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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 43



The countdown to the final has started so 2 more chapters to go. Xia Ye is feeling bored staying at home so guess how Lu Jun is going to relieve her boredom?

Once again a big thank you to foodie for helping to translate about 10% of the novel. I’ll do the translation for the last 2 chapters to wrap up the novel.

Chapter 43: Raise in Enclosure (translated by foodie and edited by peanuts)

Marriage is a major life event.  It is even more so since mom is a bit superstitious.  She thinks it will be more auspicious to get married on an auspicious day.  Hence after a rigorous screening process for an auspicious day, my wedding date with Lu Jun is set to 7 days from today.

That is to say, in 7 days, I will be married.  I will bid goodbye to my bachelorette life!

Common sense would dictate that one should really enjoy life to the fullest in these last few days before the wedding.  After all, time is limited.  But Lu Jun has me under his strict supervision, seeing as he and I are an item.  He wouldn’t even let me out the door without a valid reason.  So I can only stay at home and chat with close friends over the phone.

“What?  Xia Ye, you are getting married in 7 days?  Is it too rushed?”

Ai Li’s sharp voice comes through the phone.  I am sitting bored on the couch.  I speak lazily into the phone, “It is a bit fast, but my mom has checked the almanac.  There is only one auspicious day this month.  If we don’t get married that day, we will have to wait until next month.”

She teases, “What is wrong with next month?  You are in such a great hurry to get married aah.  You know what I think?  A woman shouldn’t hurry in such a situation.  You should delay it and whet his appetite some more.”

I sigh helplessly, “I can’t help it.  After all, this is a shotgun marriage.  I have to hurry and get the wedding done before my S figure turns into a D figure.  Otherwise I won’t look good in a wedding gown.”

At this time, an arm gently wraps me around my waist all of a sudden.  Before I have time to react, I am already in Lu Jun’s embrace.  He whispers gently into my ear,  “Really? I don’t agree with you.”

I am filled with joy. I turn around and ask cheerfully, “You really don’t think so?  Do you think that I look great in a wedding gown even when my figure is getting a bit out of shape?”

He frowns with a dubious smile, “What I meant is with your D figure, now that you are pregnant, the worst that could happen is the D shape will turn into an O shape.”

I: “…….”

I am overwhelmed by irritation.  I ignore him and speak to the mouthpiece, “Ai Li.  Let’s ignore him.  Let’s continue our chat.  He likes to spout nonsense.”

Ai Li’s earnest sounding voice replies through the phone, “But… I am getting ready to attend a costume party.  Let’s continue our chat tomorrow.”

I suddenly become very spirited as I hear this.  I say excitedly, “Costume party?  I’d like to go too.”


Ai Li’s high spirited voice comes through, “This costume party is quite exciting.  The theme is to look scary.  I have prepared quite a few scary, ugly masks.  You can take your pick when the time comes.  This winner, the most scary-looking person, will even take home a prize!”

My heart palpitates rapidly, “It sounds quite interesting!”

Ai Li says quickly, “Then come with me. I happen to have 2 tickets and is wondering whom I can go with.  Let’s meet at XX Alley at 8 pm tonight.  Be there or be square!”

As I hear Ai Li mentions an alley, I cannot help worrying a little,  “It sounds like it could be dark and remote.  I am a single young lady.  What if I run into a pervert or lecher? Sounds too risky!”

Lu Jun speaks up “It is not that dangerous.  You just need to bring a flashlight along.”

I eye Lu Jun, “It is so remote there.  Even if I bring along a flashlight, it can’t do anything to a pervert.”

Lu Jun speaks in a serious tone, “If you do run into a pervert, just turn on the flashlight and flash it onto your own face.”

I: “…….”

In the midst of my irritation, Lu Jun says softly, “Don’t worry.  It won’t happen”.

I look at him doubtfully, “You mean you want to come with me?  But Ai Li only has 2 tickets!”

He shakes his head, “No. That’s not what I mean.”

