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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 35



Isn’t this a sweet and romantic conclusion to the test? You’ll have a guest translator starting next week for about a month while I go and work on Blazing Sunlight 🙂 But don’t worry, I’ll come back to finish off the novel 🙂

Chapter 35: Confession …

After mom’s vivid and colorful description, I roughly understand what happened. As it turned out, after Lu Jun’s phone call was disconnected, he immediately left behind his board of directors, a group of old men, rushed out from the meeting room and drove straight to the city center. However coincidentally there was a car accident at that time on Central Road, resulting in traffic jam on the entire road. He was stuck in the middle of the road, with no room to advance or to retreat. Ultimately he has no alternative but to abandon the vehicle and walk on foot to go straight to the hospital in the city centre …… with my mother’s narration, I can almost imagine him transforming from his usual calm self to storm anxiously into every hospital and grabbing the doctors and nurses to inquire anxiously scenario in my mind.

Back home, my mom uses the landline telephone to call Lu Jun to inform him that I am safe and sound. Less than twenty minutes later, my house’s doorbell is already ringing incessantly.

Suddenly my heart is starting to beat very fast when imagining general manager’s furious appearance. I quickly send a signal for help to mother.

Mom puts in extra strength …… to pat me on the shoulder. Then she uses the excuse that she is getting old so she cannot sleep late. She is very sleepy now until her eyes also cannot open. After saying that, she runs into her bedroom and closes the door with a bang. With her speed and strength, she doesn’t look like an old and sleepy lady!

Fine, I’ve a mother who always lets me down at the crucial moment!

When the travel-worn and extremely exhausted Lu Jun appears in front of me, I genuinely realize today’s joke has gotten out of hand.

His tailored fit suit, with a matching tie, is the formal attire he wears whenever there is an important meeting in the company. His jet-black hair seems a bit disheveled and his eyes look tired. His tightly purse up lips is pale and there is almost no trace of color on his face. One can imagine how much wind he was exposed to outside tonight and how much he has travelled. Before opening the door, I was thinking about what kind of posture I should adopt. My head should droop at what angle to make me look the most remorseful in order to quell his anger. However when I see his current appearance, I no longer need to pretend even the slightest because the guilt in my heart has already reached its limit.

Looking at his frail body that even a gust of wind can make him fall, I promptly welcome him into the house and ardently help him to the sofa. Behaving like a little slave girl, I greet him in a gentle manner: “General manager, please sit down. Do you want a cup of coffee?”

Looking at his dark and gentle eyes, suddenly I remember there is no coffee at home. Without waiting for him to speak, I quickly scramble to say: “Ah, you don’t want to drink coffee! Then how about some Coke?”

After saying that, suddenly I also remember the last can of Coke at home has been consumed last night, so I quickly say: “Oh yes, you don’t like to drink Coke! Then I’ll get you a glass of water!”

Without seeing the occasional twitching of his lips, I quickly turn around to go and pour water. However before I take a step, my wrist has already been pulled firmly. Lu Jun tiredly raises his eyes to look faintly at me. His chest is heaving slightly up and down but his tone is very calm: “Xia Ye, don’t you think you ought to give me a reasonable explanation for what happened tonight?”

As expected, I can’t avoid this. I close my eyes for a short while, bite my lower lips, as well as slowly and gently turn around. I look downward at my toe. Although I have a lot of things to say, in the end I murmur in a low voice: “I am in the wrong.”

He lifts the corner of his eyes and raises his eyebrows to motion me to continue. Thus I take a deep breath and talk about my conversation with Ai Li and everything that happened tonight. After I’ve finished talking, I place both of my hands on the abdomen, droop my head and look remorseful. I hope he sees my positive attitude in acknowledging my mistake and might possibly deal leniently with me.

Lu Jun remains silent for a long time, before slowly saying: “Everything that happened tonight is because you wanted to test me?”

I feel a twinge of guilt when I look at him and lightly nod my head.

