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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 9.3



We also have a new character in this post. Actually we’ve 2 new characters but the other one is a minor character with the surname Huo. Doesn’t his surname remind you of the person lidge is obsessed with lol? Mo Ting will make a late appearance but as usual a romantic one 🙂

Chapter 9.3: Know Whether It is Cold or Warm by Oneself

Cousin: I have a senior sister who is two years older than me, a PhD student and has just got married. What I want to say is that our chat made me suffered greatly …… feelings. Our dialogue is as follows:

[Older female cousin loves younger female cousin: Wa, so young already got married, very blessed ah. (Her husband is like …… exactly like Bajie. No, Bajie has a bit more magic breath than him!)

PhD PhD I am the most beautiful: Hurry up and get married la. I made $200,000 profit from my wedding! Your wedding should also earn tens of thousands.

Older female cousin loves younger female cousin had a seizure and collapsed.]

Cousin: After pondering over it, I still don’t understand, uh $200 000. She said, after that is to wait to give birth. After giving birth is to wait for him or her to grow up. The more she said, the more I crumbled. As it turns out, the difference in the thinking can really be that far off.

An Ning: The person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold (a Chinese idiom meaning to know best by personal experience).

Cousin was surprised: Are you in a bad mood today?

An Ning: No.

Cousin: Tell you a joke, “Write the words that hurt you the most by a person you love dearly —— a male answered: Have you gone inside?” (This is a dirty joke so use your imagination 😛 )

An Ning: …… Sister, my father asked me go to work in G City.

Cousin: You’ve no sense of humor! If you don’t want to go then don’t go.

An Ning sighed: It’s all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter. (a Chinese idiom meaning it is easier said than done)

Cousin replied quite a while later: An Ning, you are very evil ah – It’s all very well to make love, but getting things done is another matter!

An Ning was thinking that she really cannot keep up with her cousin’s sense of humour so she put back her mobile phone into the pocket. Then she glanced at the person standing outside the laboratory now.

Fu Qiang Wei was close to the window: “People in the classroom, ah. Don’t feel sad that I’ve to stand still here. If I am inside, none of you can get any peace.”

The professor’s face was already all black and has been forbearing over and over again.

Zhao Yang was rejoicing: “Fortunately, we are not in the same dormitory with her.”

Mao Mao asked doubtfully: “Is there a difference?”

An Ning sighed again, raised her hand and said: “Teacher, I need student Fu’s coordination.”

The professor turned around and saw her. After weighing the pros and the cons, he called out: “Fu Qiang Wei, come in. In the future, pay attention in class!”

When Qiang Wei entered, she shook hands all the way, “Thank you, thank you thank you!” The professor’s face turned red and white.

“Why are you always against him ah?” Zhao Yang waited for her to come over and couldn’t help but asked.

Qiang Wei said: “Life is too boring.”

Zhao Yang: “I see you are the one who is too boring. Don’t fail your course ah. Otherwise, I’ll also feel ashamed for you.”

Qiang Wei: “There is Meow Meow here.”

An Ning: “I am doing project this semester so I am exempted from taking two exams.”

Qiang Wei stared blankly and immediately hastened her step forward, “Teacher, are you thirsty? I’ll make you a cup of tea, okay?”

Zhao Yang turned around, “Too vulgar.”

An Ning sighed for the third time. She has been feeling a bit down after receiving a phone call in the morning. Then when she was going out of the laboratory building, she again ran into the female student who has been coming frequently to cause her trouble. It was the one she ran into at the bus stop previously. This person was dissatisfied with her so she absurdly changed from pursuing Jiang Xu to become entangled with her. An Ning cannot stand her disturbance.

At this moment, a fellow student who was passing by saw this confrontation scene. The fellow student immediately stopped the bike and ran over, “Senior sister, are you okay?”

Mao Mao and gang who were waiting to watch An Ning VS bad girl saw the fellow student. Suddenly their eyes showed a meaningful glance, Liu Chu Yu ah ……

The sunshine boy from the Art Institute cannot display his confidence in front of the person he likes. While concealing his nervousness, he also has to act as a hero saving a beauty. “I send you back!”

“Li An Ning, you are really incredible ah. So fast already has another lover?”

Liu Chu Yu frowned and said: “You are a girl. Can’t you talk nicely?”

