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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 11.1



Surprise !!! Do you remember this scene in Silent Separation? It is always not a bad idea to recycle a good idea so we’ve a similar scene in this post. However, of course it is a scene with a difference so read up to find out……

Chapter 11.1: The First Snow

Suddenly, Zhou Jin Cheng cannot understand his own behavioral tendency. He won’t deny that he felt guilty over An Ning. Without even thinking of his personal’s interest, he still wished she can live happier. However, maybe his starting point was already wrong. The cinema, the ‘actor’ that was hired in the subway station …… He had never has botched execution of his plan before, but the fact proved that he really made a slip-up in front of her. A shortcoming caused by the emotion exceeding the rational.

Jin Cheng sat in the study, looking at the bleak scene outside the window and not knowing how to take the next step. The Xu family was untouchable. Xu Mo Ting was young but was already ruthless. Thus, clashing directly with him was out of the question.

On An Ning’s end, of course, she did not have much inclination to ponder over Zhou Jin Cheng, this secretive ‘senior’. The winter break was around the corner. Firstly, she has to deal with the final exams, the summary of her experiment and the project report. This life was really like …… only the person experiencing it will know best.

In their dormitory, Mao Mao has always settled her exam in one week, can pass how many then passed how many. Qiang Wei and Zhao Yang are also the resigned to fate type, but fortunately they are clever. They are able to perform reasonably well during exam day and just scraped through with a narrow pass. Of course, it was essential for the teachers to adjust their thinking. An Ning will often think her dormitory should be regarded as a member of University X’s tough group.

As for Xu Mo Ting, he was also busy these past few days. Hence apart from a nightly phone call before bedtime, the two of them did not have much interaction. On a Friday afternoon, An Ning has just come out from the crowded library where it has always been busy a month before exam. On any normal day, it was basically deserted.

Qiang Wei was following her, “Accompany me to the supermarket in the university before returning to the dormitory. I’m starving to death.”

An Ning was puzzled: “Haven’t you been eating continuously?” The sounds of continuous swallowing and chewing on food caused the people in the surrounding who were studying hard and cramming last-minute to stare daggers at her.

Qiang Wei pretended to be coy, “I am substituting my lack of appetite for sex with an appetite for food.”

“…… All right.”

They’ve come to the supermarket in the university’s south gate. The moment Qiang Wei went in, she saw someone who she has admired for a long time …… one of the many guys. Her tigress body was shocked, “Could it be God has mercy on her?”

Seeing that she has abruptly stood still on the spot and not moving, An Ning asked, “What is going on?”

“Handsome guy.”

An Ning followed her gaze and took a quick look, “Oh!”

Qiang Wei said faintly, “You are different, having tasted an Imperial of Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992, It is inevitable that this kind of red wine stored in a cask will taste flat and uninteresting.” After saying that, she immediately made An Ning send a message to Lili, Mao Mao and others to come and see handsome guy.

An Ning has no choice but to send a group message to them: “Come and see handsome guy in the supermarket in the university’s south gate.” After sending the message, she saw Qiang Wei was tailing that handsome guy with a very lewd expression on her face. In order to prevent her from doing something outrageous, An Ning had no choice but to blindly follow after her. A few minutes later, someone tapped Meow Meow lightly on the shoulder, so she turned round. This almost scared her out of her wits. “Mo, Mo Ting, how come you are here?!”

He smiled faintly, “Didn’t you call me to come and see handsome guy?”

Suddenly An Ning was enlightened. The group message was sent wrongly to him? Can’t be so tragic, right?

Someone put up a stubborn defense, “Mo Ting, in my eyes you are the most handsome!”

Initially, leader Xu wanted to use this as a pretext to make a fuss but he was slightly distracted. In the end, he reached out to hold her hand.

“I came over to attend a class. Accompany me to attend a class la.”

Accompany Xu Mo Ting to attend a class? Accompany him to attend a class? As in a guest invited to entertain him? “I——”

“How? Unwilling to accompany the most handsome guy in your eyes to attend a class?”

