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One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones (一生一世美人骨) — Weibo Random Scenes and Radio Skit



Here’s a fun post to finish off Beautiful Bones and bid goodbye to Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi. I’m usually sad to say goodbye, but for Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi, I feel like, after one millennia, there is finally nothing interesting about their lives anymore that is worthy of being written about. 平淡是福 “Mundaneness is actually a blessing.” And now, they can finally live that ordinary, mundane life that they have always desired — together. This post is a little glimpse into what their “uninteresting” life is like. Zhousheng Chen is a little more black belly than you think. 🙂

Paraphrasing a quote I saw on Weibo: “Love is, after being with you for a long, long time, I still want to be with you for a long, long time.”

Thank you, everyone. Chapter 1 of Together Forever will be up on my normal Fri/Sat slot. Hope to see you there. ❤

Weibo Scenes

This story was translated with the express permission of the author for hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com only. All forms of reproduction, redistribution, or re-posting are not authorized. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, the copy is unauthorized and has been taken without consent of the translator.

Please do not repost this anywhere.


There were a few random little scenes that the author posted for this novel just for fun on Weibo, so I’ve translated them for you.


Scene 1 — Released February 14, 2014 (In 2014, the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival also fell on Valentine’s Day, so a “double event” release)

Today, Zhousheng Chen brought Shi Yi back to the old manorhouse for the Lantern Festival[1].

Shi Yi did not enjoy engaging in social civilities, so she went to the library tower to get some new books. When she emerged from the tower, a young man, twenty-six or twenty-seven years old, similar in age to her, came over and said a few words to try to make conversation. “I’m considered to be in the direct line of descent for the main branch of the Zhou family and also have the ‘Zhou’ surname. This manor is a legacy left behind from several hundred years ago by my ancestors. Miss Shi Yi, your name is one I have not often seen. Are you… your parents are old friends of the Zhou family?” The man was arrogant and full of himself.

Shi Yi shook her head. “No, you couldn’t say so.” Shi Yi’s impression of him was that he was rather flippant, but still she remained polite.

The man lowered his voice. “Miss, you are truly more beautiful than those actresses and artistes. At night, there’s not much for entertainment here. How about after dinner, I’ll take on the role of being a host and take you around Zhenjiang?”

Shi Yi frowned and wanted to walk off but the man once again moved to obstruct her way.

She was about to remove all semblance of niceness when without any warning, she felt someone take her arm. Zhousheng Chen calmly guided Shi Yi and shielded her behind himself, then glanced at the man and asked, “This is…?”

Shi Yi was in a displeased mood as she answered quietly, “Don’t know him. Only know his surname is Zhou.”

Zhousheng Chen said, “Oh, so he is surnamed Zhou.”

The man flicked a haughty glance over at Zhousheng Chen. Musing that he would be able to see the beautiful girl again during dinner anyway, he planned to find an opportunity then, when this plain-looking guy wasn’t around, to strike up another conversation. And so, with his nose in the air, he left.

Shi Yi peeked at Zhousheng Chen beside her. Getting the sense that, right here, right now, he truly was not feeling any sort of jealousy, she could not help inwardly feeling disappointed…

At the family banquet that night, an elderly man beamingly approached the head table to toast the people there. “Tang-Uncle[2], now that you are residing in Xi’an, are you accustomed to it?”

Zhousheng Chen gave a couple sentences in casual reply. Seeing that Zhousheng Chen seemed to be in a rather good mood, the elderly man hurriedly pulled over another young man, hoping to take this opportunity to introduce him to Zhousheng Chen. “Tang-Uncle, this is my youngest son. He has never before been to the manor. Hurry now,” he said to the young man, “and respectfully address your great uncle.”

When Shi Yi glanced over, she nearly choked on her tea…

It was the man who had tried to make a pass at her this afternoon.

At this moment, though, the man was not at all flippant. His face pale, he forced his lips to turn up in a smile. “Great… Great Uncle…”

“Mm.” Zhousheng Chen smiled meaningfully and pointed at Shi Yi. “This is your great aunt.”

Trembling with fear, the man very properly bowed to pay the proper respects a person of a younger generation would give to an elder. “Zhou An respectfully greets Great Aunt.”

Surrounded by all the gazes of the onlookers, Shi Yi was greatly embarrassed…

Zhousheng Chen pondered very briefly and added, “There is no need to distance yourself. From now on, every Lantern Festival, come pay your respects to your great aunt.”

