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One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones (一生一世美人骨) — Epilogue 3 and Author’s Afterword *NOVEL COMPLETED*



Attention Toupai and Really, Really Miss You lovers! I had promised the epilogue of Really, Really Miss You after the conclusion of this story, and next scheduled posting, I’ll be keeping my word. 🙂 For the fans of both Beautiful Bones and RRMY, you might be even more pleasantly surprised… just saying.

This is it, the end of the novel! 7 months of translating. Thank you to all my readers, whether you followed from the very beginning, came in halfway through, or have been waiting for me to mark it with “completed” before you start, and special thanks to all of you who dropped by with comments. You guys provided half the motivation behind this translation, and I am grateful. For those of you who have been waiting to binge read (or re-read) this all in one go, please drop a comment and let me know about your reading experience. I found the way I experienced the novel was quite different between reading continuously versus one chapter at a time.

However, don’t completely say goodbye to Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi quite yet. I have a fun Beautiful Bones post coming up in one week, on my next Friday night/Saturday morning post.

Quiz time: there should be one line in this epilogue that some of you had read previously but in another novel. (Gee, which novel could that be, considering I’ve only translated one other novel on this blog? 😜) Which line is it and where exactly did you read it?

Another full circle for our couple, but Zhousheng Chen is changing the meaning of “continue.”

Epilogue 3 – Together to the End of Our Days[1]

It was the third anniversary of Wenxing’s death when they at last returned to the old family manor in Zhenjiang once again. As they were heading back from the gravesite, Zhousheng Chen unexpectedly made the suggestion to offer up incense at the temple. She was extremely surprised by this but did not disagree, only holding their youngest child, Zhou Mushi on her lap as she looked at him with a somewhat amused expression. “My scientist, why are you suddenly enlightened?”

He smiled and was about to say something when Zhou Mushi grabbed his finger.

The little one-year-old child opened his mouth and was about to close it around the finger but was stopped by Shi Yi, who took a disinfecting wipe and carefully cleansed each of Zhousheng Chen’s fingers before stuffing the index finger into her son’s mouth…

This great scientist who studied the planet, Venus had been utterly reduced to being his son’s toy…


As she played with her son, the question she had asked earlier slipped from her mind.

Zhousheng Chen watched her and smiled, not continuing what he had been saying either.


The older sisters, that pair of two-year old twins, were a little more energetic than their younger brother. Because they had already learned to walk, they enjoyed sauntering slowly around the temple grounds. Uncle Lin and two other attendant girls were present to take care of them, so this was not worrisome.

Shi Yi did not really want the children to enter into the great hall of the temple and carefully handed her son over to the wet nurse accompanying them before stepping into the hall alone.

She was a believer of Buddhism, so when she offered up incense, she was always genuinely reverent. With palms and fingers pressed together prayerfully, she knelt on the kneeling cushion, which already had two deep permanent indentations on them, and bowed three times worshipfully to Buddha. When she opened her eyes, she discovered a figure had also knelt down beside her.

It, surprisingly, was Zhousheng Chen.

Incredulously, she watched him as he pressed his palms and fingers together, closed his eyes, and said a prayer to Buddha of whch she did know the details of.

All these years, she had never seen him bow in worship of Buddha before… This change was simply too astonishing!


The Buddha was smiling as he looked down from on high at the two of them in that great hall. Shi Yi stared unblinkingly at Zhousheng Chen until he lowered his hands and opened his eyes.

“When did you start believing in Buddhism?”

He smiled, “Three years ago.”

“Three years ago?”

“Yes, three years ago.” He stretched out an arm and helped her back up before saying, “Three years ago, you were unwilling to wake up and remained in your state of slumber.”

“And then?” she anxiously pressed.

“And then I brought you back to Shanghai. When I was tidying the room, I found what you had written.”

“I know that… But what does it have to do with you believing in Buddhism?”


“You would not wake up. I desperately tried everything, and so, I came here,” he told her in a low voice as he looked back upon the memory. “When I came, it was nighttime and there was no one. And then, I stood right here, remembering that we had once discussed our beliefs and religion. I had told you I was an aetheist.”

She gave an “mm” in reply. It was almost as if she truly could see him standing opposite the Buddha, here, in this great temple hall, amidst the flickering lamplight.

“That time…” he chuckled, “I stared face-to-face at him for a long time, but in the end, I still gave in. I asked him to let you wake up. If he let you remember everything from the past and allowed you to come to my side, then you were supposed to wake up, to be with me.”


Since childhood, he had come numerous times to this ancient temple of a thousand years.

He had once told her he was an atheist, always only standing outside the main hall of the temple and simply enjoying the scenery.


Three years ago, when she had awoken and he had told her he believed everything she had written, she had already been unable to believe it. Three years later, to hear him describe how that night, on bended knee, he had knelt before the Buddha and pleaded with him to allow her to rouse from her slumber…… Shi Yi felt a little ache in her heart even now.

It was pain. Only the pain of loss could bring about such a great change in a person.

Gently, she tugged at the end of the sleeve of his button-up shirt. “Your words, they’re making my heart really ache…”

He laughed.

“It’s true,” she softly reaffirmed. “It’s aching tremendously…”

When your love for someone had infused into your very bones, your hope was that, from his thoughts and beliefs to his physical body, this person would not be constrained by anything, that everything he did was according to his own will and desires. She even felt that causing him to change from believing in science to believing in Buddhism was making him suffer an injustice…

“Shi Yi.” He could not hold back a smile.


“We have three children,” Zhousheng Chen reminded her. “I think it’s not necessary for you to allocate some of your motherly love to me. It will be fine if you leave it all for them.”

Well, if he was to describe it that way… She burst out in mirth.

They walked out of the great hall.

Shi Yi suddenly remembered something and asked, “Now, when you look at the Buddha, what can you see?”

“You are asking me, has my answer changed from before?”

“Yes. I’m curious.”

Zhousheng Chen turned his head to glance at the Buddha in the temple hall. “Compassion. It is still compassion, but this compassion feels more humanized.”

She chuckled at this. “How come the way you’re describing it is so strange?…”

“Or perhaps, it is not simply a compassion towards mankind.” He turned his head back and slipped his arm around Shi Yi’s shoulders, guiding her so they were both completely enveloped under the glow of the sunlight. “It is also a compassion directed towards me, personally. He has at last… let me off, for once.”

She broke out again in amused laughter.