“…… I’m honored.” Finally she realized that he behaved in a restrained manner in front of others, but in front of her, he was a bit assertive because she was indulgent ……

When An Ning was led out, she remembered there was still another person inside the supermarket. “I am going to call Qiang Wei.”

“No need, she saw me.”

“……” Indeed, such thing as loyalty is the edge of the fleeting clouds on that day?

Although An Ning often passed by the Politics and Law Building, she has never been inside before. Seeing it today, it is really majestic. Following after Xu Mo Ting into the lecture theater on the first floor, someone in the middle row was waving at her, “Sister-in-law, over here ah!” This person was Zhang Qi who she had not seen for a long time.

At this time, the thirty odd people in the classroom uniformly glanced at the doorway. The scene can be said to be spectacular.

An Ning was shy, “Mo Ting, can I wait for you outside ah?”

Xu Mo Ting leaned over and muttered: “Didn’t you say that you are willing to do anything for me?”

When did she say it? Could it be, that phrase to put up a stubborn defense has been interpreted as “In my eyes, you are the most handsome, so I am willing to do anything for you …… right?” Suddenly An Ning —— became calm. It can also be said that since she was already dead, she would not mind her corpse being whipped.

Like a walking corpse, she sat down. Zhang Qi who was sitting behind, leaned over, “Sister-in-law, how come you are here?”

I was coerced to come, “I come to visit.” I gave a cautious smile.

On the other side, Lao San also leaned over and all smiles, “Sister-in-law, do you have time today to have a meal together with us later?”


Lao San pointed at Zhang Qi, “Today is Ah Qi’s birthday.”

“Really? Happy Birthday.”

Zhang Qi cupped his hands to return the greeting, “Sister-in-law, thank you.”

When they were listening to the lecture, An Ning asked softly the person beside her, “Mo Ting, do I need to bring a present ah?”

Leader Xu looked straight ahead, “No need, I’ve already bought it.”


“One family needs not give two presents.”


An Ning decided she had better read her book. Luckily she also brought her revision material along.

As a result, the most well-behaved person in the class who was scribbling away, was picked by the professor. An Ning felt she can go to burn incense and pray.

“…… I don’t know.” She really did not know because she did not even understand the topic. She only heard something about the national system. She considered politics to be her weakest subject. That said Xu Mo Ting is a ‘politics’ specialist, so would this be considered complementing each other? An Ning’s eyes were glistening with tears. Surprisingly, she still has the time and mood to think about these.

Although the professor was frowning, he still patiently asked: “In that case, what don’t you understand?”

“…… All.”

The classroom was extremely quiet.

Zhang Qi was controlling himself from bursting out into laughter. He moved forward and poked An Ning’s back with his pen, “Sister-in-law, science diplomacy comes from a ‘neutral country’ where a third collaborator can ease the cooperative tension between two countries that have little contact with each other. The system in the country decides which are neutral countries.”

Xu Mo Ting pressed the space between the eyebrows and decided to speak directly and plainly, “Professor, she is my girlfriend, not from our faculty.”

The old professor unexpectedly put down the book in his hand, smiled and said, “So, you are the girlfriend of the top student in our faculty. What is your major?”

How did this become a family chat? An Ning was nervous: “Department of Physics.”

The old professor was a little surprised, “Science student ah, such a rare breed.”

An Ning believed this should be a compliment, right? “Thank you.”

Everyone present was quiet again for two seconds. Then more and more people started to laugh aloud, the benevolence kind.

This girl was really interesting.

Xu Mo Ting shook his head, a light and gentle smiling expression in his eyes.

She sat down. As an afterthought, she suddenly, realized something and stayed rigid in the seat. Was she pushing the boat with the current (Chinese idiom meaning to take advantage of the situation for one’s own benefit) or striving to present a certain appearance?

As a result,  An Ning’s revision material was stuck on the fifth page for the whole duration of the class.