She snorted with laughter: “I did not ask you to listen ah. You can take a hike!”

An Ning sighed for the fourth time, “Both of you continue to chat. I’ll make a move first.”

The girl stepped forward to grasp An Ning’s arm, “Hey, you cannot go! Li An Ning, don’t think that you are so amazing to have found Xu Mo Ting from the Faculty of Foreign Studies. He—— ”

Finally An Ning moved her gaze to the other party, “He what?”

The clear, bright and penetrating eyes startled the girl, so she dared not make further move.

An Ning did not want to have a confrontation with her, so she deftly pulled away her hand, “Don’t tell tales about him.”

Those who resisted me will die? “……”

Mao Mao was a bit sympathetic so she offered a word of wisdom: “Fellow student, as long as the green mountains are there, one need not worry about firewood (a Chinese idiom meaning while there is life, there is hope).”

Qiang Wei held on to the arm of the cannon fodder, Liu Chu Yu: “Come, tell your sister me who you’ll eventually end up together with?”

Lao San who came out earlier from another building, can be considered to have heard everything. He almost burst out laughing, but he was still fearful of sister-in-law’s roommates. Thus he dared not come over and joined them, but only filmed this scene with a mobile phone. When he was out of the danger zone, he immediately forwarded it to the leader.

An Ning was heading back to the dormitory. When she arrived downstairs, from a distant, she saw a car driving over and obstructed her way. The person in the car opened the door and came out, “Ning Ning.”

“Uncle Huo.” An Ning was a bit surprised to see her father’s driver. He has been working for her dad since she was in primary school, so she can be considered familiar with him but she did not expect him to come to pick her up.

“I have not seen you for several years, and you have grown so beautiful.” He was all smiles, “Let’s go, your father said he has already spoken to you on the phone.”

An Ning really wanted to run away just before the battle, “Uncle Huo, can I go tomorrow?”

“What do you think?” Uncle Huo took her hand, “Girl, you can escape once or twice but you can never escape forever. Moreover, I am already here. Do you have the heart to let me return empty-handed?”

“Have the heart to ……”

Uncle Huo stared blankly, then laughed heartily, “Ning Ning, no wonder Mr Zhou said you’ve changed a lot.”

The course of the journey can be considered short. Throughout the journey, An Ning was looking at the landscape outside the window, showing a somewhat reluctant attitude. Uncle Huo looked at her from the rearview mirror: “Ning Ning, your father always talks about you. He has always been proud of you.”

“…… Oh.”

When they arrived at the restaurant, they did not continue their conversation. When An Ning was pushing the door open, the waiter took her to a table right away.

Li Qi Shan was over fifty years old but still svelte. Only in recent years, he has a few white hair, When he saw his daughter has taken her seat, he asked the waiter to start serving.

“We’ve not seen each other for half a year, right?”


Li Qi Shan was smiling while pouring tea for his daughter, “Very busy lately?”

“Okay.” An Ning picked up the cup and slowly sipped her tea in a well-behaved manner.

When the cold dishes arrived, Li Qi Shan asked the waiter to bring the rice first. Then he asked An Ning: “Doing your internship in Long Tai again this year? As a student, you had better attach most importance to your studies. I’ve not shown enough concern for you in this half-year. You no longer take the initiative to speak with me on any matter. Jin Cheng said you seem to have a steady boyfriend.”

“Dad, I feel Long Tai is very good.”

“I did not say that it is not good. Since you have not graduated yet, there is no hurry to start work.” His tone revealed his dissatisfaction, “What is your mother thinking?”

An Ning bowed her head and did not want to say any more.

Li Qi Shan will also not force her. He is the kind of father where the will is there, but not the strength. After all, he was only a bit more insistence with his daughter, “After you’ve graduated, better come over to my place to develop your career, okay?”

In the end, she appeared  a bit depressed and looked up, “Dad, I don’t want to leave here.”

“Ning Ning, you don’t need to give up your future in order to accompany your mother for a short while——”

“But dad,” An Ning softly interrupted, “As far as I am concerned, I also don’t need your kind of future.”

Li Qi Shan looked at her and finally sighed, “It is not a bad thing to be opinionated but don’t decide on the job matter too early. It is beneficial for your future to give it more consideration.”

It is rare that father is not holding on to his unyielding attitude, so she will also try to cooperate. Father did not ask again about the “boyfriend” topic, probably because he felt it was unimportant. In fact, this was also good.