— End —

Mo Bao Fei Bao: Don’t think the Eldest Young Master doesn’t get mad. You’ve hit on his wife, so now, every year, you’re going to have to bow and pay respects. Muahahahaha……

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. Translated with the express permission of the author for hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com only. Please do not repost this anywhere, including, but not limited to, on Wattpad, on personal blogs, as distributable electronic files, etc.

[1]元宵节 “Yuan Xiao Jie.” The “Yuan Xiao Festival” or “Lantern Festival.” As a recap, this festival takes place on the 15th day of the first month in the Lunar year, and marks the end of the Spring Festival (a.k.a Chinese New Year’s festival) with the first full moon of the year. Traditionally, lanterns are lit and put up as decoration or carried around during the night

[2]堂叔 “tang shu.” Or “tang” uncle. A “tang-uncle” is how one would address the younger cousin-brother of one’s father. So, in this case, Zhousheng Chen is the younger cousin-brother of this elderly man’s father, and hence, is one generation higher than the elderly man.


Scene 2  — Released February 19, 2015, Lunar New Year’s Day at 12:01am.
MBFB asked fans what they wanted for a Lunar New Year’s present. Everyone had requests for new scenes from their various favourite novel(s). In the end, she posted a giant post with a scene each for the leads from nearly every single one of her novels, in which a theoretical email was sent out to them asking them to recap the first night they did *it*. Here is the one for Beautiful Bones.

On a certain day, in the middle of the night, Mo Bao Fei Bao sent an email to all the leads of her novels: “Hey dears, do you still remember that night?”

Shi Yi: “Mm… It wasn’t at night. It was daytime. In Wuzhen. He had just returned to the country and came to find me. And then……”
Zhousheng Chen: (calmly flipping through a laboratory report) “I could see she was overly anxious so I recited Wu songs. But unfortunately… in the end, she was still too anxious, so during the entire process, I asked her how she felt. I was worried she might be uncomfortable.”
Shi Yi: “……”
Zhousheng Chen: (falls silent in pondering for a brief moment) “I’m just someone who does research. There really is nothing special about my voice, but my wife seems to particularly like to listen to me recite that when we’re being intimate.”
Shi Yi: “……”
Zhousheng Chen: “You’re feeling embarrassed?” (lowers his voice) “There’s lots of methods you can use to seal someone’s lips. You can choose to use the most direct method.”
Shi Yi: (wraps her arms around his neck, closes her eyes, and resignedly brings her face up to his)

<>This was translated by Hoju at hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. Please support the translation by only reading it from there. Thank you.

Scene 3 — Released March 5, 2015
This was posted when Mo Bao Fei Bao asked fans which novel’s leads did they want to see a “bi dong” from. The answer was 1) Really, Really Miss You and 2) Beautiful Bones. “Bi dong” is an internet slang used to describe a scene where someone is pressed up against a wall and kissed. “Bi” means wall and “dong” is an onomatopoeia to describe the sound of bumping into the wall.

Inside the library tower, Zhousheng Chen was earnestly and carefully carrying out each of the steps in the procedure.
Zhousheng Chen: “Perhaps, if the knee was bent slightly, it would be more comfortable.” He bent his knee and found the right position, his knee pressed against her leg. “The hand should be placed on the lower back.” His hand slid over and wrapped itself to her back, drawing them into a reasonably close distance to one another. “How does that feel?”
Shi Yi: “Mm… pretty good.”
Zhousheng Cheng lowered his voice: “Our previous life, I really never kissed you here in this place?”


Radio Skit

I know many of you may not know Mandarin, but I really had to post this. Below are two short radio skits, modified from Weibo Scenes 2 and 3, above. They were released this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day (7th day of the 7th Lunar month, which corresponds to August 20, 2015) by the association that is producing the Beautiful Bones radio drama.

One of my favourite male CVs, Xuan Zone, voices Zhousheng Chen, and OMG does he sound good in these radio skits! Talk about tingles up the spine and toe-curling! I nearly defected from my CV idol’s camp into his after hearing this. (Hey, since we read in Really, Really Miss You that Toupai is voicing Zhousheng Chen’s lines, does that make Xuan Zone Toupai?!)

