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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 17



Nothing much happened in this chapter except VP Lin obviously knew who Xie Guang is. Some will complain he is bullying her again but this is pretty harmless 😛 In view of the hatred for VP Lin, I need to say don’t be too judgmental and there are reasons for everything.

Chapter 17

Without doubt, it was impossible to request leave immediately. Hence I worked overtime to finish preparing the budget report. Early in the next morning, I put the written request for leave and report together on Lin Yu Sen’s desk.

I thought my request for leave will be approved like other people, but I was too naive after all ……

When Lin Yu Sen arrived, I was called into his office.

“Why are you requesting leave?”

“Uh, I am feeling a little unwell.”

Lin Yu Sen lifted up his head.

His gaze fell on me and looked closely and slowly at me from top to bottom: “I regret to inform you that I was a doctor. I really cannot see which part of your body is unwell.”

I reflexively asked: “Are you a doctor trained in Chinese medicine?”

Otherwise, how will you know the four ways of diagnosis — look, listen, question and feel the pulse?

Unexpectedly, after I said that, his facial expression actually changed abruptly. Suddenly the gaze that fell on me was as horrifying as cold ice. I was stumped for words. He turned his gaze and said in a restrained voice: “I am not going to approve your leave application. You can go out now.”

Holding the leave application, I gloomily walked out of his office. Yin Jie approached me: “Your leave application has been approved?”

I looked at her seriously and asked: “Are you a doctor trained in Chinese medicine?”

Yin Jie was at a loss when she replied: “No, have you gone crazy ah?”

“After hearing this sentence, will you be angry?”

“What is there to be angry about? At most, I will only think that you are mentally ill.”

Exactly ah, but why did I feel Lin Yu Sen’s reaction was just like I’ve stepped on a minefield? I sighed once, tore the leave application form to shreds and threw them into the rubbish bin. I’ve decided to behave myself in the next few days by tucking my tail between my legs (stay out of trouble).

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

However, although the trees long for peace, the wind will never cease (a Chinese idiom meaning the world changes, whether you want it or not). Instead the next few days were even more eventful.

The cause was Yin Jie found out that we were discriminated against.

“This is too much. It is obvious that this person has just joined the company, but was arranged to stay in Building A. Even if the room happened to be vacated because someone resigned, we should be given priority ah since we joined the company first. Must have relied on the family background, since that person is the relative of the head of department. I am so furious now. The people in the Logistics Department are just too much.”

The condition of the company’s two dormitories, Buildings A and B is different. Building A is better as two people stay in each room, with private toilet, washing machine and so on. Four people or possibly 8 people stay in each room in Building B, with shared toilet and bathroom. When we joined the company, the people in the Logistics Department said Building A was fully occupied, so we were arranged to stay in Building B. Who knows Yin Jie recently found out that a staff from the Personnel Department who joined the company later than us but got to stay in Building A.

As a result, they were discussing their accusation in the dormitory now.

“What do you think we should do? No, we absolutely cannot just forget about it. I want to go to the Logistics Department to protest!”

Although Yu Hua is honest, she also did not want to lose out. Having heard what was said, she nodded and said: “Yes, we’ll write a letter of complaint.”

Yin Jie said in a distressed voice: “I am afraid it is useless to complain. They may deliberately stall for time until that person lives there for a while. Then it will be very hard to get that person to move out ah.”

I thought for a moment, “Why don’t we go directly to Vice President Lin? When I started work in the Finance Department, the department head particularly told the new staff if there is any problem in work or life, they also can talk to him ah.”

Yu Hua nodded: “My head of department also said that, but …… go to the Vice President?”

“Of course! Yin Jie and I are from the Management Department whereas Yu Hua is from the Marketing Department. Both departments are also led directly by him, so if we don’t go to him, who can we go to?”

Remembering he always mildly and lightly instructed me to do this and that, work overtime and run errands, I immediately felt my way of thinking was perfectly justified!