Since having children, more and more, Zhousheng Chen enjoyed making witty remarks.

She even felt that this man and the one she had met that first time in the airport were two completely different people. Then, though he had been polite and would also smile, there would be a sense that you should not dare speak to him. But now… Hmm, the ways of the world had finally managed to infect him.


Lunch was in the restaurant at the foot of the mountain. This was the first time the children had ever had a vegetarian meal.

Their two daughters were already able use spoons and would haphazardly feed themselves, but their youngest son still needed to be fed. Shi Yi was holding him, quietly coaxing him to eat, when voices could be heard successively giving respectful greetings of “Youngest Young Master.”

Someone drew aside the curtains and Zhousheng Ren strode in.

Before he had managed to halt his steps and stand still, the two little girls were already incessantly exclaiming, “Little Uncle!”

“Who should I pick up first?” There was a seldom seen smile in Zhousheng Ren’s deep, black eyes. “How about I don’t pick up either of them? That will be a little more fair.”

Shi Yi smiled, “It’s up to you. The more important thing is that you hurry and sit down because, otherwise, the two of them are about to throw down their spoons and climb up out of their chairs.”

This youth, who had not even reached the age of twenty yet, was already quite a bit taller than her, and as he stood there, he carried an imposing air.

However, he was very deferential to this eldest sister-in-law, immediately pulling out a chair and taking a seat. “Alright, I’ve sat now. You two, be good and eat.”

He had just picked up his chopsticks before the two little girls had already tossed their spoons aside. Okay, fine, they really couldn’t be controlled anymore.

Shi Yi was frustratingly helpless in this. Zhousheng Chen was never one to force the children to eat, nor did he get involved in these matters. In the end, their two daughters had beamingly snuggled themselves up to Xiao Ren, and so, he did not eat either. With one in each arm, he sat down over on the couch to play with them. “Big Brother, how about you give me one of your daughters?… Forget it. Just give me both of them. I guarantee I will bring them up well, especially well.”

Zhousheng Chen merely shook his head, not even bothering to pay any attention to him.


By the time they returned to the old manorhouse, it was afternoon, when the bright sun’s strong rays beat down from high above. Shi Yi was in the room and had changed into comfortable clothing while Zhousheng Chen sat down in the open-plan study on the second floor and began to check his emails. When she stepped out of the room, she heard him talking on the phone.

She was about to walk over to him when she heard their son’s cries from waking up, and so, she had to turn back.

The instant he was in her arms, he immediately smiled.

Shi Yi was unable to put him down, so she cradled him in her arms, walked back out, and sat down beside Zhousheng Chen.

Vaguely, she could hear a familiar voice. It should be Mei Xing. The two were discussing matters she did not understand, so she simply sat with him and entertained their son. While the naughty little boy was merrily frolicking away, Zhousheng Chen had already hung up the phone and was now watching with great interest as she amused their son in play.

“Done talking?” she asked offhandedly.

“Yes, done.”

“That good friend of yours sure works hard and without any complaints.”

“He is earning money for it. It is not as if he is working for me for free.” Zhousheng Chen smiled, stretched out his arm, and patted her lightly on her forehead.

It was a very natural motion, but in the end, he halted his action. The “beautiful maiden, fair like jade” was there beside him. His hand slid down from her forehead, and crooking his index finger slightly, he caressed her cheek with it. A warm finger and a suggestive, yet tender action. Shi Yi had always been completely defenseless against such things. She surmised that when she was before him, she would forever be like a young girl who had just awakened to the feelings of love.

His every word and deed, every gesture were able to make her heart beat irregularly.

She was breathing gently, her finger still in the grip of her son’s hand.

Zhousheng Chen’s finger finally slid down and tilted her chin so her head lifted up slightly higher, and gently, he brushed his lips against hers. Shi Yi shifted her head away and protested, “I’m still holding our son…”

But he was persistent and simply asked, “Not going to continue?”

Nowadays, “continuing” was not as innocent as it was several years ago.

It was only just past one o’clock in the afternoon… If they handed their son over to the wet nurse, people would certainly be able to guess what they intended to do.

She was still hestitating over the matter.

Zhousheng Chen had already tilted her chin upward, intending to continue his kisses to dissolve her indecisiveness.

Before his lips could even touch hers, there was a “smack” as a little palm slapped him on his face.

Son was having a fit…

Zhousheng Chen paused in surprise for a moment and then, could not help but laugh.

Sh Yi’s peals of laughter rung out incessantly, and with her son in her arms, she stood. “Whoa! You just hit your dad. You’re going to be punished again tonight and won’t be allowed to sleep with Mommy.” Before she had finished speaking, she heard Zhousheng Chen call for the wet nurse to come in and take their son away.

With a smile, the wet nurse carried Zhou Mushi out of the room and cooed quietly at him, telling him not to stir up trouble or bother Daddy and Mommy and so on.

She did not even have the chance to feel embarrassed before his arms encircled her from behind.

“Just now, when I saw you kneeling in the great hall, I suddenly felt that, in my previous life, I was a coward.”

Her build was slender, and when she had knelt there in that great hall, which had been empty of any persons, opposite the ten-metre high statue of the Buddha, she had appeared extremely small. He remembered the words she had written regarding that life in which she had not had the ability of speech — how each time he led troops into battle, she, inside the library tower, had in silence read books, in silence prayed for his safety.

And he truly had simply let her love him for an entire lifetime and had not returned it in any way.

Shi Yi shook her head and corrected him, “You are a great hero, not a coward.”


You and I are neither god nor Buddha. How could we have had a foreknowledge of everything?

This, is already the best ending.


“Zhousheng Chen?”


“Let me make a painting for you.”

“What would you like to paint?”

“You.” Shi Yi thought for a moment, then suddenly smiled, “I paint people even better than I paint lotus flowers.”


[1] 百年相守 “bai nian xiang shou.” 百年 in the most literal sense means “hundred years,” but is also to describe a person’s entire lifetime. 相守 literally means “to mutually stand guard over each other” and is describing two people who are together, something along the lines of the English saying, “to have and to hold.”


Author’s Afterword

Let me think what else there is I would like to say.


This piece of writing can be considered near and dear to my heart.


 In the very beginning of the beginning, I simply wanted to write a story about past lives and present incarnations. This is purely a personal soft spot of mine. I am fond of stories of predestined love that transcends several lifetimes. This theme has been written so many times in ancient novels already but in contrast, is rarely seen in novels with a modern setting, and I am one who likes to write on topics that are different. So one night, I first wrote a side story.

