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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 33



Happy Easter ! Lu Jun will be going away on a business trip again but before that he has a steamy surprise for you lol.

Chapter 33: Tragedy…….

Following the sound of a door slamming, Xiao Yi’s figure disappears from my line of sight. I make a fist with my hand. I feel grief and indignation. Humph! if this terrible kid did not run away fast, I imagine I’ll rush over directly like Crayon Shin-chan’s mother. Without saying anything further, I’ll hit his head and leave him with two big lumps like two cactuses!

Lu Jun looks at me with a faint smile and rubs my head intimately: “How? This little blow, already made you angry like this?”

I glare angrily at him: “Is this considered a little blow? If someone said that of you, will you not be angry?”

He raises his eyebrows, shrugs his shoulders and says leisurely: “No one has ever said that to me, but you’re different. You get provoked once every few days. I thought after going through repeated blows, you are already unaffected. It seems that you have to toughen yourself up mentally.”

What kind of talk is this! You’ve outstanding quality, so you are unlikely to be derided by others. Thus you need not have any such concern. In contrast I have to toughen myself up mentally, right?

Aiyaya, I am really mad! I am unable to restrain my anger, glare at him, turn round and walk into the kitchen. Someone brisk and joyful laughter can be heard from behind.

To get it done quickly, I walk into the kitchen, put on the apron and start to cook. When I open and look in the refrigerator, I discover there is very little things inside, only tomato, vegetables and some eggs. Fortunately there are some noodles in the cupboard, so at least can make a bowl of tomato and egg noodles.

I’ve just put the pot on the stove in preparation to boil some water. I smell a familiar odor approaching from behind. I subconsciously turn around and happen to bump into Lu Jun’s chest. Before I am able to regain my composure, he has already stretched out his arms and hugged my waist. Darkness descends before my eyes. My lips feel slightly hot and an explosion sound can be heard in my mind.

He is very focused and earnest in his kissing. Gently closing his eyes and drooping his fine and long eyelashes, as if he is tasting something delicious. That kind of appreciative attitude makes me cannot help but also immerse myself in the kiss. For a split second, I feel as if I’ve really become Cinderella who is fancied by the prince. I am enjoying this exceptional happiness and reveling in the fairy tale kind of beauty. Gradually, I start to respond to him.

I do not know how long has passed before Lu Jun finally lets go of me. I am gasping for breath and leaning on his chest. I lose my train of thought. My vision is a bit blurry when I look up at him and call softly: “General manager?”

I do not know whether or not my current appearance is stimulating him, as the color of his eyes deepen. Suddenly, he holds my waist carries me and about to walk out of the kitchen.

I immediately become clear-headed and shout out in surprise: “What are you doing? Didn’t you say you are hungry? I have not finished cooking yet ……”

He lowers his jet-black eyes and looks deeply into my eyes as if wanting to suck me into the abyss. He says in a husky voice: “Yes, I’m hungry. I’ve been hungry for several days.”

While talking, my body softens and I am already lying on the bed. Following the sinking of my body, his breath can be felt on my face. I am a little flustered and shout: “General Manager, cannot …… I refuse to have sexual relationship before marriage …… ”

Lu Jun chuckles softly and moves his lips to the side of my ear. With his warm breath fanning my ear, he mutters: “Hasn’t it already happened? There is not much difference between once and two times.”

I look slightly distracted and think for a little while. Yes ah, what he said makes sense. There seems like not much difference between once and two times ……

While I am still in a daze, he has already leaned over. My mind immediately goes blank and loses consciousness completely.

Early morning is the golden time of the day. The curtains cannot be closed properly so there is a gap. Thus I can see the sky outside the window and the sunlight shining below the curtains. The surrounding is quiet until you can only hear the faint breathing sound. I am holding the corner of the silky quilt and looking at the handsome face of Lu Jun who is sleeping soundly beside me. Then I recall everything which happened last night and silent tears start to stream down my cheeks. My mind just keeps repeating the words, has been eaten, has been eaten and has been eaten again ……

If I can still comfort myself by saying that last time was an accident, but how to explain about this time? The cold hard fact is that I’ve really stooped so low to become the boss’s mistress, ah!

Firstly, I cannot let my mom knows about this. Secondly, I cannot let my colleagues in the company know about this. Otherwise, I cannot mingle with them anymore …… looking at Lu Jun’s quiet sleeping form, I feel very resentful. Thinking, I used to be such a progressive and promising youth, but has to become his underground lover now!

