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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 10.1



As I’ve warned you, there is no XMT in this post but don’t worry he’ll be back next week 😛 We’ve Mao Mao who reminds me of lidge because both are also troublemakers 😛

Chapter 10.1: If You Don’t Want to Hurt Me Then Don’t Hurt Me

The weather forecast said it would become colder in the next few days. Consequently, the temperature dropped 7 to 8 degrees today, resulting in the freezing of a group of people.

The on-campus forum for X University also started to debate heatedly and anger was rising. A lot of previous dissatisfactions have surfaced one after another. Such as the hot water in the public baths in the university was occasionally interrupted, the internet connection in the dormitory was extremely unstable. One of the anonymous posts was the most insightful: “My fellow students, stop complaining. It is better now compared to the old society.”

There is a place to live without being exposed to the blowing of the northwest wind. If the dormitory is cold, wear more clothes! If it is still not warm enough, then ask your mother to send you a thick quilt.

The alternate hot and cold water in the public baths can stimulate blood circulation. Let’s gather together. If you are sick, the medicine in the clinic does not cost too much money. Even though their medicine for colds has never cure anyone before. However everyone is young, so there is nothing to fear. If worst comes to worst, it is only pneumonia.

If the network is disconnected, go to the laboratory or the university’s computer room. Moreover, it is not disconnected continuously.

The people in the old society managed to live through it and still established a new China, so our little inconvenience is nothing!

“After enduring winter, everything will be fine. ”

Mao Mao said: “I’ve just bought my autumn dress, how ah?!”

Mao Mao wrapped herself in a bed sheet and felt indignant: “I can’t live through this kind of weather. This won’t do, I have to migrate.”

“Remember to fly south, don’t go north ah.” Zhao Yang reminded her while browsing some posts in the forum. In fact, the most popular post in X University forum recently was not those real problems in the social section but two posts in the emotion theatre section which were, ‘I Saw Jiang Xu’s Sweetheart’ and ‘Discussion on the Background of New Generation Idol Xu Mo Ting’ ……

At this moment, Zhao Yang was browsing at Xu Mo Ting’s background. It was really incredible, even his ‘rich relatives’ were mentioned.

“Meow Meow, a lot of women intend to seduce your man ah.”

An Ning was working on her project. She took this week off because the project was due soon so there was still a lot to do to finish it off. “Okay.”

Mao Mao gave an evil laugh: “Meow Meow, you are one of the most talked about people in the forum ah …… also being attacked very badly, heehee.”

Zhao Yang can’t stand Mao Mao’s inappropriate laughter: “Did you put that photo of Meow Meow and brother-in-law seemingly smiling at one another in the post?”

An Ning instantly sprayed some of her saliva on the screen. “What photo?”

Zhao Yang has already efficiently forwarded the web address to her. An Ning hesitated for a while before clicking on it.

[Listing] Discussion on the Background of New Generation Idol Xu Mo Ting

[Reply to this post] Sender: littlestar. Section: Emotion Theatre

Title: [Listing] Discussion on the Background of New Generation Idol Xu Mo Ting

The first post was a photo of the honourable Xu Mo Ting. However, it was a bit blurry because it was shot with long lenses.

It was followed by a simple profile of the leader of the Faculty of Foreign Studies:

Birthday: 15 October 1985

Estimated Height: 181cm

Weight: 67-68kg

Topic: Discussion on Xu Mo Ting’s Identity

1F: Wait until I become Mrs. Xu, then I’ll be come back to tell you the truth.

2F: Hey, you stole my line.

3F: 1L, I believe you have achieved your goal, except the word ‘Xu’.

4F: 3L, you are the truth!


It was the usual practice to get to the main topic after a bunch of gold and silver medals. Gradually, people began to complain. Since this post was to probe into the background and identity of the person involved, but how come there was not even one clear photo?!

Subsequently, the post inexplicably changed direction to get a crystal clear headshot of Xu Mo Ting. When she turned to the fourth page, there was even a reward.

