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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 9.1



Okay, Xu Mo Ting is back if anyone is missing him 🙂 There is something of a showdown between him and Zhou Jin Cheng with An Ning stuck in the middle. Also, by now you should realize, Mo Ting likes to kiss, lol.

Chapter 9.1: Know Whether It is Cold or Warm by Oneself

As the ‘lucky girl’ who famous senior brother Jiang Xu likes or the person who is involved with the leader of the Faculty of Foreign Studies after the talent competition, wherever Li An Ning goes, she will also attract a lot of criticism now. With the height of 1.65 metres ( 5 feet and 4.96 inches) and with a seemingly ‘arrogant’ attitude, the spectators only dare to whisper but dare not speak out.

Coming back to the matter with Jiang Xu, it has to be traced back to three weeks ago. He had a drink with a friend. At that time, Jiang Xu’s mood was not particularly good. After drinking a bottle of red wine, he spit out the truth about taking a fancy to a girl in the Department of Physics. This matter was spread around by his drinking friend on the next day to such an extent that it broken the heart of his fans Thus, it was unavoidable to have a round of investigation. Ultimately, it was traced to a person  with the surname Fu from the Department of Physics.  Some daring female students went directly to provoke while Miss Fu also did not deny it: “I am the one, so what?”

However, some astute people started out from the little clues and tracked them to discover it was actually someone else. This someone was Fu Qiang Wei’s roommate because it was said senior brother Jiang had “taken the initiative” to look for her several times.

When Xu Mo Ting heard about this in his dormitory, he only snorted coldly.

Li An Ning was the most innocent one because she did not do anything. Yet she became the female lead in a scandal. Furthermore there was another recent one, which said that she abused the leader of the Faculty of Foreign Studies …… An Ning wished to weep without tears. She can pay no attention to the matter on Jiang Xu, but when did she abuse Xu Mo Ting?

Because it was too stressful, resulting in her arriving late for work for a few days and in poor condition. Today, she has just set foot in the office, the director already came over to tell her something: “Today, someone will be coming over for an inspection. The city mayor will also be among them. Basic level staff like us must do our job well and be in tip-top condition at all times to wait respectfully on them.”

Jia Jia raised her hand: “Does the people from the Laboratory Division also has to attend?”

“Not necessarily, but if they come over, we must at least demonstrate without any careless mistake. With advance preparation, things will not go wrong.” After saying that, the director walked to the front of Li An Ning and said: “Afterwards, you go up and help around because the boss may not have enough staff. Chu Qiao said you are pretty good in your work.”


While going over the details with the director, Jia Jia was standing next to her with an expectant look. After finishing the discussion, An Ning was about to turn round to ask her but she has already excitedly asked her first: “An Ning, did you accompany the boss to go to dinner last time? Did you meet an impressive looking handsome man with an arrogant air ah?”



Colleague big sister Jia: “Then was there one about thirty something years old but less than forty?  Mature, earnest, strong financial background, wearing rimless glasses and limited edition Rolex watch, and will always move his head slightly to the side when listening to people talking …… ”

Suddenly An Ning has a strange premonition, it can’t be ……

“His surname is Zhou.”

An Ning: “……” Director, can I take back that ‘okay’ ah?

At noon, after talking to the boss’s secretary, An Ning who was collating some information was silent for a moment. Finally, she straightened her back and went out like a dead pig who was not afraid of being scalded by boiling water.

Before she left, the director warned her: “An Ning ah, they are government officials so be careful when serving them.”


When she arrived on the 15th floor and was about to go to the secretary’s desk to report for duty, Chu Qiao saw her first. “An Ning!”

An Ning turned round and greeted manager Chu.

“Trouble you again to come up to help.”

An Ning smiled and replied: “Since this is so, I would accept it ……” She has already adjusted herself mentally. Since she cannot avoid it,  she might as well deal with it.