Anyways, the association kindly gave me permission to translate and post the script, so even if you don’t listen, have a read through. 🙂

Just an FYI, the script for these skits was written by Mo Bao Fei Bao, and she also plays a guest role in it, voicing herself. (Her voice always reminds me of marshmallows.)

Skit 1

[0:01] Narrator: In a certain year, in a certain month, on a certain day, Mo Bao Fei Bao sent an email to the two leads.
[0:09] Mo Bao Fei Bao: Hey dears, do you still remember that night?
[0:13] Shi Yi: Mm… It wasn’t at night. It was daytime. In Wuzhen. He had just returned to the country and came to find me. And then……
[0:25] Zhousheng Chen: That night? I could see she was overly anxious so I recited Wu songs. But unfortunately… in the end, she was still too anxious, so during the entire process, I asked her how she felt. I was worried she might be uncomfortable.
[0:42] (Shi Yi coughs)
[0:46] Zhousheng Chen: Shi Yi, you’re… feeling embarrassed?
[0:50] Shi Yi: Huh? Ah… it’s time. Let’s go, let’s go. I’m going to go read.
[0:55] Zhousheng Chen: When all was done, to make sure that she was truly okay, I held her in my arms the whole time and reassured her… I remember, she had asked me then whether I had any experience in that before….
[1:07] (very faint gasp from Shi Yi)
[1:08] Zhousheng Chen: I…
[1:09] Shi Yi: Zhousheng Chen.
[1:10] Zhousheng Chen: I told her, it truly, verily… was my first time.
[1:14] Shi Yi: (loud gasp) Zhousheng Chen!

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. Translated with the express permission of the author and other involved parties for hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com only. Please do not repost this anywhere, including, but not limited to, on Wattpad, on personal blogs, as distributable electronic files, etc.

Skit 2

[1:28] Zhousheng Chen: The time is rather late now. (Shi Yi lets out an “ah” in surprise.) If you read too long, your eyes will become uncomfortable. Let’s go back.
[1:32] Shi Yi: (gives a little laugh) When did you come in?
[1:35] Zhousheng Chen: Just a moment ago.
[1:42] Zhousheng Chen: Shi Yi. (Shi Yi gives a faint “mm.”) Lately, my students Weibos are all flooded with a term… (little laugh) “Bi dong.” Um… why don’t we give it a try?
[1:51] Shi Yi: Ah… That’s a… currently trendy Internet term. Why are you paying attention to…
[1:57] Zhousheng Chen: (little laugh) Enjoyments in life are very important. It builds the relationship and affection between a husband and a wife.
[2:02] Shi Yi: Our… relationship is quite good.
[2:06] Zhousheng Chen: It can be even better…
[2:14] Zhousheng Chen: How’s this? I’ll prop my right arm up against the wall. Hmm… left arm is better.
[2:19] Shi Yi: Ah…
[2:22] Zhousheng Chen: How’s the angle at which my head’s lowered?
[2:24] Shi Yi: Mm.
[2:25] Zhousheng Chen: Hmm… Perhaps, if the knee was bent slightly, it would be more comfortable.
[2:31] Shi Yi: Zhousheng Chen…
[2:32] Zhousheng Chen: Hand should be placed on your lower back… (rustling) Mm. How does that feel?
(slight pause)
[2:40] Shi Yi: Mm… pretty good.
[2:46] Zhousheng Chen: Shi Yi, our previous life, I really never kissed you here in this place?”

This story was translated with the express permission of the author for hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com only. All forms of reproduction, redistribution, or re-posting are not authorized. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, the copy is unauthorized and has been taken without consent of the translator.


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60 thoughts on “One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones (一生一世美人骨) — Weibo Random Scenes and Radio Skit

  1. i have been refreshing this page for 10min thank you hoju!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL. If you watch carefully, you’ll figure out I not only have a posting day but a posting time, too. 🙂 You’re welcome!

  2. Yay~ Thankyuu! Loved the little skits 🙂

  3. Ahhh! So cheesy! I love it! Lol I actually really like Mo Bao Fei Bao’s voice. I’ve never gotten around to listening to the audiobook for this because Shi Yi’s voice reminds me (a little uncomfortably) of Xiao Long Nu’s voice actress in the 2006 version of Return of the Condor Heroes…

    Xuan Zone is pretty awesome though.

    • I like MBFB’s voice, too. I meant, she sounds like marshmallows in a cute, sticky, sweet way.

