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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 9.2



Surprise another update so fast 😛 ? Back to normal next week !!! Mao Mao and gang are back to provide humour 🙂 Don’t you like a guy who will go to the supermarket with you and cook for you?

Chapter 9.2: Know Whether It is Cold or Warm by Oneself

An Ning really wanted to shallow back the words ‘wedding banquet’ and pretended that she did not say it. Or say wait for the next one, at least wait until he has forgotten the words. Consequently as a person who is not good at telling lies, she said hesitantly: “My mobile phone battery has died ——”

“Then use mine.” He has already handed over his mobile phone.

An Ning hesitantly took it, turned and looked at the streetscape outside of the car window. Then she bowed her head to dial a phone number.

The other party picked up the call very quickly, “Who are you?” A familiar yet also unfamiliar soft tone.

She can’t help but sighed softly, “It is me.”

The other party paused and immediately returned to normal voice: “Ah ah ah, I thought a handsome guy called me! Meow Meow, why did you change your perfectly all right number?”

I also did not want to, “Mao Mao, do you want to come out to eat?”

“Are you treating?!”

“Uh, Xu Mo Ting will be treating.”

The sound of screaming could be heard from the other end. A long time later, Qiang Wei took over: “Meow Meow, we strongly request to go to brother-in-law’s home to eat!”

“……” An Ning turned to ask Mo Ting, trusting her luck and expecting him to be ‘difficult to speak to’. However, the fact always goes against her expectation.

“Okay.” So easy only.

An Ning told them the address and after hanging up the phone, she thought of a problem: “Is there enough food in your house?” It was not that she was worrying over nothing but Mao Mao and gang really eat like locusts.

Xu Mo Ting turned the steering wheel, “Not enough, so we have to go to the supermarket first.”

What will it be like to stroll in the supermarket with Xu Mo Ting? An Ning looked at the handsome figure next to her who was pushing the shopping cart. Frankly speaking, his appearance and stature are considered outstanding. Thus even in ordinary casual wear, he still looks good. Xu Mo Ting maybe low-key, but that did not mean people will not pay attention to his remarkability. There were already a lot of people casting their gaze at him when they walked past him.

“Can they eat seafood?” When they were at the freezer area, he suddenly leaned close to her and whispered in her ear.

“…… Yes.”

Mo Ting bent over to pick up several frozen produce. Suddenly An Ning called to mind that Qiang Wei would not be happy without wine. Thus she pulled the sleeves of the person next to her: “Mo Ting, can I buy wine ah?”

After she blurted out this sentence, both of them actually paused for a while. Such natural conversation, sounded like a pair of old married couple. An Ning immediately coughed and turned away: “I’ll go and get the wine. You wait here.”

Xu Mo Ting straightened up and looked at the person running away. His lips curved into a faint smile.

Someone tapped on An Ning’s shoulder when she has just turned into the aisle.

“Li An Ning, we meet again.”

She turned and saw a tall guy smiling at her. An Ning was a little surprised: “Assistant class monitor?”

“It is rare that you can recognize me so fast ah.” He continued to smile. “Shopping for grocery?”


Assistant class monitor seemed to be in the mood to chat with her—— An Ning did not know how to tell him that she is in a hurry.

“Assistant class monitor, aren’t you studying in Japan?” How come you are here?

“I’ve come back! I was just an exchange student and was there for a year only.” While talking, he thought of something, “Xu Mo Ting is also in a similar situation.”

Hearing this, An Ning was wondering: “What is the similarity?”

“Oh, you didn’t know? He was studying in the United States and came here as an exchange student for a year. He should be going back around the end of the year——”

A mere few seconds, An Ning’s mood started to sink slowly.

He has been used to seeing Li An Ning being indifferent and calm. Suddenly, he was a little not used to seeing the melancholy look on her face. Realizing the possibility of a relationship between her and Xu Mo Ting, the assistant class monitor said in embarrassment: “Did I say something which I shouldn’t be saying?”

“No.” An Ning shook her head and voiced her doubt, “Uh, assistant class monitor, this should be just the opposite of your situation, right?” After she asked that, she felt very sorry because his complexion became extremely poor. Hence she quickly remedied: “In fact, it can also be said different tunes played with equal skill!” (an idiom meaning different methods leading to the same result)

“Thank you for your words of comfort.” He sighed lightly.

After the assistant class monitor left, An Ning dithered in front of the wine rack for half a minute before walking back to the freezer area. Mo Ting was leaning on the shopping cart while waiting for her.

When An Ning’s calm eyes came into contact with his gaze, he showed a weak smile and did not mean to urge her, “Chosen already?”

An Ning replied “yes” and went over to put the bottle in her hand into the shopping cart.

“What happened?” Xu Mo Ting has always been an intuitive person.

An Ning regained her composure and shook her head slightly: “Nothing, just met a person I know.”

“Oh?” On the surface, the breeze was still and the waves were quiet (an idiom meaning all is quiet). After walking two steps, he asked in a calm and collected manner: “Do I know that person?”

After all, she is not good at lying, “He is the assistant class monitor in high school.”

Mo Ting did not pursue further this time. It can be said he has self-control. Maybe because of the complexity of many relationships, making him conceal some of his dark sides. Every move was meticulously planned.

When the car arrived at the apartment, Mao Mao and gang were already waiting downstairs. The moment they saw An Ning, they came up to hug her like they have not seen each other for many years. They turned round to call brother-in-law like they were very familiar with him.

In the elevator, Mao Mao kept on muttering: “I am surprised I can enter Xu Mo Ting’s home. I actually can enter Xu Mo Ting’s home ……”

An Ning secretly moved away a step but her arm accidentally hit Xu Mo Ting. Thus she subconsciously moved back a step. She did not notice his eyes narrowed slightly once.

