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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 30



Lu Jun is back but a fleeting glimpse only. This is because you’ll meet a new character, Mr He in this chapter. He is He Xiao Ran, not He Yi Chen 😛 I am quite fond of him and wish the author will write a spin off book on him and his experience with 8 blind dates. Indeed, Xia Ye watches a lot of drama, just like cough cough Yui 😛

Chapter 30: Return Home

After receiving the ultimatum issued by mum, I toss and turn in bed as I can’t sleep. I sink into despair and start to worry. In such a short period of time, where to find a prospective marriage partner?

In order to successfully find a prospective partner within two weeks, I go through in my mind the young and single guys in my life. Due to my current mode of life, apart from going to work, it is to go home. Hence, after a night of careful deliberation, I decide to find from people nearest to me. I will choose a male colleague in the company.

The next day, I got up early in the morning to go to the company. Unexpectedly, I discover general manager Lu has arrived even earlier than me today and is quietly looking at a pile of documents on the desk. When he sees me coming in, he merely lifts his eyes slightly and gives me a glance. Then he lowers his eyes and continues to work without even a greeting.

Such cold and indifferent attitude makes my heart feels a little suffocated. Indeed, what is showing in tv drama is right. After you let a man has his way with you, he will abandon you like a worn out shoe. Big BOSS Lu, after you’ve given vent to your lust and satiated your appetite, you don’t cherish me anymore. Don’t want to see me anymore, right?

I am panting with rage when I think of this. Thus I also do not bother to greet him. I quickly tidy up the clutter of files in the office. After finishing that in the shortest possible time, I take a few forms that need to be photocopied and speed out of the office.

Outside the office, my colleagues are sitting in their respective places and working hard. Thinking of my mom’s command, I subconsciously cast my glance at a few handsome guys who are around my age. I can’t blindly and simply find a prospective marriage partner but to find one who is suitable for me. Knowing and understanding each other is very important. I need to interact more with my colleagues first and hopefully I’ll be able to leave them with a good impression.

After making up my mind, I quickly go and make a cup of hot coffee. Then I give an amiable smile to a male colleague: “Xiao Li, your workload must be very heavy today. Come and take a cup of coffee to freshen up.”

“Secretary Xia?” Xiao Li looks a little surprised and stares blankly for a moment before responding. While taking the cup, he keeps saying thank you.

Then he continues typing away at the computer. I stand foolishly at the side and momentarily don’t know what to do. The fact has proven striking up a conversation really needs skill! What should I say now?

Xiao Li notices that I’ve not left yet. He lifts his head and looks at me strangely: “Secretary Xia, is there something else?”

I reflexively nod: “Yes ah, what else is there?”

Xiao Li: “……”

“Ahem ……” I cough twice and quickly change the topic: “By the way Xiao Li, do you have time this afternoon? I have worked here for quite a while now, but as colleagues, we still have not eaten a meal together.”

He looks at me hesitantly with a confused expression. He thinks for a long time before nodding his head: “Okay.”

“Then we’ve an appointment ah!” I slowly breathe a sign of relief, pat him on the shoulder and take the documents to the photocopy room in contentment.

While walking down the corridor, I happen to run into little brother Lu who is holding the mop in one hand and a bucket on the other hand. He is coming out from the toilet in front. I thought seeing me, he’ll slip away faster than a monkey like last time. Surprisingly, I do not expect him to approach me and ask in a frenzy: “What happened to you and my brother? Did you have a fight or have broken up?”

I shake my head and sigh: “It is not a break up.”Our relationship is just between a boss and a secretary, so how can it be considered a break up?”

Lu Qian gives an understanding expression: “Then it is a fight?”

I continue to shake my head: “It is not a fight.” He is my boss, so how would I dare to fight with him ah!”

Lu Qian’s face looks puzzled: “Then it is a break up?”

I frown: “No.”

Lu Qian continues to investigate in detail: “Then it is a fight?”

