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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 10.4



Due to the complains that this story is too slow-moving, I am updating it twice this week. For your information the pace will not pick up because this is a slow-moving story with a thin plot about a sweet courtship. The beauty of the novel is the interactions between the characters and the cold humor. As I’ve mentioned before you need to read it carefully to enjoy it. Do you remember their height difference that An Ning is only until Mo Ting’s 3rd rib? I got the cover picture from the novel.

Chapter 10.4: If You Don’t Want to Hurt Me Then Don’t Hurt Me

When passing by the basketball court, they saw Mao Mao and Qiang Wei cheering for a few guys in their class. From a distant, An Ning saw a boy who was in the same class as her, jumped up to shoot the ball. The ball strayed from the basket, but at that time, a gust of wind blew the ball into the basket …… The court was silent for five seconds, until Qiang Wei said: “Why get so excited over a little thing? After all, we study physics!”


“Brother-in-law!” Mao Mao saw them and immediately waved in their direction with a smile on her face.

An Ning: “……”

In the next second, Mao Mao had already dashed over: “Brother-in-law, you are also in the university today ah!” After saying that, only then she noticed the person next to him and jumped up, “Meow Meow, you are also here ah?!”

An Ning: “You can continue treating me like I don’t exist ……”

Mao Mao was all smiles when looking at the two people standing in front of her. That kind of artistically distinct height, exactly like a painting.

“Brother-in-law, do you want to come and watch our class competition?” Mao Mao briskly asked, “Speaking of which, number 6 (pronounce as Liu in Mandarin) has been courting our Meow Meow continuously ah. Of course, he is also continuously unsuccessful.”

Xu Mo Ting pondered slightly. Finally he smiled and said: “Good ah.”

An Ning: “……”

In the basketball competition, the spectators were passionate and worked up whereas the players were concentrating on the game. However the atmosphere today was somewhat different from normal. An Ning lamented that she has never commanded so much attention all her life. Although not to the point of being the focus of everyone present, every now and then, a few people were watching them attentively. In comparison to the calmness of the person next to her, some nerves in her brain were having a hard time. Looking at the current situation, Xu Mo Ting did not seem to have any intention to get away.

An Ning did not want to encounter any bad incident that will be embarrassing, so she was trying to think of a reason to leave immediately. However Qiang Wei had already come over and shouted at the top of her voice, letting everyone present heard, “Brother-in-law, you can’t imagine how much I miss you!”

An Ning really admired herself that she was only slightly stumped for words before stabilizing her emotion. Whereas Xu Mo Ting’s awesomeness was that he was able to maintain his steady and assured demeanour anytime and anywhere. He nodded his head slightly to greet Qiang Wei. She was beaming with joy and said: “If two people share an affinity, they will meet even if they’re a thousand miles apart—— ”

“But if they do not, then they will not know each other even if they’re opposite each other.” A quiet sigh was heard. Li An Ning was also sighing.

Qiang Wei smiled happily, leaned over and muttered: “Feeling jealous ah?”

“No.” Merely a little powerless.

Mao Mao who had left, but was back now holding a bottle of drink. She eagerly handed it over to Xu Mo Ting.

“Thank you.”

“Serving you is my honour!”

Can all of you be anymore vulgar? An Ning sighed that fortunately she has always had the ability to water down nauseating speech.

Then Qiang Wei and Mao Mao chatted enthusiastically with him. Xu Mo Ting looked indulgent and amiable even though he was merely listening most of the time. When Mao Mao was talking about a player on the court, leader Xu started to have some interest in asking question: “Is he a research student in our university?”

Mao Mao: “No, he is a northerner and he studied in a university there. He is quite a bold and cheerful man, heehee.”

The other party raised his eyebrows slightly which meant he must be interested to know more? Thus Mao Mao continued to disclose insider story, “The first time Xiao Liu wrote a love letter to Meow Meow, which she replied, ‘study hard and every day you will improve.’ Haha, I can’t stop laughing at that time! There is more, the second time——”

“Mao Mao.” An Ning has no choice but to interrupt her sternly. She should not have trapped her like this, such injustice. Finally she understood what is meant by misfortune in the family.

