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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 9.5



At last, this is the final part of this chapter. Nothing special except An Ning went to Mo Ting’s office. I’ve to warn you subsequent chapters may be a bit boring because Mo Ting will not appear in every post and the focus will shift to An Ning’s family.

Chapter 9.5: Know Whether It is Cold or Warm by Oneself

It was shopping day again. Although it has been a while since the last shopping outing, she was still on the third day of her period. Why was her corpse being dragged out to be exposed to a scorching sun?

The weather in early December was cold, but with intense sunshine. An Ning was sitting on the stone stairway in the public square to wait for Mao Mao and Qiang Wei to come out from the opposite clothing store. Compare to the air conditioning inside, it was a bit safer to be exposed to a scorching sun during this particular period of time.

When she was bored to death from waiting, An Ning started to unconsciously hum the tune of songs but not very well. Until two kids ran over to ask for directions by saying: “Auntie, may I ask how to go to KFC?”

“Call sister, or else she will not bother to tell you.” Two voices softly instructed them.

“Sister, may I ask how to go to KFC?”

An Ning: “……”

When Qiang Wei and Mao Mao came back, they saw An Ning giving directions to two kids. Mao Mao immediately criticised her: “Too appalling! How old are they ah yet you bullied them? Be careful brother-in-law sees this and exterminates you directly.” After saying that she laughed heartily in a ‘meaningful and naughty’ way three times.

The two kids were frightened. They hurriedly said goodbye to An Ning and ran away.

An Ning was thinking, compared to Mao Mao’s witch image, her ‘auntie’ image was still quite affable, right?

Qiang Wei: “Hungry ah.”

An Ning got up and walked over to help Qiang Wei to carry her things: “I did not eat breakfast today, yet I don’t feel hungry ah.”

Qiang Wei: “You are strong ma. I ate a bowl of oats, three bananas, an apple, a big box of yogurt, three vegetable buns and a meat bun this morning.”

Mao Mao jumped up: “Are you a pig?!”

When the trio arrived in McDonald, Qiang Wei has already collapsed. Mao Mao went to order their meals. Currently she was chasing after a man so she was exceptionally happy and eagerly gave them a treat.

Qiang Wei lamented: “I want to find a boyfriend who has a boyfriend more than finding a boyfriend.”

An Ning turned around quietly and happened to see Mao Mao crawling on the counter: “A box of egg tarts please!”

An Ning turned around again and heard vaguely: “Why you don’t have ah? Isn’t this KFC ah?!”

The streetscape is really good in winter. An Ning was admiring it and subsequently saw —— Zhang Qi tugging back and forth with a guy. In the end, the other person forcefully held senior brother Zhang’s hand. They ignored the stares given by the passer-by and entered the water screen movie area in the public square.

Too, too shocking.

An Ning’s first reaction was to send someone a text message.

“Mo Ting, I saw senior brother Zhang (An Ning will address anyone older than her as senior brother without exception but of course someone is an exception). He was with a guy.” It was not that An Ning is gossipy, but this was really too shocking.

He replied back: “Oh.”

Too indifferent, right? An Ning said with righteous indignation: “I am telling you the truth.”

“That is reasonable.” Indeed he is leader Xu ! Without waiting for An Ning to finish lamenting, he has already called her: “Where are you now?”


“I’m coming over.” He paused a little before explaining: “Accompany me to buy a computer.”

Fifteen minutes later an outstanding figure pulled open McDonald’s entrance door. Mao Mao waved her hand and called out “Brother-in-law, over here!” This attracted a lot of attention from all sides. Xu Mo Ting calmly walked over and nodded his head slightly at the two persons sitting across the table. When he saw the drink in front of An Ning, he could not help but frowned slightly, “Why are you drinking cold drink?”

An Ning has the foresight to change the topic: “Let’s go.”

After being sent off by Mao Mao and Qiang Wei, An Ning took the initiative to be brought out of that place.

Digital City is nearby, so the two of them walked directly there. While they were walking past the public square, they met those two kids again. They were holding ‘KFC family bucket’ in their hands. When they tilted their heads and saw An Ning, they called out from the bottom of their hearts and in unison ‘sister’.

“Oh.” An Ning was satisfied now. Xu Mo Ting who was standing next to her, glanced at her thoughtfully.

On reaching the destination, Mo Ting walked directly to the sales counter of a particular brand name. When the sales staff saw him, he has already taken out a computer.

An Ning strolled around the sales counter, “Mo Ting, this one, this one is pretty good.” She did some research before when she bought her computer. However it was too expensive at that time so she did not buy it.

Mo Ting took a quick look and said: “Ah Ding, please take that one and install the system. Then send to my place later, thanks.”

“No problem.”

An Ning was a bit startled when Xu Mo Ting has finished buying and was walking over. In fact, he was merely here to finalise his purchase?

When the two of them walked out, An Ning preached to him gently: “You’ve too much money?  Why did you buy two computers?”

He merely said, “You are able to use it in the future.”


On that day, Xu Mo Ting did not drive her back to the university. An Ning was wondering: “Where else do we have to go?”

“Control Yuan (a watchdog under the constitution of Republic of China).” The driver said at his leisurely pace: “Why, you have other things to do?”

…… This threat was too obvious, right? An Ning turned back her head to continue to look at the streetscape.

Mo Ting moved his lips gently and the laughter in his eyes were obvious.

This was considered her second visit to his place of work. From the time she entered the entrance door until she reached his office,  An Ning cannot help but suspected that a turtle was painted on her face? Why everyone also wanted to glance at her?