Qiang Wei smiled in a flattering way: “Sorry ah brother-in-law for coming here to bother you —— and Meow Meow.”

“It’s nothing.” He is very nice.

Zhao Yang: “Please take care of our family Meow Meow in the future.”

“I ought to do that.”

An Ning: “……”

After they entered the apartment, Mao Mao touched everything and kept muttering again: “High-end, really high-end. Our family Meow Meow has advanced.”

“……” An Ning

Xu Mo Ting took off his coat, “Please wait for twenty minutes and help yourself.”

A trio of friends: “It does not matter how long we’ve to wait!”

It was hard to imagine a person like Xu Mo Ting can cook. He rolled up his sleeves and tied a black apron around his waist. Appearing elegant and skillful in action.

Qiang Wei who was sitting on the sofa leaned on An Ning and whispered in her ear: “Your man really is omnipotent ah!”

Zhao Yang: “Magnificent style unmatched in his generation (an idiom meaning peerless talent).”

Mao Mao covered her mouth with her hand and laughed: “I wonder how is his skill in bed?”


After dinner, the trio very tactfully left before nine o’clock. An Ning wanted to leave with them, but Xu Mo Ting pulled her back, “I have something to say to you.”

She can’t count on the trio who have already hurried into the elevator. Facing his calm expression, An Ning was unconsciously thinking of what to say to mask her slightly flustered heart.

“Thank you …… for today’s dinner.”

There was clearly a probing glint in Xu Mo Ting’s eyes as if he wanted to uncover some real emotion on her face. In the next moment, he held out his hand to touch her side face, but merely for a brief moment before releasing her.

“An Ning, whatever you want to know, I also can tell you.” This was not the first time that he had spoken this sentence but there was a somewhat implied profound meaning this time.

Her heart skipped a beat, but she did not utter a word.

Maybe, they would have broken up after a few months. She has her own simple life and did not want to involve too much emotion at first.  However, suddenly she turned round and discovered this man had already walked into her life. What to do now?

An Ning felt sad. On the way back from the supermarket, her mind was preoccupied throughout the journey. Normally, she was used to being sloppy, but her mood was somewhat uncertain today. Looking at the person in front of her, suddenly she felt a little grievance. In the end, she stretched forward her hand to grasp his clothes firmly and affixed her lips on his. Regardless of whether or not the other party was willing, in a spurt of energy An Ning explored.

The interior light was shinning on his cheek and making his original handsome outline seemed exquisite and tender. His normally astute black eyes were even more deep. Xu Mo Ting lowered his eyes and has already closed the door. His hand was hugging her small waist, with strength that intended to encourage.

A man’s greed sometimes cannot be controlled by sheer willpower. Moreover the person doing the provoking is the object of your deep desire so submitting to this desire was an easy thing. His fingers slowly entwined in her long hair like he was controlling her. It would also seem like he was letting her control him.

At this moment, the phone rang and awakened the two persons with hazy consciousness. Suddenly, An Ning realized her outrageous behaviour which even scared herself. She moved back a step and was definitely embarrassed. Her face was flushing and she looked extremely guilty: “I, I’m sorry.”

After ringing for five or six times, it became quiet. The man opposite has also been quiet all along. An Ning looked up and saw her figure reflected clearly in his eyes. This pair of blazing eyes were covered by a layer of blurry mist now, like it can possibly suck human soul. Mo Ting led that blank and distracted person slowly into his embrace. The two bodies fitted well and filled the gap between them.

He leaned on her and uttered a soft moan into her ear: “An Ning, are you tempting me?”

They stood still for a few seconds, until Xu Mo Ting sighed: “I’ll send you home.” Sometimes he also admired his own endurance.

Perhaps to prevent them from acting intimate again, Xu Mo Ting’s subsequent action can be said to be reasonable and accordingly. When they were looking at each other, there was still some warm and pleasant lingering effect but no one dared to stir up their emotion vigorously.

The windows in the car have always been opened to let the wind in. The street light along the sides of the road and the swaying shadows of the trees flitted across one by one, making people felt a bit too quiet.

When An Ning returned to the dormitory, she was surrounded by the trio.

Qiang Wei: “Why you came back so early?!”

Mao Mao: “How was it? Did he hold you, kiss you or touch you?”

Zhao Yang twitched her face: “Mao Mao, why when I hear you talk——anything, I will also feel disgusted?”

An Ning sat on her chair and pressed her forehead against the table. She sighed silently and did not respond.

This unexpected attitude made the trio a little perplexed. In any case, say something with cold humour also can ah.

Mao Mao asked cautiously: “Meow Meow, finally you feel that your desire has not been satisfied?”

After a long time, An Ning raised her head again with a frown.

It has appeared! Qiang Wei shouted in her heart. All the people who have been shot down face to face by Meow Meow using this kind of millennium rare popular cold expression will suffer different level of psychological trauma in accordance with the capacity of the individual to endure  – reportedly it would create a kind of illusion of being ruthlessly kicked down from the top of a fifty storey building.

Qiang Wei took up the courage to ask: “Meow Meow, did something happened ——between you and brother in-law?” So fast! Worthy to be known as a great figure ah!

Zhao Yang was unable to take it any more: “Could it be that he forced himself upon you?!”

Mao Mao: “Is it because we ate too much today? The landowner’s home also has no surplus grain.”

An Ning has no energy to bicker with them. She got up, took a change of clothes and went into the bathroom.

“I am going to take a bath.”

A short period of time later, Zhao Yang said: “Don’t you think Meow Meow is turning into a demon?”

“……” Two shivering groundhogs.


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