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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 22



Do you like our new banners? A big thanks to Chewywon, our Art Director for all the beautiful banners. This is the 500th post of the blog and it so happened that it is a Gu Man’s novel. It is kind of fitting since we started with a Gu Man’s novel. Of course, I didn’t post all 500 of them or else I won’t be alive now lol. We’ve a lot of other permanent and guest translators who contributed greatly to the growth of the blog. Eventually we might even need to move because we are starting to run out of space 😦 Anyway we’ve reached a milestone and it is not easy so hopefully with your support, there is more to come 🙂

Xi Guang is still in the hospital and will stay there for the next 2 chapters. The attentive Vice President Lin will visit her in every chapter so she is in good company lol.

Chapter 22

Yin Jie and Yu Hua brought the breakfast.

“When we came, we happened to see Vice President Lin standing downstairs. He lets us bring up the porridge …… seems like the housekeeper cooked and sent it over here.” Yu Hua spoke while opening the Thermos.

Yin Jie poked her nose everywhere in the hospital room.

When she found out that I am alright, she was quickly set free from her guilt and looked excitedly around the room.

“Wow, Xi Guang, you are staying in a single room ah. Vice President Lin is very generous.”

Yu Hua was a lot more caring than her, sitting next to the hospital bed and looking at me eating porridge. While doing that, she was also worrying about the medical expenses: “It seems like our medical insurance will not reimburse this kind of single room, right?”

“Aiya, what are you worried about? Vice President Lin had already paid all the bills yesterday.” Yin Jie looked indifferent, “If it were not for the shouting and screaming of his woman friend, Xi Guang will not be frightened until fell down from upstairs. But Xi Guang, you must not blame Vice President Lin ah.”

Yu Hua asked out of curiosity: “How do you know she is his woman friend, not girlfriend?”

Yin Jie said disapprovingly: “You did not see that Vice President Lin looked so stern, so scary yesterday? Actually after Xi Guang fell down, I reckon that woman was scared witless. If she is his girlfriend, Vice President Lin will comfort her but in the end he did nothing. I heard that she seems to be his former classmate.”

Yin Jie walked to the front of my bed and said very seriously: “Xi Guang, in the future, don’t say Vice President Lin does not treat you well. When he sent you to the hospital yesterday, he handled everything by himself. It can be said that he proved himself to be a former doctor, very amazing. Before the ambulance came, he gave first aid to you, really awesome ah. Later, he lectured an intern in the hospital who is a little careless. He even told that person to change job earlier. Don’t be a doctor anymore, so as not to harm others as well as oneself. Aiya, I’ve never seen him so fierce, I was petrified.”

I also heard.

“Oh yeah, you also puked on people.”


This time I was immediately stunned.

My mind seemed to have a little recollection. It seemed that once when he woke me up, did I throw up on him right away?

“He even supported you with his hand to let you throw up on him. Otherwise you would have fallen down. Oh, by the way, I don’t know if his hand is injured because he held you with one hand only………Xi Guang ah, at that time when Vice President Lin rushed over, he sank to his knees …… ”

After having my breakfast, I sent Yin Jie and Ye Hua back to work since I was alright. Although there were some scratches on my legs and I have a little difficulty walking, it was no big deal. It was really not necessary for them to skip work to keep me company.

I thought of Lin Yu Sen.

Although if it were not for his friend’s blood-curdling screech, I would not have fallen down. However he has been taking care of me afterwards, even if his attitude…… not that friendly and so strange. Anyway should I still thank him?

I hesitated for a while, then searched for his mobile phone number.

For work purpose, I have always had his phone number but I have never contacted him. I struggled for a long time over the content of my text message before I sent a brief one over to him.

“Thank you for yesterday.”

There was no reply for a long time.

I thought for a moment, maybe he did not know whose number is this. I was going to send another text message to explain, but his very polite reply had already arrived: “You’re welcome”.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

After returning politeness for politeness, I put down the phone. Seeing that it was not eight o’clock yet, I felt at ease to catch up on my sleep.

When I woke up from my nap, the phone next to my pillow was blinking incessantly. There was an unread message, so I opened it and unexpectedly it was from Lin Yu Sen.

“How are you now?”

I looked at the time, which was sent more than half an hour ago, so I quickly replied him: “I feel okay.”

He replied the text message promptly. “I will go and take a look soon.”


I gripped the phone and felt at a loss for quite a while but have not decided how to reply yet. Then I heard a knocking sound on the door, following which Lin Yu Sen pushed open the door.

I looked foolishly at him.

“I happened to be downstairs.” He said that while standing in the doorway.


