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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 11.2


The hot pot is here, hot or not lol? Don’t ask me what the two S stand for because I don’t know. Anyone care to enlighten us?

Chapter 11.2: The First Snow

That day, only Mao Mao went to the hot pot dinner. During this time period, they did not know what made Zhao Yang decided to concentrate hard on the exam until so busy that they can’t see a trace of her every day. As for Qiang Wei, she went to the hospital an hour ago. Needless to say, it happened in the supermarket. Initially she had wanted to stage a ‘chance encounter’ with that guy. In the end, she stretched out her leg and tripped him, causing him to fall onto the merchandise rack. Then he was bleeding continuously, so 120 (First-aid Ambulance phone number in China) was immediately called.

Before knocking on the door of Room 217  in the male dormitory, An Ning was worried and warned Mao Mao who was glowing all over the face, “Mao Mao, you cannot talk nonsense afterwards, okay? Also, cannot behave like a big bully.”

Mao Mao felt grievance, “With men around, I’ll feel so unbearable not to play with them ah.”

Although a little cruel, for Mao Mao’s reputation sake, An Ning still lectured her in a righteous tone: “Unbearable also has to be endured. Look at me, when I am facing Xu Mo Ting, I can still steadfastly maintain my control as usual, right?”

Suddenly Mao Mao’s eyes were also glowing, “Meow Meow, you actually have been thinking about molesting brother-in-law but have been trying hard to restraint yourself?!”

She can confess to anything in their personal conversation, “You can say like that.” When she had just finished saying the sentence, the door was lightly pulled open by someone. That person leisurely put his hand at the side of the door and has a faint smile on his face. “Why don’t you come in?”

An Ning froze on the spot. Why was he at the door? Most importantly: Did he hear?!

An Ning was in a daze when she went in. Besides Zhang Qi and Lao San, there were also a few guys who she did not know and Xu Cheng Yu.

Mao Mao familiarized herself with them instantly, but she was well-behaved which was rare.

Except——  “Do you have a girlfriend? No ah. What a pity, I already have a sweetheart.” “What good AV (Adult Video) can you recommend ah?”


Mao Mao’s roommate pretended not to hear anything and turned to look out the window. Mo Ting came over to hand a cup of warm water to his girlfriend. Then he sat down next to her, “Your dormitory has a lot of entertainment?”

An Ning  looked at him resentfully.

Xu Mo Ting looked down and smiled, “Hungry yet?”

An Ning shook her head, “It seems the digestive system has become slower in winter.” She looked at Lao San and another guy who were putting the ingredients into the pot. She wanted to help just now, but was strongly and tactfully declined, saying that men should do work that require physical strength. She can’t help but glanced at the man next to her who was also idle like her.

“What?” Mo Ting smiled.

“No, nothing.” This man obviously knew her inside out. He seemed to know what she was thinking, but always responded evasively or vaguely to drive her nuts. An Ning thought could it be that leader Xu is S?

Then she will be finished!

Xu Cheng Yu came to ask her cousin brother for An Ning, “Lao San forgot to buy the seasoning sauce. Thus I am going out with An Ning for a short while to buy it.”

Contrary to expectation, Mo Ting was generous to let her go. “Go to the one nearer. Don’t go to south gate.”

“Okay.” When Cheng Yu was walking out, she muttered in surprise, “Cousin brother is surprisingly long-winded on this sort of thing.”

An Ning said: “It is very cold outside, so I can go alone. Only buy seasoning sauce?”

Xu Cheng Yu smiled and said: “Actually I want to go and buy ice cream. It is the perfect match with hot pot ah!”

An Ning frowned: “Hot and cold will be too stimulating. May get oral cancer?”


They had just gone downstairs when they ran into Gao Xue who was coming in. She saw them and came over to greet Xu Cheng Yu.

“I came to look for my boyfriend. He did not pick up my call, so I wander where he has gone.” That arrogant woman glanced at An Ning and asked Cheng Yu in a low voice, “Why are you always hanging out with her nowadays?”

“Birds choose good trees to rest.“ She will hang out with the more fun one. At this moment, the phone rang. Xu Cheng Yu signaled to An Ning and walked to the side to answer the call.