I put away my distressed mood and quietly get down from the bed. Then I pick up the clothes scattered on the floor like a thief and put them on one by one. After that I sneak a glance at a certain person on the bed who is still sleeping soundly. It seems he is really exhausted from last night …… this is understandable since they XX as well as OO last night, so how can he not feel tired?

Thinking about this, my face turns hot again. I quickly take my coat and tiptoe out of the door. Then I quietly put on my shoes and open the door, taking advantage of Lu Jun while he is asleep to escape from the wolf’s den.

With backache and sore legs, I return home physically and mentally exhausted. The moment I enter my room, I lie down to sleep. My mom thinks I am so sleepy because I stayed up all night in the office, so it is rare that she does not come to bother me. As a result, I sleep soundly until the afternoon.

“Ring Ring Ring RRRinggggg ……”

When a familiar ring tone wakes me up, I am still muddle-headed. With my eyes half-closed, I press the answer button: “Hello?”

“Xia Ye, hearing your sleepy voice, you are not still sleeping, right?” Ai Li shouts in surprise over the phone. In a short while, her loud piercing voice shouting at me woke me up.

I yawn and lazily ask: “I worked overtime last night, so I am catching up on my sleep now. How come you think of me to give me a call? What is the matter?”

When she heard that, she speaks even louder and shouts in a dissatisfied tone: “Bad girl, if there is nothing important, I cannot look for you? It has been quite a while since I last saw the devil, so I am missing you. Get out of bed fast and accompany me to go shopping.”

I think about it and she is right. During this time period, if not working, I was hanging out with Lu Jun. It has really been a long time since I last went shopping with her. Thus, I make an appointment to meet up with Ai Li at a specified venue. Then I slowly get up and get dressed.

When I’m ready to go out, the phone rings again. This time, it is a call from Lu Jun. Remembering what happened last night, I immediately feel both embarrassed and indignant. Subconsciously, I dare not face him so I look hesitantly at the flashing mobile screen. After all, should I answer his call or pretend not to hear it? The phone keeps on ringing. Just when I finally muster up the courage and prepare to answer the phone, the ringtone suddenly stops. I slowly breathe out a sigh of relief. However a short while later, the phone starts ringing again. This time I brace myself to simply press the answer button: “Hello, general manager!”

Lu Jun’s voice is a little low at the other end: “Why did you take so long to answer the phone?”

I humbly apologise at once: “That …… I’m sorry. I was sleeping just now.”

His tone is still icy-cold and interrogative: “Were you asleep, or did not want to pick up my call?”

Still so unforgiving! I get angry and accuse him: “If it were not for what you did last night, would I be so tired to sleep all day long?”

Lu Jun seems to be stumped for words. The dark clouds clear up immediately. He chuckles: “Okay, it is my fault. I’ll control myself better next time.”

Next time? Still have next time? I open my eyes wide and my face starts to turn red. Hence I quickly change the topic: “That one …… I am about to go out shopping. General manager, why did you call me? ……”

He pauses, then slowly says: “After I finish a very important meeting today, I’ll be going away on a business trip. I’ll probably come back after three days.”

I am pleasantly surprised: “Really?”

The voice at the other end immediately starts to sound displeased again:”What kind of reaction is that? You are so eager for me to go away?”

Seeing the warning sign that he is going to get angry, I quickly correct myself to please him: “No la, I mean it is really a shame not to be able to see general manager’s imposing figure and handsome face for three days. I’m afraid my next three days will drag past like a year!”

“Like this ah ……” Lu Jun smiles faintly and slowly says: “At first, in consideration that you had just come back from Guilin, I should not ask you to take another long distance business trip with me. But since you are so reluctant to part with me ……”

I show my painful face and plead in a feeble voice right away: “General manager ……”

“Okay, you think I don’t know your thoughts?” Lu Jun sighs and immediately instructs with the tone of the head of the family: “When I am not around in the next few days, you better stay put. You are not allowed to go and attract troubles, okay?”

I promptly nod: “Yes!”

After I’ve replied, I only realize something is wrong. Why he sounded like a husband instructing his wife before going on a business trip? = =

When I rush to the appointed venue, it is obvious I am a bit late. The instant Ai Li sees me, she points a finger at my head: “Aiya, you bad girl. Just because you are dating handsome Lu, this diamond level good man, you are acting like a big shot now? Even made me wait so long for you!”

