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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 13.5



I am back from my holidays, tired and poorer but had a great time 🙂 Anyone miss me or Xu Mo Ting, haha? Happy Birthday to Xu Mo Ting ! Wow, he is turning 30 years old today so you should be able to guess what is around the corner lol. He is also getting a hot birthday present 😛

Chapter 13.5: What’s Most Precious?

Mo Ting has his meal leisurely. An Ning had sort of eaten her dinner so she just kept him company by drinking tea. Occasionally, she will look out the window, then will look at the person sitting opposite of her. Actually Xu Mo Ting was a cool and sunny person, but because he appeared a little lofty, so the overall impression was cold and arrogant, but …… still very good-looking. An Ning felt that his appearance was charming and bright like the moon. Could it be beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Totally unaware that he had noticed her ‘secret admiration’, Xu Mo Ting looked up and said nonchalantly: “Do you intend to pledge with your body to marry me?”

This man ……

After blushing, An Ning gracefully ignored it. All of a sudden, she recalled something and changed the topic to ask him, “The day before yesterday, my mother told me that she received a number of parcels.” All were extremely high-grade tonics to maintain good health. Elder aunt said that if they are genuine, will add up to several hundred thousand dollars. An Ning felt the gift was too expensive.

Xu Mo Ting put down his chopsticks and said faintly, “I did not send them.”

An Ning was not convinced and looked sceptically at him, her feelings have always been accurate.

Xu Mo Ting has no choice but chuckled and said, “Sent by your future mother-in-law.”

> O <

“You don’t need to be concerned about these, but —— if they are beneficial to your mother, other things are not important.” Mo Ting did not want her to think too much.

An Ning stared at him for a moment, her heart a little warm. However she still said seriously: “Tell your mother not to send anymore, too costly ah.” An Ning really felt they are too expensive.

“It’s nothing. Anyway, we are one family.” Xu Mo Ting said it as a matter of course.

Leader Xu, must you say that?

“I am being serious!”

Xu Mo Ting chuckled again and said: “An Ning, I am being genuinely serious.”

Someone conceded defeat.

At this moment, An Ning saw the woman sitting two tables away, was pointing at her and asking the person sitting opposite her, “Why are you looking at her? Is it her?”

An Ning was baffled. That man glanced at her and lowered his head to explain to his female companion, but she was obviously not listening, “I don’t want to hear! When did you know each other? Tell me, tell me ah!” They were only four to five meters away and nobody was sitting at the table between them. Therefore even with a soft voice, their conversation can be heard if she wanted to hear, let alone their voices were so loud.

An Ning thought could it be that she was experiencing the legendary ‘melodrama’ …… That man looked at An Ning once again and said regretfully: “Just a few days ago.”

An Ning was dumbfounded, who is he?

Xu Mo Ting said: “A bit noisy?” His back was facing that table. Moreover the potted plants next to the sofa were obstructing his view. Thus only An Ning can see the two battling to defend their love. Xu Mo Ting can only vaguely see a little bit of the silhouette.

An Ning withdrew her gaze since they were unimportant people so let them be!

However An Ning did not know that melodrama usually has no end in sight.

“Is she here chasing after you? No wonder, she made life difficult for me the moment I entered the door!” With her blabbering, a lot of customers who were sitting nearby were eagerly looking around.

An Ning did not to know whether to laugh or cry. That woman continued to blabber, whereas that man replied in a mumble: “She and her friend asked me about hymen reconstruction surgery in the hospital.”

After hearing this, An Ning only vaguely remembered who is that man? That gynecologist who went on a blind date with Qiang Wei?

An Ning was a little angry because these two people were too lacking in class.

“Do you know them?” Mo Ting asked. He can’t be bother to turn around to look at unimportant people.

An Ning shook her head: “Not really, just that Qiang Wei went on a blind date with him before.”

Xu Mo Ting raised his eyebrows, “You went on a blind date?”

An Ning wanted to laugh, “You only care about this ……”

“Then what should I care about?”

Uh, actually ……

Although leader Xu appeared calm, for safety’s sake, she still said: “It doesn’t matter. After all, the mouth is on someone else’s face.” As long as you do not misunderstand, An Ning said the last sentence in her mind.

“No way.” Mo Ting smiled, “I have always been vengeful.”

An Ning was stupefied for a few seconds. Leader Xu will not want to shoot on sight, right?

Although she felt very very happy of his trust and protection, that kind of people are really not worth it.

An Ning was about to say: “Walk your own path, let others say whatever they want!” Unexpectedly, that doctor took the initiative to come round.

The other person came over and uttered apologetically, “Miss Li”. He turned his head and was surprised to see clearly the person sitting across An Ning.

An Ning naturally was not willing to let Xu Mo Ting be involved in such ‘low level’ drama, so she said coldly: “What’s the matter?” She hoped he will go away quickly.

That doctor hesitated but still said: “Miss Li, my girlfriend —— Hey, can I request Miss Li to do me a favor?”

Favor? An Ning has never met such a thick-skinned person, so she was momentarily speechless.