He paused for a while before walking in. I wanted to sit up, but he stopped me, “Lie down la, you’d better stay in bed to rest more.”

“I feel all right.” I had better sit up a bit, while holding the quilt, “Well, I’m sorry. I heard Yin Jie said I puked on you yesterday.”

“Being a doctor, I am already used to it.”

He had already changed his clothes, returning to his usual clean and neat self once again. I still found it quite difficult to imagine what he looked like when he always got puked on by the patient …… I also thought of his hand, “Then your hand. Yin Jie said your hand seems injured …… ”

“It’s nothing.” He answered briefly.

The hospital room fell silent.

He looked at me and all of a sudden asked: “Nie Xi Guang, if I forget everything before this, how about you? The way I treated you before, shall also be forgotten?”

This was …… asking for a reconciliation?

I did a quick calculation in my heart. Previously, he called me to work all kind of overtime but I seemed to use my mental strength (?) to make him have a car accident …… Later his friend caused me to fall down from a building but I puked on him …… seem like they all evened out?

After I calculated carefully twice, I generously said: “I’ve never bear grudges.”

He looked at me deeply, and nodded: “That’s good.”

But ……

“Why did you all of a sudden ……” Want to reconcile?

“I’m afraid of you …… My greatest fear is people who are sick crying.” He abruptly turned a corner.

I was staring blankly at him and thinking was he trying to say he is afraid that I would cry? Even though he stopped  …… I recalled the way I looked when I bawled yesterday. My face immediately felt burning hot and regretted that I asked him this question.

Fortunately, at this time a group of people in white coats pushed open the door and entered the room.

Time’s up for ward rounds.

The first to go in was a young doctor in his early thirties. The moment, he entered the room, he gave a big smile.

“Aiya, Dr. Lin, why are you still here? You did not sleep for the whole of last night, yet your physical strength is still so abundant today. You truly deserve to be known as the number one beast in our medical school during that time.”

“Come, come, come, let me introduce to everyone.” He spoke to a group of doctors behind him, “My junior schoolmate in university as well as when I studied aboard, Dr. Lin Yu Sen.”

“I heard of Dr. Lin! I searched for your published paper on brain stem tumor in baidu before.” A female doctor behind him, surprisingly held out her hand to greet Lin Yu Sen, “What a pity that when I went to your hospital for training last time, I heard you had already left the job. May I know where is Dr. Lin working now?”

Lin Yu Sen also held out his hand, but he appeared particularly reserved, in opposition to people’s enthusiasm, “I’ve stopped practicing medicine.”

The female doctor was stunned: “This, how can this be true?”

Lin Yu Sen said briefly: “To each his own.”

“OK, OK! We’ll talk about this later.” The young doctor interrupted them and turned his attention to me: “Are you the girlfriend of our Dr. Lin? How are you today? Do you feel any discomfort?”

“My colleague.” Before I have a chance to react, Lin Yu Sen had already said faintly.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Oh, ha ha ha, I’ve made a mistake. Let’s get acquainted with each other, Nie Xi Guang, right? My surname is Fang and is your attending physician.” Dr. Fang asked me a few questions, flipped through my medical record and X-ray films, “Pretty good ah, you are very lucky, no problem …… ”

“There was vomiting and temporary loss of consciousness before. Although there is no problem with the X-ray, it is still better to stay in the hospital for further observation and review of the CT 48 hours later.” The speaker was Lin Yu Sen. He took the X-ray from Dr. Fang, took a quick look and said.

“Oh, that would be best.” The doctor in charge looked at me and smilingly said, “After all, you fell from such a high place, so as a safety measure, you had better stay in the hospital for a few days for observation.”

I nodded, and asked this a little unreliable looking doctor: “In that case, how many days do I need to stay?”

“About two weeks.”

The doctor in charge effortlessly said, then turned to ask Lin Yu Sen: “How?”

Lin Yu Sen did not change his expression when he gave back the X-ray to him: “You’re the doctor in charge.”

“Oh, is it? Then ……”

“Don’t waste valuable resources.”

“Don’t worry, this hospital room is often empty.”

Dr. Fang wrote a few lines on my medical record, then looked up and winked at me.

…… Why did I feel strange?

The doctors came and went away like the wind. The hospital room was quiet once again. I cast a puzzled look at Lin Yu Sen. He nodded and said straightway: “I’ll come again another day.”

Then hand inserted in the pocket, he also went away.

Leaving me to think deeply, why when I obviously can leap and frisk about soon, but still must stay in the hospital for two weeks?

