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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 1.1



Thanks everyone for their comments and support. Sorry, I do not have time to reply each of you but I do read them. I am working hard on chapter 2 now so do be patient.

Hi, my name is Nutty and I am a new translator here. I can read Chinese but it is only so-so. I love C-novels and will like to try my hand at translating so I begged peanuts to give me a chance. I’ve chosen this book called Don’t be So Proud from shushengbar due to its nice cover and being recommended by Ding Mo since I am a big fan of her books. I also like Gu Man’s novels and wanted to translate Blazing Sunlight but it is peanuts’s ‘baby’ so I don’t want to touch it. I hope nobody will touch my ‘baby’ as duplication is such a waste of scare resources.

骄傲 should not mean “arrogant” unless you add a clarifier after. I know the dictionary definitions include “arrogance” but that’s because they’re accounting for clarifiers following. Hence I’ve changed the title slightly to reflect the Chinese title more accurately.

I’ll try my best to update as often as possible but I may not be able to do so since I am involved in many other stuff such as studying, working part-time, reading, watching drama etc. Thus please be patient. I will be reading as I am translating. If you have read this book or you cannot wait and read ahead, please don’t post any spoilers. Enjoy!

Chapter 1.1 — The beautiful girl is grown-up! No worries and no fears!
(translated by nutty & edited by peanuts)

A muffled thunder struck on an early summer afternoon, followed by a sudden rainstorm. Shen Xi was sweating all over when she came out from the dance studio. Since the studio does not have a shower room, she walked down the stairs in her simple sportswear. After the rain, the sky was bright blue. The staircase opened out to a small garden with plenty of small and exquisite pansies in full bloom. After the rain, the wet petals were weighted down by the water droplets as if really to break anytime. The air was humid but fresh.

Originally, Shen Xi did not have class in the afternoon, but was called to go over to practice her dancing at the last minute by teacher Wen. The purpose of the rehearsal was to perform on the night of the college anniversary celebration which is a major event. Also, the Dance Faculty will be playing a leading role on that night.  Thus the entire faculty started to prepare three months in advance.

When Shen Xi returned to the dorm, her roommate Xia Wei Ye were humming while putting on some makeup. Shen Xi’s desk was situated near the balcony, whereas Xia Wei Ye’s desk was on the other side. After she sat down, Xia Wei Ye said casually: “Did you have a hard time at teacher Wen’s practice session today?”

Shen Xi tidied up her things and smilingly replied: “Luckily no.”

Xia Wei Ye has a look of disbelief, but she did not ask further. Shen Xi tossed her mobile phone on the desk, picked up some clothes and hurriedly head towards the public bathroom. Actually, the shower which was newly installed in the dormitory bathroom last semester, has hot water. When it was first installed, everyone was every happy. However several months later, they have a dispute over the water bill. Finally, the dorm leader, Chen Han convened a meeting and set up a new system: Nobody can use hot water to shower in the dorm. Have to go to the public bathroom to take a hot shower.

With the benefit of hindsight, Shen Xi only realised several months later that the new system was established because of her.

The bathroom was steaming hot. The proportion of male and female students in the training college was 2 to 8. Thus the male bathrooms were practically deserted, but the girls needed to queue up here. While Shen Xi was leaning on the wall to wait for her turn, she met Dou Dou, another of her roommate. Dou Dou’s round face was full of smiles and she was holding a large bucket.  She made a beeline to her: “Ah Xi, it is Xia Wei Ye’s birthday today. She is inviting everyone to an extravagant dinner.”

Xia Wei Ye’s birthday? But she has not received an invitation from Xia Wei Ye yet. Shen Xi who was leaning against the smooth wall, curved the corner of her mouth and kept quiet.

Dou Dou smiled and chatted a lot with Shen Xi. She was very excited because He Zhi Zhou from S University will also attend Xia Wei Ye’s birthday party.

He Zhi Zhou? Shen Xi raised her eyes. She had heard of this person, but they have no personal contact. Lin Yu Tang was in the same dorm as him. He was an exchange student who had just come back from overseas. A truly handsome guy, not just in name only.

Dou Dou abruptly moved her head closer: “Xia Wei Ye likes him for a long time. It seems that she also waited for a long time for him to accept the invitation.”

Shen Xi was a little surprised and raised her eyebrows.

Dou Dou chatted about He Zhi Zhou again. While talking, she giggled every now and then. Shen Xi listened indifferently. After waiting for a long time, finally there were two spots. Shen Xi went in and took a good hot shower. When she finished and came out, Dou Dou has not come out yet. A sound came through from the far left cubicle: “Ah Xi, have you finished? Please lend me your hair conditioner.”