Yu Hua was more contemplative and thought too much: “Better not, since that person is the relative of the head of department. Will Vice President Lin blame us for creating trouble and making his life difficult ah?”

Yes …… in case the immediate supervisor felt we were troublemaker, then we were finished.

But my way of thinking was different from them which was why I could treat this lightly. Thinking of it, I felt a little ashamed and quickly said: “How about, you go and write the letter of complaint, whereas I’ll go and look for Vice President Lin.”

Yin Jie immediately opposed: “Don’t want la. If go, we’ll go together. Otherwise nobody can go.”

Yu Hua nodded her head.

I randomly used an excuse to convince them: “No need, I’ll go alone. If too many people, the vice president will think we are putting pressure on him.”

Anyway, I was not worried about the extra burden. I was not worried about what Lin Yu Sen will think of me as a result of my action. Under reasonable circumstances, I realised that I was actually very happy to give him a little trouble. Moreover, how can such a trivial matter be considered troublesome for him.

However, Lin Yu Sen was not in his office the whole morning. Thus I waited until three or four o’clock in the afternoon before his shadow appeared at the office door. I immediately felt very excited and went over to greet him.

“Vice President, are you free now?”

He halted his footsteps and looked a full circle at my face. But he did not say anything and headed directly towards his office. I hesitated for a moment before following him inside.

After entering the door, he only started to talk.

“Please close the door. What is the matter?”

I went to close the door first. When I turned around, I happened to see him taking off his suit and casually tossed it aside.

He wore a more formal suit today, looking especially outstanding. When he entered the large office just a moment ago, he attracted everyone’s attention. After tossing the suit aside, he was wearing only a well-ironed white shirt. He was standing at the side of the table and lowering his head to pour tea. His black cuff links were faintly discernible. His manner was extremely pleasing.

Suddenly I remembered everyone said he was once a surgeon. I wonder how he’ll look like when wearing the white coat and holding the scalpel ……

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The sound of people talking came through from the big office outside. Suddenly I discovered that my mind had actually wandered away. Although I did not speak, surprisingly he also did not urge me. He stood there without saying a word and with a calm face to let me size him up. I cannot help feeling a little embarrassed, so I quickly told him about the dormitory matter.

He lowered his gaze, “You’ve come to look for me, just for this matter?”

“Yes …… Yes ah.”

Silently, he sipped his tea. His calm facial expression did not reveal any of his thought. Then he turned around, put down the cup and picked up the phone.

A little after, the Head of the Logistics Department came. I walked out to call Yin Jie and Yu Hua to also come in.

When the Head of the Logistics Department saw us, he apologized first. He said everything was due to his negligence at work ah and so on. Yin Jie has always been very good at conducting herself. She immediately expressed that she understood and said sorry to trouble the Logistics Department and so on.

Yu Hua who has never been good at communication, also put on a very stiff smile ……

Both sides were harmonious and happy.

Then the Head of the Logistics Department seized the opportunity to raise a problem —— only one dormitory with two beds, but you have three people. What to do?

We simply had not thought of this problem, and were momentarily lost.

However we clearly did not have a say in the matter because Lin Yu Sen had decided for us: “Yin Jie and Wan Yu Hua will move in.”

Of course, it was no problem for the Head of the Logistics Department: “Okay, please find the time to fill in the request for accommodation transfer form and I will arrange it as soon as possible.”

Yin Jie and Yu Hua looked at each other. Then they stepped forward together: “Vice President, we …….”

Lin Yu Sen did not give them the chance to finish their sentence.

“This matter is settled. Nie Xi Guang, please stay back.”

Yin Jie and Yu Hua glanced worriedly at me. I shook my head. They had no choice but to walk silently out.

The office quieted down. Lin Yu Sen was leaning back on his chair: “Miss Nie, do you have any objection to my resolution?”

I did not mind he has changed his way of addressing me. I shook my head and said: “No”

“I guess so.” He nodded and looked at me with gradually teasing eyes, “Miss Nie, since you intend to go about incognito, I  presume you would not mind living a little closer to the people.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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