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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 42



The preparation for the wedding is well underway but our couple is still their usual funny self 😛

Chapter 42: Warmth

After I became pregnant, I thoroughly turn into an idle person.

As a modern woman who is capable, I actually wanted to continue to work but Lu Jun’s attitude is very firm on this matter. He orders me not to have the slightest physical exertion and be sure to rest properly. For the convenience of taking better care of me, I am forced to move to his apartment. Before, I always came here to cook for him. It is the reversal of the wheel of fortune now because at last, it is his turn to wait on me. He takes the initiative to learn how to cook meticulously. Everyday, he personally stews chicken soup for me, cooks nutritious meal and so on. He also selects and  buys a lot of foods and medicines of highly nutritious value with utmost care, to ensure a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

He even reads up books on things which a pregnant woman needs to pay attention to.  Thus he changes from his normally cold and arrogant attitude as the BOSS to become like a maid who very patiently nags me over and over again all day long. I cannot eat fatty food and confectionery with high-sugar content. I also cannot drink alcohol and must not touch appliances which emit radiation ……

Regarding this list of rules, complying with them on a short-term basis is not a problem. However over a long period of time, I feel unbearably stifling. As time passes, I cannot help but start to feel annoyed. Hence sometimes I will ask some ambiguous questions to make trouble without reason. For example, at that time when I sat on his lap, I looked up at the ceiling and asked in a concerned voice: “After our child is born, will you treat him as the person you love most?”

Lu Jun caresses my belly and says softly: “Do you still need to ask this? Of course, I will.”

I instantly become angry, slap my hand on the table and stand up: “Since he is the person you love most, what about me? No way, you can only love me!”

He quickly supports my body with his hand, compromises and pacifies me: “Okay, okay, I only love you.”

I am angry once again and slap my hand on the table again: “Then you don’t love our child? How can you not love him, ah? I am going through such hardship to carry and give birth to your child, yet you don’t love him. You are so heartless. I don’t want to give birth to your baby …… ”

He: “……”

After remaining silent for a long time, he asks softly: “What do you think, should I love you or the child?”

I immediately pant with rage and put my hands on my waist: “You’re talking nonsense. If I know, I will not need to ask you! Answer quickly, after our child is born, will you treat him as the person you love most?”

Hence the question once again returns to square one. After asking repeatedly in this way, for countless of time and watching Lu Jun being tormented with a painful and helpless expression, I feel good at once.

This is the so-called the mother’s honour increases as her son’s position rises. Previously, I was often bullied by him but only dared to resent silently. If I don’t take my revenge now, when do I’ve to wait until?

Luckily, in addition to taking good care of my body, there is one more thing that I can do. That is my own image issue at the wedding ceremony. Every woman wants to look beautiful as a bride on their wedding day and I am no exception. Thus I call Ai Li to accompany me to the city centre to do my hair.

On the way to the city center, Ai Li gives me her sincere blessing: “Congratulations Xia Ye. You are so blessed because you are pregnant now and are getting married soon to handsome Lu who is such an outstanding suitor. Your life can be considered to be perfect.”

After hearing that, I am elated and my mouth cannot stop smiling. Then I happily say: “On my wedding day, you must come early, ah. You must also drink more on that day.”

“That is a must. I am still waiting for your money wrapped in red as a gift.” While saying that, suddenly Ai Li recalls something: “Oh, by the way, I had a gathering with our university classmates on the day before yesterday. Knowing that you are pregnant and cannot drink alcohol, I did not ask you to come along. At that time, I chatted happily and told them about your impending marriage into the rich and powerful family!”

The moment I hear this, my vanity nature immediately plays up and I promptly ask: “Really? What was their reaction after hearing that ah?”

Ai Li ponders for a moment: “In summary, most of the female classmates were rather happy after hearing that. Whereas most of the male classmates were rather gloomy after hearing that.”

My self-esteem is immediately inflated. See see, what does this indicate? It clearly indicates most of the female classmates regarded me as a formidable rival, so they were very happy that I am getting married! Whereas most of the male classmates were gloomy because could it be that they were interested in me subconsciously, so they felt a sense of loss that I am getting married?

