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Hua Xu Yin Summary Part 3 – Jiu Jiu’s Story (华胥引- 柸中雪)


99 & Gong

This is another super angst sub-story in the novel so get ready some tissues. You need to pay more attention to this story because you will not get to watch it in the drama. I think it has been omitted because of the perceived incestuous nature of the story. This is Hui3r’s favourite sub-story and her parting gift to you as hamster has taken over the translation.

As for me, I am only okay with it because I am annoyed with Jiu Jiu. She chose not to believe in Gongyi Fei when he told him everything. She also decided to unilaterally make the sacrifice for him, but never bothered to consult him or find out more information. Many interpreted that as her determination to kill herself. She did not know how to appreciate and cherish Gongyi Fei the first time round. But when given the chance again, Gongyi Fei has already forgotten about her. Hence, everything ended in tragedy due to fate as well as her personal shortcomings. Indeed, I feel sad for her but I feel even sadder for Gongyi Fei who has to live with what could have been.


Jiu Jiu and Gongyi Fei got married. On the night of the marriage, she revealed that she was his sister. The background of the story was that Gongyi Fei had a twin sister, who was abandoned/killed because that’s the practice with twins. The head of the family has to ‘bond’ with this mythical guardian creature through a blood bond. If a head of family has a twin, the twin can use her blood to control the guardian, even if she was not the head of the family because they have exactly the same blood. Thus Jiu Jiu came back for revenge, and explained how her own adopted father told her she was Gongyi Xun.

Hence Jiu Jiu did a lot of things to destroy the Gongyi family. It was later revealed that Gongyi Fei also wanted to destroy the family anyway because the Gongyi family was King Chen’s secret army/assassin and Gongyi Fei wanted to move the family out of that role. He wanted to destroy the family in order for them to have a new beginning.

Gongyi Fei’s wife was his younger cousin. Through Jiu Jiu’s manipulation (she tricked them into getting caught in the same bed by their elders), tensions between the uncles’ families escalated and they started to fight. Apparently she needed him to have a second wife to have a child because she could not have a child herself as they never consummated the marriage. If she was childless for too long, they can force Gongyi Fei to divorce her for being barren.

Jiu Jiu tried to summon the guardian to destroy everyone at once but failed. That was when she realised that she was not Gongyi Fei’s long lost sibling because she could not summon the guardian with her blood, only Gongyi Fei could. If she was his twin sister, she should be able to because they have the same blood. She died trying to protect Gongyi Fei from the guardian (although Gongyi Fei after that revealed to her sadly that the guardian would never have hurt its own master).

After Jiu Jiu died, unbeknownst to Gongyi Fei, Jiu Jiu had arranged for the Prince of Chen (ie Mu Yan) to take her spirit to be cultivated into a ‘Mei’ (which is the same being that Mu Yan’s mother Murong An was). Don’t even ask me how this works – but I think essentially, they sealed her spirit into a vessel.  They also sealed her memories because they thought that she and Gongyi Fei were siblings and that kind of taboo love was too much to bear.

When they delivered her to Gongyi Fei, he did not remember her because his second wife had him drink a potion that made him forget the painful memories so both of them had their memories repressed. Because she was a ‘Mei’ without her memories, she did not know why she existed and she behaved strangely in their eyes. There were a lot of repressed feelings between them, aside from repressed memories like the part where A’Fu recounted that Jiu Jiu (when she has become Gongyi Xun) knew Gong Yi Fei wanted some scorebook or other, but the other party wanted her hand in marriage as exchange so she accepted. Gongyi Fei got so angry when he found out.

After A’Fu found out the whole story from Jiu Jiu’s sealed memories, she went to get the antidote to the forgetting potion Gongyi Fei drank. She wanted to give them a happy ending where Gongyi Fei would remember and they could be happy together but by the time A’Fu got back and went to see Gongyi Fei, she found out from Gongyi Fei that his ‘sister’ had already died. Apparently, the King of Chen ordered the Gongyi family to assassinate a general from the Jiang country and Gongyi Fei was the only one who was capable of doing it. However Jiu Jiu snuck off to replace him in completing the mission. Unfortunately, she was killed in the process and her body was hung from the city walls for three days. A’Fu was sad and left the antidote with Gongyi Fei. The next thing we know, there’s a scene where Gongyi Fei talked to a wooden carving and recounted his and Jiu Jiu’s first meeting. It is very heartbreaking to hear that. A’Fu realised that he drank the antidote and now remembered Jiu Jiu.



Qing Jiu Jiu


Gong Yi Fei



99 & Gong


Fan-made MV Translation

Since this sub-story will not be featured in the drama, Hui3r had chosen one of the longest fan-made MV in the hope that you will get to know the full story. One of Hui3r’s favourite actor, Wallace Huo will be Gongyi Fei, Liu Yi Fei will be Qing Jiu Jiu and Ivy Chen is Ah Fu.