I am depressed: “I’ve already said no! How many times do you want to ask ah?”

Lu Qian is anxious: “But I still cannot figure out, whether both of you have broken up or have a fight ah?”

I: “……”

After saying all that, I am already tired. Little brother Lu, could it be that you only have a one-track mind? This is not a two choice question, where rejecting one would automatically confirm the other. I don’t feel like talking to this little fool anymore, so I stride off to continue to get busy with my own work. However, before I get far, little brother Lu shouts from behind.

“Hey, I’ve never seen my brother like this, expressionless and working hard all day long. As if he is giving vent to something. Also, as if he is tolerating something. What excessive thing did you do to him?”

When I hear that my anger flares up. I did not do anything excessive to him, but he was the one who did something excessive to me. Now, I am actually being questioned by someone as being excessive, this is simply too much!

This morning, I turn my grief and indignation into strength. I properly finish the work for that day early. This is because when lunch time is approaching, I intend to go and look for Xiao Li earlier. However, I am surprised to find his seat empty. He has disappeared without a trace.

He appears very honest, so it is unlikely that he stood me up, right? I suspiciously walk over, point to the empty seat and ask a female colleague who is nearby: “Where is Xiao Li?”

“Where is he?” That female colleague shrugs her shoulders and sympathetically heaves a sigh: “The general manager has sent him to hand out leaflets. He has such bad luck as his workload is already heavy but he has to stop his work on hand to do such hard job now. He probably has to work overtime until the middle of the night.”

I immediately become speechless. I happen to have an appointment with him at noon today but he has been sent out to distribute leaflets, such a coincidence?

Or it can be said, the general manager did it intentionally?

I am furious! Is it necessary to kill to the last one (an idiom meaning ruthless)? Lu Jun, you are a young and promising rich master who I cannot afford to be connected with. You don’t even give me a chance to get to know my colleagues in the company now. Are you looking forward to me being always be single?

Vicious, too vicious!

As a result, I am doomed to end up empty-handed today. In order to express my protest against big boss Lu’s dictatorial behavior, I persevere in my effort to strike up a conversation with the male colleagues in the next morning. I continue to try hard to improve my relationship with the single and young men in the company to lay the foundation to successfully find a suitable marriage partner!

This time I’m more cautious to prevent a repeat of what happened yesterday. I specifically go and ask manager Wang in advance to confirm that there is no leaflet to be distributed today. Then I only go and look for my target for today,  Xiao Wang. The process is about the same as yesterday. I bring a cup of coffee first to express my concern. Then as a matter of course, I will make an appointment to have lunch together.

Originally, I thought this is a surefire way. However, when I go and look for Xiao Wang at midday, I discover his seat is also empty. I fail to understand why so I am again forced to ask the female colleague I inquired before: “Excuse me, where has Xiao Wang gone?”

“Are you asking about Xiao Wang?” This time the expression  on that female colleague can almost be described as pity: “Don’t know which bad spirit he met because all of a sudden, the boss called him to go and purchase office supplies, desks, chairs and cabinets all by himself just now. It is estimated he has to make seven to eight trips to complete the task so he is going to suffer badly today.”

I: “……”

The next few days, I separately make an appointment with Xiao Liu, Xiao Wu, Xiao Zhang …… Yet no matter how much I have fully prepared in advance, the end result is always being stood up. One week later, I did not even manage to get to know a single male colleague better, let alone further development.

When I arrive in the office this morning, I intend to continue to stand firm and fight against dictator Lu. The more setbacks I experience, the more determined and persistent I will become. However, when I pass the corridor, I hear the sound of conversation in the office. Initially, I don’t intend to eavesdrop, but against expectations, I vaguely hear the topic I am interested in. I subconsciously slow down my footsteps.

“I heard the boss intends to give everyone a raise next month.”

Soon, someone asks in an excited tone: “Really? That’s great. Who did you hear this from? True or false?”

“I heard from Lao Wang in the finance department, so should not be false.”

