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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 12.4



This chapter is basically about the backstory of Xu Mo Ting and describes the start of his affection for An Ning. It is quite realistic to know that someone as outstanding as Xu Mo Ting also suffered growing pains. As for Zhou Jin Cheng’s backstory with An Ning, you’ve to wait to find out 😛

Chapter 12.4: The Most Pale Memories

She had forgotten about him, simply because she did not remember and did not care.

Thus he felt angry and unhappy.

However he likes her. In this world, there is always one person who can fully fill up a place in your heart and seduce the tender and innocent emotion within your body bit by bit.

“That girl who came just now is the top student in the Science class?”

“Speaking of which, her mother teaches literature and language in our school, so why didn’t she study in Arts class? There is high probability that she will be in the same class as us. Such a pity!”

“Oh, in that case we’ll have one more strong competitor.”

Xu Mo Ting had already turned around and went out. The female student who initially came over to gossip, all of a sudden lost her interest, “Aiya, study la. Why are you talking about other people?” She waved her hand and walked back to her seat. Then she turned round to glance at that figure once more. That kind of understated brilliance always makes people to instinctively pursue vigorously.

Xu Mo Ting obtained top marks for both studies and for behavior, as well as being extremely bright. Not only the object of admiration of the girls, but also a figure of worship of the boys. Zhang Li Qing still can remember the first time she saw him at the podium during the welcome speech in the first year of high school. He was wearing a beige sportswear. Among the boys with dyed and permed hair, his soft and supple black hair seemed especially clean and refreshing. His fingers that were holding the draft speech were fair and slender. He was articulate, but also incorporated some irreconcilable strong resolute.

He was the focal point of the girls’ chat. Many girls will always betray themselves and blush when discussing about him.

Sometimes a little more longing is not a good thing as Xu Mo Ting can be unrealistic in his longing. His preeminence made people who admire him, did not dare to approach him. Moreover he was also cold and always keep people at arm’s length.

According to hearsay, he is the son of a diplomat. His father often appears in newspaper and television, whereas his mother is a leader in the Department of Education. Since young, he has been getting national-level awards and the principal regarded him as his protegé. He was the main force in the school basketball club. Also, he will always get an award in whatever competition that he had participated in …… This kind of person will always be out of one’s reach. At this age, one already knew what is a right match. Thus one only dared to observe him secretly from afar, and occasionally say a few words, one can be considered perfectly satisfied.

The last lesson in the afternoon was physical education. Xu Mo Ting played basketball with his schoolmates. After giving vent to his frustration, his mood was a lot calmer.


Mo Ting walked off the court to go under a sweet-smelling camphor tree to pick up his drink and sip a few mouthful. Lin Wen Xin  came over to protest: “Leader, you didn’t show any mercy today ah!”

Xu Mo Ting just smiled and did not say anything. At this moment, there was a girl shouting excitedly, “Xu Mo Ting, I love you!” This made classmate Lin choked out the water he was drinking, “Going to die!” Turning around, he also did not know who shouted that as everyone was pushing against one another.

Xu Mo Ting was already accustomed to this. He was not a narcissistic person, but he lacked enthusiasm for some of the things in life. His enthusiasm …… only reflected in one person. He did not even know how to suppress it. Half a year ago, this proud and arrogant youngster experienced for the first time, dreaming at night what he has been thinking about during the day. When he woke up the next morning and discovered the wetness between his legs, his ears and face turned red.

Mo Ting bit his lip, threw the drink in his hands into the rubbish bin and said: “I am going now.”

“Hey leader, are you going home ah?” A boy threw a ball and shouted at him.

Xu Mo Ting walked out of the basketball court, waved his hand to those behind him and walked towards the classroom. Initially, he intended to take his key and bag, then go home because he did not like the smell of sweat on his body. But he ran into her on the stairs. Thus he could not help but stopped in his pace. She looked down and was searching for something in her bag. When she was passing by him, she seemed to be frightened by the shadow of a person and missed a step. In the first instance, Mo Ting held on to her. Then he immediately let go of her hand.

An Ning was in shock, raised her head and looked blankly at him, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

An Ning did not stay a second longer. Finally she touched the mobile phone that was vibrating in her bag. While walking, she spoke on the phone, “I am coming, I am coming.”

Xu Mo Ting touched his palm. The corner of his mouth revealed a faint wry smile.

During adolescence, there is always many changes and worries so it was no exception for Xu Mo Ting. He was a gifted student in the eyes of the teachers, a role model for fellow students and an object of affection for some female students. However he himself knew how unsure he was during that period of time. He needed result and victory so it was undeniable that it was truly a scary experience once an idea flourished in his mind. Because he even wrote a love letter like a confused young boy.

