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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 9.4



This chapter is really long and you’ll have the final part next week. As usual, you get Mo Ting’s usual dose of kisses and gentle romance lol.

Chapter 9.4: Know Whether It is Cold or Warm by Oneself

“Can’t you not go?”

Can’t you not go? Can’t you not go? …… she opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling under the dim lighting indoor. She stared in a daze and her whole face was slowly becoming hot. It really was a dream or …… An Ning was uncertain, so she was extremely dejected.

By the time, the sun shone through the dormitory curtains, she heard Mao Mao who was sleeping on the lower bunk groping about to go to toilet.

“What time is it?”

Mao Mao was startled: “You are awake ah? Let me see —— quarter past six.”

When the phone rang, the noise woke Zhao Yang up, “Who is so wicked ah, disturb people sleeping early in the morning!”

An Ning black line (was annoyed): “Seem like my mobile phone.”

Mao Mao has already come out from the toilet and tossed the phone to Meow Meow. An Ning looked at the unfamiliar phone number and hesitated before picking it up. The other party immediately uttered sincerely “I’m sorry”.

An Ning cannot recognize the voice: “Who are you?”

There was a few seconds of silent, “Jiang Xu.”

“Oh, what’s up?”

“An Ning, I’m very sorry. I did not know about this until now. Did she hurt you? This girl is a junior schoolmate who I’ve counselled before, with somewhat rebellious behaviour——”

An Ning coughed softly once and was forced to interrupt him: “Senior brother Jiang, I am sorry but all my roommates are still sleeping. Can we talk later?”


With the other party’s tacit consent, An Ning hung up the phone. At this moment, Zhao Yang who was sleeping opposite of her said, “Some people are skilful and at ease in all kinds of social circle, but this does not mean other people are not outstanding. It can only be said reality needs a little slyness and flattery.”

“I know.”

For the rest of the day, there were things that more than one can attend to (a Chinese idiom meaning overwhelmed). An Ning’s mind will occasionally go blank. However, she must remain clear-headed when she was doing experiment.

Colleague Jia Jia brought in a cup of Jilin black tea, overflowing the room with its aroma. When An Ning looked up, she saw Jia Jia sitting on her desktop. She has already put the tea cup in her hand.

“Thank you.”

“When you did not come yesterday, we discussed about you. Such a cute and graceful girl but with a really mysterious private life.” After saying that, she made a clicking sound with her tongue.

“……” An Ning sighed: “What do you want to know?”

Jia Jia leaned over, “Do you’ve his private photos? Half or completely naked also can.”

As it turned out, any human being will also be attracted to dazzling stuff, including her. An Ning replied. “No.”

Jia Jia stood up, clasped her heart with both of her hands and pretended to pace back and forth, “Such a pity. Think of his domineering appearance when wearing suits. Later, look at his half-naked chest. Wow, the disparity can absolutely make a person infatuated.”

“Hey An Ning, with a boyfriend like that, you must feel great pressure?” She looked like she can fully comprehend her situation but there was  something she has to warn her, “Ah Lan will not easily let you off, Amen.”

An Ning also wanted to draw a cross on his chest. During noon break, Ah Lan really came in an imposing manner and gave her an earful. Since it was already ‘like this’ now, so she has to make the introduction, as well as treat them to a meal!

An Ning was a little helpless. If they were to continue to eat like this, will the landlord have a headache? As a result, she can only answer “Wait until he has time.”

Ah Lan was satisfied with the answer, so she went away with a smile on her face.

It was time to get off work. The staff in the company was excited and got ready to go back to their beloved families. After putting away her stuff, An Ning went out of the building together with Jia Jia. Then she saw —— a perfect figure across the street. Looking fresh, cool and outstanding, he can attract the interest of the passers-by any time. An Ning uttered “ah” at once. It cannot be said to be a scream but she was indeed surprised.

When their eyes met, he did not immediately come over. After standing for a moment, he only inserted his hand into his pocket and slowly approached her. He appeared natural and honest, as if his appearance here was the most common occurrence.

