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Turning Back Time (若只如初见) – Chapter 1



Peanuts: Welcome cloudandsea, our new translator aboard. Although she’ll only be translating a short story, if the response is good, she may end up translating a longer novel later so you know what to do la 😛 She is well-known in SSB for her fondness for male leads with disabilities, such a compassionate girl 🙂

Hi girls! I have been lurking around in SSB for quite a long time but because I am really inactive, so you don’t really see me around. 😛 So… hi everybody! Turning Back Time (若只如初见) is a novel by Fei Bao (靡宝) that I really enjoy reading and I really want to share and spread the love for this amazing novel. This author is not Mo Bao Fei Bao although it seems like they have the same name. There was one point that I thought authors that has the name Fei Bao in it can really write well. Despite it being a very short story, it has left a very deep impression on me and my heart aches reading it even for the third time. When I read it for the first time, I forgot to bookmark it so I went to baidu the keywords that I can remember of this novel and finally manage to find it after hours of trying. 😛

Fei Bao uses really simple sentence structure in writing this novel but she still manages to evoke the feelings and emotions of our female lead well (Dan Xin). Dan Xin is the main lead of this story and will be the person narrating as we see how her relationship with her husband has come to the stage of separation. She is a strong and decisive female character that I respect and adore. Hopefully you will enjoy this translation the same as me and so… let’s start the journey!


Chapter One

Mom shouted loudly through the phone: “What? Separating? Why?”

I frowned. My ears hurt and I took the phone further away from me.

A divorce revolves around the two parties. It is a marriage between them but yet it is  others who constantly ask for the reason behind their divorce.

“Mom, we have signed the papers today. Your objection is overruled.” I replied.

Mom prompted further, “Who initiated the divorce?”

I replied, “It’s me. I like someone else.”

Mom did not believe what I have said, “You are my daughter. I know what kind of person you are!”

I chuckled at her words because I did not even know what kind of person I was. “Mom, you do not have to worry. There are many couples divorcing these days. We are just one of them.”

Mom retorted, “But in this world, there are countless of couples who spend the rest of their lives together. Why are you not one of them?”

I replied to Mom out of the corner of my strained smile, “We didn’t manage to master that skill well enough.”

Mom sighed, “Dan Xin, Dan Xin[1]… We didn’t name you well. You always make me worry.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. Only Mom would unconditionally love me this way.

I said, “Mom, I’m fine. I’m still young and will still have a chance to find a good man.”

“Both of you have been together well and all… Why separating suddenly… The house and the car…” Mom mumbled, repeating the same sentences again and again.

When I hung up the phone, she was still shouting my name at the other end of the line.

There was a moment of complete silence. I was really tired and exhausted. The house was empty with only me and my cat. I looked around the luxuriously decorated master bedroom and saw the photo of us hanging on the wall. It was taken during our trip to Jiuzhaigou. At that time, his charm was accompanied with a touch of immaturity. At that time, I was completely in love with him.

I stood up on the sofa, took the photo off the wall and threw it into a corner of the sofa.

When I mentioned the divorce, he was sitting on this sofa.

“Cheng Rui, I want to get a divorce.”

It was as if I was telling him nothing special.

“Cheng Rui, I am going to buy food from the street.”

“Cheng Rui, I am going back to visit my parents.”

He was reading his music scores. This year, his career reached a peak along with his record-breaking album sales. His news and posters were all over the place. They called him the Siren – the mythical creature who lured nearby sailors with his enchanting voice.

My ever-dashing husband who entered into countless number of girls’ wet dream ultimately had to walk out my life – no matter how unwilling he was.

He heard my words and raised his head, looking a little shocked. No matter how much time has passed, his mesmerising eyes never fade away with time. He stared deeply into my eyes and looked at me in silence for a long time. He looked at me for so long that I considered whether to repeat my words until I heard him mumbled, “We have still come to this stage…”

I assumed he agreed. To be able to divorce in this way is the dream of many couples. In the shortest possible time, using the simplest language and the most peaceful way, we agreed on our divorce. People come and go in your life. No one in this world can accompany you forever.

The telephone rang again. This time, I guessed that Mom must have asked our relatives to ring and check on me.

But it was Cheng Rui this time. “You haven’t sleep yet?” he asked.

I looked at the clock; it was only 9 pm. I laughed and replied, “I am waiting for the clock to strike 12!”

He was silent for a while before telling me that he wanted to collect some stuff.

“No problem,” I replied.

This house was bought by him and he gave it to me when we separated. I was the one who initiated the divorce but he was the one who settled everything. He was very responsible and generous – giving the house, car, jewellery and even the flower pot in the study room to me.

The flower pot was my wedding anniversary gift to him. I gave him a flower pot and he gave me a diamond ring. A diamond lasts forever but a flower only blossoms for one season. Come to think about it, I actually gained.

I put down the phone and then pulled out the phone line to prevent any more ‘concerned’ relatives from calling. When we first got married, everybody questioned why would a degree-holder like me marry a busker. Why would I give up on myself like that? Was it because I was pregnant with his child? My father was so furious he gave me a tight slap. My mother did not speak to me for a long time.