Chu Qiao did not beat around the bush: “In fact, it was the head who specifically asked you to come over. An Ning, as it turns out you know Zhou Jin Cheng?”

“Well …… What do I need to do?”

Chu Qiao smiled and did not mind that she changed the topic. Then she explained what was needed to be done next: “Later, have to trouble you and Ah Lan to make tea and bring them in. If they ask about the things in the company which you know, you can explain all of them. In addition, you accompany me to go with them to every departments to walk a round. I’ll give the explanation, so you only need to follow after me.”

An Ning nodded and Ah Lan came over. She smiled at her and allocated half of the disposable cups in her hand to her, “One of the person inside is my dream lover.”

An Ning showed she understood.

When she pushed open the door to go in, the initially calm Li An Ning nearly slipped when she saw the person standing by the window.

Ah Lan looked at her: “What happened?”

“Nothing.” She tried to steady herself to carry a tray of West Lake Longjing tea and moved forward. When He Tian Lian took the cup from her, he smiled and said: “You’ve worked hard.”

An Ning also smiled and was about to turn around when the boss said: “Go and say hello to your uncle.”


“When we were coming here, Jin Cheng was saying he has a relative working here.” A portly official said loudly: “So, she is your niece ah?”

Zhou Jin Cheng was sitting on a seat which showed his status and position: “She can be considered to be my niece. She is Li Qi Shan’s daughter.”

This sentence made a lot of people stopped in their tracks. An Ning frowned and looked at Zhou Jin Cheng. In the end, she walked over to his side and gently put the cup on the table. “Please drink the tea.”

“Are you used to working here?”

“…… Okay.”

Zhou Jin Cheng seemed to have merely asked casually and nodded faintly. While sipping the tea, he talked to the person next to him.

After that, with each cup of tea An Ning gave out, she’ll also hear this, “Girl, when your father held an office in this city, he did a lot of favors for me ah.” “Come to uncle’s house for dinner later.” And so on ……

If she continue to walk on the right side, she’ll reach the window …… Should she backtrack? Well, it was not feasible in the long run.

Jia Jia should have said clearly. An impressive looking handsome man with an arrogant air …… this description was too general.

An Ning hesitantly went over and handed out the last cup of green tea on the tray.

“Thank you.” He said.

An Ning waved her hand: “Uh, you are welcome.”

Two people who was standing not far away, glanced at him. One of them laughed out: “Mo Ting, don’t treat people so coldly. The little girl is nervous to meet you.”

An Ning: “……”

Xu Mo Ting transferred the paper cup to his other hand. His attitude has always been arrogant. He will act like a stranger with people who he did not want to deal with.  He will just watch the course of events from the outside. Contrary to what one might expect, he was smiling now and said in an amiable and approachable tone, “Are you nervous?”

“……” A person with many similar experiences can be certain that he was making fun of her —— She subconsciously glared at him, wisely turned round and walked away.

Mo Ting’s eyes flashed with a hint of a faint smile. He discovered that he was so easily appeased …… He raised his hand to stroke the space between his eyebrows. Although unwilling to admit, it seemed like he has really been beaten.

He took a sip of the tea in his hand. He has never liked paper cup and also did not like green tea.

She discovered someone was gazing at her, so she looked up and saw Zhou Jin Cheng’s deep in thought expression. Mo Ting nodded faintly.

When An Ning was coming out, Ah Lan who has been listening to their conversation, was a bit over-excited: “An Ning, you are not nervous to stand in front of him?”

She could not help but coughed, “The one who you are interested in is Xu Mo Ting?”

“His surname is Xu?”

An Ning: “Oh …… I am guessing.”

Ah Lan was already staring suspiciously at her: “I almost forgot, you also seem to be descendant of senior communist officials. Speaking of which, is your family long-term friend with his family?”

“My ——” My mother is just a language teacher.