From the moment, he strode across the street to stand in front of her, An Ning could feel the gaze all around her.

However Xu Mo Ting has never been concerned about other people: “Let’s go.”

“Mo Ting ……” An Ning pulled his clothes gently.

“What’s up?”

The sooner the better, so she pointed to an area two meters away, “They want to know you.”

An Ning vaguely felt he did frown a little. Okay, the landlord also has a headache.

Although Xu Mo Ting frowned, he was also very cooperative and let someone introduced him to two girls. Ah Lan and Jia Jia are considered sensible. After an “enjoyable chat”, they winked at An Ning and left. He did not fully understand what that wink meant. When they were about to cross the street, Xu Mo Ting held her wrist. When they stopped, that man’s hand has slid to her palm, interlocking their fingers.

Until they sat in the car, only then An Ning’s complexion became somewhat rosy. Then she started to talk with an ulterior motive, “Why did you come?”

“I want to come so I come la.” He did not even want to use an excuse. When he started the car, he asked: “Where do you want to go for dinner?”

“Uh, I’m not hungry.” This was indeed the truth.

Mo Ting tilted his head slightly to glance at her, “Then accompany me to go to a place.”

He drove the car to the seaside. An Ning called to mind what cousin had said before: “The coastline in China is used for fishing. Whereas the beach overseas is for tourism.” Thus, it was hard to come by that the water here is dark blue and clear. The seawater dashed against the shore, resulting in some salty and moist smell in the air.

An Ning got off the car first and walked a few steps but she turned round to see Xu Mo Ting was still leaning against the car. Both of his hands were  inserted into his pants pockets and he looked a bit languid. An Ning thought, this man seemed to be in a good mood today?

Mo Ting took out something from his pocket and beckoned to her, “Come here.”

An Ning suspiciously walked back. He gently took her into his arms, bringing their foreheads together. The other hand pulled her wrist and An Ning felt something cold. When she lowered her head, she discovered it was a strand of translucent red-purple beads.

She couldn’t help but lifted and swayed her hand, “Look a bit bloody.”

“I’ve cast a spell on it.”


Mo Ting laughed out softly, “Are you afraid?”

An Ning glared at him, “Although I believe in the existence of supernatural beings in the world, I also believe those spirits will not harm people.”

“In contrast, I don’t have enough confidence in you, or put it another way, a sense of security?” The evening light was reflected in Xu Mo Ting’s eyes which have more depth than everyone.

An Ning looked thoughtfully at him and he sighed softly. The next second was a tender and soft as water kiss. The kiss was gentle, delicate and seductive. Their mouths only touched affectionately for two seconds before they separated.

“You don’t know how much I miss you. Thus how could I still be willing to leave?” It could be said that this was the first time in his life to say such emotional words. Xu Mo Ting once again used a quick kiss to conceal his nervousness.

The heart of the person receiving the confession was aroused slightly with a surge of sweetness.

An Ning closed her eyes and climbed on his shoulder. It was not known who lost control first and slowly explored each other’s mouths.

The people passing by in the beach  also can’t help but glanced at this outstanding couple.

“It is good to be young ah.”


Later, the person who drooped her head and blushed while taking a walk on the beach said, “Twenty-four years old is not too young, right?”

“Old enough to get married.”

“……” She stole a glance at the person next to her. He looked very normal and unperturbed. An Ning felt she was really too inexperienced compared with his vast experience.

“Mo Ting, I love you.”


Very, very calm. An Ning admitted that she was really no match for him.

At this moment, Xu Mo Ting’s mobile phone rang and he answered it. After speaking a few words, he turned around and asked her: “My mother asked when are we going back for dinner?”

“Auntie?” This surprise was no trivial matter, “What, what going back for dinner?”

He obviously was unwilling to explain on this kind of question, so he handed over the phone directly to her, “You better speak with mom.”

An Ning was truly caught unprepared and glared at the person in front. She said ‘auntie’ in a low and gentle voice, “…… we are outside, so we are not going back for dinner. Uh …… he …… uh, no, I was the one who wanted to go to the beach for a walk …… Mo Ting brought me over …… Okay, we are coming back right away ……” When she hung up the phone, An Ning felt a bit drained, mentally and physically.

