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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 31



The story with Mr. He continues and this is not the end. Lu Jun makes a last-minute appearance to leave you at the cliffhanger lol.

 Chapter 31: Misunderstanding …

Indeed, you cannot judge a man merely by his appearance. Although the man sitting opposite seems amiable and good-natured, his skill to mock people has already reached the point of perfection. He gives me an initial show of strength right away. My just improved mood is completely hitting rock bottom now. At the same time, my favourable impression of him is also falling sharply to zero.

At this moment, a waiter comes over with the menu. He stoops slightly beside me and politely asks: “Miss, what do you want to order?”

Although I am very dissatisfied with this blind date, since I am already here, I might as well finish eating this meal. At least, I can report back to mother after the completion of my mission. I take the menu and roughly glance over it. Then I look up and ask the person opposite: “Mr. He, do you like to eat chicken curry with rice?”

He looks a bit surprised and his face reveals that angelic smile again. Then he politely shakes his head: “I’m sorry, but I don’t really like the taste of curry ……”

“Please bring two chicken curry with rice, thank you.” Without waiting for him to finish his sentence, I directly turn around and place my order with the waiter. The waiter is somewhat surprised and stunned for a moment. After seeing that I give him a nod of approval, he only takes the menu and walks away.

Originally, I come with the intention to mess up this blind date, so I do not mind leaving behind a very bad impression. Naturally, I cannot be bothered to be polite with him anymore. Contrary to my expectation, Mr. He remains calm and composed. He still has this big smile but with evil intention on his face. He looks at me thoughtfully, without revealing the slightest dissatisfaction.

He can really pretend to be a gentleman. Okay, you continue and I will keep you company. See how long you can keep up your smiling face.

After a while, the waiter carries a tray with two plates of delicious looking chicken curry with rice. I take the tray straight off him and rudely put the two plates in front of me. Then I pick up the spoon and begin to eat one plate with gusto.

He Xiao Ran looks startled and points at the other plate which I’ve also taken for myself: “This one ……”

“Oh, this one ah.” I continue to eat without looking up and reply seriously: “I am going to pack it later and take home for supper tonight.”


He remains silent for a while and does not order something for himself to eat. He only drinks the glass of purified water in front of him and looks at me gobbling up my food with interest. Suddenly he speaks up: “It seems Miss Xia also did not come to this blind date willingly.”

I give him an angry stare. Of course, I am not here willingly! However, he said, “also”. This means …… I quickly state my stand: “Are you also forced to come here? That is great. After eating this meal, we would go our separate way and do not hinder each other in the future. ”

He raises his eyebrows and seems a bit depressed: “Miss Xia, you are really frank and straightforward …… Facing such an outstanding man like me, why don’t you appear tempted at all?”

I stare blankly. Yes ah, he is really very outstanding, but I really don’t fancy him. Perhaps because I have someone more outstanding than him at my side ……

Thinking of Lu Jun, I feel depressed again. Thus I continue to immerse myself in eating and give vent by chewing a big mouthful at a time.

Seeing that I am in low spirit and does not answer him, suddenly He Xiao Ran is in high spirit: “It seems that you are really not interested in me. Then let’s get married la.”

“Cough cough ……” I did not pay attention, choke and start to cough up. While I am drinking some water, I frown and stare at him: “Get married? You and me?”

“Yes.” He Xiao Ran looks very serious and says earnestly: “Aren’t you also being forced to get married by your family? Since both of us are facing the same problem and are not interested in each other, after getting married we can live separate life and independent of each other. Both sides also can get complete freedom, isn’t this good?”

As it turns out, he has this plan! It can be seen that he yearns for freedom in life and rejects the constraints of marriage. Just because I am one of the rare women who is not interested in him, I’ll certainly not control him after marriage. Thus he can do as he pleases like a single man, right?

I can’t help but start to feel grief and indignation. After living to such an old age, finally there is a man proposing to me. However, it stems from this kind of purpose. Hence, how can this be endured ah!

Facing He Xiao Ran’s hopeful gaze, I put down the spoon and firmly shake my head: “You better give up la. I, Xia Ye will not casually get married with a casual man.”

Obviously dissatisfied with my appraisal, he frowns and defends himself in a sincere tone: “Miss Xia, I am definitely not a casual man. You can rest assured on this point. I can guarantee with my integrity.”

