes and comments! 🙂 I sometimes wonder how useful they are…

      Looking forward to discussing the next novel with you. 🙂

  19. *raises hand* I’m also a silent reader… I’ve read Silent Separation, You are Still Here, and Come & Eat, Shan Shan but guess I have to come out now for Toupai and Sheng Sheng lol. I just want to say thank you so much for translating this amazing series (and all the other ones too even if I never commented!) I’m gonna miss Toupai so much T__T
    I can just re-read this over and over again because this couple is just SO CUTE! :D& I’m also looking forward to your new project! 🙂 ❤

    • Yay! Thank you for supporting the blog and coming out to say hi! I love hearing from old and new readers alike. I re-read RRMY every few months because it makes me so happy. And now that you don’t have to wait for my updates, you can read it all in one go!

      Drop by over in Beautiful Bones, too! Would love to hear from you. 🙂

  20. Thank you for your translation. I’ll miss this novel.

  21. Did not comment for long because i was reluctant to say goodbye. How could bear to let go of you Toupai? Im having withrawal symptoms already.

    Thank you so much for all the dedications on finishing the novel hopefully there will be lots ss once the novel gets published. Likr meeting the parents and married life. ≧﹏≦

    • I’m really hoping for lots of extra stuff. Beautiful Bones had three additional epilogues after it went to the printing press, so hopefully…

      Withdrawal symptoms? Stay tuned for something in a few hours. :p

      Thanks for faithfully commenting every update. 🙂 I really enjoy reading them. And don’t let go of Toupai. Just re-read… :p

  22. You totally hooked me onto voices with this translation. Can’t believe it’s finally the end, sob sob. Bwah, it’s time for Sheng Sheng and Toupai to move onto romantic things without us, wuuaaaaaaaaaaaah.
    This novel has really taught me much… Namely, judging people by their voice, haha. I’m really going to miss this, and hoju too of course.
    Ergh, I feel like I’m at a funeral.

    • Oooh! Another person converted to be a voice lover! Then you really need to enter the world of radio dramas and audiobooks. So, there is nothing official out yet, but MBFB has invited her favourite CV to do a radio drama of RRMY and he has accepted. Hoping it pans out!!

      You don’t have to miss me. Come visit me in my next translation. 🙂

  23. Thank you hoju for sharing this sweet, tender and heartwarming story with us.

    Sheng Sheng & Cheng Cheng, you keep on being so doting and loving and happy and sweet and… perfect! I will miss you guys!

  24. Thank you for your hard work Hoju!! This novel is really really short! I want more of Toupai ! Now that I’m into it, have to say goodbye. 😦

  25. After reading this book, I’m really interested in CVs hehehe.

    BTW, I love his friends. They are so much fun XDD

  26. A good looking doctor who cooks and seduces with his voice….you were done from the moment he started LOL

    Proposal sucess!

    • I heart c-novel doctors. Serious weakness. Serious. My top 3 favourite male leads are all doctors. And then you stick him in an apron and tell him to sing. Be still, my heart!

  27. It really is a fast marriage

  28. Thank you so much … I really loved it ! Fightaing ^^

  29. Hoju… Thank you for bringing this lovely story to my attention…. ❤ ❤ ❤

  30. This novel is stole my ❤.Sweetness overload

    • Glad you love it. As you can probably tell, I adore this novel. Gives me tingles and girly giggles every time. Thanks for reading!

  31. Toupai and Sheng Sheng couple is definitely one of the best OTPs out there ❤
    Hoju — Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication on translating this novel~

  32. Re-reading this after only a few months! I couldnt resist this couple! Want to see this made for tv!
    Ok, random question, but did they ever release the song ‘Sword Cry in the Land of the River and Lakes’? this is the song that Sheng Sheng came to the studio to record where she first met Toupai.

  33. This was honestly one of the most beautiful novels I have read. Minimal drama, and was just a sweet, fluffy romance between the two main leads. I enjoyed it so much and thank you once again for translating this. ❤

  34. Thanks, it was a pleasure read this novel. You did a wonderful work. English is not my first language and sometimes I have to come back to the dictionary to understand the whole idea but I think it is worthy. I discovered Chinese novels and I fall in love with it.

    • ❤ I am very glad you enjoyed the novel and happy that you're willing to read through, even with all the extra effort.
      Thank you. 🙂

  35. Haaaaa excellent excellent excellent. Hoju sama please share your secret. How do you manage to always translate the most engaging books that tug on heartstrings???? You are honeatly wonderful. A big thanks to author sama as well. I really enjoyed this book.
    Back to my fangirling!!! Ahhhhhhhh Mo Qing Cheng!!!!! Dr Mo.!!!!!!! I miss you already. Hope to hear a voice like yours someday😁😁😁😁😁😁

    • LOL. I’m glad you like it. I just translate the ones that I like, so maybe we share some of the same tastes? 😉

      I LOVE Dr. Mo. Serious, he makes my heart flutter.

  36. This last scene when she feel anxious and unsure make me feel sorrow. It’s feel like I was the one there feeling helpless. When she get to see him, hearing his words…I cried. I feel relieved and just wanna cried until he know how I feel about him.
    I really love the scene in this chapter. It’s looks like they really take the next step to be together forever and don’t care about the unsure things anymore. I can see GS finally embrace her own feeling and be brave for her future with MQC.
    Such wonderful story. I never feel bored from re-read this story.
    Thanks for author Mo Bao Fei Bao for the great couple and for Hoju to translates this story.
    Thank you so much

  37. This story has been wonderful ride. As it was a stumbled upon it was unexpected and heartwarming one.
    Thank you for translating this wonderful piece.

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