I feel relieved.  That’s not so bad.  If he insists on coming along, he’d certainly forbid me to do this and that.  What would be the fun of that?

Lu Jun says, “You cannot go either.”

I struggle out of his embrace and stare at him angrily, “Why won’t you let me go? It’s only to attend a party.” I speak into the phone, looking for someone to support me on this cause, “Ai Li, wouldn’t you say that I’m right?”

“Yes, Yes!” Ai Li continues excitedly, “This party will be really fun.  They will have yummy desserts, great soda and red wine, plus handsome young lads that are easy on the eyes!”

I’m instantaneously grumpy.  Shouldn’t she know better?  The first 3 are taboos for pregnant ladies. Then she has to mention the last one.  Surely that has to be a deal breaker.  Sure enough, as Lu Jun flashes his gentle smile at me as he reaches for the phone and speaks with refined politeness, “I’m very sorry, Xia Ye is suddenly feeling fatigued.  She won’t be able to go to the party with you.”

“Aaaahhh!?”  Ai Li shrieks in surprise, then speaks disappointingly, “Aaiii. Okay then.  Pregnancy is indeed troublesome………”

The phone line was disconnected before I had a chance to comment. I speak with grievance, “What fatigue?  I am full of vigor!”

“Really?” The corner of Lu Jun’s mouth begins to move and forms a naughty smile: “Very soon, your whole body will feel weak.”

Having said that, he straightaway lowers his head and overbearingly kisses my mouth before I get to speak up. His soft and hot lips cover my lips, rubbing and sucking gently. His tongue deftly enters my mouth, enticing mine to frolic and twist. A burst of earth-shattering passion engulfs me. My breathing unknowingly becomes rapid and I gradually let my limp and numb body collapses in his arms …… I have to admit, this guy’s kissing technique is really getting better.

Okay big BOSS Lu, you have accomplished your mission. My whole body is feeling weak now like cotton candy ……

In the end, I did not manage to go to that costume party. In that evening, Ai Li can sip red wine and eat desserts. She also can dance, party and look at handsome guys as much as she likes. Whereas I can only stay at home and watch soap opera in boredom. When I think about it, I feel really resentful. It just so happens that the television is showing a pair of newlyweds at this moment. The wife is also pregnant and staying at home to nurture the body. Hence the husband specially brought home a very cute pet dog and the wife is beaming with happiness while playing with it.

Watching until here, I complain to Lu Jun who is sitting in front of the computer: “Look at people’s husband who is so considerate and brought home a dog for his wife to play. However you came home empty-handed from the office today. You did not get me anything to relieve my boredom.”

Lu Jun lifts up his head and thinks thoughtfully. Then he nods his head: “You’re right. This is really my fault.”

At least you are sensitive. I look at him expectantly: “Then, do you know what to do now?”

He: “Yes, I will immediately call Little Qian to come over.”

I: “…… = =”

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  1. hahaaaa…arghhh…thanks for this….they so cute and funny…heehee…and poor little brother…haahaaaa

  2. Lol. Poor bullied little brother.

  3. Little Qian, you better not answer your phone. They are looking for a puppy to play with. Hahaha.

  4. Thank you so much!!! 😘😘😘

  5. Ha ha ha! Little brother is going to make his entrance! Poor little brother is being treated as a little dog… XD
    Thank you for this chapter!

  6. i will remember my jealousy toward this average girl, xiaye, forever!

  7. Wkwkwkw ” ill immediately call little qianl”
    Toeng toenggg

    Omg.. There’s only 2 chapter left…
    Thanks for the hard work…
    *cant wait to see the next 2 chapter of this novel and also can’t wait to see best to have met you * (really2 do miss best to have met you) 😀

  8. I am really enjoying these two. They are so sweet together. The author has such a silly sense of humor. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done ( both of you!)! If you didn’t take the time we would miss out on these stories and that would be too sad. Again you are very appreciated.

  9. Hahaha Little Qian is basically Boss Lu’s and Xia Ye’s teasing target.
    Thanks a lot, peanuts~

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