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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 20



At last, we’ve reached the half way mark of book 1 and you get more interaction between the leads. You have to be patient with the story because the OTP is unknown so nothing is clear-cut yet. Anyway, the moral of this chapter is be careful with what you wish for lol.

Chapter 20

I slept for one whole day in the dormitory.

However I cannot sleep at night. After tossing about in the bed for quite a while, I simply got up and played handheld electronic game for the whole night. On Monday morning, I was listless to go to work. While I was walking on the road, I though maybe Lin Yu Sen will want to take a dig at me when he sees my zombie appearance. Who would have imagined that I will hear an awful news the moment I entered the office?

“Vice President Lin seems to have a car accident.”

It can’t be true? My tiredness instantly disappeared completely. I recalled the wish I made in the temple ……  could it be that ……?

I grabbed Jiang Ya who spread the news and asked nervously: “Is he all right?”

Jiang Ya looked suspiciously at me. Her tone immediately sounded acidic: “Nie Xi Guang, why are you so nervous? I don’t know  you are so concerned about Vice President Lin.”

After saying that, she turned and walked away without giving me any useful information.

Fortunately, a department meeting was convened very soon. The one who presided over the meeting was President Zhang who does not usually deal with the day-to-day running of the company. He announced about Vice President Lin’s car accident, but  fortunately it was not serious. However he will still need to spend several weeks in convalescence.

“I’ll take over Vice President Lin’s duties for this month, but sometimes we still need him to have a look and give suggestion on the recent expansion of the factory area. Thus we need a person to go to Vice President Lin’s home to pick-up and drop-off documents. You will not need to go too often, once or twice a week. So, who is willing to go?”

President Zhang looked around us. I quickly stood up first before anyone made a move: “President Zhang, I’ll go.”

Everyone raised their eyebrows one after another. Thus I coughed once to draw attention to explain: “First of all, it is because I’ve been dealing with the expansion  program. Also,  all of you already knew that Vice President Lin has a pretty bad impression of me.”

I reckoned after thinking this through, some of my colleagues appeared a little bit more good-natured.

I continued with my explanation: “Therefore I want to use this opportunity to improve Vice President Lin’s impression of me.”

At the same time to redeem the sin in my heart ah ~ ~ ~ This was the main reason.

I looked at President Zhang expectantly. He was probably touched by my enthusiasm as he agreed immediately: “Okay, you go.”

Hence in the afternoon on the next day, I carried a stack of documents to go to the vice president’s home. A fifty something years old woman opened the door. She probably knew someone from the company will come as she was very polite.

“Hello auntie, may I ask if it is Mr. Lin Yu Sen’s home?”

“Yes, yes, you must be from Mr. Lin’s company. He is waiting for you in the study. Please come in.”

I changed into the house slippers and followed her into Lin Yu Sen’s study, carrying the documents. However, I had a panic attack in front of the study. Suddenly I have the kind of feeling of an offender going to see the victim.

I pulled auntie aside and asked: “Auntie, how is Vice President Lin? Is he alright? What did the doctor say?”

“He is all right. The injury is not very serious. Just that it aggravated a little of an old injury! Hence he needs to rest more to get better. It is best not to walk too much or stand for too long.”

Also cannot walk?

I really did not know that my wish will be granted and he will really disappear. Some more so tragic …… A few days ago, I was still full of anger towards Lin Yu Sen, but what remained now was only a guilty conscience.

I asked auntie hesitantly: “…… then will it be inconvenient for me to go in? How about you helping me to hand the documents to the vice president?”

Auntie said: “Oh, I’ll ask Mr. Lin first. Please wait a minute!”

When she was about to knock on the door, she heard Vice President Lin’s deep and low voice, “Who’s outside?”

“Mr. Lin, she is a staff from your company. A very sharp young girl who is here to deliver some documents to you. Is it convenient for her to come in or should I take them for you?”

It was quiet in the study.

