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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 11.4


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I planned to post this earlier but I was stuck with my translation for a long time 😦 It is hard to understand and translate love scene (boating) so don’t expect too much.

Chapter 11.4: The First Snow

An Ning was momentarily embarrassed and at a complete loss. He was leaning very close to her and his breathing was scalding hot. He was holding her gently and cautiously. An Ning felt giddy, engulfed by the smell of Xu Mo Ting. She kept still and tried to act normal.

His left hand travelled slowly down her back. Then he moved his face to press his lips against hers. He kissed her for a long time, his tongue slowly slid down her palate. When he withdrew, he nibbled a bit at her lower lip. An Ning felt a little pain, so she opened her eyes wide. Her bewildered eyes are covered by a thin layer of mist.

He said: “An Ning, do you want to touch me?” His palm was sweaty. He held up her right hand and put her palm on his chest.

An Ning’s face turned scarlet red and felt her heart was beating wildly like a drum, “Mo Ting ……” At this time, this name was like a drug, making her numb.

She did not know when he had switched off the wall lamp. It was black like a curse which can override your rational. There was some kind of inexplicable and increasingly oppressive warm feeling in the room.

She was led all the way by his sweaty palm. An Ning was extremely nervous. She has a hunch, yet she was still very lost. She wanted to stop him, but was often hypnotized by his murmuring, “An Ning, don’t refuse me.”

“I can’t do it ……”

“You can.”

An Ning cannot differentiate between indulgence and willingness.

It was like being burned by extremely hot temperature so her body shrank slightly away from him, “Don’t ……”

“Once …… only once.” His voice was extremely husky. An Ning dared not imagine if her heart will stop beating at this point.

Slowly, gasping for breath as well as filled with desire, the friction was between patience and lust. Fine beads of sweat were oozing from the forehead and dripping on the bed sheets. The heat waves surging on and evaporating the drenched head.

Their breathing were blended in this limited space. The two young bodies formed a dazzling scene.

Afterwards Xu Mo Ting’s whole body was stretched taut. He buried himself in her hair and moaned in a low voice. A stimulating and hot current broke out. Following which, An Ning’s palm was also moist.

Mo Ting hugged her lying down. The burning hot breath eased a little bit. He reached out for a tissue on the low cabinet and carefully wiped her hand of the body – fluid.

For An Ning, all these happened too fast and also too frightening. For a long time, she did not recover her composure. She felt like she had walked through heaven and hell and came back to earth once again.

She did not know whether she was really scared or really tired. ‘Mentally and physically exhausted’, An Ning closed her eyes. Of course, she will not deny that she dared not open her eyes.

He called out her name. An Ning acted like she has passed out. Mo Ting smiled and gently touched the wet hair on her forehead.

“Your face is a little hot.”

Was he deliberate?

He kissed her lips again. “Go to sleep la.”


Initially, An Ning thought that she will definitely not be able to sleep on this night. Surprisingly, it did not take long for her to feel a little sleepy. The light and warm odour of the person next to her surrounded her, like it can bring calmness to settle her mind.

Waking up the next day, the sunlight entered the room through the crack between the curtains. Momentarily, An Ning did not know where she was. Then gradually her memory returned and she quickly sat up. She subconsciously looked around and realized she was the only one in the apartment. She could not help but felt relief.

Getting down from the bed and putting on the coat, she still looked a little dazed. Walking to the dining table, a full breakfast had been arranged on it. There was a piece of paper under the glass of milk.

[I’ve left. Take the spare key on top of the cabinet at the door. If there is anything else, call me.]

An Ning turned to go to the bathroom. A new toothbrush and cup have been put properly on top of the vanity unit. Turning on the tap, when the cold water was dripping on the palms, her whole face became uncontrollably hot.

After washing the face and rinsing the mouth, she ate a piece of sandwich. She did not know what to do with the left over. After much thought, she wrote below his sentence on the same paper, [Unable to eat anymore].

When An Ning returned to the university, it was almost ten o’clock. Luckily she did not need to take an examination in the morning or else it will be messed up because of that. The moment she entered the dormitory, she heard Mao Mao shouting: “Why did that teacher confiscate my eraser?!”