Shen Xi slid the conditioner from below, then returned to the dorm first. The weather turned a bit chilly so she put on a light green pullover and a very simple pair of jeans. On the way back to the dorm, Xia Wei Ye was walking gracefully out of the dorm entrance. Shen Xi greeted her. Xia Wei Ye moved her lips slightly and brushed past her.

Xia Wei Ye is a proud person.

Only the dorm leader, Chen Han was in the dormitory. She was wearing a headphones, lying on the bed, watching video and grinning from ear to ear. Shen Xi took out a hair dryer to blow her wet hair. She looked at herself in the mirror, particularly at the newly sprouted pimple on the forehead. It must be because of the spicy soup hotpot she ate last time.

Chen Han took off the headphones and suddenly said to Shen Xi: “Ah Xi, today is Wei Ye’s birthday. She lets me ask whether you want to come or not?”

Shen Xi turned her head and was about to reply but Chen Han said this first: “If you are busy, then forget about it.” Shen Xi looked slightly stunned. If Chen Han did not say the last sentence, she really did not want to attend this birthday dinner. It is not like she has not eaten birthday cake before or lacked any friend. But because Chen Han and Xia Wei Ye did not welcome her, she wanted to go. Shen Xi looked natural again, walked to Chen Han’s bed with her semi-dry hair draped over her shoulders and said: “Originally, I’ve something on at night, but Wei Ye’s birthday is such an important day, so I’m definitely going.”

Suddenly Chen Han glanced at her. Shen Xi put her hand on her forehead and brushed her curly hair behind before showing a tender smile:. “I like to sing birthday song the most.” Then she turned her body and started to sing a birthday song with her back facing Chen Han: “I wish you ——Happy Birthday —— I wish you – Birthday——  Happy—— ”

Shen Xi was singing the birthday song while walking out to the balcony. The balcony was facing a huge basketball court but there was only a small group of boys because this college has more girls than boys. In addition, the quality was sub-standard. As per what Dou Dou said, extremely delicate white cut chicken tottering in the wind. However this not well-known college has a particularly advantage which is, it is situated very near to the famous S University. Thus both universities are able to complement each other yin and yang.

After getting some fresh air, Shen Xi called Lin Yu Tang who was studying at S University but no one answered.

Xia Wei Ye’s birthday dinner was arranged at Tianfu Restaurant which is near the university. Although it is a Sichuan restaurant, the interior is very stylish and is considered one of the best restaurants in the campus district. Shen Xi and Dou Dou went together. When they arrived, nearly everyone was there. Xia Wei Ye curled her hair for the day and was sitting on the left side of Chen Han. On her other side was a pretty boy’ (小白脸 – xiao bai lian which is a derogatory term) who was grinning cheekily and next to him was He Zhi Zhou.

A man in his early twenties with short jet black hair and looking extremely handsome.

Shen Xi and Dou Dou sat down. Xia Wei Ye looked at her and said: “Ah Xi, I thought you are not coming.”

Shen Xi smilingly said: “There is food, so why would I not come?”

Dou Dou sat beside Shen Xi and stared boldly at He Zhi Zhou with an overly brilliant smile. Chen Han probably felt ashamed of Dou Dou and cannot stand her so she moved her head away.

Today is Xia Wei Ye’s birthday and this dinner was organized by the pretty boy sitting next to He Zhi Zhou. He is Xia Wei Ye’s older pet brother and also He Zhi Zhou’s friend which was why He Zhi Zhou came to Xia Wei Ye’s  birthday dinner.

Everyone had arrived, so they started to order their meals.

For the whole afternoon, Shen Xi was at the dance training, so she was a little hungry now. Thus from start to finish, she was preoccupied with eating, until the pretty boy smilingly said: “Don’t you girls from the dancing school need to watch your weight? If you put on weight, you cannot dance well …….”

Shen Xi raised her head instantly and discovered that everyone was looking at her. Only then, she realized that pretty boy was directing those words against her. Why some people are so troublesome! They will pretend ‘to be curious’ and ‘to be kind’ but the tone of voice is mocking. Then they will expose your shortcomings in a grand manner to see you suffer. Shen Xi fixed her gaze at pretty boy: “Never mind, I don’t get fat from eating.”

Dou Dou laughed out loud and carelessly said: “Yes, our Ah Xi really cannot get fat from eating. All of you may not know that she can eat the KFC Family Feast all by herself.”