The person beside her said: “If you want to stroll longer, also can.”

An Ning glared at him, “Why did you ask me where I want to go for dinner just now ah?” That was clearly misleading.

“Didn’t you say, you are not hungry?” What breeze and bright moon (meaning so easy) …… absolved himself completely ah.

An Ning: “…… I’m hungry now.” This time, she was really hungry. Arguing with people studying foreign affairs was really too exhausting?

In the end, they still did not manage to eat that big meal. When they were half way to his house, An Ning started to feel stomach pains unexpectedly. This pain was not the usual stomach ache. An Ning felt strongly that ‘heaven wanted to get rid of her’.

“Mo Ting, can we not go today? I want to go back to the dormitory——”

“What happened?” Xu Mo Ting tilted his head to look at her. He saw her complexion was a bit pale, so without any explanation, he stopped the car at the roadside.

How was she going to explain this ah, “Just a little …… stomach pain.”

Xu Mo Ting was sharp as a tack, “That thing came?”


Her whole face was very red, when she was sent back to the dormitory. Xu Mo Ting stopped at a convenience store midway, “wait a while for me.” When he came back, his hand has a bag of stuff …… even got brown sugar and ginger tea.

“Do you want to go to the hospital for a check up?”

Being affected by his ‘open’ attitude, An Ning also began to blab, “It is a little painful on the first day when it comes in each month. The hospital also can’t cure it, but on the contrary taking a nap will alleviate the condition. My mother said this condition will naturally become better after getting married.”

The last sentence made An Ning feeling suicidal for three days ……

Mao Mao saw someone stayed in the toilet for a long time and did not come out, “Meow Meow, are you still alive?”

An Ning: “I want to die.”

Zhao Yang burst out laughing: “When brother-in-law sent you home just now, the girl next door and also the girl opposite were extremely envious of you.”

An Ning weakly opened the door. After washing her hands, she laid on the bed.

Mao Mao: “Very painful ah? I’ve prepared ginger tea for you, so do you want to drink some now?”

“Don’t want to drink.”

Mao Mao shed crocodile tears and ran toward Zhao Yang: “Hey Yang Yang, Meow Meow is bullying me ~”


Leader Xu called that night, but An Ning was asleep, so Mao Mao answered the phone.

“Brother-in-law ah? Yes, yes, I am Mao Xiao Xu. You can remember ah? Heehee, heehee, already drank tea ah. Before it was painful until the face turned pale, but she is better now. Poor Meow Meow, lost a lot of blood ah …… ”

“Mao Mao ……” Someone said in a feeble voice.

Mao Mao: “Wait, I am chatting with—— Aiya Meow Meow, you are awake?”

You spoke too loud.

While smiling, Mao Mao has already handed the mobile phone back to its rightful owner, “I am going to look for Qiang Wei and hang out with her!”

“……” Can I hang up the phone?

“Woke up already?” His voice was low and gentle.

“Yes …… but still sleepy.” This was not an excuse, not an excuse, to say to herself a hundred times.

The other party was quite tolerant and magnanimous. “Then go to sleep la.”

In the end, both parties also did not put down the phone. An Ning looked distracted and she only regained her composure after quite a while. Then she pressed the red button.

She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling under the dim lighting indoor. Her whole face was slowly becoming hot again. This was definitely reality ah …… An Ning was certain, so she was extremely XX.


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  1. So she was extremely….? O.o

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  3. extremely XX??? what does it mean??

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    • The Chinese text only has XX so I am guessing happy since in reality, MT will not be going away.

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  7. I love how straightforward our OTP is to one another. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, just simply “I love you.” Thank you so much for the update! It’s certainly a treat after a week long of midterms xD

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  9. Thanks for translating this novel… I’ve been reading silently, but this chapter with the “lost a lot of blood” episode is really funny that I was compelled to comment LOL. I like An Ning… she’s so awkward and adorable…

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