0:06 I am Pei Zhong’s Gongyi Fei. May I ask what is Miss’ name?

0:16 Yong An’s, Qing Jiu Jiu.

0:39 That was not a dream. That was a memory caught by the Hua Xu Yin. A memory belonging to someone who has passed away.

0:55 Who is this person who has already passed away?

1:26 A Fei… Wind has been killed by that crazy woman…

1:33 What happened?

1:36 This horse threw you off the other day. A horse that can’t even recognize its own master… what is the use of keeping it?

1:47 Are you… Are you going to let her go just like that?

1:53 There is something wrong in her head… but you keep finding trouble with her.

2:04 There are really all kinds of unbelievable things in this big world. I am a ‘Mei’, and you are a dead person sustained by the Hua Xu Yin.

2:13 You want me to create a dream for you. But the price… is not something you can afford.

2:23 I died 7 years ago… it took 5 years to make me a ‘Mei’, but my memories have been sealed in my eyes. Without these memories, I am nothing. I hear from people that I owed Ah Fei a lot in my past life, and my only wish is to be able to repay him. I don’t know what is the price, but whatever it is that you wish for, I will try my best to help you obtain it. And when you see my memories, please tell me the good things that have happened.

2:56 Alright. I can help you. I don’t want anything in exchange.

3:43 Elder Sister, I should not have come to such a place.

3:48 Which one do you like?

3:54 Ahh… Master Gongyi has already bought this girl for 3,005 taels of gold.

3:58 20,000 taels of gold for all three girls.

4:02 Aren’t you… Aren’t you here to bring me home?

4:04 Since you ran here to fight over girls with other people, then you must win the fight. What is it that I have thought you before? Pick one that you like the most. You don’t need to return home tonight.

4:27 Miss Qing.

4:29 Master Gongyi is really refined.

4:37 Since we last parted at Mt Zhu, I only wished to get closer to Miss.

4:42 You wish to save my life once? I don’t know how to swim. I will die if you do not save me.

5:00 I have never tricked anyone in my life. And you have not lied to me. If this is the case, come and marry me 10 days from now. Are you unwilling? Then your so-called admiration is nothing but useless nonsense. Yong An’s Qing Jiu Jiu is not someone you can simply trifle with.

5:19 How can that be? I will come and marry you in 10 days time.

5:33 What are you doing here?

5:35 Who are you waiting for in this dead of the night?

5:37 I am not waiting for anyone.

5:39 Then this dance… was created for me? I want to see you dance, Jiu Jiu. The dance earlier was for other people. But could you dance for me alone tonight?

5:50 You are right. I have practiced so hard all this time for the purpose of dancing for you. In fact, I do not like dancing at all. You should remember all these dance moves on my behalf.

6:04 Tonight is the happiest night of my life. In the future, when I reminisce about tonight, I will surely still be happy.

6:11 Your happiest night… should be the night you marry me.

6:38 Even though I love your simple elegance, you didn’t need to suit me by dressing up so plainly on our wedding day.

6:48 Ah Fei… Are you planning to share your wedding wine with your own sister?

6:59 Surely you have not forgotten that you had a twin sister, as I have never forgotten that I have a younger brother who shares my bloodline. The same blood runs in our veins; we are each other’s closest relation.

7:17 You do not believe me? Having twins is taboo in the Gongyi clan. 18 years ago… I was the one that was forsaken. I survived despite the odds is for today… to return here. Other than to marry you, I could not think of another way to legitimately return to this Gongyi clan, to legitimately reclaim my inheritance.

7:44 You said that you did not know how to swim, and if I did not save you, then you would surely die.

7:48 That was a lie.

7:49 You said you practiced your dance very hard, for the sole purpose of dancing for me.

7:55 That was also a lie.

7:58 You said that was the happiest night of your life.

8:00 That was also a lie.

8:04 I grew up in a brothel. In a brothel – you only get to eat if you dance well. If you dance badly, then you will have to go hungry. At that time, I always had to finish my chores on an empty stomach. I always hated dancing, but except by dancing, I had no way of escaping that life.
When I was 6 years old, all I could think of was how to be an entertainer, so that I can rely on my skills to support myself. When you were 6, what were you thinking of? Ah Fei – A princess’ daughter becoming an entertainer – isn’t that unbelievable?
If my adopted father had not found me… perhaps you would have met me some brothel – and just like how you bought those prostitutes – used 3,005 taels of gold to buy my first night for your pleasure.

9:22 Don’t speak any further. You would not allow me to wholly love you, nor would you allow me to wholly hate you. Jiu Jiu, you are really un-amusing this way.

9:57 From afar, her appearance is quite similar to me. Ah Fei – have you liked me to this extent?