The person whose name was called, has no choice but to stop talking. Since Meow Meow had spoken, she did not dare to disobey her openly. Contrary to what one might expect, Xu Mo Ting has an indifferent expression, no unusual change. His gaze has always been on the match.

An Ning shifted her focus to his face. Mo Ting slowly slanted his head to come face to face with her and smiled: “Wifey, you are very popular ah?” She remained calm at the scene.

This kind of alternate frightening, relaxed and strict mood were really annoying. This is probably the so-called keeping one’s countenance or murder without blinking an eye …… a ruthless character?

An Ning considered him a strong opponent, so it was not worth taking the risk. Luckily, his mobile phone started ringing at this moment. Xu Mo Ting answered his phone and spoke for a while. After ending the call, he said to her: “I need to go back to my work unit. How about you?”

“I’ll wait for Qiang Wei and gang.” She spoke too fast, almost bit her tongue.

Someone laughed softly: “That is good. I’ll come over to pick you up later.”

What pick her up?

“We’ve to go home for dinner tonight. Have you forgotten about it?”

He did not mention about it at all, okay? She has no chance to refute because he had already caressed her fair face and left with ease.

This man was absolutely ruthless who’ll even want to exhume and whip the corpse of a dead person ah.

An Ning was extremely gloomy and harboured unkind thoughts. When it comes to attracting the bees and butterflies, leader Xu’s strength was definitely not inferior in any aspects.

Xu Mo Ting pulled open the car door, looking relax and very gentle.

Mao Mao and Qiang Wei looked at An Ning’s strange facial expression. They carefully advanced the two meters they moved back before and attempted to placate her before being soaked with blood: “Meow Meow ——”

“Life is very good, but it is also transient. Death is one of the few things which you can accomplish as long as you lie down.”

A pool of blood.

On that day, the Department of Physics won the match narrowly. After the match, someone came over to greet An Ning and it was none other than Xiao Liu.

“Leaving so soon? Do you want to go to have lunch together with us?” After saying that he patted on Qiang Wei’s shoulder: “Sister Qiang Wei will also go together ah?”

Qiang Wei asked: “Of course, if you are treating?”

“Heehee, also can, but this time it is paid from the class fund.”

Mao Mao did not want to eat for free, “Xiao Liu, you are very generous ah. Let’s go!”

An Ning: “Uh, exam is around the corner so I better go back to the dormitory to study, bye.”


Mao Mao gave a deep sigh. There is always one thing to conquer another (Chinese idiom meaning everything has a weakness) in this world. Thinking of her arduous journey of love, suddenly she sympathized with Xiao Liu since they were suffering similar love sickness.

“Xiao Liu ah.”

“Sister Mao Mao.”

“Although no love, still need meat ah.”


Qiang Wei looked at the two people who have walked far away, “What kind of combination and circumstance is this ah?”

An Ning returned to the dormitory, made a cup of oatmeal and was about to study when Qiang Wei approached from behind, “Why did you leave so quickly?”

An Ning thought for a while, “Well …… my legs are long.”

Qiang Wei spit out blood again.

When An Ning went into the bathroom, the sinister Qiang Wei picked up the BB (BlackBerry) from the table, “Mo Ting, I am thinking of you again.” After sending the message, she kind of felt that she has offended God.

After a while, a SMS appeared. “Is it Miss Fu? Please bring An Ning out to have lunch.”

The man of God ah! !

That day An Ning was dragged out to eat a big feast. That cup of oatmeal for lunch was poured into the toilet. After lunch, Qiang Wei asked for a receipt to get reimbursement from brother-in-law later. She is now a free of charge person to accompany the Queen to eat.

Coming out from the university’s most exclusive restaurant, An Ning noticed the person next to her has a harmonious smiling expression all along. “Did you win lottery today?”

“Something like that, ‘welfare’ lottery.”

An Ning shook her head and smiled: “Congratulations.”