That’s right. It truly came first from a side story, that insert story of Xiao Nanchen Prince and Eleven.

It was precisely because I now had a side story that ended imperfectly that I had the motivation to continue writing the story to a gratifying ending.


After you have finished reading this story, you will discover that within it, there is a very important city: Xi’an. As a result, many readers had previously asked me whether I am from Xi’an. No. Honestly, no. Why Xi’an, then? Because the night I started writing this story, I was listening to the song, “Chang’an Unseen.” Chang’an: the world’s place of “lasting stability, enduring peace” [chang zhi jiu an], the capital city of many dynasties. Now, thousands of years have passed and the city still exists, but Chang’an can no longer be seen. There’s a lot of feeling in that, isn’t there? *smile*


When the curtains are lifted on the story and the setting is in the former city of Chang’an, the story naturally becomes veiled in a sense of being powerless against the relentlessness of change. I very much like this feeling.


And in this story, Shi Yi has always remembered those things of the past, yet Zhousheng Chen has forgotten them. Very easily, this brings up one question: Was it worth it to have clung so tightly, so stubbornly, to the past? Personally, I really do not like the view that “the one who falls in love first is the one who loses.” Why keep such a close track on how much has been given and how much received? To me, in loving and being loved, whether you have received back in kind what you have given into the relationship is actually dependent only upon what your mind is stubbornly clinging to – your own mindset – and has nothing to do with anyone else. Frankly, human emotions and desires are simply [an expression of] what each person stubbornly clings to in their own mind. Since Shi Yi has stubbornly clung to her love for Zhousheng Chen, then why must we trouble ourselves over whether she has been reciprocated in kind? In this life, he has appeared and is no longer merely a memory. That already can be considered fulfillment

I, myself, am a screenwriter, so I write very quickly. But for this particular piece of writing, all along, I dared not write too quickly. During the writing process, I wanted too much to dwell upon each word, each sentence, but at the same time, I did not dare write too slowly, for fear that I would lose that initial feeling and cause the story to feel incohesive.

Hence, from when I first started to write the story to when I set it aside for a while to, finally, its ending, I used a year and a half, stumbling, deliberating, and polishing along the way.

A slow-to-warm-up type of story? Yes, but I very much enjoyed writing it. It truly was an enjoyable process such that, when the entire story came to a conclusion, I was sad for several weeks and couldn’t pull myself out of it…

This particular afterword was written one month after the conclusion, but I still feel sorrow that this story here has truly come to an end.


Actually, I initially did not want to write an afterword, but the editor threatened and bribed me, telling me to give her either a preface or an afterword. I, therefore, curiously asked her, was it a fad nowadays to write stuff like this in books? She gave me an answer that I did not expect. She said, she herself wanted to read it.

Alright, fine. This one statement touched me… And so then, this short, little segment of me babbling to myself was added.

There is one other person who also is very important. My dearest He Yajuan. She was the first person to discuss with me the publication of this book in simplified Chinese. I remember, at that time, the discussions for the Vietnamese version were already complete. I had not contacted any publishing companies that printed in simplified Chinese because I was still waiting for someone who would patiently read this story and then willingly publish it. And then, she appeared.

Sure enough, sometimes, you first need to wait and be patient before you will encounter someone who can be a true companion.

Also, thank you to all the lovely, gentle readers who have accompanied this pen name over these last two years. Love you all. ^_^

— Mo Bao Fei Bao
June 1, 2013

Additional Comments:

My last one for this novel, I promise. 😉

I love reading about the author’s thoughts on her own story. It gives you an understanding on what she was trying to accomplish and the atmosphere she was trying to weave as well as the heart and dedication that went into it.

I, too, have always disagreed with the saying, “the one who falls in love first is the one who loses.” My personal view is that love cannot be weighed on a balance scale, a win and a loss cannot be determined. We are like containers for love. In love, we desire to be filled, but we also desire to pour out into the container of the person we love. Some of us are bigger containers, some of us are smaller, but for me, the important question is, are we being filled and are we able to fill the person we love? The only people able to judge that are the people in the relationship. Shi Yi waited for centuries, but in the end, her heart was filled.


And how appropriate for me that I end this novel with the translation of an ancient-style song. Talk about a full circle for me. 🙂 (If you don’t know what I mean, you must read my first translation on this blog, Really, Really Miss You, which I’ve advertised enough already in this post.) This song, 不见长安 “Chang’an Unseen” was composed and sung by He Tu, the original singer of the four songs featured in RRMY’s chapter 33 and 34. The music really does evoke the atmosphere of this novel, doesn’t it?


Chang’an Unseen

Alone, I have walked tens of thousands of miles, never once feeling lonely.
My first experiences of loneliness occurred after I arrived in Chang’an.
In each person’s heart, there is a Chang’an city.
I expended all my life before I understood that I had never truly been there.

[0:44] 村头古树下青草叶上 露水未凝干
At the entrance to the village, beneath the ancient tree, upon the green grass and leaves, the dew has not yet dried
晨雾里渡船唱着歌谣 撑过小河湾
Amidst the early morning mist, a folksong is sung from a ferry as it is propelled across the bend of the river
[1:04] 我枕着手臂躺在屋顶 想了一整晚
I rest my head upon my arms as I lay on the rooftop, pondering for an entire night
瓦下厅堂中谁又说起 纸上的长安
From within the hall beneath the roof tiles, someone speaks again of the Chang’an of writings

[1:27] 桥面像结霜鞋底冰凉 踏过青石板
The bridge surface seems as if covered in frost, and the bottoms of my shoes are cold as I step across the bluestone
擦肩的姑娘眉眼弯弯 笑的多恬淡
The young maidens who brush by have curved brows and tranquil, contented smiles
[1:47] 我背着行囊坐上渡船 扶舷回头看
With my baggage upon my back, I step onto and take a seat on the ferry, hand on the side as I turn back for a look
村落轮廓里炊烟渐次 升起又飘散
Smoke from chimneys rise up one by one from the outline of the village before wafting away

[2:09] 我忽然开始疯狂想念 故事里的长安
Suddenly, I begin to madly long for the Chang’an of tales
我日夜兼程跋山涉水 山水路漫漫
I travel day and night, over hills and through rivers, a long route over the land and waters
[2:31] 这一路走来千里万里 看花开过几转
Through this journey of tens of thousands of miles, I have witnessed several cycles of blooming flowers
春夏秋冬风依次抚过 我发端
The winds of the four seasons in succession have caressed the ends of my hairs