Zhao Yang: “You brought seven to eight pieces. Moreover each piece has words on it.”

“Didn’t you say not to pluck all the wool from one sheep?” Turning around, she saw An Ning, “Oh Meow Meow, you’re back!”

An Ning evasively, asked: “Did you hand in your exam paper early? Is the engineering mathematics very easy this year?”

Zhao Yang and Mao Mao grimaced at the same time: “Very hard ah.”

Mao Mao: “By the way, Meow Meow. Yesterday, you——”

“I stayed in a hotel yesterday.” An Ning looked frank and honest.

Mao Mao replied ‘oh’ and said, “Brother-in-law called me early this morning to confirm your exam arrangements.  Then he said you’ll come over to university later.”

“……” He should not have toyed with me like this!

“Meow Meow ~”

“I want to study for the exam in the afternoon!”

Afterwards, for one and a half days, An Ning concentrated her thoughts and efforts on studying and paid no attention to outside matters. No matter how Mao Mao rolled and crawled and Zhao Yang attacked with innuendo, she still maintained her beautiful pose.

After finished taking statistical physics exam in the morning, she said goodbye to Qiang Wei and gang. Then An Ning went to the Research Building to hand in her project summary report. The moment she stepped into the office entrance, her line of sight clashed with someone in the office. She stared fixedly at him and her eyes also widened in surprise.

Her instructor saw her and called her, “Li An Ning.”

An Ning regained her composure, stepped forward and brushed past that familiar figure, “Professor, I am here to hand in the report.”

“Oh, put it here.” The instructor did not notice that student Li has the intention to put down the report and leave immediately. He started to say: “You must thank Xu Mo Ting for helping to get the topic finalized.”

An Ning remembered this teacher was usually very reserved, so why was he suddenly so cordial today? She has no choice but to turn round and tried to sound as flat as possible. She did not know why, but she even held out  her hand, “Thank senior brother.”

He smiled faintly and shook her hand, “My pleasure.”

When An Ning withdrew her hand, the heat in her palm made her blush. She took this opportunity to leave. “Teacher, if there is nothing else, I will leave.”

When An Ning walked out in a daze, she received a text message, “Wait a moment for me outside.”

An Ning replied: “No, I want to go back.”

The person in the office raised an eyebrow and looked rather emotional.

When An Ning returned to the dormitory, she happened to run into Qiang Wei who was at the doorway. She asked: “What’s going on to run so hurriedly? Is someone chasing you ah?”

“Well …… I just remembered, I’ve not washed the clothes.”

Qiang Wei was speechless, “It is not Armani, so even if you soaked it for too long until wrinkling, it is only a few hundreds dollars. Speaking of which, last time I saw brother-in-law wearing this brand of watch. The GA trademark was not obvious ah, so I had to squint just to see it. Also, did you notice a lot of his clothes are GA and his pants are basically Lee. Such a faithful person ah.”

Speechlessness is actually the expression of endless chatters?

Qiang Wei spoke with keen interest but noticed the listener was obviously not paying attention, so inevitably she felt resentful  —— hate iron for not becoming steel.  She pressed An Ning’s shoulder, “Shouldn’t you at least have some reaction?” After all we were talking about a man who is intimately related to her.

“Okay.” She responded, “Wei Wei, can I go and wash my few hundreds dollars clothes now?”


An Ning received a text message that night, “Since you are busy, I will not bother you. Go to bed earlier.”

An Ning breathed a sigh of relief and also ‘scoffed’ softly.

At this moment, Xu Mo Ting was sitting on the bed and leisurely browsing at 100 Tips to Raise A Cat.

The first one: Don’t be too impatient.

The exam week was nearing its end soon. An Ning was the first one to finish her exam. However when Mao Mao and gang were still struggling on the brink of death, she has already switched on the computer to watch New Year movies.

Mao Mao, Zhao Yang and Qiang Wei, pointing at her: “You are not human!”

An Ning: “……”

Actually An Ning can go home, but Mao Mao insisted to go for a great meal together after exam. Everyone will have to prepare for internship and work come next year, so the time to get together will not be as much as before. Everyone will go their separate ways, to tenaciously strive to succeed.