“Thank you for your congratulations! The same to you!” (She was congratulating An Ning for winning Xu Mo Ting)


After taking two steps, they coincidentally met Lao San who was coming out of a sports car. When he saw An Ning at a distant, he shouted out, “Sister-in-law.”

Qiang Wei has already stepped forward and touched the back of that white car, “Really sexy ah. As it turns out, he is also a young master.”

Lao San looked at the person who was with An Ning and was surprised, “Oh, sister-in-law’s friend, ah.”

“Call me Wei Wei la.” She showed her creepy trademark smile.

At this moment, another guy carrying two Wal-Mart bags also came out of the car, “Hi, pretty girl.”

Lao San quickly prevented his university mate from striking up a foolish conversation: “We still have something to do so we’ll leave first.” He pressed the remote control of the car and the lights flashed twice. Then he waved his hand at An Ning, “Sister-in-law, I am going.”

“Okay.” Hey, after listening to it so often, she has actually accustomed to this form of address.

Qiang Wei looked at the two who had gone away: “Even if you are straight, I also can think you are crooked (gay).”


In the evening, the ‘go home for dinner’ plan has been temporarily cancelled again. Although she should not feel this way, An Ning faintly breathed a sign of relief. She gave a perfunctory words of comfort: “Never mind, next time la.”

After hearing her tone, the opposite party faintly asked: “Are you very happy?”

“Oh …… very happy to talk to you on the phone.” She really admired her ability to lie brazenly so well…… in fact not all was considered lie.

Xu Mo Ting smiled slightly: “Truly regrettable, initially today—— ”

What? An Ning waited with bated breath for a long time and nearly stopped breathing. This man definitely did this deliberately so she must not be above asking: “What?”

“I seem to have not officially confessed my feelings for you?”

What? An Ning was calm and collected but was blushing.

His tone sounded slightly regrettable: “Wait for next time la.”

An Ning subconsciously pondered out aloud: “When someone comes to create turmoil for nothing, he is either a thief or a rapist. (a Chinese idiom meaning someone must be up to no good)”

Silence, quiet ……

“An Ning.” The opposite party called her name in a low and soft voice, “Do you want me to steal or——”

An Ning’s brain was shaken by a certain word until the soul flew away and scattered (a Chinese idiom meaning frightened stiff), so she blurted out: “Xu Mo Ting, you’re too indecent.”

“……” This was the first time the lofty leader Xu was scolded as being indecent but the feeling wasn’t too bad.

Mao Mao who has just entered the door pointed her trembling fingers straight at a certain person: “You, you actually said brother-in-law is indecent! He is such a pure and honest person! Meow Meow is a bad person —— Listen to my explanation! I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen! —— What do you want to do? Use explanation as a pretext to do immoral things?! Don’t ah!”

Will this be considered paranoid schizophrenia? After hanging up the phone, Mao Mao appeared more and more mess up, so should she intervene? At this moment, the door was pushed open untimely, interrupting Mao Mao self-written, self-directed and starring only herself in a human flesh – passionate drama. The world was quiet. The teacher in charge of class ten who was standing at the doorway, collapsed.

“Oh …… teacher, she has leg cramps.”


Qiang Wei’s voice came through from the staircase: “NND (Ni Niang De – mother or Nai Nai De – grandmother. Both are Chinese swear words equivalent to damn it or fuck you), I confessed my feelings to a man. He replied that he already has a wife, as well as a girlfriend. Is this to hurt or encourage me ah?”

An Ning put up a last-ditch struggle: “…… She does not belong to our dormitory.” Severe fatigue from rescue mission.

The teacher in charge of class ten feebly said: “Thanks for your trouble, fellow student Li. Mao Xia Xu, you come out with me.”

On that night, there was another troublesome matter bothering Li An Ning. Zhou Jin Cheng’s phone call made her went downstairs. This impeccably attired man was eye-catching. To be honest, An Ning didn’t have much energy and also ability to ‘beat around the bush’ with this senior. She merely wished ‘communication’ can resolve the matter in the shortest time possible.