[3:19] 我路过小镇夜凉如水 天边月正弯
I pass by a small town where the night is cool as water and a crescent moon hangs at the end of the sky
路过了江南看到书生 睡在杨柳岸
I pass through Jiangnan, where I see scholars sleeping on the river banks of willow trees
[3:39] 我路过长街熙熙攘攘 叫卖都婉转
I past through long, bustling streets, the cries of its peddlers smooth and mellow
路过了洛阳看到小姐 画楼绣牡丹
I pass through the city of Luoyang, where I see a young lady within a tall, exquisite building making an embroidery of a peony

[4:01] 我渐渐开始每晚梦到 故事里的长安
Slowly, I begin every night to dream of the Chang’an of tales
长安城有人歌诗三百 歌尽了悲欢
In Chang’an city, someone sings three hundred poems and songs, singing out all his joys and sorrows
[4:23] 抵达的时候阳光正好 听风吹的暖软
When I arrive, the sunshine is ideal, and I listen to the wind blowing, warm and soft
可我为什么忽然失措 在长安
But why do I suddenly feel unsettled, here in Chang’an

[4:44] 这重重楼阁浩浩殿堂 都不是我想象
These many pavilions and vast halls are not as I had imagined
我心中曾有画卷一幅 画着它模样
My mind had once held a scroll, which, on it, had a painting of the city’s appearance
[5:05] 长安城忽然开始下雨 湿了繁华沧桑
Rain suddenly begins to fall in Chang’an, dampening the bustling magnificence and constant change
慌张人潮里我遗忘了 来时的方向
In the flustered tides of people, I have forgotten the direction from which I came

[5:27] 那年转身离去
That year, I had turned and left
The sounds of the water had been far from the river bank
[5:37] 村落是否依然
Is the village still as before?
千万里外 我怅然回看
Tens of thousands of miles away from it, I forlornly turned around for a look.     


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    • Yes, they seem to carry that romantic atmosphere that we usually only find in ancient settings. don’t they?

      For Shi Yi, I think one of the reasons why she removed herself from the world was because so much of herself was defined by things century ago. She had no one she could share it with and she just couldn’t fit in, so she withdrew. Now, though, she has Zhousheng Chen, who at least believes everything she says, and so she has that burden off her mind. As for Zhousheng Chen, why would he want to be part of the world when prior to Shi Yi, everything in his world, outside of research, was not what he wanted (guns, drugs, gambling… all those things Madam Zhou described). Shi Yi changed that, so he can step back into the world, too. 🙂

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    • Haha. “Mm,” deliberately written as “Mm” and not “Mmm” to communicate the short duration it takes to say it, is actually my transliteration of the Chinese word, 嗯. This word is commonly found in day-to-day Chinese speech, and is a kind of lazy, slang-like grunt of acknowledgement. It’s written in pinyin as “en,” but I choose not to translate it as such because “en” to us in English means nothing and would be pronounced completely different from how it is expressed in Chinese. It’s kind of equivalent to how we would answer “huh” or “mm-hmm” or just a grunt when someone calls us and we need to acknowledge but don’t feel like answering.

      Answer revealed my next post, but someone did get it right a little ways down the comments… 😉

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    But at the moment, I feel sad. It feels like wrapping a series of memories and storing it away, finally. I have a very soft spot, like the author, for love that transcends across lives and generations… and though I know that they finally have their happy ending, I still feel depressed that between then and now were decades and centuries of separation, and that even though Zhousheng Chen then and now can still be considered one person, I still feel very much for the true Xiao Nanchen Prince that only Shi Yi (and now ZSC himself) knew about.

    Even one second passed has already become a past. This is definitely the type of story that won’t induce my sobbing episode all at once. It feels like a dream that holds a promise to revisit you occasionally, letting you cry your heart out in your sleep, so that it could relieve the burden when you wake up.

    Well, more than anything, I know that this story definitely pulled out my poetic and philosophical alter ego. I’m talking like I write enchantingly romantic ancient c-novels.

    I’ll definitely come back for rereads 🙂

    • I am happy to hear that you have been moved by MBFB’s beautiful writing like I was. She weaves a beautiful, misty atmosphere that kind of lingers over you. Mist is often negligible. You see it, but it doesn’t really hinder you from doing what you want,. However, if you stand out in it too long, you will find that the moisture has soaked into your clothing without you even knowing. I feel like, when you first start reading, you see the beauty and exquisiteness of the story and can even acknowledge it, but you just keep reading. As time passes, though, you (or at least I) find myself going back to dwell upon certain things, whether it be a line, a scene, or just a feeling that this story gave me… And only then did I realize how much this story had touched me.

      My heart aches the most for Xiao Nanchen Prince. Truly. Righteousness, selflessness, and love personified, and he met with such a fate. But perhaps one of the takes of the stories is, life is not perfect and cannot be perfect and we should treasure and guard each chance and second chance that we have to love and be loved.

      Bahaha… me, too! Logic and analysis are normally my things, but this novel has me sounding philosophical as well. :p

      Always welcome back for re-reads. 🙂

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    • I actually have a question. In the final chapter (I think), when Shi Yi just woke up from her coma, there was this statement that ZSC said “I have finished writing out ‘Rhapsody of the Imperial Park.’ Not a single word was missed,” he told her softly”. Was this implying to the story that Shi Yi wrote about their past lives? What did ZSC write?

      • The one she wrote on the wall of library but yet not finished. She left 2 lines.

      • Exactly as Rebma said.

        In the past life, she had written the rhapsody on the walls of the library tower, but stopped at the line “Beauty is offered, a soul is given in return, and the heart rejoices to be at one another’s side.” It was never completed. In the present life, the night before the fateful night where she and Zhou Wenchuan plummeted over the balcony, she had written the rhapsody on the walls of the Zhou manor’s library tower but had also stopped at that same line after Zhousheng Chen had said the same thing he had once said in the past life. They left before it was completed, though that night, she’d felt unsettled that the poem was incomplete at the same place as before.

        The significance of that line, that Zhousheng Chen had helped her finish off the rhapsody in the library tower, is that it is like he had helped her fulfill or correct what had previously been a regret. Kind of another point tying into the theme that fate was giving them a second chance.