In terms of his character, it was already rather awkward for him to pursue a girl in high school. In addition, the other party responded by ignoring the letter causing him much embarrassment.

The education he received since he was a child, the demand he made on himself, even if some areas cannot be perfect, he was still more prideful than the average person. Unexpectedly …… was rejected, so there was no point to pester continuously. He did not want to play out the plot in a miserable drama. God intentionally gave him time and space to forget. Hence after the college entrance examination, he continued his study abroad.

The subsequent few years, he lived a very busy life.

Xu Mo Ting reached out to stroke the teeth marks bitten by him on her neck and used this opportunity to gently say: “An Ning, you used to walk preoccupied with your own mind and without paying attention to where you are going, so I have always been worried that you will trip and fall.”


“Speaking of which, I even saved you once.”

An Ning was not sure if this person was still seeking undue advantage after biting her? However, she could not leave because he was holding her hand. She glared resentfully at him, “What do you actually want?”

“Repay my kindness la.” He said in a very gentle and soft voice.

An Ning thought there was no difference between being chopped once or twice since she will still be chopped, “How to repay?”

“To pledge with your body to marry me.”

Wasn’t that being chopped to death? An Ning was a bit mad and her face was also a bit red, “I want to go up now as my mother must be waiting for me!”

Someone cut and run, but she also realized that was because the other party was willing to let her go. After getting down from the car and taking a few quick steps, she turned back again. Then she said with a heroic expression, “Xu Mo Ting, I’ll miss you.”

At this time, several aunties who were passing by recognized the very brave girl who was expressing her love, “Ning Ning ah?”


Therefore, one should not act impetuously.

An Ning suffered from a serious lack of sleep on that night. In addition to the subjective factor, the most important reason was  that cousin called her at two something in the middle of the night, “I’ve been waiting for you to call me. Why up until now, you also did not call me ah?!”


She was disturbed by cousin until nearly three o’clock. Thus An Ning woke up around ten something on the next day. The moment she stepped out of her room, she saw Zhou Jin Cheng in the living room. She was not surprised. Then she walked over to her mother to take the warm water, “Thank you, mom.”

Mama Li said softly: “Go over a day earlier la. It does not matter to me. He can be considered nice to come to pick you up.”

An Ning raised her eyebrows slightly, “Didn’t we agree on tomorrow?”

“Silly girl, what is one day difference? Moreover, it is not that you will go and not come back.”

Zhou Jin Cheng has already stood up, “If Ning Ning is resolute to leave tomorrow, I can postpone by one day.”

Actually this has nothing to do with him, so why should he be meddlesome? An Ning wanted to say like that but she still restrained herself. After all, she never wanted to do anything that will hurt someone.

Mom helped to pack her luggage. An Ning stressed again, “I’ll come back after twenty days!”

“Okay!” Mama Li was also reluctant to part with her daughter and hugged her, “I’ll wait for you to come back.”

An Ning said goodbye to her mother at the doorway and walked silently ahead. Zhou Jin Cheng did not walk beside her, but a meter away.

The girl in front was unhurried but also unwilling.

He has always been good at tapping into deeper things. It was probably also because he paid too much attention so he will inevitably be affected, resulting in going beyond something which he was not even clear about. After wiping his face, he went up to take the luggage from her hand, “Let me do it. ”

Her grip on the luggage bag instinctively tightened, “No need la.”

Such scenario, made her thought of him forcing her to leave with him many years ago.

An Ning flung back her head to block the unpleasant memories.

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  1. Thank you so much for the chapter. 😘😘😘

  2. Its still not clear though, like how they first met and why did he like her in the first place. So the flashback happened after he gave her the letter?

    • Cathy dear, time to read again to refresh your memory 😛 The flashback happened after he bit her neck in the car when he sent her home.

      They 1st met when she went over to his class to look for his monitor for a teacher. He didn’t say exactly why he likes her but you can read between the lines. An Ning is one of the most popular girl in their class year as she is smart and pretty. Thus this culminated in him writing a love letter to her.

      • Hmm. Is that right? Yeah, i should read it again. Im getting confused now, to make it clear, there is a time skip after he first met her and the start of his flashback in this chapter, whereas the letter was already given. I hope that there will be a flashback on how he gave it to her. >.<

        • The flashback is not continuous. It is intertwined with the presence in these few posts so you’ve to read carefully. Nothing is clear-cut in life as well as in novel 😛

          Dun worry you’ll learn more abt the letter later, including its content 😛

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