Gao Xue took this rare opportunity to come over and talk to Meow Meow, “Frankly speaking, do you really know the Xu family’s status and background?”

An Ning will get slight headache in this kind of scenario, but she still replied in a friendly manner: “Not very clear.”

“My family is considered long time family friend of the Xu family.” While saying that, Gao Xue glanced at her again, “Xu Mo Ting’s father is the Deputy Foreign Minister for the America region, whereas his grandfather ——”

An Ning waited for a moment and realized that she did not intend to continue her speech. Why there will always be people who like to leave their sentences unfinished?

“Do you think your relationship will have a future?”

An Ning thought for a moment, “I’ve seen this notable quote before, uh …… Fate is the excuse of weak characters.” Then she added: “I think Romain Rolland said that.”


Someone called An Ning from behind and it was Xu Mo Ting. He came down with her scarf.

At this moment, Cheng Yu happened to hang up the phone and came back. She was puzzled and chuckled: “Cousin brother, anything else to instruct us?”

Xu Mo Ting handed the purple scarf to his girlfriend and said to Xu Cheng Yu: “You go up la. I’ll go to buy.”

“We girls are capable of doing such things as running errands.”

“If wait for you to buy back, it’ll be time to finish up.” Mo Ting indifferently spoke the truth.

“Hey, you are too much ah.” Xu Cheng Yu was dissatisfied, but she also did not dare to protest too much. “An Ning, in that case please help me to buy some ice cream back, thanks! I’ll remember to eat hot and cold food separately.”

An Ning agreed and inexplicably followed leader Xu out. When they were passing by Gao Xue, she can’t help but asked the person next to her, “That one, aren’t you going to say hello to her?” She has been staring at you.

Mo Ting frowned and said faintly: “I don’t know her, why need to say hello?”

Don’t know her, why need to say hello ……

Why need to say hello ……

Hello ……

Xu Cheng Yu also heard his neither soft nor loud reply. Hence, she cannot help but shed a sympathetic tears for her classmate. How did A Xue offend him? Making an enemy of her cousin, even if not dead also will be seriously injured. This man won’t show any mercy.

When they were walking out, An Ning cannot contain her curiosity anymore, “You really don’t know her ah?” Didn’t she say they are long time family friend?

Leader Xu casually said: “For insignificant people, is there a difference in knowing and not knowing?”

“……” An Ning admitted she rejoiced a little in her heart. So sinful, she must be distorted.

“When the night breeze is blowing, you can hear a silent language. It has no tone, but you will certainly hear it. It moves along with the wind and fresh air, touching your delicate blouse. It also slowly combs your black hair, very patient and leisurely.”

On a winter day, time easily and quietly passed by at the trail in the university. The people who passed by at that time saw this scene: A pretty girl holding her boyfriend’s arm and reciting a modern poetry clearly. Her expression was quite lively, whereas her handsome boyfriend has a smile on his face.

When they got back from running the errands, the moment An Ning opened the door, she heard Mao Mao said, “You know? I am Japanese!”


“…… She is normally not like this in the dormitory.” An Ning tried to salvage some of Mao Mao’s image, even though the fact is that she is even more high-spirited in the dormitory. However it is evident all was futile, because it was already exploding inside.

In short, the hot pot night was bustling with noise and excitement.

An Ning silently ate a lot on that day. Fan Zheng, “As it turns out, sister-in-law frequently watches Sola Aoi’s AV in the dormitory ah. Aiya, there are some differences in the way gals and guys look at things. I still prefer Ran Asakawa.” “Sister-in-law’s dormitory is truly awesome ah. Watch AV during the day to learn!” And so on, and so forth.

After having eaten and drunk to one’s heart’s content, An Ning wanted to sleep because her biological clock is weak. However Mao Mao still has keen interest in socializing. An Ning  went to the bathroom to wash her face to stay awake. When she raised her head, she saw Xu Mo Ting standing there. Then step by step, he walked over towards her. She was leaning on the vanity unit and did not move. When his body touched the back of her body, An Ning felt herself trembling slightly. He smiled and his breath was fanning her outer ear. “Last time, I said I wanted to make a confession, right?”