    • LOL. It’s kind of a “Hey! Heeelllooooo! Remember I’m here? What are you trying to do to my mommy?”

      Another brilliant song composed by 河图 with gorgeous lyrics by Finale. That guy is so talented in bringing out the atmosphere of the song, and that girl has such a way with words. Waaaaah.

  9. Thank you so much Hoju for sharing this great novel with us. 😘😘😘😘

    • I’m so sorry I missed this comment. It was my pleasure to share, and I am always thankful for your faithful comments. 🙂

  10. Wow. That was absolutely beautiful! Their children are forced to be reckoned with 😂. My mind is in happy land, so can’t think of the answer to your mission. While I greedily read the ending, I am kind a sad that the story has ended. Thank you so much for translating this wonderful novel. I know for sure that this is one of those books that I will constantly come back to again and again.

    • Indeed, and Zhousheng Chen brought it upon himself. THREE children age 2 or under. LOL

      Don’t be too sad. I have one more post coming up in one week featuring Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi, and I’m almost 100% certain it will bring a smile to your face. 🙂

      I’ve re-read this novel so many times. I’m glad you enjoy it like I do that you would want to revisit it. 🙂

  11. Wah!! Toupai!!! ZC!!!

    I wish the author wrote of the time during Shi Yi’s pregnancy cuz I bet ZC would be very chummy… 🙂
    And I love how you add the songs, especially in RRMY~ Really helps paint the picture ^ v ^

    • Yes. But, no, they don’t get to meet. Two completely separate worlds. 😉 (Didn’t want to set up the expectation).

      LOL, I’m curious how Zhousheng Chen would act during Shi Yi’s first pregnancy, and twins too! I guess I’ll just have to imagine that myself.

      Yay that you like the songs. 🙂 Since the author carefully selected them or they inspired her, it really would not communicate the point if I didn’t include them.

  12. Always love to read epilogues resulting to having kids. These two beautiful couple deserve all the happiness.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Something about children that rounds out a couple’s relationship, doesn’t it? Yes, after a millennia, they really do deserve happiness and just an ordinary life not worthy of making the history books.
      You’re welcome. 🙂

  13. “Just now, when I saw you kneeling in the great hall, I suddenly felt that, in my previous life, I was a coward.” RRMY, made an impression on me. After reading BB it somewhat leaves a bittersweet feelings in me. Anyway, thank you for your hard work x1000!!!!!!

    • You should re-read that scene now that you know where the line came from and then read what Judge Toupai has to say about it.
      And thank you for reading and all your comments and encouragement!

  14. Thank you so much for translating this beautiful novel. I don’t speak chinese but I’m sure just as the author (as she said) took her time choosing every word she wrote , you as translator have preserved the emotions the author wanted to express in each line you have tranlated. I truly enjoyed it .
    Thanks again for your hard work.

    • Thank you for your kind, kind words. 🙂 I’ve tried my best to preserve what I interpret to be what the author was trying to create, but alas, things always get lost in translation. The original Chinese is so beautiful, and I wish you all could have read it in that language. It is so apparent how much heart the author poured into her words, and since I made the choice to translate it, that meant I needed to pour the same sort of heart into the English translation because I think the writing deserves it. (LOL, I do think I need a vacation, though!)

      You are welcome! ❤

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this story. I love the atmosphere of this novel and the slow progress.

    • You’re welcome! I’m so happy you said that. Since the beginning, I’ve always said that the atmosphere of this novel is what stands out the most to me, and I’m glad you were able to catch that in the translation. 🙂

  16. Wohoo! Thank you. I loved this story so much. I know what I’m doing tomorrow 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what project you choose next.

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I don’t know what I’m going to do now that I don’t have these updates to look forward to. But thank you and congratulations on finishing!!!

  18. Thank you for a wonderfully translated novel which finally came to the end. I am glad that both of them happiness in the modern era whereas they were separated in the olden era. I like their three children and their son is so cute….a slap onto his face instead of taking Mushi’s mommy away….haahahahah….cute little tyrant boy…:)

    Once again thanks for a wonderfully translated novel…:)

    • Well, Zhousheng Chen did say, “But first, one needs to protect the land beneath one’s own feet.” Or, as Mushi interprets it, “protect the mommy who has him in her arms.” No one can take her away, not even Dad!

      You’re very welcome. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  19. Thanks for introducing this novel to us. I am glad it has a HE. I am looking forward to your next project.

    • Happy to bring one of my favourite novels to a wider audience. 🙂 Thank you for joining me in this journey, and hope to see you over in Together Forever. 🙂

  20. What a beautiful and lingering ending for this sweet couple! 🙂
    Sad that it has ended but happy and satisfied with the ending…

    Thank you so much for the wonderful story! This novel touches another aspect of love that many people overlook these days….a love that is always quietly waiting for you….

    But once again, THANK YOU FOR THE TRANSLATION! 🙂

    • Being sad that the novel has ended means at least that you liked it. 🙂 I feel like this is one of the novels of MBFB that is tied up the most nicely. You do get a sense of not just happiness but completeness.

      Yes, I love how this novel highlights not the traditional views of “romantic” or “passionate” but that it’s just quiet, steady, and never gives up. The world needs to acknowledge the beauty of such love and not take it for granted.

      And thank you so very much for reading!! 🙂

  21. I’m also happy that you were able to finish your translation! It must give a very accomplished feeling 🙂

    • Absolutely! Accomplishment coupled with exhaustion!! Never have I immersed myself into a translation like I did with this one, but that meant that seeing it to the finish line was even all the more satisfying! Thank you for sharing in my happiness. 🙂

  22. What a sweet and beautiful translation. This book (or maybe the way you translate) has feels like a beautiful chinese portrait. Soft, flowing, misty, elegant and beautiful. After seeing the author’s foreword. I kind of guess why its gives off such a feeling. Thank you so much for your beautiful translation. It truly is a work of art in itself=)

    • Definitely it’s the book and the author’s writing! My goal was to capture that beautiful, exquisite, misty atmosphere, so thank you so much for telling me what you felt because it tells me I accomplished my goal. 🙂 I love your description. It does indeed have that soft, flowing feel of a Chinese painting

      Amazing how she could take a song and write a novel that carried that same wistful, regretful, misty feeling of the song, isn’t it?