However before I get to laugh out my happiness loudly, I hear Ai Li continues to say: “Thus I asked them. Several female classmates said that even Xia Ye can marry an excellent quality handsome guy who has beauty and talent, so they have full confidence in their future. Whereas the male classmates felt such an outstanding man like handsome Lu, ultimately only marries someone like you, so they felt hopeless about their future.”

I: “……”

After spending over two hours to get a straight perm and also a beautiful bangs, finally I stand in front of the mirror to look at myself. I see a small woman with a happy smile on her face and a head full of supple and beautiful black hair. With the bangs covering the forehead, I nod with satisfaction and feel pretty good.

After returning home, the first thing I do is to walk shyly in front of Lu Jun and ask expectantly: “What do you think of the new hairstyle I got today, good-looking?”

He sits calmly on the sofa. While looking carefully at me from top to bottom, he also nods his head in approval: “Very good, especially your bangs is good-looking.”

I immediately feel pleasantly surprised: “Really? You think I look good with bangs?”

He looks at me and says very seriously: “Yes, ah, because it is covering part of your face.”

I: “……”

Consequently, I get angry. Once a pregnant woman gets angry, the consequences are grave! Thus on that night, firstly, I say I want to eat stewed hen. After eating two mouthful of chicken meat, I say I want to drink pigeon soup. After drinking the soup, I say I want to eat Aunt Liu’s sour date which is sold two streets away. After eating the sour date, I say I want  a massage because my  waist is sore and my back is aching. After getting my massage, I say the baby in my stomach wants to hear the father telling a story. After finished telling the story, I say I am hungry and want to eat stewed hen. After eating two mouthful of chicken meat, I say I want to drink pigeon soup ……

Regarding the design of the wedding dress, I choose the strapless style. It looks grandeur and stylish but Lu Jun does not agree. He insists that I wear another very conservative style, wrapping every part of my body up tightly including even the collarbone.  For this reason, the two of us argue for a long time when trying out the wedding dress in the bridal salon. I am stubborn and will not budge. Firstly, I pretend to cry. Secondly, I really make a fuss. Except, thirdly, I did not hang myself. In the very end, he gently moves his lips to the side of my ear and wins me over by saying: “Your smooth and fair shoulders and elegant and sexy collarbone can only be mine. I don’t want you to show them to other people.”

All of a sudden, I am being praised until I become smug and conceited. I immediately lean in his arms like a little bird relying on people (a Chinese idiom meaning cute and helpless-looking). Then I obediently nod my head, deciding on that conservative style wedding dress.

After returning home, I put on my pyjamas after finished bathing in the bathroom. When I walk out, Lu Jun is sitting on the sofa and watching TV in the living room. Remembering what he said in the bridal salon just now, I cautiously walk over and look happily at him: “Do you really think that my shoulders are smooth and fair and my collarbone is elegant and sexy?”

He instantly looks at me and says seriously: “I don’t remember la.”

“Ah?” I immediately turn grouchy: “How can you not remember?”

His voice seems to sound a bit resentful: “I’ve not seen them for a long time, so how can I still remember?”

I am eager to get a definite answer so with a hothead, I pull down the collar of both sides of my pyjamas to expose my shoulders and collarbone. Following which, I say: “Then you take a look la!”

Lu Jun’s jet-black eyes look penetratingly and attentively into my eyes as if burning with fire. Before I have a chance to react, he has already picked me up and walks straight towards the bedroom: “I am not able to see clearly here. Let’s go to the bedroom to look properly and carefully.”

Although we have been living together during this period of time, we have been sleeping in separate rooms. Realizing what he wants to do, I get panicky at once: “No, ah, baby …… woo ……”

Before I get to finish speaking, he has already gently kissed my lips and sucked lightly. I am unable to ward him off or resist his hot lips. Suddenly my eyes are blurry, my face turns red and I feel weak all over my body.

After he successfully blocked my resistance, his warm and urgent breath surrounds my ear. Then he whispers huskily in my ear: “I’ve taken a look at things to note and will be very very gentle …… I dare not touch you during this period of time but you are the one who seduced me first. Thus I really could not endure anymore …..”

My face is scalding hot. I cannot resist because his fiery lips has already covered mine once again ……

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