10:09 You are right. I like you… to this extent. Isn’t it quite revolting? You have made me miserable, but unable to restrain myself. Are you happy now?
Jiu Jiu, even if you have made my life so miserable, whatever it is that you want, I will still stay by your side. If what you said is true, then I have owed you too much.

11:56 All of this… you were behind it. What is it that you want?

12:00 We cannot have children. Eventually, the elders will force you to take concubines. You need a child.

12:10 You never knew that… whatever it is that you want, I give it to you. It is not because you have persuaded me, but because I want you to have your heart’s desire. This thing called Love… It is not something that you can give when you wish to… and take it back when you want to… Whatever it is that you want, I will give it to you. But from now on, Jiu Jiu, do not appear in front of me anymore.

13:50 This is correct… I have not recited a single world wrongly.

14:14 There are so many people who look alike in this world… why are you so sure that you are my sister?

14:18 Surely you too wish to destroy this clan… it’s just that you cannot bear to do it yourself.

14:58 I am sorry. When we return, divorce me.

15:01 You think that this would count as having repaid me? Other than running away, what else do you know to do?

15:39 Why don’t you love me any longer? Don’t you know that when I hear you say such words, I feel very upset?

15:47 Don’t speak anymore. I will take you to the doctor.

15:54 The Gongyi clan’s destiny has come to an end. Why does Miss want to exhaust your energies to summon the Guardian Beast?

16:04 This is the only way to end it.

16:09 But Master Gongyi will not forgive you.

16:12 Do you all think that my younger brother is too useless? The reason that he has not stopped me is because what I want to do is also what he wants to do. It is not that I do not know, but only that I can pretend not to know.

16:25 You say that I am heartless. Since it is destined that there must be bloodshed, isn’t it better that I am to be the one to do it? There only needs to be one evil person. As it turns out that I am such a bad person. But it doesn’t matter. I never thought I would live past this day.

16:43 There is nothing bad about you. Since you married into the Gongyi Clan, everything about you is good. The only thing bad about you is that you refuse to have a child with me. But I don’t care about it at all!

16:53 My life… my life has been a joke. Abandoned by my parents, lied to by my adopted father, then went on to lie to other people and let myself… This snowfall came at the right time to cover up all OUR misunderstandings. I am really happy that you are still willing to coax me at this time. Ah Fei – Live well.

17:26 How do you see me? As your younger brother or… as a man?

18:15 Qing Jiu Jiu’s death nearly ruined Gongyi Fei. Gongyi Shan had no other choice but to seek out a drug to make him forget the past and Qing Jiu Jiu. If I can bring back the antidote, then all will be well.

19:00 Haven’t you always wanted to know how Gongyi Xun saw you? Take this drug, and then you can go and ask her.

19:10 She has already passed away. She died 9 days ago.

19:18 How did it happen?

19:21 I received an important business offer. To assassinate Jiang state’s prime minister. In this clan, nobody had this ability besides me. She was worried about me so she went in my stead. She ruined her own face and went to kill the prime minister without intending to come back alive. She did not leave a trace of evidence.
They hung her corpse outside the city gate exposed to the elements. There was nothing I could do. For the sake of the Chen state, I could not preserve her body. I could not even give her a proper funeral.

20:04 Are you regretting now? She has died! She died in such a pitiful manner. And all you can do is to regret?

20:16 If I had known she wanted to go to Jiang state, I would have stopped her.

20:23 You would never have known because you have stopped caring for her since a long time ago.

20:32 You are right – I have stopped caring for since a long time ago.

20:39 On the last day, she came to find me and said that she had once asked me to remember a dance for her. She asked me if I had already forgotten?

20:51 She could be headstrong at times, but had never behaved that way. I should have realized. But I only scolded her.

21:13 I didn’t know what it is she was talking about. She asked me about the dance she performed that day. How could I have forgotten it? I can remember her every expression and gesture.

22:18 Sometimes, I would hate her for being my elder sister.

22:24 She told me that you hated her, that she was a burden. You let a lot of things slide on account of her being mentally ill. She didn’t know what was her purpose for living. She was tired.

22:48 She said… She said that?

22:56 At the root of it, you both have been tormented by Fate. You and Qing Jiu Jiu are both pitiful people.

4 thoughts on “Hua Xu Yin Summary Part 3 – Jiu Jiu’s Story (华胥引- 柸中雪)

  1. The first, second and Mu Yan and A Fu’s stories were the best from Hua Xu Yin in my honest opinion.

  2. Aww, this post brings tears to my eyes and pain to my heart again XD This story was heartbreaking and so utterly painful! I felt like much could have been avoided had a simply bloodtest been done, had they been more rational…
    It’s definitely not my favourite sub-story albeit a beautiful and heartwrenching one. Like many others my favourite is the second one.

  3. Such a tragic yet beautiful story 😦 I agree that some openness and proper dialogue could have solved many issues, yet more often than not characters and real people let pride etc. get in the way.
    Thanks for this post 🙂

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