I quickly touch her shoulder affectionately to beg for mercy: “My good friend, I am bad but there was really something which delayed me just now. Otherwise how would I dare to keep you waiting for such a long time ah?”

“Humph!” Ai Li gives a snort of disgust and pulls me along: “Let’s go. Don’t even think that I’ll let you go home until you stroll these few streets a few times with me today.”

In fact, before I came out today, I already have premonition that I’ll stroll until my legs are sore. However I’ve forgotten Ai Li is a person who possess all the innate tendency of a woman. In addition to shopping like crazy, she also likes to gossip and chat. Apparently Lu Jun’s outstanding outward appearance and rich family background make good fodder for gossip. Hence Ai Li starts interrogating me for more than two hours.

I have nothing to hide from Ai Li. It just so happens that I can also whine and pour out my grievances, finding an outlet to say what has been in my heart all this while. Consequently, while I am strolling the streets to shop and bargain, I also tell her about the things that had happened between Lu Jun and me. My special treatment in the company, I was forced to go to his home to cook and clean like a servant, he occasionally revealed his caring and ambiguous side, as well as that night in Guilin ……

While listening, Ai Li’s eyes sparkle brightly. She says in an envious tone: “You dim-witted girl who appears silly. This time, you’ve such good fortune to have such good luck with romance! After analysing all kinds of indications, that handsome Lu is definitely smitten by you! According to my prediction, you are on your way to become the wife of a rich man.”

I look at her excited expression, yet I can’t laugh: “Has he really taken a fancy to me? You said, I am dim-witted and silly. My appearance and education qualifications are also very ordinary. Whereas he is successful in business and a social elite. Moreover he looks outstanding and handsome. We are poles apart, so is it really possible that he likes me? Or is it merely a spur of the moment thing?”

At this moment, we have strolled for nearly three hours. Ai Li drags me to sit on the bench at the bus stop to rest our feet. At the same time, she thoughtfully analyzes: “Your worries are justified. A man’s heart is just like a needle at the bottom of the sea (unpredictable). This matter will affect your happiness in life, so we cannot be careless.”

I am influenced by her serious expression and appeal for help immediately: “Then what should I do? Ai Li, you are my best friend, so you must help me!”

Ai Li asks: “Do you want to know if handsome Lu is sincere?”

I nod my head: “Of course!”

Ai Li proudly pats her chest: “You’ve found the right person for this matter today. I’ve extensive experience in affairs of the heart, so I can help you to test if he is sincere or a hypocrite!”

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  1. i remember this test.. xD

    lujun know how ‘slow’ she is, he should tell her what he feels for her n not expecting she would understand a thing by just showing her.. she would never understand.

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    What the hell does that mean? xD

  3. *giggling*
    Little winter, XX and OO refer to love making

    I anticipate the time when Lu Jun makes himself clear to her 🙂

  4. Yay new chapter, thank you. Happy easter 🙂

  5. X= kiss, O=hug at least in the US.

  6. I think O & X r universal meaning for hugs and kisses.

    I wonder when is LJ will spell it out to XY that he loves her.

  7. Oh no, trouble is coming. How dangerous this test is going to be?

  8. In the US, we tend to say XOXO…. as in XOXO, Gossip Girls lol. We don’t say XX OO… but yeah, X = kisses cuz it’s shaped like two puckered lips. O = hugs cuz it’s shaped like embracing arms.

    Just finished this book last night… XY’s internal dialogues are so funny but she’s also dense enough to rival 33.

  9. Just what I expected and didn’t disappoint.
    WTH is Xia Ye thinking, underground mistress. LOLZ 🙂
    Too naive, I want to crack her head. 😀

  10. Lu Jun, you take so many business trips. Is this the ‘absence-makes-the-heart-fonder’ technique? But if I recall correctly, after the last business trip, didn’t Xia Ye poison you? So it might not work. And while you’re away this time, Allie and Xia Ye will be cooking up a nice, nice surprise…. Should I laugh, cheer you on, feel pity, laugh, maliciously support density, or what????!

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    i cant blame XY for the XOXO or XX OO scene, haha.. i f i were her, emm.. who can refuse LJ? but i imagine Wallace as LJ for that intimate scene, haha.. he must be good on that scene 😛

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    Lu Jun also needs to stop beating around the bush and clearly state it’s intentions without leaving any room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

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    Thanks a lot, peanuts~

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