      You mean the radio drama or the audiobook? I wish Shi Yi’s voice in the radio drama (and these skits) sounded slightly more mature. It’s a little cutesy for my image of Shi Yi.

      Guo’er… Guo’er… Guo’er!! (Are you getting nightmares from remembering? Muahaha)

      I ❤ Xuan.

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  7. Love love love the scenes, but I’d have to disagree with you about the voice actor >n< The guy has a great voice, no doubt about that, but somehow I can't imagine Zhousheng Chen saying all those things in that voice. Not the actual writing, but I find the tone very… cheesy? Greasy, almost? I picture ZSC with a very calm, school-teacher voice. The voice actor makes him sound like Johnny Bravo… Shi Yi is great though.

    I'm sad to saying the very last goodbye to this story, but I really can't wait for Together Forever ❤ Although I'm pretty sure you've heard this a million of times… still, thanks Hoju for all your hard work, I can't see myself achieving half of what you've done and contributed for us non-chinese speakers!

    • To me, cheesy, yah, greasy, nah. He’s voiced greasy roles (not often) and he can be really slick and greasy. Shi Yi commented that Zhousheng Chen likes to joke around more now, so I imagine he’s completely lost his once formal voice when speaking to her, especially since this is several years later. I’m amused at the teasing tone in the voice, in fact.

      But, voices are definitely a personal preference. Just like Geng Xiaoxing thought Jue Mei’s voice was sexy and Sheng Sheng merely thought it was nice but meh. So, imagine your favourite voice in place reading those lines. 🙂 I admit I am very biased towards Xuan.

      Thank you. 🙂 I appreciate every single person’s encouragement and gratefully receive them. They are such a large motivating factor to me.

      I’ll see you over in Together Forever.

  8. Haha…they really are a perfect match, in terms of personalities and just backgrounds, they complement each other so well! Thank you so much for the last tidbits of this wonderful story! I will miss them! 🙂

    • I love those little tidbits that are like mini angst-free epilogues, so I’m glad to share. I’m happily sending them off to enjoy their mundane life with their adorable kids. Something tells me Zhousheng Chen will not be boring at all… 😉

  9. What a sweet ending to such a wonderful story. Thank you so much for translating! 🙂

    I can’t wait for the start of your next story 🙂 🙂 Ever since I read your introduction (a while back), I’ve been dying to read it. Now it’s finally here!! 🙂 ❤

    • You’re welcome, eenice! I love to end a story on a blissful, happy note.

      Yay, Together Forever! One of my favourites. Hope you enjoy that one, too. ❤

  10. I so don’t want to say good-bye. Thank you so much for doing this. It’s been such a wonderful ride/read. ❤

    • Hooray. Glad the read the second (or more?) time through — and in English — was still wonderful for you. You’re so welcome and thanks for coming along on the ride!

  11. Thank yoooouuuu!!! 😁 kinda sad that it has ended though😢. But I m def. looking forward to your next project! 😀

    • You’re welcome! Oh, the dilemma for us novel fans. You want to read it all and then you don’t want it to end. I guess that’s why we re-read. :p

      Yes, please come join me in my next project. 🙂

  12. still grinning… hahahahah.. aiyaya.. how to move on now??? 😛 thanks hoju ^^

    • Between Toupai and Zhousheng Chen, are your cheeks starting to hurt from all this grinning lately? How to move on? Fall in love with Gu Pingsheng! ❤
      You're welcome!

  13. Thank you very very much 🙂

  14. Thank you…lets let them enjoy their mundane and peaceful life together..

  15. Thanks Hoju, i am looking forward to your new project! I just love this phrase “平生一顾,至此终年” from 二宝.

    • Ah, I love that one. MBFB she loves phrases and sentences and can start a whole story based on sentence she thinks of. This one, of course, was the inspiration for Together Forever. I think that’s why, despite loving all the names of MBFB’s male lead, I love Gu Pingsheng’s name the most because when I see his name, I think of this wonderful saying. 🙂

      See you over in Together Forever. 🙂

  16. Love all the scenes…the least expected all coming out from ZSC

    • Eldest Young Master has got some tricks up his sleeve. 😉 That humorous side of him is so funny, especially compared to the “him” from the beginning of the story.
      Glad you enjoyed them!