After listening to that, everybody starts to get excited. The atmosphere in the office immediately turns joyous. Yet, all of a sudden a male colleague dispiritedly says: “It does not matter whether there is a pay raise. At present, I hope secretary Xia will not come and look for me.”

Secretary Xia? Isn’t that me? When I hear that, I become angry, immediately push open the door and walk in. Then I give him a menacing glare: “Since we are colleagues, saying such a thing is really too much. I want to break off ties with you!”


After my outburst, that colleague actually appears happy. He looks like someone who has travelled far and wide looking for something, only to find it easily. He also looks pleasantly surprised which is another blow to me. Other colleagues go as far as to look enviously at him!

Well big boss Lu, you have won. I am no match for you. Currently, the male colleagues in the company avoid me like the plague. It seems that the plan to find a prospective partner within two weeks is definitely not achievable.

When I return home after I got off work, my mom urges me to go on a blind date, just as in the past. Thinking of the setback I suffered in the company today and also big boss Lu’s cold attitude in the past few days, my brain becomes heated. Thus I act rashly and agree to it but request just this once. Seeing that I’ve given in, mom grins happily, claps her hands and says good. She promptly goes and contacts her busybody friends in high spirits. She will request them to pick the best one to ensure my blind date will be a smashing success.

Mom always acts swiftly and decisively so she arranges a blind date for tomorrow night including the time and venue. She also purposely buys new clothes for me so that I won’t have a chance to go back on my word.

Although I agreed to mom’s request readily, I start to regret when I am close to the appointed place. Xia Ye, how could you be so muddled. Two complete strangers who hardly know each other being pair up by the parents. Even if the blind date turns out to be successful, what is the meaning of this kind of marriage?

No way, I don’t want a flash marriage with no love foundation. I must definitely mess up this blind date! So long as I make the other party not interested in me, my mom will have no reason to force me to get married.

Standing in front of the restaurant, I repeatedly take a few deep breaths and adjust my state of mind before summoning up the courage to go in.

The decor in this restaurant is pretty good with the crystal chandeliers shining faint lighting. The light-colored walls make the whole restaurant looks elegant and quiet. The reserved table is next to the French window and a man is already sitting there. I take a deep breath to calm my nerve, before walking over slowly to sit across from him.

Surprisingly, the man’s appearance and temperament seem a lot better than I expected. It looks like my mom really spent some effort in finding him. Judging from the way he dressed, he appears like a man with good taste. The well-tailored latest style beige Chinese tunic suit, good facial features with a brimming smile, gentle demeanor and tender gaze. He seems calm and serene like the stream in March, on the whole making me feel like he is an angel. Although this analogy is really too old like the falling teeth, I cannot find a more appropriate word to describe him.

I stare at him for a long time but he does not seem to mind and confidently lets me size him up. While smiling amiably, he asks: “You’re Miss Xia, right?”

“Ah, yes.” I recover my composure, nod, adjust my expression and ask as a mere formality: “You’re Mr He?”

He is obviously very skilled in this kind of social interaction because his expression and tone are also very calm: “Hello, my name is He Xiao Ran. Nice to meet you.”

I’m not used to such situation, so I giggle and nod: “Heehee, nice, nice.”

He assesses my reaction thoughtfully and props his chin.  Suddenly he asks softly: “If I am not mistaken, this is Miss Xia’s first blind date?”

How did he know? I am a little nervous: “Yes ah, how?”

He Xiao Ran shakes his head slightly and smiles gently to appease me: “Don’t be so nervous. You can relax a bit. If this is your first blind date, I think I can give you a word of advice.”

I look at him in surprise: “What advice?”

“Well, it is like this.” He calmly looks at me, slowly leans against the back of the chair, clasps his hands together and says in a gentle and serious tone: “I want to tell you my blind date tips. Don’t think that the good one will come later. In fact, the first blind date is often the best choice, because subsequent blind dates will usually be worse than the one before.  Thus I advise you to settle down as soon as possible. Don’t be too picky, so as not to regret in the future.”