An Ning sighed, “Mao Mao, did you put up the photo because of that reward?”

Mao Mao chuckled: “We’ll earn the money together la.”

An Ning roughly turned to the fifth page and saw her own photo. She also glimpsed at the sender’s ID: The Small Lily Who is Waiting for Spring!

The backdrop of the photo was the doorway of Xu Mo Ting’s home. It was when he pulled her aside to say “I have something to talk to you” —— they appeared like smiling at each other? She did smile, but that was a bitter smile. He didn’t smile ah? In addition his facial expression was kind of serious.

Zhao Yang who was sitting next to her, leaned over and propped her arm on the back of An Ning’s chair. She looked at the screen and said: “Gee, I must say your man is really stylish, ah. Just a casual pose, but he already defeated the ps (photoshop) photo in the next post.” After saying that, she gave a deeply meaningful pat on someone’s shoulder: “Meow Meow, the competition in the real world is very intense ah.”

As expected, there was a reply below the photo right away. ‘The truth’ said: I know this woman from the Department of Physics. Standing with each foot in a different boat (two-timing) ah!

Stool: Nani (What)?! With such a perfect boyfriend, she still cheated on him?

Floor: Marrying rich is a step into the unfathomable depth (meaning a woman cannot find happiness by marrying into a rich family because there would be lots of rules and other unexpected things waiting for her). Hence occasional cheating is needed ah.

Someone weakly asked: You said she is standing with each foot in a different boat  …… do you have evidence? I feel this girl is very righteousness and very good.

This question was immediately submerged in the war of words, “I am still possessed by the evil spirit!”

Then there was a large group of starry-eyed infatuated guys attacking the girls. This once again confirmed that emotion theatre is a woman’s world.

Little Lily: “My fellow students, we’ve strayed from the topic! What kind of person do you think this Xu Mo Ting really is ah?”

Continue to Seek the Truth Party: “According to reliable information, I found out that his family has powerful connections.”

Thus they continued to gossip: “Currently, is there anyone with the surname Xu in the members of the rich aristocracy?”

“Who has the nation senior cadre list? With the list, we can ascertain his social position ah.”

In a flash, Baidu and Google were widely searched, the post boiling hot ……

“I’m powerful, everything is under my control!” Mao Mao encouraged An Ning to read further below for the more exciting part. However, the person involved was clearly not very interested, and closed the browser.

Mao Mao was shuddering while heading towards Zhao Yang: “Kowai (means scary in Japanese)! Meow Meow is bullying me again!”

Just closed a webpage but already produced “The Butterfly Effect”?

At this moment, Qiang Wei came over looking for food in the cupboard but without success. “I am dying, starving to death. Who will accompany me to go to eat as well as go to class?”

An Ning looked at the time, got up and put on her coat. Mao Mao did not intend to go, but if she skipped classes again, then she may fail the course. Hence she can only reluctantly follow along.

Due to the plummeting temperature, there was less people out in the campus.

When they went to the cafeteria for lunch, there was also less people. However the main reason should be it has passed one o’clock.

A foreign student sat next to their table. He got up, came over and tapped gently on An Ning’s shoulder. Then he pointed at her plate of fried dumplings. An Ning did not know what he wanted but still shifted her plate out a little bit. He took a dumpling, put it in his mouth and said ‘thank you!’. Then he left.


Zhao Yang: “This is what you called a powerful man ah.”

Mao Mao: “Hey, speaking of which our brother-in-law is too honest. I’ve never seen him holding Meow Meow’s hands. With this kind of speed, when will we be able to see blood ah?”

Qiang Wei also heaved a sigh on this matter: “Such refined man is too well-behaved.”

An Ning groaned.

When they came out after finishing the experiment, Mao Mao who has been pondering, suddenly exclaimed loudly: “Meow Meow, you have been molested!”


“I’ve thought for a long time. Now you can see why he only ate your dumpling, but didn’t eat my noodles ah? It is so obvious!”

Zhao Yang: “You think too much.”