When the gynecologist was about to say something, a voice suddenly asked: “What kind of favor do you’ve in mind?”

The doctor turned his head to look at the person speaking. An Ning also looked at him. There was no expression on Xu Mo Ting’s face when he said: “What kind of favor do you want from my wife? I want to know about it.”

The doctor was stunned. An Ning was also stunned.


With ‘wifey’, An Ning felt a little dramatic, but wife ……

The doctor stood there looking extremely embarrassed. Initially, he thought this cool and stern man was merely her other blind date and did not expect him to be actually ……

Xu Mo Ting has never had much patience with others. After waiting for a couple of seconds and seeing that he has nothing to say, he cut short the conversation: “Since you’ve nothing to say, then can you let my wife and me eat our meal?” It meant he can take a hike.


Thinking that it would end like this but no. When that ‘fully rounded’ woman also happened to come over, leader Xu can be heard saying slowly: “Do you think in comparison to me —— my wife will glance at you?”

Later, in retrospection, An Ning amended the sentence, “Do you think in comparison to me, far worse than me, my wife will glance at you? Under any circumstances.”

Therefore, do not simply provoke diplomats who are belly black and good at cover up. They are good at cutting people to pieces in a refined and courteous manner.

At that time, the sturdy lady was surprisingly quiet. An Ning was baffled, then she realized in a flash – the legendary one-second kill (The term 秒杀 originated from online, multi-player video games, in which the term refers to a situation in which a player who doesn’t have any other option is killed or kills his opponent in an instantaneous attack).

When they were walking out, An Ning was tugging at Mo Ting’s sleeve and sneering. Even though she should not do that, she really felt quite happy, “You’re very bad.”

“You don’t like it?”

“I love it.” An Ning stared blankly and hit him lightly, “Tricked me again.”

Xu Mo Ting lowered his head and grinned at her, “When there comes a time that I don’t need to trick you and you’ll still say it, then I won’t need to use this tactic.”

This man ah ……

Faintly, her heart felt warm.

An Ning sighed and asked: “You are used to dealing with people you dislike like this?”

“No, this is my first time.”

An Ning did not believe him.

“Normally, nobody dare to offend me.”


On this end, Zhou Jin Cheng was driving home. When the car was passing through a street, he saw a remarkable  couple. The man was handsome and the woman was beautiful. Standing close together, they were just like a line in the verse ‘a match made in heaven.’ The girl’s hand was holding her boyfriend’s arm all along, speaking softly and smiling like summer flowers.

Zhou Jin Cheng can’t help but followed her and smiled. However the smile quickly faded away. When the traffic light turned green, he pressed on the accelerator. During winter, he rolled down the window to let the cold wind blow in to clear up his head. In comparison to an average person, Zhou Jin Cheng has always been able to follow society rules and make use of any opportunity and change. He can also suppress his true emotions, so he was more weary than other people.

The car stopped in front of the house. Jin Cheng sat in the car for a while. Then he reached out to pull open the storage compartment. A book called ‘History of the Five Dynasties’ was inside. It was very old and some blood stains were on the cover.

That was an accident yet he must take some blame. He should have considered her mood at that time.

However he treated her as a childish and wilful girl.

When he carried her to the hospital, she just kept saying: “You let me go back to my mom’s place, okay ……”

Jin Cheng flipped through the book and there was a letter caught between the pages. It was also stained with blood.

He took out the paper in the white envelope. The handwriting was mottled with blood so generally it cannot be seen clearly. Only  the last part of the letter which was not soaked in blood, a name can be seen: Xu Mo Ting.

An Ning accompanied the young master Xu to find a hotel. In fact the hotel industry in G city is quite developed. In other words,  hotels are everywhere. Unfortunately leader Xu was very picky. It was not good if the bed sheet is not dry enough. It was not good if the central air conditioning is on all year round. It was also not good if the staff is not pretty enough.

An Ning got angry, pulled him aside and clenched her teeth while saying, “Why you bother if people is pretty or not? This is the last five-star hotel! Anyway isn’t it enough that your girlfriend is pretty?”

Mo Ting pursed his lips and smiled, “Then you keep me company?”


When An Ning was still at a loss for words, Xu Mo Ting had already swiped his card for a double room. The attendant at the front desk cannot help but give a knowing smile when looking at this pair of visually attractive couple.

In the elevator, An Ning said strictly: “I’ll just stay for a while then leave.”

Xu Mo Ting nodded, “Okay.”

Why suddenly so accommodating? On the contrary, An Ning was not used to it. When she was about to turn to look at him, she felt the light before her eyes was dimmed. Then a warm and soft lips covered her own lips.

Once they started kissing, An Ning’s body weakened. Only left the blurry eyes looking at the person in front of her. When she looked into his eyes, a deep and frenetic fire was clearly burning. Xu Mo Ting was not a passionate person, but when facing Li An Ning, he often revealed a hidden and genuine desire.

“An Ning.” In the midst of feeling giddy and enthusiastic, Mo Ting touched her chin and engulfed her hot breath  once again.

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