  17. Awwww, so ends my binge reading. What a time. Slow to start but it made a lasting impression. Part of the fun of the binge read, whIle reading BB, was having Hoju on the side, encouraging and giving helpful cliff notes.thank you for all the detailed clarifications and explanations on the family dynamics.
    I’m not one for sad endings , or cliff hangers and open endings, how totally frustrating! !!!!
    MbFB, being a screenwriter, definitely knows how to keep us turning the pages. Although I love Gu Man and her fluffy love like shan shan, and just one smile, I appreciate MBFB’s ability to capture a more mature, audience.. and to bring awareness to the aftereffects of SARS. To address the unfairness of life and love. To bring us along to places like shanghai, Bremen, Xian, so vividly. I still have the scene from that boat ride and her near death experience.
    I honestly did not think Mei Xing could be the reincarnation of the CP, lol.
    I’m just not as smart as you Hoju or many of the readers, so I definitely needed the cliff notes.
    Really thought, that they would unearth the ancient lovely bones of ZSC, and in doing so find the truth of his demise, notes written by perhaps the his most faithful servant who manage to escape, and reminding SY of how he perished.
    Lol, as for the mm’s ..I get it. I always answer “orh” when I’m with my cantonese family and friends. It’s just an affirmative response. It’s concise and simple. “Eat your rice” “orh” …it replaces my OK ‘s and yes at the same time.
    Remember the movie Ghost? Patrick swayze’s Ditto to Demi Moore’s I love you?
    Dang it’s past 12:45am. On a Wed night, and my fifth grader is still working on his writing. Any tips for this kid, Hoju?

    • Cliff notes. 😂 Those were just places for me to put down my own thoughts (the main reason) and possibly spark some discussion. Definitely not supposed to be a guide of any sort.

      Ah, I love MBFB because her stories encompass her views on life, love, and the world that just seem to jive so much with mine. Her serious novels inspire me to think while her fluffy novels just bring a smile to my face. How can I not love her?

      But by the last epilogues, it was obvious that Mei Xing was the crown prince’s reincarnation, right? Then, the next time you read through, you can just go find the clues. BB is one of those books that after you’ve finished it once, when you go back and re-read, you’ll find all sorts of details or clues that the author put in.

      Wow, Ghost. Yeah. Totally forgot about the word, ditto.

      Writing? Like creative writing? Honestly, I don’t have much advice except for read more, read a variety so that you see all different types of vocabulary, sentence structures, etc. in action and your brain processes them. Eventually, it will digest and translate to what flows off your pen.

  18. The Weibo scenes and radio skits are so sweet ❤
    I have been listening to "You Exist In My Song" on repeat while reading this novel, so right now, I'm at 385 repeats hehe.
    Again, thank you so much for translating this novel, hoju~

  19. Thank you so much for your work on this novel and RRMY. I am not sure I would have ever read these novels except for your writing – I have never before been interested in this genre before. I tripped over RRMY someway and then I spent the two weeks reading everything. Your care, research, editing, word choices, annotations and commentary brought this all alive for me and there’s a feeling of gratitude and understanding I’m not sure how to convey. I am sad to be leaving this story – you have brought it all alive and it will linger. Thank you.

    • ❤ I'm glad you decided to give the stories a shot and even more glad that you enjoyed them. I, too, am grateful to you for dropping this note of encouragement. Keeps me motivated to bring what I love to more people.

      Merry Christmas!

  20. Thank you for the translation!!! I kinda sad that it’s already finished, but it’s true what you said, their life is not interesting after this. Btw, is it me or the VC of Shi Yi really really sounds like the one who dubbed Zheng Shuang on Love O2O? Especially when SY said let’s go let’s go

    • You’re very welcome!

      And I don’t want their life to be interesting. They had much too many “interesting” things happen already. They deserve the normal, mundane life.

      I didn’t watch Love O2O, but from what I know, Shi Yi’s CV in the radio drama has not gone over to commercial voice acting.