“Let her come in.”

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I pushed open the door of the study and anxiously looked at Lin Yu Sen’s body first.

He was sitting on a chair.

The light ray from the French window in the study was very bright. He was wearing a light gray sweater with a thin blanket covering his knees. At the moment, he was looking down at the magazine in his hands.

Although he did not look unwell or cut a sorry figure from head to toe, I still felt he appeared unhealthy.

“Vice President Lin.” I nervously went up to him and handed the documents to him.

His eyes met my gaze.

“It’s you?”

I said with a guilty conscience: “Oh, other people don’t have free time.”

I cannot say that I’ve come to see the extent of my curse on him. Thus I had to randomly make up such an unconvincing reason. The way he looked at me seemed like he was studying and assessing me. Because I have a guilty conscience, I quickly looked down.

He closed the magazine and put it aside. Then he took the documents and instructed the housekeeper: “Auntie Chen, take her to the living room to sit down.”

I was made to sit for more than one hour which made me almost fell asleep on the sofa. In the end, I have no choice but to take out my mobile phone and play games to stay awake ……

Before I left, I did not get to see Lin Yu Sen again. Auntie gave the reviewed documents back to me. She also gave me a list.

“Mr. Lin asks you to bring over the contracts on the list tomorrow.”

I stared blankly for a moment. Wasn’t it said once or twice a week, so why I still need to come tomorrow? I lowered my head to look at the list. The sharp and familiar semi-cursive script on the list was exactly like Lin Yu Sen’s handwriting.

On the next afternoon, I once again delivered the documents to him on a timely manner. Then I was about to go to the living room to wait for him to finish reviewing them.

Sitting in the living room was really very boring. Furthermore, I tragically found out that I’ve left my mobile phone in the office when I came here in a hurry. Hence I was unable to play games with my mobile. Thus when I walked out of the study, I cautiously asked: “Vice President, may I look at the magazine in the living room?”

After all, those were other people’s things, so it was not appropriate for me to rummage through them.

He did not even look up when he said: “You won’t understand.”


“All are international medical journals.”

“Oh, then I’ll go out and wait.” I was about to slip away in shame.


I looked at him.

“You stay right here.” He said with an indifferent facial expression, “I may have something to ask you any time.”


© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of

Beside delivering the documents, I still have to be on standby ah …… I sat down quietly on the sofa. However, he ignored my existence completely for more than one hour and did not ask me any question until at the end, only then he said: “Auntie Chen has to go back to Shanghai tomorrow afternoon, so you’ve to open the door yourself.”

He called auntie Chen to go in: “Give her the key.”

“Ah?” What was happening?

“Don’t tell me that you want me to open the door?”


I was a little slow to take the key from auntie’s hand because I felt very strange. I was merely delivering some documents, so why all of a sudden I have a key to his house?

After I had gone out of the door, I only realised that I actually have to come again tomorrow! In other words, I have to go to his home for three consecutive days?

I dared not imagine the expression on my colleagues’ face.

How about I pretend to take leave tomorrow and then secretly go to his home? No, no, that will let their imagination run riot.

Before I could come up with a surefire plan, the time to go to Vice President Lin’s home has arrived. This time, not to mention Jiang Ya, it was even written clearly in Yin Jie’s eyes  —— you and Vice President Lin have started a relationship, right?

Well, since everyone also suspected like this, I also …… not nervous!

Thus I calmly carried the documents to Lin Yu Sen’s home.

Except for opening my own door, nothing was different from before.

Just that it seemed exceptionally quiet.

On a late autumn afternoon, Lin Yu Sen was reviewing the documents as usual. I also sat foolishly on the sofa as usual. My gaze moved from the tree outside the window, to the book on the bookshelf, to the vase on the table, and finally landed on the empty glass next to the vase.

Due to my concern for the patient, I took the initiative to ask: “Vice President, do you want me to pour you some water?”

