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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 32



I huff and puff to finish translating this chapter at the weekend, see I am so nice lol. Indeed this chapter is pretty good with plenty of actions. For me, the most funny part is Lu Jun saying he doesn’t know why he likes a stupid girl like Xia Ye. Many readers also asked this question before. I guess love is blind as well as opposite attracts. Lastly we’ve the naughty neighbour making another appearance.

Chapter 32: Return Home …

Lu Jun’s body looks ice-cold, as if he has been exposed to the cold wind for a long time. However the expression on his face is even colder: “Where have you been?”

Suddenly, I shiver all over though not cold. I move back two steps before standing firmly. Then I brace myself to give an honest answer: “Blind …… blind date.”

After hearing that, he sneers. Then he slowly nods his head slightly: “Very good.” While talking, all of a sudden, he draws nearer and speaks with a faintly mock-taunting tone: “Did you fall in love at first sight with your blind date since you’ve already reached the marriage stage so fast?”

Facing his interrogative eyes, suddenly I feel a lot of pressure. Thus I quickly change the topic: “General manager, it is already so late. Why did you come to look for me? ……”

He looks increasingly gloomy and stares fixatedly at me: “Why do you think a man will stand downstairs of a woman’s place at night to wait for her?”

I think about it seriously. In accordance with the normal way of thinking, this kind of standing foolishly in the cold and windy night to wait for a person, means the man is deeply in love with the woman? However this man in question now is the excellent Lu Jun who can’t be anymore outstanding. Whereas this woman is ordinary until you can’t be anymore common …… I really do not have confidence in myself to use common sense to ponder over this issue.

Looking at my hesitant facial expression, suddenly big boss Lu starts to get angry and shouts coldly: “Forget about it, get lost. I don’t want to see you.”

“That ……here is my home……” I weakly remind him. When I look at his gloomy face, I quickly compromise: “Okay, I’ll go away. I’ll take a hike okay!”

I am a little depressed, glance at him and walk straight inside. However after taking two steps, I feel the person behind me is giving chase. Before I can react, he has already wrapped his hands around my waist and drawn my whole body into his arms. He hugs me tightly from behind with his warm breath surrounding my ears.

I momentarily don’t know what to do and call out softly: “General manager?”

His face is buried in my neck. He says with a hint frustration and compromise in his voice. He sounds very gentle very low, very annoyed as well as very painful: “Why am I so stupid to actually like such a stupid woman like you?”

What? These spoken words seem to scold himself, but in fact mainly to scold me stupid ah! Angry!

Incorrect…… What did he say about liking just now? He likes me? My belated response comes, and sets off a raging storm in my heart. This is the second time he said that he likes me. The first time was that night in the hotel …… It is said you cannot believe what a man told you before going to bed with him. I listened happily but did not take it seriously. However this time it is not the same …… This time he said them in a completely sober condition. In that case, can I believe him?

I slowly turn my body and look carefully at the expression on his face: ‘General manager, what you’ve just said is true?”

Lu Jun frowns, looks exasperated at my failure to understand his words and caresses my forehead briefly: “You’re a woman with a one track mind!”

He does not look like he is joking. My heart feels a trace of sweetness, but I am still a little puzzled: “I don’t understand. What do you like about me?”

Typically under such circumstances, he should mention a few of my strengths in return to improve the atmosphere. Instead he shows an expression more puzzled than mine: “Yes, ah, what do you’ve that is worthy of my affection?”

What kind of reaction is this? Don’t tell me I really have no strength? I am depressed so I frown and think seriously. Then I ask him: “What do you think of my figure?”

He looks at me and answers without hesitation: “S-shape.”

The dark clouds immediately turn sunny and emitting joyous small bubbles: “Do you really think my figure is very curvy?”

He pauses and to my great annoyance says: “I am referring to your stomach.”

I: “……”

I look down and knead my stomach. Indeed the flesh in the abdomen has accumulated to become a S-shape. This man’s eyes are really sharp and his mouth really poisonous!

Then I ask again: “Then what do you think of my appearance?”

He says seriously: “Very suitable to be married to be a wife.”

The moment I hear these words, I am ecstatic. I cannot help myself from using the little woman’s manner of speaking: “I am not as visually attractive as what you said la ……”

His voice with a hint of laughter: “You’ve misunderstood. I mean as your husband, he needs not worried being cuckolded.”