  21. I am so happy I followed my instinct on searching for other translated novel by hui3r. I first read You are still here a few weeks ago and I really really love that story but when I stumbled upon this novel 😊😊😊 what more can I say?? It strike me straight from the heart. It took me 4 times of reading again and again to finally satisfy my heart and the feeling is the same everytime as if its the first time. For me translating is like re writing a story base on the translators point of view meaning you are also an author yourself. If u are just merely translating word by word, phrases by phrases u would not be able to create and give life to the scenes and characters and their feelings won’t be felt. I do not know how to read and speak chinese I am only well verse in English and my native language that is why to the translator like u I consider all of u as author. The plot and story may not be originally yours but how u translated your thoughts and feelings, for me in 1 way or another you also have written this in a language where I could understand. My sincere thanks to u and Mo Bao Fei Bao for this wonderful novel. I will continue on reading your translations specially the novels that are both written by u and MBFB.🙂

  22. It’s 2018 and and all the comments I see are from 2015.

  23. Am I the only one who is curious as to what happened to her friend and the interpol officer ???

    • Count me in. Just finish reading it again(I forgot how many times I read it since last year) and until now I am so curious if there will be a sequel for HX and DF I am sure if there is it will be an action/comedy given the character of HX and DF being a police interpol. Anyways all we can do now is YY (fantasize) on what their story might be🙂

  24. Ahhhh i really want to know about shi yi friend and ang the cop… what happen to them… the author never mentiond what happen to them after waht happen at hospital.. btw great job author… love ur novel very much… love from malaysia..

  25. I just read this the entire week of my free time… I don’t know understand why I just read it now. Anyway I love this so much. Thank you for translating this. Mwah!

  26. I love this novel so much, just by reading a few paragraphs can make me go warm all over. Thank you for the translation!

  27. I really loved this novel a lot! Thank you so much for your hardwork and passion. Your translation was a pleasure to read. Is there another link for the radio skit? The one posted above doesn’t work.

  28. Hello, Hoju. I’m Zahra. I’m writing this from the future (to give a sense of time travelling, hehe, because I’ve read the comments from 2015 and 2017).

    I wondered if I should leave a comment or just walk away like a passerby, yet here I am, with a presumably long post below.

    I stumbled upon this post searching for a way to read the novel of upcoming dramas, Forever and Ever and ChangAn Memories starring Bai Lu and Ren Jialun. I didn’t have any intention to read the novel honestly, with so many dramas on my list. But for these two dramas, I’ve been too impatient waiting so I tried my luck reading the novel and WOAW this is the first English translated Chinese novel I’ve ever finished reading.

    I could see how much fun you and the readers back then, discussing about probabilities and spoilers for months when so far in the future I could finished the novel in two days. I feel like missing the fun you guys had but to think about it again, I didn’t have any interest in Chinese works back in 2015. I just started to like cdrama in 2016 because of Love 020, so I don’t regret it as much.

    I guess, because of the drama adaptation, I couldn’t hep but to think about Bai Lu and Ren Jialun while reading this novel I suppose they’re quite different from the novel described the characters so I wondered what would you think about them as Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi.

    Anyway, after finished reading the novel I still have one question left. It’s possible that the answer was revealed in the novel but I missed it, or maybe you’ve explained about it in the comment but I didn’t see it. So, how did Tang Xianfu (is this even the right name? die? She lost her baby and she died too but I couldn’t picture any explanation of how did it happens.

    I can’t be more thankful of this translation, you’ve made my day. I could spend two days quietly thanks to you. These two days were so calm for me who’ve been continuously listening to music day by day and watching dramas. I saved my ear.

    I won’t get the sofa seat, but I wish I won’t be sitting on the last row too. I hope more people will come and read this beautiful novel too so I posted the link on my twitter. Thank you so much, I can’t be more grateful.

  29. May be I was late …. But still reading such a masterpiece ….I’m blessed …How mesmerizing … If I ever find the book in eng … I will definitely buy it and add it to my collection … You a done an excellent job in translation …
    I get entangled in it …. And not want to leave this world … Love this master piece ❤️

  30. Thank you for the translation. This is my third time reading chinese novel. And seriously this novel is soo good. I can’t stop read it. So addictive. Thank you from 2021.

    I don’t know if i can survive the six month in 2015 to wait for the completion of the translation. Or i will be the one who patiently wait for it to complete and then start read it.

    And yes. I love this novel more.

  31. Finished rereading.. Still loved it.. Still can’t express myself.. 😍😭

  32. Just checked back to see if you were translating again. I completely understand why you stopped, but you were my first translation web site. I discovered you during the pandemic when I also discovered Cdramas. (My life hasn’t been the same since). You set the bar high. Thank you for many enjoyable hours.

  33. I only wish I could buy a physical copy of the book written by this author. Unfortunately, there are none in English edition. I love Beautiful Bones and many other books written by her. Thank you so much for translating her books. Thank you!

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