But I still went ahead to marry him. I was young at that time and had all the courage and energy in the world. My heart was still untarnished then. Love was bigger than the sky and I had him.

Cheng Rui used to have the habit of telling me that he will treat me well. Upon hearing that, I would hug him tightly. Those were the days…

Fortunately, my mother was angry because I did not inform her about the divorce and not because it was a disgrace to the family. She was afraid I would get hurt. But it was inevitable that I would feel hurt.

There are no adults who grew up without any emotional scars. It is just that we know how to cover it well.



[1] Her name, Dan Xin (丹心), is the homophone for ‘worry’ (担心)

Author: cloudandsea

I'm a littletvaddict.

41 thoughts on “Turning Back Time (若只如初见) – Chapter 1

  1. Yay! This looks really interesting!

  2. Ohhhh, so it is about moving on in life or about present, past subsequently type of story then the end would be fixing up some misunderstandings? Or finding destiny? Someone new…

    Thanks for bringing us another novel!

  3. A good read. Welcome on-board cloudandsea. Looking forward to next chapter already. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks mhryu! This novel is really addictive. 😛 I think the reason is because of the length of this novel. It is really short, and therefore maybe this is why it is not draggy and has the right pace.

  4. Thanks for posting this new novel for us to enjoy! Is this a happy ending?

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. 😀 I know this is cliche because normally I would want to know whether the ending is happy or sad one but I must say that reading TBT is really about the journey!

  5. woah new novel! It looks interesting
    Thank you

  6. Thanks for a new story and a new writer. Is there a link to the original text. If it is simple my ability might be enough to enjoy it.

  7. I’m curious as to whether this will be a story about actually moving on or about resolving misunderstanding/conflict and getting back together. Either way, I enjoy reading translations that don’t give me the urge to bust out the red pen, so jiao!

  8. Hooray for a new novel. I’m digging the first chapter already lah… So Turning Back Time hmmmm could it be that we will go back in time and find out what went wrong to them now or to turn things around for the better? I’m curious already. Looking forward for the next episode and welcome cloudandsea!

  9. Thank you for the translation. So is this a short story? This is interesting. Will they got back together later?

    • Yes it is a short story. But because I am a slow translator, I think I will be breaking it into 4 chapters 😛

  10. Yay, look interesting :D, i wanna read this novel

  11. thanks a new read …waiting for the next chapter

  12. It looks melodramatic and loving it. Welcome and looking forward for your next chapters.

  13. Loving it already.
    Welcome aboard.

  14. Oh hey cloudandsea!
    Nice to see you again. 🙂
    This chapter already got me hooked! It sounds like my kind of story.

  15. Wow, a new short novel by a newbie on this blog! Welcome, cloudandsea! your name evokes visions of bubbles.

    • Haha it was supposed to evoke images of the white clouds and blue sea leh 😛 But now that you say about bubbles… I think it actually does.


  16. Thank you very much, i enjoy reading the first chapter. Just curious will this be a sad ending? and thank you for translating!

    • Hmmm… It is probably a sad ending, depending on how you see it, but I think that is the only route left for them.

      I felt that it was a sad ending when I first read it. But on my second read, I thought that yes, it might be a sad ending, but it was a form of release for Dan Xin. I was glad the author didn’t try to bring them together again. I felt relieved that Dan Xin was out of this marriage.

  17. First chapter is very interesting…

    Looking forward for your next translations.


  18. Hello.. 🙂

    It looks interesting.. i wonder what made them divorce? Is it a HE novel?
    since peanuts said you like male character with disabilities, I could guess this novel would teach us about life hehe (is it even related? Lols)

    Thank you 😉

    • Ah I know right. It is really interesting. 🙂

      Haha I think reading novels with disabled male character doesn’t really teach you about life. But I just like to read it because behind the tough and strong surface of the male lead, lay a vulnerable and hurt soul.

      But I think TBT reflects the realities of life. People come and go. I like how she accepts the facts of life in the most composed way she can. She is still hurt. She is still disappointed. She is still sad. But she knows life have to go on and she has to regain control of her life.

      I think that is perhaps the beauty of this novel. Something that we learn as we grow up.

    • You should read it. Hmm. They divorced because she felt that the male lead doesn’t love her and doesn’t care enough like he used too. Yes, tgey still love each other but as the heroine said, “Love is not enough” lol or somewhere along the line.

  19. cloudandsea, long time no talk. 🙂 I was so happy when peanuts told me you were translating. Awesome work. 🙂

    • Hi hoju! Heh. Thanks!

      I actually read the Beautiful Bones before but it was so complicated that I decided to give up… x_x kudos to you for trying to translate it. I am only translating a super short novel and I am… so… exhausted now lol. I think I will be reading Beautiful Bones once my exams has ended!

  20. Waah. Whenever I was searching Fei Bao in google ‘no novel results’ keeps appearing except this one. I wonder if there’s another book of this author? 😭 She’s great.

  21. 1st chapter and im sold!
    I like the maturity of the story already

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