I: “……”

Just when I feel grief and indignation until speechless, suddenly Lu Jun strokes my hair and says: “Come on, go back with me.”

I stare at him in bewilderment: “Go back? Your home?”

He looks at me faintly and says in a leisurely manner: “I’ve already stood here for three hours and fifteen minutes.”

I nod my head and quickly express my concern: “General manager, you had a hard day so quickly go back and rest la.”

He continues to say unhurriedly: “I have not eaten my dinner yet.”

“Don’t tell me you want me to go and cook for you?” I gently and cautiously ask. When I see his affirmative nod, I shake my head repeatedly with a bitter face: “No way, it is already very late now. My mom will definitely not allow.”

“Really?” Lu Jun raises his eyebrows. Then he takes out his mobile phone to make a call. I immediately have a bad premonition. Sure enough, very quickly, I hear his gentle and polite voice saying: “Hello auntie!”

Mom’s voice faintly comes through the phone: “Little Lu ah, looking for Xia Ye? It so happened that she went out for dinner tonight and has not come back yet.”

Lu Jun looks askance at me and says: “No, auntie. Xia Ye is with me now.”

“Ah? How come both of you are together?” Mom asks in surprise. Looking anxious, I promptly wave my hands at Lu Jun. By all means, he must not speak out about my relationship with him, ah. Otherwise if my mom knows I lied to her, she’ll definitely slaughter me. Lu Jun gives a nod of understanding. All of a sudden, he also gives a wicked grin and lifts his finger to point at the left side of his cheek. I glare at him feeling depressed. This is too much, still negotiating terms with me at this time. I can’t think too much now, so with lightning speed, I quickly give him a kiss on his face.

Lu Jun raises his eyebrows slightly and replies in a calm and composed voice: “Oh, it is like this. I’m looking for Xia Ye to deal with some work matters. In addition, the company has some urgent documents which requires someone to stay behind at night to take care of things. I think Xia Ye is capable of doing it, so do you agree to let her stay back?”

Over at the other end, mother’s voice is very firm and decisive: “How is it possible since our family Xia Ye likes to sleep the most and cannot stay up all night?”

Lu Jun says sounding a bit disappointed: “Okay la, sorry to disturb you auntie. I’ll try to find another person.” When hearing this, I am secretly delighted. At the same time, I am unconvinced that he’ll give up so easily. Seeing that he is about to hang up the phone, he also starts to talk to himself: “Oh, that’s right. It seems the company has a policy where staff who voluntarily do night duty can get an extra year-end bonus ……”

“Hey, wait a minute!” The sound of my mom yelling can be heard at the other end of the phone. Compared to before, her tone has turned one hundred and eighty degree: “That one …… Little Lu ah, suddenly I recall Xia Ye is currently suffering from endocrine disorders. Thus she has insomnia every night and cannot sleep. Therefore having her on night duty is naturally the most appropriate!”

I: “……”

Mom, when did I’ve endocrine disorders? She was so firm just now but why did she open her eyes wide at the sight of money ah! I am really nothing like you! I am certainly not your biological child! (You are very much like her, definitely birth mother and daughter.–)

After hanging up the phone, Lu Jun looks at me with a smile yet not a smile. His mood appears to be quite cheerful when saying: “This is the second time you took the initiative to kiss me.”

I retort resentfully: “What took the initiative? Obviously you were the one who threatened me!”

He raises his eyebrows slightly: “When did I threaten you?”

I glare at him and imitate the way he pointed at his cheek: “Just now ah, You were like this!”

His jet-black and gentle eyes contain a hint of laughter: “I wanted to tell you something is stuck on your left cheek.”

I stare blankly at him and touch my cheek. I really don’t know when the bits of dusk stuck on my face.

Kao! (swear word equivalent to Fuck! in English) I got the wrong idea again!

I sit in the car all the way to big boss Lu’s home. After getting out of the elevator, he is about to take out the key to open the door. Suddenly the door of the opposite neighbour’s house is opened. Then a cute and pink tiny face pops out. It is none other than Xiao Yi who made me angry until half dead last time!

I did not expect when he sees me, his eyes will light up. Suddenly he becomes very excited and runs over. He pulls my clothes like a life-saving straw: “Sister Xia Ye? I’ve waited for you for a few days. You’ve finally come!”