      Thank you for such warm and kind words. 🙂 I’m so glad the translation was able to speak to you. ❤

  23. Thank you so very much 🙂

  24. THANK YOU SOO MUCH. It’s been super fun. Can’t believe it has been highlighting my saturday mornings for 7 months!! ❤ I'd laugh out loud of the line is "let's continue" lol

    • It’s crazy how time has flown by. Some days, I feel like I just started this novel, and here now, it has ended. Aw, glad the translations could keep you company on your Saturday mornings. 🙂

      I KNOW! You can see, as Shi Yi said, how much Zhousheng Chen has said. What a suggestive invitation!! He took the naughtiness of the phone kiss in the past and is trying to up it another notch!

      You are soooooo welcome! ❤

  25. Congrats and thank you for sharing this story.
    i actually enjoyed the written pace of ZSC and SY’s love journey.

    • Thank you, and hard work as it was, it was also a pleasure sharing this story. 🙂
      Haha… you know how much I love the pace of their romance. Not forced, so very natural. ❤

  26. Trully heartwarming story….thank you

  27. @hoju I think this is the only novel translation that I have followed religiously week after week from the very beginning until the very end. It gives me a sense of “accomplishment” as a reader because I tend to lose interest if something bores me. Anyway, what I really want to say is well done to you for YOUR accomplishment. Doing what you did is no mean feat, and so thank you! I like this epilogue because it is so sweet. I like how Xiao Ren nonchalantly asked for ZSC’s twins! Thank you also for always patiently replying our comments. You are awesome! =)

    • Aaaaaw…. That is so lovely to know. And yes, it is an accomplishment for you to have stuck through week after week. 🙂 I’m glad the story captured you enough to provide that motivation. And thank you for the sweet words. ❤ Definitely no loss of sweat and tears in this translation (I did not expect so many tears when I picked this up!) but to finally complete it is very, very gratifying.

      I love Xiao Ren. ❤ You can tell he adores those little girls and definitely deserves the love they have for him.

      ❤ I love my readers' comments, and I really want to show it in some way. Replying is the best way I can do that.

  28. Thank you hoju 🙂

  29. AHHH, so sweet! Thank you for such a lovely story 🙂

  30. So, I may have a gone a bit over board on my reread of the completed book. Last night and this morning I reread RRMY, and while I did that I added most of the videos you embedded into a playlist (all but the two embarassing/joke songs and a couple with dead links), which I then listened to on repeat as I reread Beautiful Bones this evening. I think I’ll have to add the song from this post to that playlist…. Anyway, I enjoyed this story as much the second time as I did the first time through. It’s always nice when I can actually remember who the various supporting characters are bc there hasn’t been weeks since their last appearance. The plot elements make more sense now, with the sole exception being that I still don’t get why ZC needed to get engaged so quickly. Why would his marriage be a condition of taking the family business over from his uncle? Otherwise, it works for me. I love SY and ZC’s relationship so much. So often in fiction romantic love is treated as this sudden, consuming fire, so I like to see the type of love that slowly grows through time and EFFORT. These two do not take each other for granted and I really appreciate that. I’m looking forward to the epilogue with Toupai 😉

    • Do you know offhand which were the songs with the dead links? I’ll go and replace them.

      LOL. So you you basically made a permanent indentation in your couch and read two novels back to back? And with lovely music while you were at it. What wonderful way to spend a day!

      In traditional Chinese culture, especially in the wealthier families, marriage sometimes marks the coming of age of a man. I don’t know if you’ve watched palace dramas where the young emperor is not allowed to take over the imperial duties until he has held his grand marriage. In the Zhou family, marriage for the heir apparent is the requirement for him to step into leadership. It’s almost as arbitrary as the age of 18 is for being a full, legal adult in N. America and getting all your voting rights, etc.

      Tehe, I’m sure you’ve heard enough on my opinions about the beautiful progression of their romance. Yes, effort! Love isn’t just a feeling. It takes hard work, and I love how the author has chosen to highlight that this love, one that is often overlooked or underrated by the world, is beautiful.

      • I think the dead links were just in chapters 11 and 19.

        I do watch some Chinese historical dramas (Nirvana in Fire is awesome so far), but that aspect of power and marriage hasn’t been a plot point in any of the ones I’ve warched. Your explanation helps a lot. Thanks!

  31. Thank you, Hoju! Sigh. Finally the end of the story and such a satisfying ending too! Congratulations on another accomplishment of yours. 🙂

    Haha, the little boy smacked his daddy, and he’s going to be punished not being to sleep with mummy tonight. Lol. That was too cute.

    As for the quiz: I really don’t know. Haha. But I will say it’s probably one of these two lines?
    “She surmised that when she was before him, she would forever be like a young girl who had just awakened to the feelings of love.”
    “His every word and deed, every gesture were able to make her heart beat irregularly.”
    Just because they seem familiar but not too familiar. I think I failed. 😛

    • It is so satisfying. And complete, like a circle has been completed or a former emptiness has been filled. And it’s satisfying because they’re life in the epilogue is so mundane. That’s exactly what they wanted. I don’t want their lives to be interesting enough to write a story on again because they had hundreds of years of that.

      Tehe… I find it loveable that Zhousheng Chen is fighting with his son to get Shi Yi’s attention. And then, he just decides to kick the boy out so he can get his wifey in his arms. So funny and such a contrast to the scientist at the beginning of the novel.

      Um… nope. 😀 Quiz answer is up.

      Thank you for following faithfully, right from the beginning, chang’er!

  32. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Sniff, I will miss this couple😀

    • You’re so, so, so welcome!!! Miss them, but in a week, I’ll give you a little peek into their lives. I think you’ll like it. 😉

  33. waaaahhh.. sob sob sob. what a happy ending ever after. thank you hoju for translating this. such a simple-light-heartwarming story..

    “the one who falls in love first is the one who loses.” as much as i disagree about this one but somehow reality is a cruel thing with cruel fact.. haha..

    Well, reading word by word your thought in every chapter and the author’s thought… now i know why you like her. seems like she has the signature that differentiate her with other authors..

    btw, will you translate another book of her?? or change to another author?? hehe..