Thus, it was not too much for a person with a lot of free time on hand and waiting to eat her big meal to watch a movie to kill time, right?

Mao Mao was baffled, “If I’ve time and also have such a handsome boyfriend, I’ll definitely touch him many times every day, making him unable to get down from bed. He can only look at me with watery eyes and I’ll look at him like the devil in his fantasy. I want more! No, I have no more energy. But I still want ah. Then sit up here la.”

An Ning spat saliva on the screen.

Shortly, after Mao Mao and gang left, the phone rang. It was  Zhang Qi, asking her out for a meal.

An Ning looked at the time, which was three o’clock. Neither here nor there, this will be considered lunch or dinner ah?

The other party began to laugh, “Sister-in-law, you’ve finished your exam, right? We’ve also finished our exam and feeling really bored now. Hence, we are going to the bar for a drink. Cheng Yu will also be coming. Come la, since the leader will surely be coming.”

An Ning was thinking she also felt a little bored but Xu Mo Ting will also be going. She subconsciously straightened her back. Why should she feel embarrassed since he was the one who started ‘cough’, the bullying first? If anyone should feel embarrassed, it should be him.

After Zhang Qi got a definite reply, he immediately called Xu Mo Ting, “Leader, go with us for a drink —— Don’t hang up ah. Sister-in-law will also be going.”

Xu Mo Ting was not in the university, so An Ning went in Zhang Qi’s car. There were also three other girls in the car. Lao San’s car at the back, was fully occupied by guys.

Xu Mo Ting arrived quite late. When he pushed open the private room’s door, it was already very lively inside. Everyone gave a rowdy jeer when they saw him coming in. According to established rule, the late arrival will have to drink as punishment. He took a look at An Ning who was sitting on the sofa on the left. Her eyes flickered because it was obvious he was standing on the side to watch passively. Mo Ting smiled and drank it.

After drinking three glasses, Xu Mo Ting walked to An Ning’s side and sat down. He took two sips of her juice to water down the alcohol taste in his mouth because he has never liked bitter things.

At this moment, a girl handed him a glass of newly poured drink, “Xu Mo Ting, that glass belongs to fellow student Li. Nobody has drunk this glass before.”

Lao San who was sitting on the other side was already laughing out, “Group secretary sister, she is our leader’s girlfriend. We’ve been calling her sister-in-law continuously so it is unlikely that you didn’t hear?”

It was obvious that girl was stumped for words and a little embarrassed, “I thought you were calling her that to play only. Who knows ——” While saying that, she glanced at Xu Mo Ting.

Leader Xu has never harbored any thought of other girls. For acquaintances, at most, he would only nod his head. He will “not drag through mud and water (Chinese idiom meaning won’t do things sloppily).” In the end, the girl bit her lip and went away.

Thus the best way to make the other party gives up is to ignore her. An Ning was really in awe of him. Under the table, Xu Mo Ting held her hand and put it on his lap. This was his usual intimate gesture.

An Ning thought that when he was groping, he was also equally very proficient!

Heehee, you’ve been duped again 😛 Not so fast la, An Ning is a conservative girl!

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  3. I really like that they didn’t do what I imagined from last week.
    Applause to both of them. It’s more exciting this way.
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  4. Hi Peanuts.. The start of the chapter alone already looks a bit tricky to translate. Looks and sounds great though. You don’t need to worry. Jia you!! 加油!!

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  10. so she gave him a hand job?

  11. Im kinda conservative too lols.. Oh well, im glad she didnt give it to him easily 😛

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  13. Thanks for the translation of this chapter… ❤️

    Ok, I’ma rant a bit… sorry. What was that scene…? Did he just use her hand to masturbate and right away afterwards tell her to go to sleep? And then acts as if this is a normal thing in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship? He’s lucky An Ning is a pure girl or he’d get slapped or be ignored forever (maybe watching AV videos can teach you about sex, but not about bed etiquette). I’m not sure XMT is any better than the rest of the men in this book (her dad, the little uncle, her many cowardly admirers…) in the self-interest way he treats her. That scene sours this romance for me… I’ll just focus on An Ning now…

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