I am wary of this mischievous kid and is on guard against him. I move his hand away and cautiously ask: “Why are you waiting for me? What is the matter?”

Seeing my reaction, he seems a little hurt and pouts his lips slightly. His eyes look at me very sincerely: “I joined an art class and the teacher asked us to draw a portrait. Sister Xia Ye, can I draw you?”

I give him a puzzled look: “Why do you want to draw me?”

He says sweetly: “Because sister Xia Ye makes me feel very inspired to create.”

“……” I am a little speechless. How I’ve become the source of his inspiration to create? How come I never knew I am so useful?

Ultimately I can’t resist Xiao Yi’s pleading eyes and pitiful look. Hence I agree to let him draw my portrait. When he sees my nod of approval, he quickly go and take his drawing supplies. Then he follows me into the house, focuses his attention on me and starts to draw seriously.

Lu Jun is watching the two of us quietly at the side. That gaze has a serenity which is different from normal. It also has a bit of indulgence and tenderness. Suddenly, that kind of gaze makes me think of a model good man’s gentle and tender gaze at his wife and children scenario ……

Thinking of this, suddenly my face becomes a bit red and my imagination starts to run wild. That kind of scenario unexpectedly produces a bit of yearning in me.

I do not know I’ve been lost in thought for how long. Suddenly Xiao Yi shouts happily: “Finally I’ve finished drawing the portrait!”

In a flash, I recover my composure and see him hopping and jumping around with the drawing in his hand. His tiny face is brimming with innocent smile: “Sister Xia Ye, I am confident that I definitely can get first in the whole class with this drawing!”

I burst with joy over what he has just said. I also can’t help grinning from ear to ear but I pretend to feel embarrassed and glare at him: “From what you’ve just said, is my portrait so good?”

Xiao Yi looks at me mischievously: “Anyway, thank you for today. Big brother and big sister, I am going first as I do not want to disturb your private time together.”

When Xiao Yi is about to disappear at the door, suddenly I remember something, and ask curiously: “Oh, by the way, what is the topic given by your teacher ah?”

He turns his round head around and looks at me seriously. His voice is still so sweet and innocent: “Teacher taught us not to judge by appearances, not to draw only beautiful people while ignoring the not beautiful people. Thus the topic given this time is: The ugliest person in the world.”

I: “……”

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  3. I can’t figure out if Lu Jun really “innocent” about those kisses or he’s too cunning.

    Btw, when did their relationship professed into the “relationship”?

    I knew there are no true freebies in this material world. oh, XY, oh… xD

    • LJ is never ‘innocent’ so don’t be so naïve like XY 😛

      What do you mean profess into the ‘relationship’?

    • I am pretty sure they progressed to “relationship” when they got busy a few chapters ago when Lu Jun was sick in the hotel room and He Xia was searching for his phone. 😛

  4. Haha…. Thanks… This chapter makes me laugh…

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    XY is so thick.

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  7. This made my day.
    Next chapter should be a good one.
    Thank you.

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    thank you for the post. you are jjang!!

  9. hahhahahaha.. the ugliest person in the world??? oh my God, this lil boy..

    but seriously, the more i read, the more im curious why lj could fall in love with this XY.. even a lil boy said she’s the ugliest person in the world.. love isnt that blind, right? *oh my God, now i look like a granny who couldnt stop commenting while watching prime-time soap opera* sorry sorry la 😀

    emm.. now it’s private timeeee.. 😛 thanks peanuts..

    • LJ has already said, he fell in love with XY bcos he is stupid lol. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Not everyone has the same std on beauty.

      • yeah.. so true..
        now i kinda know why this novel isnt that ‘popular’, but for me, this novel is one of my faves and i already recommend this to some of my friends, lols (just like what i did to silent separation and wallace chung, haha)

  10. Xia ye, do your best and somehow overcome the shape of your stomach and lil bro’s barbs! Btw, I really think you have no right to get back at Lu Jun though, bcuz for every insult you suffer, you torture him far more….

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  15. I’m so annoyed. What is with authors having ugly/plain faced characters and constantly having them insulted? Is not being beautiful something so rare that every person needs to comment on one’s averageness? Or is everyone so beautiful besides the mc who for some reason always needs to be ugly for her looks to be constantly pointed out

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