    • LOL. And I thought I was the leaky faucet. 😉 Don’t cry yet. Shi Yi and Zhousheng Chen are back in a week, and I’m sure that they’ll put a grin on your face. 😀

      Nah, I don’t think that that line is a reflection of reality at all, unless you choose to. If you go in resigned that you’re going to “lose” because you fell in love first, then yes, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      You mean, you think my thinking is similar to the author’s? I think that’s a huge part of it, and I really do appreciate her views on life. They’re not through rose-tinted glasses and still reflect reality but at the same time, they are still hopeful and optimistic. I do like the same quality that she likes in her guys, and I guess that’s why I love her male leads. 😀

      Yes, next translation project, Together Forever, is written by her as well. Hehe… Surprised? :p

      • haha, i like her male leads too.. aiyayaya.. not surprised at all.. and i cant wait for it!!! i wonder, in that Together Forever, what kind of story you bring and the male lead.. is he one of your faves?

  34. Congratulations on finishing your translation! I’m in Japan at the moment so haven’t been commenting as it’s hard to do on my phone but I swear I’ll go back and add my thoughts when I’m back home! I’ve loved this story so much and I’ll anticipate your next project.

    • Thank you for dropping by to give such thoughtful words, Rebecca. I’ve missed your comments. Are you on vacation? You and Peanuts are both making me jealous. I love Japan and long to go back there again.

      Looking forward to read your comments. 🙂 And seeing you over in Together Forever, too.

  35. Dear hoju,
    I returned to being a silent reader the past few weeks, but now I have to offer you my sincere congratulations–and heartfelt thanks–for completing this project. You’ve been absolutely wonderful; your translation is beautifully wrought in each tiny detail–wording, flow, feeling, everything–and more than your talent as a wordsmith, it truly showcases your love for this book. It is a love I share, despite having had some issues with the novel along the way. So thank you for allowing me to know Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi.
    Also, I truly appreciated all the little (and not so little) “extras” you’ve included beside the actual story: the footnotes, the images, and always your own insightful thoughts. Not to mention how patient and courteous you’ve always been in the comments section of each post.
    Again, thank you for dedicating so much of your time and heart to the C-novel community, and I am looking forward to your upcoming translation projects. Though next time, I’ll try to be patient and hoard the chapters before I start reading. 😉

    • Hi Adnana,
      Thank you for coming out to offer your kind, encouraging words. 🙂 I love comments, but no matter what, I appreciate all readers. It’s apparent in the Chinese text the thought and heart that went into the writing of this novel, so the least I could do in translating it was to put my heart into it, too. What an exhausting endeavour that was — something I had definitely not anticipated — but gave me an even deeper appreciation of the story. This project was very gratifying to mark as “completed” and I am glad I have found others along the way who love and appreciate the story as well.

      And thank you for noticing those little “extras.” Hopefully they enhanced your and other’s experience during the reading of the novel. I am thankful to readers for their comments, so I hope my replies can convey that thankfulness. 🙂

      I, too, tend to hoard chapters before I jump in and read an unfinished project, so I understand completely. 🙂

  36. Dear Hoju,

    Thank you sooo much for translating this novel. I was debating on whether to read it or not and I’m really glad I did. =D I just finished binge reading this and am glad I found it after you finished all the translations, I’m gunna go back and re-read the story again. I love how the relationship between them built up slowly and the affection they share for each other are shown in the many understated ways they care about the well-being of one another. It felt like they were nurturing their love and in the end reaped all the benefits. I also didn’t know this was a 2nd novel in a series. Now I have another book to read =D Once again thank you so much for your hard work and I’m looking forward to any novel you translate in the future.

    • I’m so glad that you decided to give this a try, then. 🙂

      I agree! Yes, the mysterious Zhou family and the power struggle were an exciting plot line, but the absolute highlight to me was the way the relationship between Shi Yi and Zhousheng Chen developed. I love how you stated it, that the “reaped the benefits” after nurturing their love. They truly built a strong foundation through just the simplest things.

      Just a heads up: the first novel is very different stylistically from Beautiful Bones.

      Yay! Come join me in my translation of Together Forever, coming soon. 🙂

  37. Hoju dear. … thank you so much for translating such a beautiful love story. I am a silent reader… not knowing how to discuss intelligently like others. Their sad past is so heart wrenching…. but luckily i have noted before that you only did HE.. so i brave myself to the end… People like you and the others are doing such a wonderful jobs by translating.. otherwise i wouldnt know there’s so many beautiful chinese’s romance. Please keep up sharing…..
    Now going to read RRMY.. for the third time.. hehehehehe…..

    • I welcome all sorts of comments. 🙂 There are some wonderfully thought out analyses by the readers and there are some lovely gushes of love or even frustration as well. I love them all! And I’m so glad you decided to drop by and leave this comment.

      Haha. Yes, absolutely! I hope that everyone knows I only do HE stories because my poor little heart cannot handle BE. The sadness of the past leaves an overhanging sense of melancholy, but it makes them and us, the readers, treasure the blessing of happiness and good ending that they got this life.

      I will continue to work hard. Please feel free to stop by any time, even if it’s just to say hi and tell me that you’re reading. It provides great encouragement to me.

      Haha, you still haven’t beat me. I think my reads of RRMY is approaching double digits. 😉

  38. So I just read the whole series today. I’m sad that it ended 😦 it’s like one of those, I want to continue reading and know what happens at the end but the end makes me sad lol. I think you asked about reading it each chapters as they come out vs. all in one sitting and well… maybe it’s just me but I much prefer bing reading lol. I have a terrible memory so I tend to really forget what happened in the previous chapter and it like stops the continuity of the story? Anyhow! Thank you for all your hard work translating this project 😀 I shall go re-read RRMY.

    P.S. I’m not sure if this has been asked before: Have you ever thought of making an ebook/pdf for your translations? (sorry, if it’s been asked already! Just me and my laziness of wanting the whole novel compiled for easy access/reading on my ipad lol)

    • Are you sad that it ended or sad about the ending? Or both? 🙂

      I think with this novel, there will always be a sense of regret or melancholy hanging over. The tragedy of the past life was just too great. I’m glad that Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi are together in this life, and their love could finally be completed. However, the injustice that went into history books, the treachery of close family members for Eleven, the stifling silence that Eleven had to end her life in, with no one to even tell about this … and the silence that carried over into Shi Yi’s life in present day when she could not tell anyone about the truth… So many regrets and some of them will never be righted. But that makes their love and union this life even more precious and beautiful because it did not come easily.

      Thanks for letting me know. I prefer binge reading, too. I really encourage those who read it in instalments to go back and read it in one go, too, because it really brings out the things that are important — not the power struggles, not the infighting, but a faithful love and sense of righteousness that transcends time.