An Ning can feel it in her bone that Xu Mo Ting has evil intention, really very …… evil ah.

“No need, no need, I understand your intention.” An Ning hoped her heartbeat can calm down quickly.

“But I feel the need to do it right and proper again.” His hand moved up slowly and gently embraced her waist.

Like this still not right and proper enough ah?

An Ning turned round and was startled. His eyes were full of expression and faraway memories, intertwined with his emotion.

He lowered his head and seized the opportunity to drop her a kiss. His slender fingers sliding into her hair and combing them. An Ning felt some numbness in her scalp. She sighed softly, and kissed him back. A long time later, the two of them only stopped to gasp for breath.

“An Ning, I love you.” He spoke very slowly, and also very seriously. If it was in writing, she thought, that he would outline each of the five words deeply to leave them indelibly on the paper.

Xu Mo Ting carried her and seated her on top of the vanity unit. An Ning subconsciously held his arm. He lifted her chin and kissed her again. This time it was much more lingering than the previous one. Occasionally, light sucking and sometimes invasive. At that time, An Ning was thinking luckily she was sitting. Otherwise her wobbly legs will surely not be able to stand steadily.

Just when someone was muddle-headed, the other person was rational and started to exercise restrain. After lingering around her lips for a moment, his lips touched her forehead. Xu Mo Ting sighed: “Feel really good ……”

There was someone outside the hallway, hesitating to knock on the door, “Leader, if you and sister-in-law have finished being lovey dovey, can I go into the toilet ah?”

When An Ning heard what was said, her face heated up. This time right and proper enough. She dared not turned around to look at his face. When she jumped down from the vanity unit, she still felt a bit wobbly on her legs. Mo Ting held her to support her. “Be careful.”

“Thank you.”

Xu Mo Ting laughed: “You don’t need to be so polite with me.”


Leader Xu thought of something and leaned over to say, “An Ning, if you are unable to control yourself, I don’t mind.”

“……” He heard, he really heard! An Ning —— burst out in the silence, or to be destroyed in the silence. In a flash of understanding, she turned around. Because she was emotionally aroused, she staggered. As a result, she felt on him. At precisely the next second, Lao San opened the door, “I am sorry, but I really can’t hold in any longer —— Ah !!!”

Consequently, since that night, Li An Ning’s outside reputation became: Sister-in-law really has courage! As it turned out, sister-in-law is S ah! Indeed, you can’t judge a person by appearance. As it turned out, our leader is still very conservative in terms of love relationship. Cousin-in-law, I really adore you, ah!

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  1. Funny how Mo Ting continually teases An Ning! Still, his declaration of love will surely any girl dizzy and weak kneed and when kisses are added, wow! Thanks for this romantic and “sexy” episode!

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    “I don’t know her, why need to say hello?”
    “For insignificant people, is there a difference in knowing and not knowing?”

    Love love loved these two lines. And the picture!

    @peanuts Where do you source your pictures? For this story and also Blazing Sunlight?

  3. ‘s’ as in S/M?

  4. Aww.. so sweet chapter ❤ . S means sadist.. Poor ah ning 😀
    Thank you peanuts for update 🙂

    • Thanks for your input but I don’t think so 🙂

      • S is sadism and M is masochism in S&M, but I think the meaning of S is really watered down due to yaoi or BL culture where S also means seme (I seldom see uke referred to as U or M, tho… not sure why). So, S usually means the one who takes the first initiative/the aggressive one in the relationship/the one on top… it doesn’t necessarily mean being sadistic in the relationship.

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  9. S in SM, if you watched/read or even just heard of fifty shades of grey you would know what I mean ~

  10. A very sexy chapter. Still I don’t get what S means. I don’t think it’s sadist.

    • S like in SM is used here as a synonym to Dominant/Submissiv, easier put who is up is Dominant so S and who is down is Submissive so M

      in this chapter it’s the fumny thing, because in their real relationship LAN is M and XMT is S, but they where caught in that awkward position

      (If you still doesn’t understand, certain mangas may explain it)

  11. Thanks you for clarifying the ‘S’ meaning. This chapter is hilarious and steamy. I just want to make sure…AV refers to the porn movie, right?

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