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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 13.4



Happy Birthday to Hoju from Sapporo, Japan 🙂 It is still Sunday on the other side of the earth. I am sure all of you can guess Xu Mo Ting has come to visit An Ning. What will you do after meeting for the first time after a long separation 😛 ? The next update will be on XMT’s birthday.

Chapter 13.4: What’s Most Precious?

An Ning got up and walked to the hallway, “Auntie, who is looking for me?”

Auntie Zhan who was bringing the dog into the house, smiled and pointed at the garden gate, “Yes! Truly a handsome young man.”

An Ning followed her gaze and saw a white car parked beside the fence. The person standing next to the car was wearing a light-colored button up clothes, looking very distinguished and handsome.

An Ning stared at him, a look of disbelief in her eyes. After she recovered her train of thought, she ran over right away, “Why did you come?”

One usually cannot see any emotion on Xu Mo Ting’s face. His hand was already stroking her cheek lightly, “I come to collect debts.”

When An Ning recalled he spoke about ‘repay the debt in kind (body)’ two days ago, she felt embarrassed.

Having seen enough, Mo Ting started to talk slowly with a smiling expression, “I come to see you. You don’t seem very happy?”

Regarding his false accusation, An Ning was able to calmly deal with it now.  She was all smiles and said: “I was very surprised to see you, but also pleased, commonly known as pleasant surprise.”

Mo Ting’s eyelids flickered, then he said: “Since like this, then give a little more ‘pleasure’.”

It was a truly lusty kiss, full of concealed longing and needs. Before An Ning can react, light electric current had already circulated around her whole body, making her shaking a bit involuntarily. She wanted to say something but his hot and moist tongue took advantage of her unpreparedness to explore further and swallowed all her words. Xu Mo Ting moved sideways slightly, resulting in An Ning pressing against the car door. His arm hooked around her nape, making it impossible for her to move. The fresh and burning hot masculine breath was raging. The entanglement between the lips and teeth made An Ning unable to breathe easily. She did not know how long had passed before he gradually loosened his hold. Then he placed little kisses to return to his gentle manner.

He leaned against her ear and said: “I’ve not eaten dinner yet. Do you mind accompanying me for a while?”

Meow Meow who had been mesmerized until in a daze, mechanically nodded.

Xu Mo Ting smiled and looked behind her, “Then say goodbye to your family.”


An Ning turned around and saw auntie Zhan was still holding the big dog and has not gone into the house yet. She looked embarrassed and gossipy when staring at them. When she saw An Ning looked at her, she immediately giddily bent over to pretend to gently caress and stroke the big dog.

An Ning blushed, turned back, glared at the person in front, and finally raised her grievance: “Can’t you pick a secluded place?”

Xu Mo Ting curved the corner of his mouth slightly and gazed at her particularly deep black eyes, “Yes, you’re right”

What did she just say? …… An Ning felt dispirited. She felt that after being together with leader Xu for such a long time, she also failed to grasp the main point.

“Go and say goodbye.” Xu Mo Ting gently played with her hair.

An Ning looked askance at him and pulled back her hair. Then she turned around and shouted gently at auntie Zhan, “Auntie, I accompany a friend to go out for a while, will come back late.”

“Go, go!” The chubby auntie Zhan beamed with joy but did not wave.

Auntie, good looking does not mean he is cheating neither the old nor the young ah = =!

While getting into the car, An Ning thought of something, turned and asked the person beside her, “Do you want to go in and meet my family first?”

Xu Mo Ting said: “If it is an official meeting, I want to meet your mother first.”

An Ning was stunned, emotionally moved and stared at him. Oh, she seemed to like him more and more.

Seeing the white car drove away, auntie Zhan smilingly walked quickly into the house. She ran into grandma Li who was pouring herself a drink in the kitchen and spoke excitedly: “Elderly lady, Ning Ning’s boyfriend came just now!”

The elderly lady choked, coughed once and asked: “Who came?”

“Ning Ning’s boyfriend looks really handsome. I actually have never seen such a good-looking boy. When standing together with Ning Ning, they look very compatible.” While saying this, the forty to fifty years old auntie Zhan blushed, “They hugged, then kissed. Young people are really impatient.”

The elderly lady walked to the window and looked out, “Where are they?”

Auntie Zhan came over to hold her, smiled and said: “He came to bring Ning Ning out. The young couple has gone.”

The elderly lady also smiled, “She has not even finished eating her dinner. Do you think that young man is reliable?”

Aunt Zhan nodded straightaway, “I can see instantly that he is from a good family, educated and polite. He was gracious when he talked to me just now.”

“This girl, why didn’t she bring him in to let us have a look?” While saying that, she felt quite disappointed, “In the blink of an eye, Ning Ning has reached the age to date. I always remember her as an eleven plus years old with a ponytail going to dancing class.” The elderly lady felt proud and yet somewhat reluctant to let go.

“Elderly lady, this is something to be happy about. Moreover I dare to say your future great-grandchildren will definitely be extremely outstanding.” At this time, auntie Zhan saw Zhou Jin Cheng taking the dishes into the kitchen. She immediately went and took the dishes, “Mr. Zhou, leave them there, I’ll clean up.”

“It doesn’t matter, a little effort only.”

When Zhou Jin Cheng came out, he pressed his brows. In the living room, Li Qi Shan got up and said, “Jin Cheng, if you are not in a hurry to leave, I want to have a chat with you.”

