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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 26



More happy interaction between our leads. Are most of you on Lin Yu Sen’s ship now lol? I’ll try to update faster but you still need to wait for book 2. I think Gu Man is struggling with writer’s block to complete the novel.

Chapter 26

If I continue to be ‘stupid’,  Lin Yu Sen will continue to look for me to work overtime?

I turned off the lights in the main office and went to his office to check by knocking on the door: “Vice President, aren’t you going home? I’ll leave first.”


He tidied up the documents, turned off the office lights and walked out of the office with me.

The inside of the office building was especially quiet at night. For a moment, there seemed to be only the sound of our footsteps in the whole building. After walking quietly for a while, I could not help asking him: “Vice President, why do you always ask me to work overtime?”

“Nie Xi Guang, your family has a 49% stake in the company. Half of the profits go to your family.”


“So if I ask other people to work overtime, I’ll have a guilty conscience because I feel that I am exploiting the surplus value (in Marxist theory means the excess of value produced by the labour of workers over the wages they are paid) of the working class.” He said gently, “I don’t feel this guilt when you work overtime.”

“……” What should I say?

“Also, Nie Xi Guang, can you not call me vice president after getting off work?”


“Ah, it will give me a kind of feeling like I still work for you after getting off work.”


Can I say that I’ve become used to such Lin Yu Sen in the past few days? Could this probably be his true nature? I recalled the way he looked when chatting with Dr. Fang, behaving very casually and stayed humorous just like this ……

While chatting, we have already walked out of the office building. I speechlessly waved to him and walked away: “Lin Yu Sen, goodbye!”

Suddenly he shouted: “Nie Xi Guang, come back.”

I ran back, “What’s up?”

“Did you put the Wuxi  Da A Fu (it is a famous multi – colored clay figurine and means great good fortune) on my office desk this morning?”

I looked up at the sky, “Yes, someone said I must know how to focus on the key point. When I was waiting for the train on my way back to Suzhou last time, suddenly it dawned on me. Thus I bought it in the train station. Only fifteen dollars so no need to thank me la.”

“Oh, by the way,……” I added, “That is for you to hang in the car, not put on the desk.”

He stared at me, “You had already bought it for so long, why only give it to me now?”

“Because before that, I have been nursing the scar inflicted by that great meal.” That one meal cost me all my wages since I started working ah ~ ~ ~

“Your injury is so severe? If you’ve given me earlier, maybe I would not have forgotten to bring my wallet.” Suddenly he laughed and tossed me a small bottle: “Three no product (三无产品 means no production date, no product certification and no information on the manufacturer), do you dare to use?”

I reflexively reached out to catch it, “What is this?”

A small aquamarine jade bottle fell into my hand, but it did not feel cold at all. Instead it felt warm like it had been held continuously in the hand for a long time.

I opened it. A clear and faint medicine smell assailed the nostrils.

“Chinese ointment to remove scar.”


“You can use this to remove the scars left by your external wounds. It is quite effective.”

“Thank you ……” Suddenly I did not know what to say, “Actually it is already not serious. The scar will fade over time.”

“You could say that, but with you looking like this now, how can I bring you out?”

What can and cannot bring out? I looked at him sceptically. Furthermore, what was going on with his picky behavior ……

Lin Yu Sen handed me a red invitation card.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Vice President Lin’s friend’s wedding reception? Is it that woman whose scream caused you to fall down from upstairs last time?” Yu Hua asked and handed me a big red apple at the same time.

“Yes, he said his friend was passing by Suzhou to deliver invitation card last time. When she saw me climbing up to the windows, she was scared witless because she seems to have acrophobia (fear of heights) …… this apple is very tasty.”

After praising the apple, I continued to say: “Vice President Lin said she constantly feels very guilty, so she specially invited me to attend her wedding on New Year’s Day in Shanghai …… should I go or not?”

Yin Jie said: “Of course, you should go! Freeloading, so why don’t go? Hey, you should not need to share the expense of giving a gift.”

I said with uncertainty: “…… No need, right? Aiya, this is not the key point.”

“Why is it not the key point?” Yin Jie jumped down from the bed and opened the invitation card with her deft hands, “Look here! Oh, Vice President Lin and your names are written together so you do not need to give a gift! Hey, your name appears to be newly added to the card.”

“Of course since she doesn’t know me at that time.”

“Oh ya. Anyway, since you don’t need to share in the gift, you must go! You should dress up prettily! Later, go back to your dormitory and do some mix and match carefully! Goal! Freeloading!”

…… Why did I feel that she was more excited than me?

“Aiya, you and the vice president will be attending a wedding reception together ah,” Yin Jie was sighing deeply: “This is just like a true friend is known in the day of adversity! If it is known earlier, that your jump from the building can make Vice President Lin change his opinion of you, then you should have jumped earlier.”