Su Jia Hui knocked at the door and came in with a cup of coffee. She smiled and handed it to the person sitting on the sofa, “I am pretty good at making coffee so give it a try.”

“Thank you.”

Jia Hui leaned against the armrest of the sofa and was making fun of Xu Mo Ting who was hanging his coat: “Everybody is talking about Xu Mo Ting bringing a girl here. The power is comparable to an atomic bomb.”

Xu Mo Ting only gave a smile but did not comment. On the contrary, the person who was drinking coffee choked twice.

Jia Hui immediately held out her hand to stroke her back: “Are you okay?!”

“Okay, all right ……” As it turned out, she was an atomic bomb?

Mo Ting lifted up his wrist to look at the watch: “Don’t you have a meeting outside at four o’clock?”

Jia Hui complained, “Date before mate”. Anyway she made a tactful exit.

Since only both of them were left in the room, An Ning looked around. Xu Mo Ting’s office is not big, but clean and tidy. The document folders and books on the bookcase are arranged meticulously. Mo Ting poured a glass of purified water and brought over to her. “Don’t drink too much coffee.”

“Oh.” An Ning calmly walked to the front of the bookcase, “You get busy, I’ll find myself a book to read.”

Xu Mo Ting looked at the slim silhouette with a faint smile.

On a quiet winter afternoon, although one was flipping over the files and the other was flipping over History of the Three Kingdoms book, this can still be considered a date, right? Maybe this is different from other person’s courtship, yet An Ning still felt happy.

This spot on the sofa can get a little sunlight, so not too hot nor too cold, very comfortable.

Hearing the sound of the pen streaking across the paper and occasional sound of the fingers tapping on the keyboard …… An Ning slowly fell asleep ……

Vaguely, she heard his colleagues came in, then went out.

She felt someone came over and sat next to her as the sofa sagged slightly. An Ning turned over and a familiar and warm breath was approaching.

An Ning had no idea how long she had slept. When she woke up she was covered by a black coat. She sat up and saw Xu Mo Ting was still going through the documents.

He seemed really busy.

An Ning’s stomach did not hurt anymore and her sore feet from walking all morning has also slowly got better. She stood up quietly on tiptoe. The person opposite who has his eyes fixated on the computer screen all along, suddenly said, “Woke up already?”

“Yes ……” An Ning asked softly: “Mo Ting, where is the toilet?”

Xu Mo Ting lifted up his head, “I’ll take you there.” While saying that he has already got up.

“No, no need!” She was not a three years old child. This kind of thing also wants to bring her.

Mo Ting smiled: “Go out, turn left and walk all the way to the end.”

She walked out of the door without blushing or grasping for breath. An Ning sighed with sorrow because her skin was getting thicker after being teased by him often. Well, don’t know if it is a good or bad sign.

All the toilets were occupied. While An Ning was waiting, she saw a red mark on her neck in the mirror. It was rather obvious at a glance. Thus she can’t help but frowned and studied it carefully. Then she heard a person inside sighed, “Hey, Xu Mo Ting actually has a girlfriend already.”

Two voices: “Maybe just a female friend.”

Three voices: “Even if it is not the case, we’ll also not have a chance ah. People like Su Jia Hui still has some hope.”

“Speaking of which, Jia Hui looks pretty and is from a good family. Furthermore she has been admiring Xu Mo Ting for more than half a year. Why isn’t he the slightest bit interested in her ah?”

“Aiya, she does not appear that pretty. Moreover you should know the status of the Xu family, so her good family background is not regarded as anything.”

“At least better than the one who came today?”

“However I feel the girl who came today is a lot prettier than Su Jia Hui.”

“If I had known earlier that he doesn’t mind commoner, I’ll also chase after him.”

“Care to venture a guess as to how that girl managed to court Xu Mo Ting? Pester him persistently?”

“Probably. However she appears rather refined.”

“One may know a person for a long time without understanding her true nature.”

I remembered someone said before that the toilet is a gathering place for gossip, and indeed it is true.

An Ning on the one hand was studying the dubious mark on her neck, on the other hand thinking …… she kept thinking then suddenly shouted ‘ah’. This time it was really a miserable shriek. This, is this a hickey (love bite)?

At this moment, someone has already pulled open the door and came out. Their line of sight intersected in the mirror. The former clearly did not expect to be so …… unlucky. An Ning momentarily did not know how to react so she smiled, even though her face was a little red, “Hi”

After regaining her composure, she went into the toilet. She immediately took out the small mirror in her bag to study and ascertain once again it was really a hickey ah ……

When An Ning returned to Xu Mo Ting’s office, her first sentence was: “Why did you kiss here ah?” Too conspicuous.

The person in front of the door covered her neck and her face was scarlet red. Mo Ting roughly knew what happened. He put down his pen, propped his chin in the palm of his hand and said in an indulgent voice: “Then where do you want to be kissed?”

“……” Absolutely, one may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature ah!

An Ning saw him already shutting down his computer, so she said, “I’ll wait for you outside,” and walked out. However she did not expect to run into Zhou Jin Cheng. He saw her, came forward and did not look surprise.

“Met your father two days ago?”


“Waiting for Xu Mo Ting?” Zhou Jin Cheng is not a talkative person, so it was rare for him to have asked that.

However An Ning does not like this kind of pretentious probing but she did not know how to deal with it in a reasonable manner. Until someone gently embraced her waist from behind. Unconsciously, she heaped a sigh of relief and unexpectedly found that she was a little dependent on him.


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