      We have been asked several times regarding ebooks for the various translations on this site. Here’s an answer I once gave:
      The various translators of this blog actually visited this idea earlier back and decided that we will not compile any for distribution. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, you may not notice, but we do go back to revisit our translations and edit/make changes. The anal part of me would go crazy knowing there’s an older version floating around out there and possibly being distributed. Second, credit to our blog. Yes, we absolutely love our novels and love to share, but we really appreciate it if the hard work is attributed back to the blog here where we posted it, in the form of lovely comments or just clicks. 🙂 While I know the story may be loved if it’s found elsewhere, I’ll never know about it. Consider it a form of encouragement to us here as translators. 🙂 And lastly, and ultimately this is the true, true reason, we translate on this blog freely to share, but we do not have express permission of most of the authors. I actually have let Mo Bao Fei Bao know and have her permission to translate the novels I have done, and she knows I am posting it on a blog not accessible to China. However, to have an e-copy out there where we cannot control the distribution would be another story. We do not have that sort of acknowledgment from the other authors, and while I don’t think any issues should arise, out of respect for them, should they end up finding out and disapproving, we know the only copy of the translation exists on our blog and we could remove it immediately. So, I know it’s a pain to have to click through links to read, but thank you for helping us out in this way. Peanuts has been maintaining the Index that hopefully can ease that pain a little bit. 🙂

      However, still, thank you for your interest. The request does goes to show that you like the translation enough that you would like a copy of it, and to me, that is an encouraging sign of approval. 🙂

  39. Thank you, hoju. Probably next time I’ll write an appropriate thank you note. Thank you for the translation, I went through it twice already. When I find time I would read it again and hopefully find the right words to express my gratitude. thank you.

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to drop a note and let me know. I’m glad the story has impacted you enough to make you want to read it twice and maybe even more. 🙂

  40. This is the last complete novel that I read here. I used to think the story of reincarnation was boring so I kept passing up on this one… So wrong!! One of my favorites!!! I’d love to be able to read this in original language. I will learn Mandarin for this! I’m a bit reluctant to start RRMY as I’m not into its theme/setting but since it’s by the same author and I also thought this was not good before, I will definitely give RRMY a chance! Thanks for your hard work, as always. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you gave this story a chance. And even more glad that you loved it. 🙂 It is certainly one that should be enjoyed in its original language if possible. 🙂

      If you give RRMY a try, please drop me a line. That’s one of my favourite novels, just because it’s pure joy when reading it.

      Thank you for your lovely comment. 🙂

  41. AHHHH I just streamed through three of your MBFB translations in two weeks and now I am a complete mess and can’t differentiate real life from novel life anymore. Thank you for bringing me into a new dimesion over the last two weeks. Just started my first job and it hasn’t been easy. Reading your translations every day has made the college to real life transition significantly more enjoyable.

    This was my most favorite novel of the three. Although TF’s characters swept me away and RRMY was just like pure honey during a cold, I loved the slow relationship building in BB the most. Falling in love at first sight through voice and impression gives the undeniable flutters, but the gradual build and realization of timeless love just pulled the perfect heartstrings. The flawless blend of history and karma, 因 and 果…. Ahhhhh I can officially say I am on the MBFB ship now. Can’t wait to follow along on your new updates now!

    • Wow, that’s three amazing male leads in two weeks. I like the development of BB’s romance most, I love most the depth of the love between Gu Pingsheng and Tong Yan, and I just get tingles down my spine whenever I read Toupai’s smooth moves. ❤ ❤

      Welcome to the MBFB fan club. 🙂 See you over in Squid's translation!

      Well wishes to you as you embark on a new chapter in your life. Hopefully you will get your legs under you soon. Every era has something worth remembering (although sometimes you may have to first arduously pass through it and then look back on your journey before you can find those golden nuggets). May this difficult time pass soon. All the best!

  42. I can only sayyy waaaah…the story it caught with mee…i was sighing on all the sweet moments shi yi and zhouseng..and i will still sigh..thanks for translating this beautiful piece..

    *cookies plus hugs*

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. As you can probably tell, I find the entire story very beautiful, so I’m happy to hear from kindred spirits. 🙂 Thank you for reading. ❤

  43. Thanks Hoju for sharing this book with us!!!!

  44. Dear Hoju….
    Thank you for translating this book.
    I’ve finished reading it yesterday… and it was beautiful…
    I feel like watching a beautiful painting comes to live.
    Once again.. many thanks for your hard work…

    • Hi Luna. 🙂
      There is such beauty in this novel’s writing, isn’t there? I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. ❤

  45. I really enjoyed this novel all throughout. There are lots of little and subtle moments that warmed my heart. It was really pleasurable to read as Zhoucheng Chen’s and Shi Yi’s love towards each other steadily grow.
    Thank you so much for choosing to translate this novel, hoju~

    • Thanks for reading. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to this comment until now. I’m still catching up from my vacation.

      Subtle is one of the best words to describe their relationship. ❤ I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

  46. Thank You.. I love the novel so much… somehow it gives me a very warm feelings.

    • Thank you for reading. The love story itself is so beautiful, especially in contrast to all the other stuff going on around them. I’m glad it touched your heart.<3

  47. It eats my mind cause I don’t know what happen to Hong Xiaoyu afterwards. I really love her character, and it tears me bad when she knows about Du Feng. Is there any story or insight about them? I would love to read that.

    • I really wish we knew about Hong Xiaoyu, too. I’d love if she was given her own happy ending. Unfortunately, we are only left to imagine and write her ending in our minds.

  48. Thank you so much for this awesome translation! I enjoyed this journey so much and their relationship. ❤

  49. Thanks so much for translating this. I think that the ML is my favorite out of all of the male leads from Mo Bao Fei Bao’s novels, and is one of my favorites from every novel that I’ve read. I liked his journey to discovery and his change in attitude overtime. What I look for in a male lead, are not looks, in fact I much prefer the ML to be plain. I’ve always wanted to read a novel of a regular looking guy but with a moving heart. For female leads, I’ve read quite a few already about ones without special appearances, supposedly they were made to be compassionate and deeper than they seem, but it felt shallow. What surprised me was this female lead, who unlike her pretty appearance, is not cold. In fact, she’s very warm, and she doesn’t need to show it in dramatic acts of kindness from saving someone, she reveals her deep compassion in a more straightforward manner. Not afraid to admit it and not afraid to grasp whatever she wants.

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