I glared at her: “If you are asked to jump from the second floor by giving you a promotion, will you jump?”

Yin Jie found it difficult to decide. “Promote how high?”

…… I decided to ignore her.

I have been dragging on the wedding reception matter and did not give Lin Yu Sen a reply. God knows before long, I unexpectedly received another red bomb (wedding invitation).

It was an email from Boss.

Actually, I have not opened my mailbox for a long time. It just so happened that I registered for a website today, so I went to my mailbox to get the confirmation. Thus I did not miss this email which was on top of a pile of advertisements.

“Watermelon (Xi Guang’s nickname), are you in the country on 2nd January? There should be holidays around Christmas abroad. Come back if you’ve time because I am getting married ah! If you’re returning to the country, you must come! If you’re overseas, you must give red envelope (money wrapped in red as a gift)! My phone number in Shanghai is 159xxxxxxxx, remember to contact me. Bad girl, since you’ve gone aboard, you don’t keep in touch with us anymore.”

At the end (of the email), she even added a scowling emoticon that had a fierce look on its face.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I giddily read the email back and forth several times and did not understand what Christmas holiday abroad meant. With a face full of black lines (confused), I dialed the number in the email.

The phone was picked up very quickly at the other end: “Hello, how are you? Who is there?”

“I am Watermelon.”

“Oh Watermelon, you bad girl. Finally know how to contact me! Wait, this is a local number, so you are still in the country ……?”

“…… If I’m not in the country, where would I be? This is my phone number in Wuxi. All of you have my phone number ah.”

Over at the other end of the phone, Boss was a little shocked when asking: “Didn’t you go abroad to study?”

“Who said that?” My face was full of black lines (confused), “I only went abroad to travel for a long period of time. I sent text message to all of you to ask for address to send gift ……”

“We have changed to Shanghai phone numbers, okay?”


Well, I actually did think that they may have changed their phone numbers. With the recent advances in communication technology, wanting to find their new contact details could not be easier. However in these three months after returning to the country,  I subconsciously did not go and try to find them. I always thought of contacting them later, dragging it until now ……

“My mistake …… please send everyone’s numbers to me later. Why did you think that I’ve gone to study aboard?” Even though you cannot contact me, it was unlikely for you to think like this.

“I think Rong Rong was the one who said that because you did not go to Sheng Yuan.” Boss appeared at a loss.

Why did Rong Rong say I have gone to study abroad? I was a little baffled, but when mentioning her, I wanted to skip and change the subject, “Oh, we won’t talk about this. I’ll definitely attend your wedding.”

“It won’t do to only attend. Everyone also must come one day earlier to help out so come on the first. Heehee, we are poor so we have to decorate the venue ourselves.”



I paused for a while and refused at once: “I reckon I can’t go on the first. As you know, have to work overtime at the start of the month in the ‘Finance’ Department ……”

“Have to work overtime on New Year’s Day also?” Boss asked sceptically.

“Yes ah yes ah, so inhuman, right?” I was afraid she will continue to query me on this so I quickly laughed and said, “Getting married so soon. Boss, you can’t ……”

Boss has probably been doubted too many times because unexpectedly she burst out straightway: “I am not pregnant! Damn it, each and every one of you is too dirty!”

“I did not say you’re pregnant ah.” I protested my innocence.

“Then, what did you want to say just now?”

I thought for a while, “I wanted to say …… Boss, you can’t have made your husband pregnant ==”

At first, there was silent at the other end of the phone. Then suddenly, she burst into a fit of laughter: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’s right, it is like this! Watermelon ah, so many people but only you know the truth! Ah ha ha ha ha, after he has given birth next year, you come for the banquet!”

Her loud and hearty laughter gave me the shiver: “Boss, you laugh really easily.”

“It is very funny. Speaking of which, Xi Guang, is your mood very good?”

I was startled, “Is it?”

“Yes! I can feel it over the phone.”

After hanging up the phone, I propped my chin and stared blankly for a while. Even the Boss also noticed my good mood over the phone. It seemed that my mood was really very good, but what exactly was the reason. It seemed like no earth-shattering happy event happened.

Could it be that ……?

I could not help but glanced at Vice President Lin Yu Sen in his office.

…… Could it be that because finally a very handsome guy stop hating me?

Ah, it must surely be the case. This was worthy of a celebration. Before the end of the year, Lin Yu Sen and I have ended our enmity. Finally we will enter into ——

A harmonious and wonderful superior-subordinate relationship.

Rather difficult?

More twists and turns than people’s dating life?

Therefore, I have come to a conclusion!

In order to maintain the current good relations, I will attend his friend’s wedding reception! Cannot let someone getting married with a guilty conscience!

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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