Somebody heaved a sigh. She thought she was finally able to get some form of redress ……

An Ning wanted to go home today since she has not gone back for more than a month. For a home-loving person, it can be said to be torturous. After separating from Zhao Yang and gang, she has just arrived at the back door of the university, an apple green car stopped beside her. The window was rolled down revealing Jiang Xu inside. He gave her a faint smile, like they’ve a chance encounter.

He has already stepped down from the car. His tone was gentle, as this kind of people usually has good manners: “An Ning, regarding that matter, I would still like to apologize to you personally. I’ve already warned that girl, so she should not come to cause you trouble anymore.”

An Ning said ‘okay’. Seeing that there was a lot of people looking at them, she acted decisively, “Senior brother, you go and get busy. I have something to do so I’ll go first.”

“I’m not busy.” He smiled, and pulled her hand, “Where do you want to go? I’ll give you a lift.”

An Ning gracefully declined. Jiang Xu thought for a while but did not insist: “Okay. When can we have a meal together? Call Qiang Wei along.” He casually enquired, so An Ning did not feel right not to give him face and said: “I’ll ask Wei Wei first.”

He put down his hand, “Really don’t need me to send you?”

“No need, thank you.” An Ning hesitated but in the end still said:. “Well …… senior brother, actually apple green is an inauspicious color.”


When she was in the bus that day, Lao San sent her a text message. Firstly they exchanged a few pleasantries, then he wrote:”Sister-in-law, an hour ago, I sat in the leader’s car and I went out from the back door of the university.”

An Ning: “……”

Lao San: “Rest assured, I will keep this secret for you. Moreover the leader ‘ought’ not to have seen you cheating on him.”


Lao San: “By the way, I am suffering from food poisoning. If you’ve time, come and visit me at the hospital ah!!”

An Ning did not know what else to write.

An hour later, she arrived home. Mrs. Li also has just come back from the food market. The moment she entered the door, she saw her daughter limping and getting a drink: “Ning Ning, what happened to your foot?!”

“Oh …… someone stepped on it in the bus.”

“How come so careless?”

It cannot be said to be an out-of-body experience, “Mom, I’ll help you to wash the vegetables.”

“Sit down obediently. Remember this next time. If people step on you, you have to step back ruthlessly!”

Well …… her mom is very cute ah.

During dinner, Mrs. Li asked: “Your father has talked about work with you?”


“What is your plan?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t have anything special which I want to say. As long as you feel right, follow your heart. As your mother, I just want you to live happily.”

“Thanks mom.”

At this moment, Mrs. Li smiled and said: “Then is there any progress in your love life? As a rule, my daughter looks so pretty so it is impossible that nobody showed any interest.”

“Your elder aunt also often talks about you coming, saying she wants to be your matchmaker. How about going to meet one this week? It does not matter if he is unsuitable. Just treat it as making another new friend.”

An Ning lowered her head to eat rice and muttered:. “Mom, I am already seeing somebody.”


Sighing, “I said I am already seeing somebody.”

Mrs. Li was surprised this time: “Is it a man or woman?!”

An Ning can confirm her mother is really very cute ah.


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  1. I miss XMT. I want some action when he comes back. 😀

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  4. Hang: I think it meant, she’s always attracting males who want to get to know her, so eating her dumpling is an excuse to interact with her? haha, that’s how I interpreted it.

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    • Novels usually have either cute or annoying mothers 😛 Dun read too much into th dumpling part. I think it is just there to showcase AN’s attractiveness as well as creating some humor with Mao Mao.

  6. no 2nd guy also.. emm.. but i enjoy reading this 🙂 cuz of Mao mao and Lao San, haha, they’re so hilarious.. especially lao san, why he thinks she’s cheating la.. lols

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  10. Thank you for the chapter~

  11. –Sighing, “I said I am already seeing somebody.”

    Mrs. Li was surprised this time: “Is it a man or woman?!”

    An Ning can confirm her mother is really very cute ah.–

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