Ah Lan interrupted her to prevent her from giving an excuse: “Li An Ning, do you still remember your first day in the office? Who brought you around and to the cafeteria to eat? Who—— ”

An Ning surrendered. “If only to introduce …… I’ll try.” Will this be regarded as betraying a ‘friend’ for personal interest?

Ah Lan was moved to tears. After that, she muttered like a obssessed woman: “He really makes people exclaim in admiration, right? He is about the same age as us but he is so – so hard to describe ah!”

An Ning hesitated before saying: “Ah Lan, I am a year younger than you.”

“……” Ah Lan: “I am forever eighteen!”

“…… Okay.”

The two girls did not gossip for long because Chu Qiao came over to call An Ning to go with him to ‘show’ the visitors around.

He Tian Lian was talking cheerfully and wittily with several leaders in front. A group of people followed after them as a mere formality to view the flowers from horseback (an idiom meaning a fleeting glance in passing). An Ning walked the slowest. When reaching the technology department, Zhou Jin Cheng waited for her to arrive and walked side by side with her.

Initially, An Ning wanted to pretend as if nothing had happened. Consequently his first sentence was: “I am going back to G city next week so follow me back for a visit.” He spoke in a declarative sentence.

An Ning’s heart felt uneasy but she merely said: “I might be very busy next week.”

“I’ve already talked to your boss.”

She stopped walking and her heart felt even more uneasy. She calmly lowered her head, “I don’t want to go there.” After many years, she spoke willfully again. She always thought she will be able to deal with all types of sudden occurrence. Apparently, she has overestimated herself.

A brief silence. “Then when do you want to go there?” Zhou Jin Cheng retreated a step.

She did not want to go anywhere. An Ning was about to say that, but someone held her gently around the waist. The light intonation sounded familiar. “She will not go anywhere.”

The air is shrouded in a strange atmosphere. Zhou Jin Cheng looked at her. An Ning lowered her eyes. Even now, she was still a little scared of the way he has been dealing with things.

“Sorry, please excuse us.” When Xu Mo Ting was bringing her away, An Ning’s face was a little hot. She felt ashamed of her own weakness. Sometimes, she’ll suddenly want to rely on a person, because that person can be trusted.

“Mo Ting, you are really good.” She said in a low voice and felt that his pace was slowing down. When they went into the conference room, An Ning was about to ask him to take a seat first. But he held the back of her head and pressed her against the door. Then with lightning speed, he kissed her. The tip of his tongue immediately and eagerly conquered hers. He also guided her to kiss him back and made her lips and tongue stained with his own saliva …… When the passionate kissing became light licking, An Ning felt her entire chest has been emptied. She looked at this person in front of her with wet and confused eyes. Xu Mo Ting lowered his eyes, blocking a kind of youthful temptation.

An Ning tried to calm her flustered heart, extremely embarrassing. Here was her office, so someone could come into the conference room any time …… she could not help but glared at him again. Mo Ting has difficulty concealing the slight throbbing of his chest, but he spoke calmly as before: “Want to have dinner together?”

At present, An Ning’s mind was still muddled so she did not know why she said: “My roommates asked you when are you going to invite them to eat at a wedding banquet?”

A look of surprise flashed through Xu Mo Ting’s eyes. He tried to control himself and only smiled faintly: “Then today la, ‘wifey’.”


At this moment, someone knocked on the door, “An Ning, when are you inviting us to your wedding banquet ah?”

It was Jia Jia. Realizing what she had told her before, An Ning groaned and buried herself in Xu Mo Ting’s chest. So humiliating!

When Zhou Jin Cheng was leaving, he said to her, “I will look for you to talk again.”

An Ning has always been soft-hearted to people, but eventually she said: “If I want to go back, I will go back on my own.”

When Zhou Jin Cheng was starting his car, he raised his eyebrows and looked at the handsome man slowly walking towards her in the rearview mirror. If it was Xu Mo Ting, then it’ll be difficult to deal with ……


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