The first blind date is often the best choice? I understand right away that these words are implying he is really the best choice so I should not be picky. Aiya …… what’s to be done? This is just our first meeting but I’ve already made people interested in me. This is so good! –  –

Okay, I admit that this is actually a big boost to my self-esteem as a woman. Being appreciated by a man really improves my mood  tremendously in a mere split second. As a result, I can’t help grinning from ear to ear.

Although I understand what he is implying, I am still not entirely convinced of his tips: “Subsequent blind dates will usually be worse than the one before, this may not necessarily be true?”

He Xiao Ran helplessly shrugs his shoulders and sighs: “Yes ah, when someone told me like this, I was also not convinced at that time. However after gaining some experience personally, the fact is really like this.”

Suddenly I think of something: “Is this also your first blind date?”

He looks at me very seriously: “You are my eighth blind date.”

I: “……”

He said it is verified through his personal experience that subsequent blind dates will usually be worse than the one before and this is his eighth blind date. Then this also indicates …… Among his eight blind dates, I am the worst? = =

Kao! (a swear word in Chinese)

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  1. Lol! The last part is too funny. Thanks for the translation.

  2. I wonder if the blind date thing is true lol

  3. Haha….v nice..,thank u fr the hard work

  4. Well, Mr He. Aren’t you good with the barbs.
    Well, you kids have fun on your first and…eighth date lol. Hope Lu Jun doesn’t interrupt, at least not until a good part~

  5. cough cough why me? 😛

    aiyooo.. LJ is really a vicious man la.. how come he banned all the male colleagues.. if he wants her, try la..

    this time i support our heroin.. LJ needs to learn to be moreeeee honest to her.. i want to know how LJ would response to her ‘blind date’.. he might get sick again.. LOLs..

    thanks peanuts.. ^^

  6. I swear this is not her first blind date unless she’s trying to appear like she is on her first blind date.

    • This is really her 1st blind date. Her mum wanted to set her up with someone at the beginning of the book but she didn’t meet them. Which part of the book made u think this is not her 1st blind date?

  7. Oh man, poor thing. The worst of eight blind dates, ha!

    Lu Jun, ah, Lu Jun… So sweet and so obvious… To everybody but the one who matters.

  8. aiyo she is clueless why lujun act that way… why don’t you ask if you don’t understand or things seems to be misunderstanding. *sigh*

    thanks for the update.

  9. These two needs a heart to heart talk. One is so oblivious and the other one is just waiting for her to figure it out.
    Lolz to the last part.
    Thanks peanuts.

  10. 😀 big boss is just sooo great 😀 and poor Xia Ye 😀 thank you

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  13. Hahaha, you make me spill my coffee at my laptop, poor Miss Xia. LJ is a very Machiavellian

  14. This was funny….can I ask..can we read this book online in Chinese?

  15. It’s fun. But as we are half way through the novel I am missing some character growth in both of our protagonists. I wonder if there will be some or if everything just resolves in one big finale. So, from my readers perspective, I am starting to get a bit bored with the characters and start looking at the underlying structure. Still I am looking forward to the next installments. Even so for me at this stage the book is not a total success I am very appreciative of your translation. Thank you Peanuts.

    P.S. That swear word “kao” is it in the F*** or S** category. I am interested in swearing as an expression of culture and social norms. If you don’t want to translate it could you tell me from which part of life it originates? e.g. F** , sexual, S** feces, etc.

    • This is not a deep & serious book with character growth. It is more like a slapstick comedy to bring you some laughter. Different genre.

      Yup, kao is equivalent to the F word in English. You want to use it on someone lol?

  16. What is ssb? Oh no i love your translation…i just like to read book both english and chinese…like silent separation…

  17. Hahaha Poor Xia Ye. I also feel bad for Boss Lu.
    Thank you, peanuts~

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