I thought when Lin Yu Sen said he will come again another day, it was merely uttered out of politeness. Thus when I saw him the next morning, I was really very surprised. Probably my astonishment was too obvious because he looked unnatural for an instant.

However he regained his composure very fast, “Your doctor in charge is my old schoolmate. They have a surgery which is in my area of specialty. Hence they invited me to discuss about the surgical plan …… I come over to see you in passing.”

“Oh …… like this, then you don’t need to go to work?”

“I worked overtime until three o’clock yesterday.”


“Then I applied for annual leave.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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  5. 2 weeks in the hospital for superficial wounds? They should only keep her for 24 hours for observation (in case of ICP which may happen or intracranial bleed)….Weird….I wonder if it is related to LSY as the attending doctor kept winking at her. This is quite cute ^^ He took his annual leave for her!

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  8. Well, it might not be a traditional form of “courting” (making the girl stay for 2 weeks in the hospital, Dr. Lin? really?), but courting it is, in my book (my book might be a little weird). Lol.
    Thank you for the chapter, Peanuts!

    • Traditional courting can be so boring and predictable. I prefer a bit of the bizarre to spice things up. 😀 Anyway, Xi Guang is too dense. When a handsome man doesn’t mind you throwing up on him, then that should be a major clue that he likes you. 🙂

      • Yes, she’s clueless (won’t argue that), but mostly imo, it’s the fact that she’s been burned before. In a previous chapter, she said that ZX cooked for her the summer they met, so she thought he liked her (because why would a man cook a girl’s favorite food if not because he likes her?), but afterward she figured out he just didn’t want to be indebted to her for ordering takeout (I doubt that’s true, but Xi Guang is convinced that her “instincts” were wrong before, so now she doesn’t trust those instincts).
        Basically, when a guy does something nice for her now, Xi Guang will never again make the “mistake” to assume first that it’s because the guy likes her. She’ll always suspect his motives and find alternate exaplanations (just like she did when ZX wrote a thesis for her). ZX really did a number on her self-confidence, with his hot/icy (but mostly icy) behavior.

        • Peanuts,
          I got a friend of mine interested in “Blazing Sunlight”, and after she flew though all your chapters, she tracked down the Vietnamese audiobook and finished the novel. She’s now decided to try and translate Chapters 23 and onward to English, for fun and as a thank you to me, because I’m so addicted to this novel and I “corrupted” her as well. 🙂
          Would you be interested in accepting her translations and editing them for your blog? I know how many people here are as desperate for updates as I am, and with the help of a guest translator, your heavy translation load would be considerably lightened, and the rest of the book could be done really fast.
          Please let me know what you think. To contact me, just click on my Nickname above the post; you’ll be lead to my wordpress blog. Just use the contact form to shoot me an email. Thanks. 🙂

          • Hi. Glad you and your friend like the novel so much. We are happy we can spread the love of our favourite novels.

            Thanks to you and your friend for kindly offering to translate. You can see on the blog that I have done several collaboration translations before, and there have been varying levels of success. While a guest translator will lighten the load often, since this is my personal project, I will be poring over the translation, even if it is done by someone else. You can say this is the perfectionist in me, but fellow translators will attest that their translations are their babies and they want to make sure their babies are the best possible. Given that your friend would be translating from the Viet version, this will actually require more work than you think. I’m not saying the Viet version is bad, nor am I saying your friend will provide a poor translation; however, things always get lost in translation, and in my experience, I have seen the Viet versions miss lines or little details. In the grand scheme of things, they may not make a great impact to the story, but for me, I want to translate Gu Man’s original novel as accurately as possible, so I would be doing a lot of cross-checking back to the Chinese text, which is actually quite an arduous process.

            I am truly thrilled that you all love this story. We all go through different seasons of busyness in our lives and I happen to be in one that is particularly busy right now, but those who have followed me for a little while know that, even if I can’t update terribly fast, I am consistently updating (with the exceptions of vacations, of course). So I appreciate that you are all sticking it out with me because my translations are my babies, and I promise that this will be completed.

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    Annual leave? He wants to be her private doctor for the next two weeks.

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  17. @Peanuts
    I can’t reply directly under your comment, so I’m leaving my reply here in the main thread.
    Thank you for your thoughtful answer, and I completely understand your views.
    I love your translations and will continue to wait faithfully for all updates.
    Good luck!

    • Oh, I still need to explain something… Since I didn’t have your direct email address and wasn’t sure how often you read your blog comments (I didn’t know you’d answer this quickly), I already wrote a couple of people asking for help in getting in contact with you. If they write back to me, I’ll explain the situation, but if the write directly to you, I apologize for the bother.

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