Xia Wei Ye and Chen Han also started to laugh. Shen Xi has almost finished eating and put the chopsticks on top of the ceramic chopstick pillow. Suddenly she recalled something spoken by Lin Yu Tang: “Xi Xi, sometimes you do not need to invite ridicule.”

Was she inviting ridicule? Shen Xi picked up the chopsticks again to pick up a small piece of red pepper soaked in oil and put it into her mouth. She was not inviting ridicule. Actually, she wanted to be good—— room——  friends with Xia Wei Ye and them.

However such words seemed a little laughable.

Dinner has ended. A lot of young men and women were coming and going in the university campus. Xia Wei Ye wanted to go singing. He Zhi Zhou tactfully said he has not completed the task assigned by the professor, so he cannot join them.

These were the first few words Shen Xi heard He Zhi Zhou said tonight. However he seemed to have spoken before. Because she had been busy eating so she did not listen attentively. When she listened closely, He Zhi Zhou’s voice was not in the least inferior to his looks. The deepness revealed a delightful clearness. Shen Xi glanced at He Zhi Zhou one more time because of his voice. His facial features are exceptionally delicate, eyebrows are long and the expression showing in his eyes is clear, but a little cold.

As if the dinner tonight had used up all of his patience.

Suddenly He Zhi Zhou looked at her. Shen Xi casually looked away.

Xia Wei Ye was the birthday girl of the night so she tried to persuade He Zhi Zhou: “Senior He, let’s go together. It’s still early.”

It is most difficult to enjoy a beauty’s kindness. Beauty Xia had asked, but on the contrary He Zhi Zhou did not say anything. At this moment, Chen Han came over to Shen Xi and asked: “Shen Xi, you must be going, right?”

Shen Xi raised her eyes, her heart was a little pleased now: “I’m not going ……”

All of a sudden, Shen Xi lowered her tone by two pitch which made Chen Han a little surprised. No wonder, since Shen Xi has always been a little arrogant. Chen Han felt a little uncomfortable and sounded a little awkward: “Go la, take your brother Lin along.”

Although Shen Xi was strong-willed some of the time, she also did not want to have a big fallout with them. Thus she said to Xia Wei Ye and Chen Han: “Both of you go ahead, I’ll go back to the dorm first.”

Xia Wei Ye said to Shen Xi: “If we come back late, please help us to sign in.”

Shen Xi agreed, then immediately left this group of people. It did not matter where they wanted to go and sing. In this group of people, only Dou Dou regretted to see her leave and pulled her hand.

Shen Xi was a little disheartened. When she looked at her mobile phone, she discovered that Lin Yu Tang had returned her call.  She bought two cups of lime black tea before going to S University to look for Lin Yu Tang. After paying for them, she turned and saw a familiar figure who turned out to be He Zhi Zhou.

Shen Xi was carrying the tea and walking behind He Zhi Zhou. It is about twenty minutes more to walk from S University’s north gate to the male dormitory area of the Engineering Faculty. Shen Xi was a little lazy. When she saw He Zhi Zhou was pushing his bike from the parking area in front of the university, she went over to greet him with a smiling face: “Hi, …… Zhi Zhou ……” Shen Xi had forgotten his surname.

He Zhi Zhou almost fell from his bike. Which woman was addressing him in such an endearing manner? He looked up and saw a girl who he had dinner together with tonight standing in front of him.

Shen Xi stood in front of He Zhi Zhou and smiled at him.

Unfortunately, Beautiful Maiden Shen’s brilliant smile did not attract someone. He Zhi Zhou looked indifferently at the two cups of fruit drink in her hands and finally understood clearly: What has the world become? Why the prettier the girls, the bolder they are?

“Hi, do you still remember me? I just had dinner with you.” When Shen Xi saw He Zhi Zhou did not say anything, she tried to jog his memory.

He Zhi Zhou reluctantly nodded faintly: “What’s up?”

Shen Xi handed a cup of lime black tea in her hand to He Zhi Zhou. He was having a mild headache because from childhood until now, many girls had given him food. Was he lacking food or looked like a foodie? He Zhi Zhou looked deeply into Shen Xi’s eyes, hoping to use his serious and ice-cold expression to make Shen Xi back off. At the same time, he said: “I’m sorry but I’m not thirsty.”

“Please help me to bring it to Lin Yu Tang.” Shen Xi said.

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      So, just a personal take on this, but based on what I ultimately believe is the theme that is being conveyed, I think nutty’s title translation works well.

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