“Very good, extremely good.” He nods, twitches the corner of his mouth and gives me a very gentle smile: “Then, what is the result of your test?”

When I look at his smiling expression, I inexplicably feel numb, so I quickly flatter him: “The outcome of the test…….general manager is truly a persistent man to go to the hospital to look for me one by one. You searched for several hours also did not give up. This kind of persistence and willpower deeply reflect our nation firm and indomitable spirit. I hope you can continue to make full use of it!”

His smile seems to deepen: “What else?”

I cough a few times and continue to talk nonsense without blinking an eye: “In addition, you are physically very fit. After running around all night, you still look handsome and suave. You really deserve to be called a new generation good man who is kind, wise and good looking. You should also be the role model for today’s youth to emulate …… ”

He squints his eyes: “Xia Ye, how long more do you want to talk nonsense before getting to the point?”

“General manager, it is not like this!” Looking at his penetrating and cold black eyes, suddenly I feel a little anxious and quickly explain myself: “I did not talk nonsense to you. All these are my heartfelt words. There is absolutely not one sentence that was spoken to flatter you in order to curry favour with you!”

Confessing without being pressed is really an annoying shortcoming of mine. These words should not have been spoken because after I’ve spoken, Lu Jun’s tender smiling expression that makes me feel numb has disappeared. That confused inquiring look has also disappeared, leaving an expressionless face. With an indifferent and desolate attitude, he stands straight up from the sofa and walks toward the door.

Watching his disappointed and ice-cold back figure, he seems to be leaving without the slightest hesitation. If he is only walking out of my house, it is no big deal. However the thought that he might be walking out of my world forever, my heart hurts like it is being torn apart. If I have to die then let me die la! I am at a loss and frown. I clench my teeth and stamp my feet. With my eyes closed, I run up to him and hug his waist tightly from behind. I can feel the slight trembling of his body. I put my cheek lightly on his back, close my eyes and yell: “General manager, I am in the wrong. I really know my mistake. I should not have doubted you. I should not have tested you. I should not have not believed in you. I like you, probably like you from the very beginning.  Although you not only have a poisonous tongue, also belly black (a Chinese slang meaning outwardly kind but inwardly evil), arrogant and proud. Furthermore you are very petty and love to hold a grudge …… ”

“Hold on.” Suddenly Lu Jun interrupts me and turns around. He frowns slightly but there appears to be a smiling expression in his eyes: “Can you skip this although part and start from however?”

“Okay.” I nod and continue to say from the omitted part: “Even though you are so nasty, I am a soft-hearted and considerate person. I also have the tender and sentimental nature of a woman. Furthermore, I have a generous, forgiving and kind heart …… ”

“Okay.” He frowns slightly again. Feeling 60% helplessness, 30% speechlessness and 10% headache, he interrupts me: “Skip this also. You better say the result directly.”

“Okay ……” I nod and take a deep breath. Suddenly I close my eyes, raise my head, straighten my chest and yell in a powerful voice: “The result is …… general manager, I like you. Let’s be together!”

After saying that, I waited for three seconds, not daring to open my eyes. In the end, I still can’t hold back from secretly open an eye. I find Lu Jun standing in a daze in front of me and looking at me with his burning eyes. The moonlight reveals the complex expression in his clear eyes.

I look at him in puzzlement, sway my fingers in front of him and ask in a concerned voice: ‘General manager, are you dumbfounded?”

He holds my hand tightly: “Can you please repeat your last sentence?”

Thus I repeat: “General manager, are you dumbfounded?”

“……” He keeps quiet and takes a deep breath: “Not this sentence.”

Thinking of the sentence before that, I could not help but feel a bit coy. I lower my eyes and repeat in a low voice: “I like you. Let’s be together.”

The moment I finished talking, he has already drawn me into his embrace. Lu Jun’s voice comes through above my head. It seems happy. It seems rejoiceful. It seems even more like a sigh: “My foolish girl, you finally got it.”

I become silent. What he had just said doesn’t sound like praising me ……

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