After walking into the study room, Zhou Jin Cheng sat down and understood clearly: “Do you want to say about An Ning furthering her study?”

Li Qi Shan said: “Uh, how useful will studying PhD be?”

Zhou Jin Cheng said faintly: “Have you ever thought that perhaps An Ning is not suitable for a laborious life?”

Li Qi Shan turned to look at him, “Jin Cheng, I have you to pay more attention to her and take extra care of her where needed, not to have you help her to settle down there.”

Zhou Jin Cheng nodded slightly and did not say anything anymore.

Li Qi Shan said: “You know that I’ve always wanted her to come back. Ning Ning is my only daughter, so all I can give her is to pave a path for her. She is twenty five years old now. Before that, I can let her live the life she wants. But in the future, I definitely do not want her to continue living this kind of empty and aimless life.”

At the time of the divorce, the family house in X city and half of the assets were automatically allocated to the former wife. Work wise, he also applied to be transferred to G city. He can take a step back in anything, but his daughter must follow him and use his Li family’s surname. There was no doubt about that. Originally, Ning Ning’s custody was indeed awarded to him. However the daughter made a fuss until resulted in a car accident. She had to stay in the hospital and almost became blind.

During her more than two months stay in the hospital, she did not say anything at all. When she started to talk, her first sentence was, “I want to follow my mother.”

He felt sad and painful when he heard that sentence. As a father, he wished his daughter will side with him a little bit more …… In the end, he gave in. He wanted to wait for the child to be older, to be more understanding, before taking her back to G city again. However he did not expect that his daughter has never have the intention to return to ​​G city. Her mother also let her muddled through.

Many years ago, he can treat his daughter as immature, but she still cannot comprehend the ways of the world now. He cannot accept that she did not have the aspiration which she should have for the future.

Li Qi Shan said some meaningful and heartfelt words: “Jin Cheng, I trust you, not only that you are my relative, but because I notice your ability.”

Zhou Jin Cheng smiled, “I know.”

“Your sister also did not have a good life in these past few years. I got Ning Ning to call you uncle which she is doing. However she still refuses to call Zhou Xi ‘auntie’. Although your sister did not say anything, she feels sad in her heart. At that time, to compensate Ning Ning, I did not let her have a child. I also owe it to your sister. I want her to treat Ning Ning as her own child, but that child —— ” Li Qi Shan picked up a photo of a girl on the desk.  With an elegant and generous demeanour, a pair of clear and bright eyes and a smiling face like summer flowers, “You can say Ning Ning is well-behaved, but she is actually a little cold. She will not waste any thought on people who she does not care. She is even a little cold and indifferent to me now.”

Zhou Jin Cheng was silent, with a somewhat indifferent appearance.

On An Ning’s end, Xu Mo Ting has stopped the car and she will go in first to get a table.

“Miss, how many people?”

“Two people.” She was about to pass through the internal door but someone at the side quickly walked past her. The two people have to squeeze a bit. The woman glanced at An Ning, “Pig ah, doesn’t know how to walk sideways?”

An Ning frowned, “I am not a crab.”

“Haha”, the two waiters who stood at the side laughed out.

The woman was obviously angry, “What are you laughing at? What kind of customer service attitude is this?!”

The waiter looked at this customer who was obviously N times more ‘fully rounded’ than An Ning and felt that she is troublesome, but he still served her immediately, “Miss, how many people?”

The woman slanted her eyes at An Ning, then said to the waiter: “Someone had already made a booking. Just bring me there!” After saying that, she swang her hips and went in.

Whereas An Ning was led in an amicable manner by another waiter and found a pretty good seat by the window. However after she sat down, she saw that woman sitting two tables away.

An Ning gave a cry of surprise because the man sitting opposite that woman looking a bit familiar, who is he?

Feeling some coldness on the face, she looked up and saw Xu Mo Ting. His hand grazed her left cheek, then seated opposite her, “What are you looking in all directions at?”

An Ning suspected that this person will take liberties with her whether with or without an excuse, so she will quietly guard against him.

Xu Mo Ting poured tea for An Ning, “Is wifey giving me a treat?”



When the meal was being served, An Ning’s phone started to ring. When she looked at the number, it seemed familiar, “Hello.”

“Sister-in-law, I have no money to eat ah!”

= =!

A voice over at the other end of the phone, shouted: “Lao San, we are not asking for money from sister-in-law. Make it clear that you are only asking her for help to XXOO the leader!”


“Yes, yes!” Lao San continued to sound sorrowful: “Sister-in-law, when are you coming back? The leader is too ruthless to the extent that he did not even leave us with any other option! He ate people without spitting out the bones ah!”

Strutting around behind his back, his voice sounded naturally loud and clear. As a result, people around can also hear their conversation. Thus Xu Mo Ting has reached out to take the phone.

When the other party continued to complain sorrowfully for three more minutes, the dishes have all been served. Then Xu Mo Ting unhurriedly said: “Rest assured, I will double the ‘pay back’ when I get back.”

“…… Who am I? Where is here? Why am I making a call? ……” Lao San’s voice slowly falling away.

An Ning bit her lip to contain the laughter and took back the phone.

“In the future, when they call, you can ignore them.”

Finally, An Ning laughed out loud, “But this is really amusing ah ~ ”

“Better than me?” Someone was very thick-skinned.

An Ning looked at him and muttered:. “If you were born in ancient times, you will definitely be the head of an evil sect who commits murder without blinking an eye.”

Xu Mo Ting laughed, “Wifey, you are flattering me.”

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