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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 15



The response to Vice President Lin Yu Sen (林屿森) is generally positive but someone complained he is too typical and ideal. Aiya, what do you expect? Of course, he has to be handsome and smart in novel land. We still have 25 more chapters to get to know him better, so don’t jump the gun yet 😛

Do you smell something fishy with her transfer to the Management Department? Either he set the trap to make her sign in error or he used the opportunity to transfer her to be near him?

For your information, all my pictures are from google image.

Chapter 15

After returning to the dormitory, I still felt a little dazed. Yin Jie grabbed the hard disk from my hands and hurriedly inserted it into the computer to start watching. While watching, she also complained: “Why you so slow ah?”

I replied her in an uncertain tone: “When I was downloading in the office just now, suddenly a man came in. Then he also inexplicably left.”

Yin Jie immediately pressed pause and turned around to ask the crucial question: “Unexpected romance? Handsome?”

Fortunately, Yu Hua’s reaction was more normal. She said anxiously: “You got caught in the act ah? Who ah, from which department? Won’t go to tell the manager, right?”

“I don’t know who he is. It should not be our company’s staff.” Otherwise, with such an outstanding outward appearance, it was impossible that I did not remember ah.

“Forget about it, let’s watch TV la.” I shook my head and decided to banish this strange encounter from my thoughts.

On the next day, the moment I arrived in the office, I received a text message from Yin Jie, “My God, Xi Guang, our Vice President has arrived. He startled the universe and moved the starry-eyed to tears ah. Faster, come and see.”

Yin Jie has always been someone who is prone to exaggeration but my keen interest was aroused. As a finance staff who is made confused and disoriented by the money borrowing and lending, I felt I have the right to take about ten minutes to go and take a look at a handsome guy. Thus I conveniently took a document to pretend I’ve to go to the Management Department for something and went to look for Yin Jie ……

Firstly, I put on an act by standing in Yin Jie’s cubicle and spoke to her for a while. Then when Yin Jie winked at me to signal me, I looked towards the Vice President’s office …….

After that, I despair.

Inside the Vice President’s office transparent window, sat a tall and straight figure. Shockingly, he was precisely that man I met in the office last night.

I slowly turned my head, painfully draped my arm across Yin Jie’s  shoulders and said: “I am finished.”

“What happened?” Yin Jie was still immersed in the joy that her superior is actually so earth-shattering handsome: “Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love at first sight with Vice President Lin and henceforth consigned to eternal damnation so you are completely finished?”

I was terrified of her and decided not to tell her that Vice President Lin was precisely that man I saw last night. Otherwise with the extent of her gossipy nature, maybe I will hear about a sex scandal being discussed in the afternoon.

Oh ~ ~ ~

I staggered out of her office …… leaving this kind of first impression on my superior, I think my career path will be more difficult from now on ……© 

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I have to say, my premonition was gloomily accurate. A week later, I suffered my first career crisis —— I signed on a document which paid out US dollar as Renminbi (RMB).

Although I signed it, I did not actually prepare this account. I’ve just joined the company recently, so still at the learning stage. The seniors still took care of the practical aspects. The newbies only followed after them and observed. Then signed and affixed a seal. However, in this case, I certainly cannot be disloyal.

The eyes of the senior staff Ou Qi Qi who was taking care of me, looked anxiously red. We investigated together as to the reasons. We soon discovered that the original list sent over by the Purchasing Department was in US dollar. The computer system also has corresponding US dollar. However a copy of the supplementary contract behind clearly stated it was RMB. According to the company’s policy, we should also check carefully. However in reality, the Finance Department handles so many transactions in a day, so who has the time to check the supplementary information one by one.

In fact, the probability of this kind of thing happening is very small, because there should be at least one person in the Purchasing Department to handle the list and another to review the list. When our Finance Department is doing the account, we have one person handling the account and another reviewing the account. Finally, the accounting officer still has to check again …… but it had happened.

The crucial point now was how to settle this matter.

However, everyone clearly showed the crucial point was —— how to avoid responsibility. The staff from the Purchasing Department came directly to our department. Initially, everyone was still talking nicely but in the end they began to blame each other in a loud voice when an inappropriate sentence was spoken.

Later, I did not know how, that male employee from the Purchasing Department actually said: “Ou Qi Qi, this account was not handled by you. Hence, why are you feeling so anxious?”

I did not know whether he wanted to drive a wedge between us or to avoid responsibility, that male employee from the Purchasing Department went so far as to blame me. He pointed at my signature and said: “Who signed this should be responsible.”

Although I felt anxious, in fact, I did not panic. I felt that even if I admit it was my mistake, I will still be okay. However, I was really unhappy with their kind of attitude. When I was about to speak, I heard Ou Qi Qi beat me to it: “I was the one who handled it. Little (A lot of Chinese like to address their junior as little then their surname) Nie merely affixed the seal, nothing more.”

I can’t help feeling a little touched. I was thinking the fight and scheme against each other in the workplace, portrayed in those television drama and novel is not necessarily true. After all, there is still more ordinary people in this world. Thus how can there be so many crafty plots and machinations to deceive each other.