Furthermore Xu Mo Ting was not tied to her, so he was free to leave any time. Anyway she also should not have fallen too deeply, so this was also very good.

An Ning massaged her slightly tired eyes.

Li Qi Shan asked a few things about her studies and An Ning spoke one minute and kept quiet the next when answering them. After having dinner with his father, she wanted to take a taxi back to university but his father insisted on sending her. When she got off the car at the downstairs of her dormitory building, suddenly she stopped walking. The person standing beside the pillar in the corridor was Xu Mo Ting. When his eyes came into contact with An Ning’s, he has already slid his hand into his pants pocket and slowly walked over.

“So late.” There was no hint of impatience from waiting in his tone.

An Ning stood still to look at Xu Mo Ting. She can’t seem to start acting cold, “Well …… you can call me.”

“You phone battery is dead.” He gave a smile.

“Huh?” An Ning took out her phone to check, indeed.

Li Qi Shan also has got off the car and heard their conversation. He was clearer about their relationship now and only nodded slightly at them, but did not stay long.

When the black car was being driven out of the university, uncle Huo said: “Secretary, he should be the eldest grandson of the Xu family.”

“Indeed, a man of striking appearance.” Li Qi Shan laughed and said: “Puppy love, so it can’t be certain. When they enter society, they’ll have to face practical issues. How many pair can be successful?”

“You are right.”

On this end, both of them have just walked out into the open area but they immediately heard someone shouting at the top of the voice. An Ning turned around and cannot help but sighed. Did this person install a tracking device on her body?

The girl has already taken the initiative to step forward with an unfathomable smiling expression on her face, “Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times (a Chinese idiom meaning seeing is believing), senior brother Xu.”

Xu Mo Ting will never glance twice at people who he does not care about, but because he has watched a video before so he can recognise the girl in front. Actually he had watched it three times. Therefore his tone was rather cold, “What’s up?”

“I am An Ning’s friend. I thought she has been going out to play with a certain someone. Hee hee, I didn’t expect that he has been replaced by senior brother Xu now, so I am a little surprised only.”

Due to Xu Mo Ting’s presence, it was inappropriate for An Ning to flare-up. She felt a bit uncomfortable for no reason.

Mo Ting merely said a sentence, “I love her.” Therefore can tolerate everything?

This was an outright confession. Not only that girl, but even An Ning was caught unprepared. The normally secretive and unpredictable Xu Mo Ting, all of a sudden started to open up. The effect was very shocking.

An Ning’s heart was beating wildly, it can be said to be …… horrifying. Before she has a chance to express her emotion, she was taken away by Xu Mo Ting. He can indicate clearly to outsider his right of possession, but he will not openly exhibit intimate behavior in front of outsider.

When someone regained her composure, she discovered she was already on a secluded trail.

“I ……” At this moment, An Ning was incapable of focusing her vision. His attentive gaze made her felt she has been enchanted, intricately woven together and her heart was fluctuating like a lake.

In the end, she forgot what she had said on that day. She can only remember the dim moonlight shining on him and also on herself.

When he was kissing her, he will always utter her name in a low voice. He buried his warm breath in her neck.

An Ning did not know at that time, this man revealed a profound expression.


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  1. Thank you! =) New here…

    Why do scenes with her father make me feel so uncomfortable? feels like a premonition…

    The response given by Mo Ting instantly reminded me of Nai He’s in “One smile is very alluring”, the scene of sect gathering in real life. I guess “geniuses think alike” =)

    • Welcome to the blog 🙂

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      Yes, this book has the same feel as Wei Wei minus the online gaming part. Xiao Nai has an easier courtship than Mo Ting but MT is richer 😛

      • I’ve been lurking through the blog for a while now. Mostly read completed novels and decided to try this one as I liked the female lead’s quirkiness. After posting my 1st comment to c-novels translations yesterday over at cloud manor, I was so happy to see this chapter that couldn’t contain myself and decided to join ur community. It’s all new to me. Apologies in advance if I’ll spam you xD

        Although, here we don’t have online gaming, the interaction between girls and topics of their conversations make up for it =)

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    • yes i agree to that

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  11. I just want to know what is up with these bothersome characters and all tolerant MCs. Just smack the shiz out of them witches

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