When getting out of the class, An Ning sighed deeply. If Xu Mo Ting is not so “outstanding”, she reckoned the teacher would not ask so many questions. Hey, ‘you’re too outstanding’ can be used as the reason to break up later …… even though, it seemed a little lacking.

After walking out of the Politics and Law Building, Mo Ting asked, “What are you thinking?”

“Break up.”


“…………” An Ning subconsciously said something flattering, “I mean, you are so outstanding, I’ll never break up with you.”

Mo Ting said, “Very good.”

Li An Ning, can you be any more flattering? While despising herself, An Ning started to sneeze because the northwest wind was too chilly. Actually, she was already wearing a lot, but because of the condition of her body, she will feel cold very quickly. When she was about to pull up her collar, a dark-colored scarf was wrapped around her neck. It has a very light smell of lemon, but she can smell it, because their skin were sticking to each other.


An Ning was blushing. At this moment, the two people who were walking in front, turned around, “Sister-in-law, our plan for today is to go back to the dormitory to eat hot pot, plenty of ingredients ah.” Having hot pot on a cold winter day is the most satisfying. Zhang Qi and Lao San were ready for action.

You even have hot pot utensils in your dormitory? An Ning admitted that she was jealous.

Zhang Qi hesitated and asked: “Sister-in-law, do you want to ask your friends in the dormitory to come to eat together?”

She did not know if she has mistaken, “Uh, senior brother, your facial expression seems a bit uneasy ah?” More accurately, he looked sad and fierce.

Zhang Qi looked up at the pale and cold sky, “Never mind, if you endure and tolerate, all things on earth will pass.”

…… Finally transcending worldliness ah? An Ning glanced at the person next to her.


“Well …… I want to go back to the dormitory to put down something first.”

“I’ll accompany you there.”

An Ning waved her hand, “No need, it is so cold.”

Mo Ting smiled, “You feel sorry for me?”

This person was taking every chance to tease her now. An Ning grind her teeth and teased back, “Because I love you ma.” Then she pointed at the trail, “I am going to take the shortcut, so see you later. Bye bye.”

Running away really fast. Mo Ting sighed. Suddenly his mood was very good. Looking at the slim figure with long hair swaying and disappearing around the corner, he stood for a moment before slowly stepping forward. Lao San who was waiting there, was affected by the loving affection between the handsome man and the beautiful woman. He delivered an impromptu speech, “I also want to be dating ah! If not, I will be classified as strange. Unexpectedly, someone called me yesterday to ask me to go and listen to a specialist lecture during pregnancy. Damn it, I am a man, and I am still single!”

Xu Mo Ting merely said faintly: “Prohibit alcohol tonight.”

“Why?” Lao San shrieked, “This is too inhumane!” He painfully stretched both of his hands towards the direction where An Ning departed, “Sister-in-law, you must come to uphold justice ah!”

Zhang Qi patted his shoulder, “The leader is doing this for your sake. Later, you get drunk and won’t know how you ended up dead in sister-in-law’s friends’ hands.”

Lao San instantly came to his senses, “So I see, so I see. Luckily saved by the leader!”

Xu Mo Ting cast sidelong glances at them. He merely did not want his girlfriend to be harassed by drunkards but they can also think like this if they want.

At this time, someone approached to greet Xu Mo Ting. Lao San recognized her with just one glance, as the prettiest girl in the Department of Foreign Language. His flagging spirit was immediately lifted, but unfortunately the beautiful woman only has eyes for one person. “Senior brother Xu, I want to ask you out to have a meal. Do you have time tomorrow night?”

Xu Mo Ting frowned and said: “Sorry, no time.”


Later, Zhang Qi and Lao San thought, the leader was actually really quite ruthless in his treatment of girls. Specifically speaking, except for sister-in-law, he will reject other girls outright, without the least bit of sensitivity to their feelings. Lao San felt endless regret. Although she is not as good as sister-in-law, she is still a beautiful woman ah.


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