I raised my hand and said: “I will take responsibility for the Department of Finance but I will not take responsibility for other people.”

Ou Qi Qi was at the critical point of being promoted to accountant in charge. Hence when she heard what I said, she was quite grateful and glanced at me. However, she still defended me by saying: “She is still new, so doesn’t understand all these. I think we should not argue over who should take responsibility now. The crucial point is how to get back the money. Our chief has gone on a business trip and will only be back tomorrow.”

When everyone was unable to come up with a solution, Ou Qi Qi received a phone call. After putting down the phone, she said with a pale face: “The Vice President already knew about this.”

Since the upper management has already known about this, it was estimated this matter will not be within our control anymore. Therefore the staff from the Purchasing Department went back. Half an hour later, Ou Qi Qi received another phone call from the accounting officer. After saying a few sentences, she put down the phone, then told me: “The accounting officer said the other party agreed to refund right away today.”

Ou Qi Qi and I also breathe a sigh of relief but there was no happy expression on her face. It was understandable because leaving this kind of impression on the new Vice President, her future prospect was worrying.

She has been very good to me and very patient. I took the initiative to say: “Qi Qi, if the Vice President will ask about this matter, just say I handled it.”

Ou Qi Qi said wishfully: “Perhaps the Vice President will not ask. After all, it has already been resolved.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

However, luck was not on our side. Before getting off work, the relevant persons in the three departments were called to the Vice President’s office.

When we went in, the Vice President was reviewing some documents. His attitude was like floating clouds and flowing water (a Chinese idiom meaning natural and smooth). This made me recall I once saw his signature on a relatively important accounts payable documents before —— Lin Yu Sen. It also felt like floating clouds and flowing water (very natural and flowing style of writing) but a little scrawled.

“Please sit down.”

His tone was quite moderate.

We glanced at each other. I did not expect to come to the manager’s office because of a mistake, to be treated so politely. Everyone hesitated for a moment before sitting down on the sofa.

Having finished signing the documents, the Vice President looked up. To my surprise, he looked directly into my eyes. Naturally …… his stare was completely different from that warm tone just a moment ago.

I was startled and wanted to look a little more carefully. However, he has already shifted his gaze to look at other people. His tone was still so moderate and calm: “I hope this is the only time.”

His tone was neither high nor low, but flat and faint. This made people dare not talk too much. Then he took the account book and looked at the place for signature in it.

“Miss Nie, I think you are obviously not suitable to work in finance related sectors.”

What was he up to? With this tone, he can’t be thinking of firing me, right? I was taken aback and saw him lowered his eyes. He said placidly: “From today onwards, you are transferred to the Management Department.”

This time, I was not the only one who were startled because all the other people in the office looked shockingly at me at the same time.

Transfer to the Management Department?

What…… was all this about? The Management Department reports directly to the Vice President. My transfer over there was tantamount to directly becoming his subordinate?

Can this be considered punishment? The other people’s eyes were filled with questions and speculation ……

I could not help but asked: “Why?”

“Why?” Finally, he also looked at me with warm expression in his eyes. Then he said: “Miss Nie, you are still in your probation period.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

22 thoughts on “Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 15

  1. “Why?”
    “So I don’t have to walk to Finance Department to see you.”
    I think I like VP Lin better than the other guy. Forgot his name. 🙂

    • GM will change your opinion in book 2 lol.

    • Bahaha that was a good reply:)
      I like him better too just for the only reason that he right away took matters into his hands and started persuing her and not stand somewhere and glare at her and get mad when she didn’t understand that his glares mean he likes her and not hates

  2. Yes. Mm…. definitely a man who takes action is better than a turtle with an inferiority complex who hides in his shell.

    Stand up and protect the woman.

    Misunderstandings develop due to lack of action. Sigh she’s not a mind reader.

  3. I love this book best!! My friend has helped me buy the book even though I can’t read Chinese, but just because I like the pictures!! Heard that there are postcards in the book, yay. I love NXG!! For now, I don’t think I mind who she ends up with as long as she’s happy. =)

    @Peanuts How to search for the pictures on Google Images?

  4. His answer at the end of the chapter does not really answer her question. Im really dying to read spoilers now. Just a side comment, wont most people just nod and move on when this happens, although surreal, bet everyone is shocked she did even have the gall the ask the vp why.

    • Most ppl will move on but XG is extraordinary so she asked why 😛 Why should she be scared of him since she doesn’t really need the job?

      He did answer her qn. Since she is still under probation, he can transfer her anywhere.

  5. I’m rooting for the second lead! I like men who takes action!

  6. Me too, I like the second male better than ZX. I don’t like ZX is bcos he gave mis-info & no guts to speak his mind & quicj to criticise. Hate that kind of backless men.

  7. i want him.. RIGHT NOW! haha omo.. please update this one more faster than others 😛 *don’t kick me to Mars!*
    i really enjoy reading this chapter.. emm.. what kind of excitement we’ll get in the next chapter???? im curious.. really!

    thanks peanuts 🙂

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    Thanks peanut, for thr chapter 😘

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    Waiting for the next chapter
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  10. I feel so on another boat. so far I really dislike the boss. i don’t like these kind of guys. Maybe i will like him better later.

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