He stopped flipping through the documents for a moment. Then he slowly flipped through them, but did not say anything. Just when I thought I was being nosy, he nodded his head slightly.

I quickly picked up the glass and walked to the kitchen. When I lifted up the kettle, it was actually empty.

Thus I walked to the study to ask: “Vice President, you may have to wait for a few minutes because there is no more boiled water, so I’ve to boil some.”

He raised his head to glance at me, then looked down again. I scratched my head and treated that as his tacit approval. I went back to the kitchen to watch attentively for the kettle to boil.

After the water was boiled, I poured it into the glass, took it to the study and carefully handed it in front of him.

“I’ve added some ice cubes from the refrigerator, so it is not too hot. You can drink it now.”

He did not take the glass from me but looked at it for a moment. Then his gaze slowly moved to my face.

“Nie Xi Guang, why do you feel guilty?”

“What, what?”

“You cannot hide your thoughts.” He said faintly, “The very first day you came here, I already sensed that you were feeling very guilty. Why?”

“I ……”

I felt uncomfortable all over when he stared at me. I told myself that I did not mean to curse him …… So how should I answer him? That I cursed him in the temple resulting in him having a car accident? This is also not scientific ah ……

He was waiting for me to continue my “I” with a reason.

“Nie Xi Guang, this is my second car accident.” He looked at me and said in a low and unhurried voice.

“The last car accident ruined my professional career.”

Professional career? I was stunned for a moment before realizing that he was talking about his previous occupation as a surgeon holding a scalpel.

The most important thing for a surgeon ……

I cannot help but looked at his hands. His hands are very beautiful, slender and powerful with structured joints. I was imagining how that pair of hands will look like when he was holding a scalpel, certainly very pleasing.

“Your ……” I closed my mouth in time but my heart felt that it was such a great pity.

“My hands.” He nodded and did not blink his eyes when he stared at me and said: “If this car accident can evoke distant memories for Miss. Nie, then I will feel very happy.”

What distant memories?

I looked at him, baffled: “What are you talking about?”

He did not answer.

His eyes seemed to quickly freeze into ice and he moved his line of sight. The deep and low voice heard a moment ago, quickly turned cold and indifferent.

“You can go back.”

The next day I was notified that I need not deliver documents to Vice President Lin anymore in the future. In hindsight, I realized that I may have offended him again?

This Mr. Lin was really easy to get offended!

I racked my brain trying to think but also cannot figure out what did I say wrongly.

“I am finished.” I said to Yin Jie in distress, “When he comes back, I’ll have even more painful overtime awaiting me.”

However, my expectation was wrong this time. After two weeks, when Lin Yu Sen came back, he seemed to have simply forgotten  that I was still working in the Management Department, setting me aside completely. So much so that, he turned a blind eye to me surfing online once during working hours, when he passed by behind me.

Yin Jie congratulated me: “Xi Guang, it seems that the few times you delivered the documents is useful after all. Look, Vice President Lin no longer calls you to work overtime.”


Was I delusional? Why I felt that Lin Yu Sen’s attitude towards me has worsened?

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  1. Haha, she gets guilty so easily. Well, true, if youll feel guilty after your wish came true, just dont make the wish in the first place.

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    • It is easy for you to say but there is always the fear of rejection. Thus don’t be too hard on them as fear is a scary feeling.

      • Oh, the book is completely addictive, and it’s good when the characters drive me batty. I mean, it’s frustrating, but it’s good, if you know what I mean. 😉 This is what I read books for.
        And of course you’re right; when we like another person and have no clue whether they might like us back, our instinct is to play our cards close to the vest. It takes A LOT of courage to be upfront about one’s feelings especially when there’s a high likelihood of rejection. Which is why I admire Xi Guang so much–she was so, so brave (even if she doesn’t think so) in the way she pursued the college crush. I just don’t get it why he let her believe that he had a romantic relationship with that other girl.

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