Jin Cheng saw her came out and the expression on his face was as usual, neither warm nor estranged: “If you don’t mind, please accompanying me for a walk.”

An Ning was put in a difficult position, so she was no longer accommodating, “Do you’ve something to say?”

He looked at her, and finally sighed, “Ning Ning, I know you don’t like me all along, but I have my standpoint.”

An Ning gently smiled, feeling tired: “What is your standpoint? Self-interest? However, when did I ever violate your interest? In fact all of you are the one who has been continuously violating my interest ah.”

Zhou Jin Cheng can’t help but frowned deeply. An Ning knew her words were a bit harsh but she simply did not want to pretend anymore. She just….. did not like him.

“If there is nothing else, I am going up.”

“An Ning.” It took a while before Jin Cheng started to talk. His voice sounded blunt: “I’ve never thought of hurting you.”

“Then, don’t hurt me.”

22 thoughts on “Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 10.4

  1. First, thank you for the biweekly translation! Now, we are moving fast! I’m getting entertained and so impressed with how An Ning behaves towards everyone… Her friends, Jin Cheng and Mo Ting. She is my kind of no-nonsense woman!

    • The reason I picked this book is bcos of the strong female character. She is a bit quirky but she is smart & funny in her own way. Also, she equal to the male lead so no loop sided or outright bullying relationship.

  2. So the title of the chapter came from her conversation with JC?

  3. Thank you for translating the chinese idioms. Yeah, we get this novel twice a week!

    • Actually there are plenty of Chinese idioms in there but I only explained the not so obvious one.

      Below is a very popular Chinese idiom that is often spoken:

      “If two people share an affinity, they will meet even if they’re a thousand miles apart—— ”

      “But if they do not, then they will not know each other even if they’re opposite each other.”

  4. I just don’t know why Jin Cheng keeps bothering her. If he likes her then tell her but he’s too scared of the competition and An Ning is pretty scary to talked to.
    It’s such a treat to have it twice a week.
    Thank you.

    • Bcos of self-interest as JC was asked by AN’s dad to keep tab of her. Also, he is kind of attracted to her.

      Since u r such a loyal fan, give u some spoiler lol. Later u’ll find out JC played quite a large part in preventing MT & AN getting together earlier.

      • After ur spoiler I started to hating him. I didn’t find this novel slow-moving. Still Thanks for fast update. I didn’t think I am getting new chapter. That’s why I checked lately… But super happy….

        • I like to give surprise so check often lol. Uncle isn’t really that bad but he gives me the creep.

          I suspect the author may have a crush on her uncle bcos in another novel, the male lead is the female lead’s uncle (not blood related).

  5. Peanuts, thank you so much. I love this story. Thanks for thr great effort, O actually check update on this site everyday 🙂 when I got bored I reread the story 🙂
    Wow ur spoiler is so great, is it connected with the letter? 😛
    Woaaa I want more lovey dovey XMT and LAN 🙂

    • Thank you for your love for the blog.

      Haha, u saw the fan-made MV with Wallace Chung?

      Next post, you get a Silent Separation imitation lovey dovey part 😛

  6. I just want to know how many more chapters?

  7. i want moreee.. i want moree.. haha.. is there a radio version of this story/novel? cuz last time i read silent separation, you put one or two songs, if im not mistaken.. for this one, no?

  8. Thanks so much Peanuts 🙂 I love how A Ning is straight-forward and doesn’t drag
    story out like other novels so ( usually the fem lead is too hesitant and worried).

  9. Thank you for the chapter~

  10. As always, thank you for translating this chapter.

    I really like the title… it’s really weird when people say… actually, I don’t want to hurt you… after or before they go ahead and hurt others anyway. LAN is right… if one doesn’t have the intention to hurt, then just don’t hurt… by stepping away, or by just not doing/saying anything hurtful. Just stop bothering her, Mr. Zhou… she’s not into you.

  11. Old Uncle So annoying, just like those retard young masters you meet around every corner in a wuxia novel!!!

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