I look at him skeptically and ask cautiously: “Are you sure you have integrity?”

He: “……”

“Aiya, what a coincidence. How come you are also having your meal here ah?” Suddenly I hear a delicate and coy high-pitched voice, so I subconsciously look towards the direction of the sound. I see a flawless make up face of a middle age woman. She looks charming and delicate with a hot body figure. With a smiling face, she walks to our side in her pointed high-heeled shoes. Then she sits down on the seat next to He Xiao Ran.

He Xiao Ran is surprised and raises his eyebrows to look at her with a gentle smile on his face: “Yes Mrs. Liu, what a coincidence ah.”

“Exactly such a coincidence. I am about to go and look for you but does not expect to run into you here!” She purses up her lips and gives a charming smile. She looks happy while tugging at He Xiao Ran’s sleeves: “Tell you ah, I am pregnant now! You are really awesome. After a few years, my husband also did not manage to get me pregnant. You only took a few days to get me pregnant …… ”

Not only fooling around with a married woman, but also got her pregnant! I feel there is an explosion sound in my head. I am already not in a good mood so I immediately erupt. I pound the table and stand up. Then I casually pick up the glass filled with purified water in front of me and splash it on the sanctimonious face of the man sitting opposite.

No wonder many people like to splash water when they are very angry in tv drama. After splashing the water, I feel a lot better. I can’t be bothered to look at that hypocritical man, so I carry my bag and walk directly towards the outside of the restaurant.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing ah?” I can hear Mrs. Liu’s shrieks from behind me. She seems flustered and says: “Dr. He, are you okay? Look, you are all wet. Is that person sick ah?”

I’ve just got out of the restaurant when I hear He Xiao Ran shouts: “Miss Xia, wait. I think you’ve misunderstood.”

My arm tightens because it is being pulled by He Xiao Ran who is chasing after me. I look at him coldly: “Misunderstood?”

He looks very serious: “I am a gynecologist.”

I: “……”

He: “I cured Mrs. Liu’s infertility not long ago.”

I: “…… = =”

Ah ah ah! I made a big mistake this time. Mrs. Liu, can’t you make yourself clearer when you speak ah? I do not expect He Xiao Ran whose outward appearance is good-natured and amiable like an angel, actually has a job as an angel in a white coat (medical worker)!

Fortunately, He Xiao Ran’s mobile phone starts to ring which slightly eases my embarrassment. After ending his call, he looks at me thoughtfully for a moment. Suddenly, he suggests to send me home. Originally, I don’t intend to have too much contact with him but I’ve just misunderstood him. Hence I can’t refuse his offer so I agree.

I didn’t utter a single word throughout the journey until we reach my neighbourhood. Before I get down from his car, I feel too ashamed to look straight at him. I clasp my hands and put them on top of the table. I try to apologise sincerely: “Just now … I am really sorry ah.”

With a serious expression, he nods: “Yes ah, you’ve really let me down. I was splashed with water across my whole face in front of so many people. This is really the first time something like this happened in my life.”

I am a little speechless. Usually in this kind of situation, shouldn’t he be tolerant and generous to say it does not matter?

Looking at my speechless expression, he pats me on the shoulder. His face shows an amiable and good-natured smile: “Since you feel sorry, then you should consider carefully our marriage.

Without waiting for my reply, he gets straight into the car. Under my slightly stunned gaze, he drives away freely and disappears like dust.

Running away so hurriedly, afraid that I’ll reject him on the spot? Don’t tell me if I consider it a few more days, I’ll agree to this absurd marriage? He maybe right …… recently, mom has been pressing hard day after day. If I really cannot find a more suitable marriage partner, chances are I’ll really agree to it. After all, He Xiao Ran’s qualifications are pretty good ……

I continue to stand there foolishly for a while. Then I turn round and walk towards my home. All of a sudden, a shadow flashes out from the dim and dark spot in front. This frightens me to quickly take a step back and almost fall down. Fortunately a surge of strength holds my waist and pulls me back. After I’ve recovered my composure, my whole body is already leaning on a slightly cold arm.

While still feeling frightened, I lift up my head and see that gloomy yet familiar handsome face. I am startled again and squealed: “General manager?”

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